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Re: Explain this to me.........
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Yes its well known that well known facts are not factual. You asked for the 'well knowness' of my facts. I gave them. Next time ask a better question.

Yes, we agree Newton committed deliberate fraud.
Is it fair to call it "deliberate fraud" when he simply hypothesised explanations to explain his theory differing from observations.

But this is exactly what flat Earthers do today to explain things that do not fit their model.
Just take a look at Tom Bishop's Electromagnetic Acceleration where he postulates "bendy light" to ecplains sunrises, sunsets etc.
Quote from: John Davis
Did you have any other points to make?

First, remember that Isaac Newton lived in a time when alchemy and the occult were widely accepted and to just him by modern standards is being a little harsh.

But none of this detracts from the proven accuracy of his Laws of Motion and Universal Gravitation.

Then scientists of today have discarded the ideas of alchemy and the occult.
It does, however, seem that the most knowledgable flat Earth Scientist among us still bases some of his theories (including gravitation) on the occult.