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Favorite TV shows
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Quote from: "cadmium_blimp"
House is formulaic in the way the show progresses.  Let me show you using a demonstration someone else used on another forum:
"ooh no, this dude has some rare disease and no one knows what's wrong with him!"
"i'm dr. house and i don't care what anyone thinks."
"wow it looks like you cured him dr. house"
"ooh shit the patient is dieing again!"
"lets do something totally off the wall and not normally done in this situation regarding the patient"
"ok he's cured"
the end

Yeah, I see what you're saying there, and it could probably get tired after another season or two. Still, it's great while it's fresh.
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Favorite TV shows
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SciFi canceled SG-1.  The people who actually run it (MGM, the producers, etc.) want to continue it in some way, especially since the end of this season won't be a good end to the series.  SciFi has a contract that says that SG-1 can not be on any channel in USA other than SciFi, so it can't jump to another channel like it did when Showtime dropped it.

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