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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Elections
« Last post by Pezevenk on Today at 07:34:19 AM »
Yeah I saw that. At least it wasn't as big a victory as she expected.
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Elections
« Last post by Jamie on Today at 06:56:03 AM »
Le Pen beat Macron in France.
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Elections
« Last post by Pezevenk on Today at 06:48:44 AM »
Holy shit Lega Nord in Italy won by a huge margin, it's fucked up.
The Lounge / Re: I believe it is time ..... werepenguin sign up
« Last post by Jamie on Today at 06:47:25 AM »
I'm in.
The Lounge / Re: Stylin' My New Name and Profile Picture
« Last post by Jane on Today at 06:41:12 AM »
I hope you're happier now that you've transitioned.
It's a new me!
That's what all you transgenders think.
I'm a transpecies, I changed from a globetard to a frog

A frog?

Or perhaps a penguin!

Sign up for werepenguin and prove me wrong!

Do it, Greg's Frog!
Sorry for being uncultured but what is werepenguin?
Oh man. You are in for a treat. It's a game, there are villagers and there are werepenguins. The villagers are trying to survive, and to do so, they must eliminate the werepenguins. The werepenguins are murderous, awful creatures that are trying to destroy humanity and joy, and they will do their best to eliminate the villagers. Sometimes there are twists, but that's the general theme.

Go here and post the words "I'm in":
Plus it's fun, and pretty easy to get a handle on.
I promise it's not a cult.
Ah, just looking out for you, buddy.   ;D

What do others think?
I think you should lighten up before you give yourself a stroke.
it doesn't bother me. But I was simply trying to point out that so many flat earthers, especially on YouTube, claim that "round earthers" must support all the findings of modern Cosmology. And that is totally false.

The Globe stands alone and does not depend on anything else.
The Heliocentric Solar System does not need the support of modern Cosmology as Jeranism and by extension Tom Bishop are trying to imply.
Bedford experiment is a shrewd method used by Rowbotham and proves the earth is flat without doubt. this experiment is continuously repeated and continues to prove to be the earth's being flat.
Details of a recent repeat please.
Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Do Nuclear Bombs Exist?
« Last post by rabinoz on Today at 05:46:24 AM »
If you enjoy tickling his balls have at it.
But I do hope that you checked his site out ;).
Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Do Nuclear Bombs Exist?
« Last post by Heiwa on Today at 05:34:34 AM »

When Hiroshima, Japan, was destroyed 6 August 1945 there was no electromagnetic radiation (LOL) interacting with the airplanes participating in the terror attacks.

I think it is awesome you have been able to fish the same school for four solid years.

I was on a long range boat one time and we got into a ferocious Dorado bite.
I caught a couple on a bare hook.
Two dudes got into an argument about the best lure to use on them.

The captain climbed down from the house and took a rod from one of them.
He was munching on an orange. Took a chunk of rind and pinned it on.
Threw it out 60 feet and reeled with a stutter retrieve. Bite, bam, swing and hook!
He handed the rod back and climbed back up to the house.

He didn't say a word.

Heiwa is absolutely owning all of you.

Yes, this US B29 atomic bomber, after dropping the gadget 6 August 1945 on Hiroshima, should have dropped down to low level and taken a close look at what was left of the target and taken some photos. Pictures of clouds in the sky are nothing. I have been told there was some escort planes too, and they could also have taken a better look at the destruction. It is not everyday that you drop an atomic bomb on people and vaporize them in a FLASH. But there was no hurry! You could have returned the next day.
When US/UK bombed Dresden a night February 1945 they came back next morning to finish the job and even used low flying planes using automatic guns to slaughter Germans trying to escape on the roads. Churchill said that Dresden with its baroque cathedral was an important military target that had been overlooked since 1939. Freiberg i.Sa. 30 kms west with its arms industry making V2 equipment and airplane parts was left unharmed. My house there was never bombed at all I am happy to note. I sold it 2016.
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