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If the world was about to blow up, I would not be dancing in joy
I am not dancing in joy
There fore, the world is about to blow up
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Lisa Simpson wears shoes.
I wear shoes.
Therefore, I am Lisa Simpson.

Erasmus is a member of this forum.
I am a member of this forum.
I am Erasmus.

Some people like sweetcorn.
Some people like me.
I am sweetcorn.
Penguins were actually created in the 1960's by Russian scientists who combined the DNA of otters and birds.  [/quote]


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Crows are black
Coke-Cola is black
Coke-Cola is a type of crow

but in the same way, i can prove crows are NOT black by produceing a black item that is not a crow.

Hitler had a moustache
Hitler was a dictator
I have a moustache
I must therefore be a dictator.

Easy as 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679

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Universal affirmatives can only be partially converted; my wife, however, does not understand this necessary limitation of the conversion of a proposition; consequently, she does not understand me, for how can a woman expect to appreciate a professor of logic, if the simplest cloth-eared syllogism causes her to flounder?

For example, given the premise, "all fish live underwater" and "all mackerel are fish", my wife will conclude, not that "all mackerel live underwater", but that "if she buys kippers it will not rain", or that "trout live in trees", or even that I "do not love [her] any more." This she calls "using her intuition". I call it "crap", and it gets me very irritated because it is not logical

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I am a Round-Earther
many Round-Earthers are dumbasses
I must be a dumbass.

Go, go, stereotypes.
Who really needs one of these things?