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Flat Earth General / Re: New complete model of infinite flat earth
« Last post by rvlvr on Today at 09:44:03 AM »
I would like to hear from New Earth as I think you have made really good points.
I dont believe in heliocentric system. Noone probably today does.

I guess what we believe or don't believe in comes down to a matter of personal choice.  But strong evidence of the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun was established with the confirmed observations of parallax motion of three stars, Vega, 61 Cygni and Alpha Centuari by the 1850s. If the Earth lays motionless at the centre of the Solar System/Universe then how do account for such motion?  The cyclical parallax motion of each star takes a year to complete, which just happens to coincide with the time it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun.
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Favorite YouTube channels
« Last post by Space Cowgirl on Today at 08:57:14 AM »
Oh! I will definitely watch that one. He had Richard Dawkins on a couple days ago, I've only seen one of the clips. I like his podcast when he has interesting guests.
Hello new people!
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Favorite YouTube channels
« Last post by Crouton on Today at 08:33:08 AM »

Edward Snowden.  Let's see what happens when they give him three hours to talk.
Flat Earth General / Re: Diamond business proves there is more land
« Last post by MaNaeSWolf on Today at 08:32:46 AM »
Now we are concerned about see through gravel? 

I could have bought my wife a car, instead she wanted see through coal herself.
De Beers where a-holes, why could they not have sold chocolate like everyone else?

They are always one step a head
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Greta
« Last post by MaNaeSWolf on Today at 08:30:47 AM »

It's more expensive to continue doing what we are doing. Storms are becoming more frequent and destructive. More flooding, more fires, more destruction. And that is today. You talk about how poor people will get hard done by if we try to implement things to encourage a more sustainable living. How do you think they'll fair when entire eco systems collapse? I don't think you understand just how much impact our activities are having on this planet.

As for products, I can buy a packet of 100 disposable plastic straws and it's cheap. I can also buy a stainless steel one at greater cost and it will last a life time with the added benefit it won't end up in our waterways and kill marine life.

Our attitudes need to change. The way we do things needs to change. Our environmental problems aren't limited to carbon output. All the plastic filth in the ocean which will soon outweigh all the life in the ocean? That is all man made. What a hideous legacy

I absolutely agree with everything you said there. Not disagreeing one bit, I was just pointing out how we got here.
Capitalism is a very efficient system for creating value. However it needs to be managed otherwise it will eat everything in the process. We need Governments to start taking action.

TAX single use plastics 1000% if we must
Every product must contain a carbon TAX (South Africa is starting with this now)
All products must include a Tax for their end of life management (Japan does this)

There are ways to massively improve our current situation, but It must come from the governments.
Everyday people are too busy trying to get on with their own lives to be bothered to find out if it is better to use a multi-use plastic cup or a single use paper cup.
  You never see the failures.
I don't know about that...

He saw this post...We all saw it...and it screams failure...
If this were true of Louis Slotin,

He would live quite long enough to enjoy 1 million euros after winning the challenge.

His collegue 'Graves' who survived, settled for $3500. So 1 million euros seems more than fair
Ah, the "Demon core". Slotin was a bit like Heiwa, thought radiation was over rated.

But people back then where not as kind as they are today, Albert Stevens should have enjoyed some compensation for what he went through. But not even 1 million euros.

But Hisashi Ouchi has the worst story I have ever read about Radiation sickness.
The Lounge / Re: RIP JOHN DAVIS
« Last post by boydster on Today at 08:06:21 AM »
Few people know this about John Davis, but it's true: he once hurdled a parked Ford Explorer to save a baby chickadee from a feral cat that was just about to pounce. That's hero material in my book.
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