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The point though is why it's the moon is not visible fully.. And reason because it doesn't rotate and second NOTHING can ever pierce the FIRMAMENT so no probes can take pictures from that high

Moons 365 million miles away of Jupiter can be filmed
Or faked rather but why can't nasa send a probe to Moons other side

Again let me burst your bubble...happily
... Regardless of what you think the rotation looks ...Why hasn't Nasa filmed the rotation showing the other side?
If it doesn't face Earth  Than why not film 🎥 the other side by sending a satellite or probe busted!

This is a photo of a eclipse from space:

That black spot on the Earth is the area in the shadow of the Moon.

Why and how would the government stage eclipses?  Why not just make up a reason why they don't happen?  How can the government move the Moon?  Why is it that solar eclipses have happened even at the beginning of human civilization?
To be fair I find this image dubious. Any info about it?

From what I've seen, the image is artwork: but the valid point is that it should be well within NASA's ability to fake a photo, if it was in any way necessary.
Which is most definitely isn't. You have to wonder what he thinks 'moon between the Earth and Sun' means.

My bad, I looked into it and that was actually artwork.  Here is a real image of the shadow cast by a solar eclipse:

Here are some pictures of eclipses taken by sun observation space probes:

And finally, here are 3 photos of solar eclipses on Mars taken by the Curiosity rover of Phobos eclipsing the Sun:

Bro.. Do you not have any capabilities to discern real images or videos from fake ones? What satellite took that fake shadow pic?  And MOST IMPORTANTLY why isn't the actual moon and sun being photographed?  What's that fake shadow going to do for us?  Nada..

After 60 +years of alleged space flights humanity doesn't have even one live video or pic of these so called celestial events
Your mouth obviously matches the size of the state you live in LOL.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of the moon crossing
in front of its view of the sun on Jan 30, 2014, at 9:00 AM. EST.
[Image source and caption: NASA/SDO]

—You obviously have no understanding of what an eclipse actually is.  How embarrassing!

Ya... would be nice if your brain was as big ;)

Haha wow can't stop laughing at this tidal lock 🔐 mechanism now in place on our poor moon 🌚
Let me guess Nasa is the one with the key 🔑 to unlock 🔓?
The animation that one of you posted shows that the moon NEVER actually completes a rotation of its own axis
According to Round Earthers and basically other pagan sun worshippers ...the moon And Earth rotate on their Axis .
Buttt there js Always an Exception if NEED be
Forgot The fact that Nasa or The pagans have never bothered To film the full Rotation or an Eclipse from Space lol ..busted !

Clearly a fake cgi generated image...That is overplayed over the same CGI graphics Nasa uses of the sun over and over.

When I state an authentic video.. I mean the kind we see when honest folk send helium balloons with an HD camera that shows us the whole 360 degrees view of the surroundings...Again bring up the point of why on this fake spacewalks do we not see a full 360 view
Any one with basic common sense can tell these pictures or video are not real.

Like I stated human space flight has been going on for 60+ years... Why haven't we ever seen a live video filmed in the 80's from the Russian Mir space station.. Or the satellites in orbit since the 1950s.... Don't put out fake recently generated animated graphics...

It doesn't hurt to listen to another perspective no matter how far fetched it might seem at first in your mind. He states the Moon is a reflection of the Earth... Well it might not be true but certainly we can hear him out.
I mean we all did believe a GREAT LIE all our lives that our Earth is a Sphere..

And those two videos of Earths rotation and Jupiter's I linked... Are CLEARLY faked and graphics.. Anyone with even a minute brain size could see the forgery

If I take a globe and rotate an orange around it while the orange is spinning on it axis.. I'm bound to see the other side
Funny how none of you answer the obvious question about why Nasa hasn't ever filmed the Moons rotation from space like it has for Earth and all the other planets?  Do you really think people on this board believe you lol

Again... Even though what you both stated is clearly false... As I stated a part of the Earth would witness the rotation.. But more importantly AGAIN... Why hasn't Nasa filmed our own  Moons rotation and shown the world the other side From space?
It's normal for shills like you to completely disregard the obvious

WE all have wondered at least once in life... Why the Moon doesn't show its Dark Side... Or other side.. I mean the system has taught us that EVERY planet and moon spins on its axis AND orbits the sun at the same time... Sounds neat but it's false.
Here's how describes the Moon and it's alleged rotation :
The moon orbits the Earth once every 27.322 days. It also takes approximately 27 days for the moon to rotate once on its axis. As a result, the moon does not seem to be spinning but appears to observers from Earth to be keeping almost perfectly still.

