What would change your mind?

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Re: What would change your mind?
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Show me a google map.


So this is a real Earth globe...right?

Re: What would change your mind?
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It would depend on how big the object was.


As per you, the object is a circle woth diameter 12,750,000units and the point of view is 2units off the surface.

Draw the triangle of "level" to the "horizon"/tangent (you know what a tangent is?) from the persoective of the 2unit high line.

So simple.
72pg of asking for this circle.
How about you draw what you think it should be.

Asking me to draw a scale version of what you believe your Earth is and to then show you a tilt and also a drop should come right down to you, so let's see what you make of it seeing as you're telling me what you believe would  be seen.

I did provide a to scale circle which answered a different question - tilt.

You said because the circle contained an image of a ball earth that the circular nature of the circle was therefore invalid - whoch is irrelevant.
The circle is or isnt a circle to scale.

I and others have repeatedly asked you back and repeatedly to provide your own then to prove massive tilt and to prove some tu-tube experiment.

We re stll waiting.
Yuo re still dodging.
Ok, so you're asking me to draw a circle as big as the picture you showed of what you believe is your global Earth...right?

are you stupid?
you must be stupid.

becuase the exact question was

"draw a circle of diameter 12,750,000units in diameter with a 2unit stick on top"

so how "big" a circle do you need to draw?
it could be pixels.
it could be milimeters.
it could be beans.
it could be bricks.
it could be hand prints.

it could be whatever - what it NEEDS to be, is of scale.
12,750,000 to 2.

try and be less stupid.
Help me out by drawing that circle you asked me to draw with that scale.
Show me.

quit dodging.

Re: What would change your mind?
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Quote from: Smoke Machine
Which flat map on paper or map app do you use to navigate around?
Any that do the job.

Mercator does the job for the southern hemisphere.
Is it valid?
Not if it goes by a southern hemisphere as part of a globe, no.

so how far is it from south america to australia?

because i'm saying the mercator gets a pilot from A to B.
how can a map be one - valid if it gets a pilot from A to B - yet also invalid because it requires the souther hemisphere to be real?
your invalidation is solely based on the southern hemisphere.
They can not both exist in the same reality.

so now you need a method or magical reaosn why South A to Australia is possible on mercator but not on your flat earth map.
now you need to the prove geometric distance.
you've decided to pick another really really interesting arguement.
You are appealing  to what you believe is, authority

there is some authority at somepoint.

you yourself subjected yourself to the authority that the pilots fly, and how they fly, and where they fly, by using maps that are accurate to get them to where they need to go.

either pilots appeal to authority is inaccurate or you're piling on more against yourself.
and if inaccurate, then by all means, let us know the accurate stance.

so keep digging a bigger hole and showing us all what a POS you are by knowingly not answering damn question.

Re: What would change your mind?
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I believe you're the one living in a fantasy world, so we seem to be rigid in our thoughts.
And like so many of your beliefs, that one has no basis in reality.

Quote from: JackBlack

How much of such an object should be hidden at a 30 km distance, if you are standing 2 m above the RE?
Just work out the drop of 8 inches per mile squared.
Again, WHY?

Just what possible motivation is there for me to use archaic units rather than just use the calculation I have already done?
If I do will you admit you are wrong or alternatively show the working (i.e. math) which shows you are not wrong?

Otherwise, you already have the math provided, which you have been unable to show a fault with.
Do you accept the math which has been provided that shows on a RE ~50 m of the turbine at 30 km would be hidden?
This 8 inches per mile squared from you is just another pathetic deflection for your complete inability to defend any of your outright lies about the RE.

Bear that in mind that the drop would have to be he tilt because your object is not just going to sink, plumb into the sea.
And yet again you demonstrate your complete lack of understanding of even trivial matters.
It is IMPOSSIBLE for the drop to be the tilt.
The drop is a distance. The tilt is an angle.
These units are incompatible.
The drop is not the tilt.
They are 2 different values, which use different units.

Again, trivial you need to avoid at all costs:
Again, If you have a tube, 1 inch in a diameter and 10 inches long, with this tube level and you looking through the tube with your eye at the midpoint of the tube's height and directly against the end of the tube, how far below the tube can an object at 1 mile distance be, in order to still be visible through the tube?
Can you see the base of a tree at 1 mile distance, if the base of the tree is 6 ft below the level of the tube?
Again, what magic prevents us from seeing the RE through a level tube?
Again, what should the tilt be (provide a number) for an object 30 km away?
How much of such an object should be hidden at a 30 km distance, if you are standing 2 m above the RE?

Re: What would change your mind?
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8in only works to a certain distance because after a certain point, a parabola is not the same shape as a circle.
And what would that distance be.....roughly?

Quote from: Themightykabool
The tilt was worked out.
You rejected it and have yet to show a counter tilt value.
So no, YOU are scared to work it out.
Well let's see about it when you work out the 8 inches per mile squared to a distance of what you say only works.

Have you actually applied your 8 inches per square mile rule in the real world? I don't know how many times it has been pointed out to you, but the 8 inches per square mile rule is inadequate for use in the real world because it does not account for observer's height and refraction. It's nothing more than a loose rule of thumb. The moment you lift your eye level up off the ground, it's erroneous.

Can you please stop elevating this wrong tool to the position of your flat earth saviour. It is not your saviour.

Re: What would change your mind?
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Show me a google map.


So this is a real Earth globe...right?

Yes. All this time you've been carrying on that Earth is flattish and definitely not a globe, you've been receiving all your directions in life from a three dimensional globe map of the earth.

How do you feel? I can tell you how you look from where I'm sitting.

Re: What would change your mind?
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If the earth is a globe, then any map you use is a global map.
But it isn't, so that's that sorted out.

Quote from: Smoke Machine
Which flat map on paper or map app do you use to navigate around?
Any that do the job.

Quote from: Smoke Machine
Do you use google maps? Have a navman in your car?

Quote from: Smoke Machine
Those apps incorporate earth curvature into the maps, don't they?
Nope. Not unless you mean hills and mountains and bumpy roads, etc. Do you mean this?

No. I don't mean that.

I mean, if you zoom all the way out on google maps, you will see earth is displayed as a globe. The reason they did this was to more accurately display the earth.

If you don't believe me, try it for yourself on your desktop interface, first.
Ahhhh right. Zoom all the way out into your space and see Earth as a nice big ball/sphere/globe....right?

Sooooo, did they use a deep space video of it and if so, what?
Or is it a CGI representation of what they want us to believe?

You see, when you zoom in with the so called global set up you get to see stuff as it was months earlier, as if it was taken by a plane at those times.

Unless you can show me the real time stuff.....can you?

No, sceptimatic, it is a cgi representation from photos from satellites, planes, and cars, of what reality is. You're familiar with google earth and street view, yes? I use both all the time before I do a raid on a house. The satellite views are very helpful in planning for problems, escape routes, areas of cover, etc. Invaluable, in fact.

Now, please tell me what the difference is, aside from time,  between seeing what stuff looks like from the global set up months earlier, to seeing what stuff looks like now, in real time? How does this difference benefit your argument in any way?

If I could show you global earth in real time, would you be satisfied? You want to step outside with your laptop and watch yourself on your computer screen waving to the satellite above, in real-time? Is that what you want? 

I'm guessing you live in either Europe or America, while I live in Australia. Either way, there is a very large spanse of water between you and I. Yet, if you and I swapped phone numbers and had a live video chat, you would still argue that is made possible not from satellites, but from ground towers? Yes?
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