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In the following McDonald's commercial, if you watch it, notice the illuminati hands, pay special attention to the foreground fingers tapping a date.

The fingers tap 10 times.  This is the year digits 20 and the two fingers and two fingers for 22, 2022.  There's a cutaway then the fingers are back and tap twice, for the number two month, February....  another cutaway then back and the fingers are rapidly tapping.  Most likely 12 times messaging the 24th of February. 

McDonald's somehow knew the Russian war would start on that date and they would pull their stores.  Imagine that. I did.  And notice the camera angel.  It looks like a modern first person point of view video game.  Notice the phone on the desk with no cord.  Likely means we'll have a communication outage, involving the Internet 

One building looks like the building Citadel Securities recently purchased in Florida.  Citadel Securities announced their move the same day McDonald's announced they were pulling out of Russia.  The Russians are going to bomb Florida.  Or Chicago, because Citadel Securities is leaving there.

Watch the video.  You'll see.

McDonalds Big Mac Attack (1988)

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