Here's the thing... Even while during the Moon is in the process of completing it's alleged orbit of Earth... It's constant rotation on its OWN AXIS should eventually show the other side... That is plain common sense... A part of a Round Earth would witness and observe the other side of the Moon...
Hey just like how our own Earth is supposedly visible from Space changing it orbit and spinning... We've all seen the fake videos from the space station or shuttle showing.the Earth rotating on its axis

Here's a video from the fake hoax Galileo Spacecraft :
Rotating Earth from Space (Galileo spacecraft 1990) HD: " class="bbc_link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">

So Earths rotation on its axis is visible from Space but the Moons alleged rotation somehow can't be seen by any side of the round Earth or even from Space?

Is the Moon somehow sacred that Nasa cannot records it's rotation for all to see but it can record perfectly somehow the orbit of far away planets Like Jupiter?

Jupiter is allegedly 365 MILLION miles away and the Moon according to NASA is our nearest neighbor and again according to them is 239,000 miles away

Check this video on YouTube showing the complete rotation of Jupiter on its axis which is supposedly very fast in that it completes it's rotation in just under 10 hours...(by the the heck does a satellite just stay still in space filming this hoax for 10 hours?  Lmao)

Jupiter's full rotation in 2014 best edition!: " class="bbc_link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">

I think I will pass on this utter nonsense.. So funny..
 Proves again that our Earth is Flat... That the Moon Or Earth DO NOT rotate on their made up axis.

That image was an Admitted hoax by Nasa... Question is why did whoever put it out felt the need to invent fake eclipse pics from space if there really are space based satellites and space station and shuttle and Russian docking capsules.. The fact that the round Earthers on here are admitting themselves that this pic is FAKE shows you how afraid the Satan system is and WEAK.. After 60 +years of alleged space flights humanity doesn't have even one live video or pic of these so called celestial events
Oh but they did get a fake shot of Earth on their way to the Moon... Lol ya right

As I stated in my other thread... Why haven't we EVER seen a picture of a solar or lunar eclipse FROM SPACE?
That right there suddenly destroys all the nonsense and fakery.

I would suggest you spend a few minutes away from this forum to type 'Solar eclipse from space' into google.

EDIT: ignore this, turns out it was artwork: but this is a point in itself. Even if it were necessary (which it's not), why wouldn't they just fake an image like they fake round earth photos?

Eclipses are when, say, the moon gets between the Earth and Sun. You kinda need to be on Earth to see one.

lmao point proven by yourself.. trust me I've already GOOGLED eclipses from space.. and YA .EVERY IMAGE IS FAKE OR ARTWORK
This one image that was widely circulated showing a solar eclipse from space .. well NASA and news agencies admit that oh it was a hoax.. BUT than release another image of what an actual eclipse looks like lol.. all CGI graphics.. With todays technology its so easy .. easier than even in the 60's to take photos..

Um no.. people send a $500 weather balloon with a HD Camera and can see the sun.. yet your telling me that 24/7 Space Station that is allegedly up there can't take pictures of such an important celestial event? lolol  FREE YOUR MIND lol shill

Do you think people are stupid ? a $500 weather balloon takes live video of the sun yet your telling me NASA can't do that or the European or Japanese or Russian Space Agencies ? lol
Isn't there a 24/7 Space Station (lol) up there non stop?
Funny how dumb these shills think people are

This thread asks a SIMPLE QUESTION....Where all the pictures FROM SPACE of these so called eclipses?
Do they happen in a way perhaps that the New World Order doesn't want to reveal? Or they completely faked?
The fact that after 50  years of alleged space travel we don't have ONE picture... lol enough said

As I stated in my other thread... Why haven't we EVER seen a picture of a solar or lunar eclipse FROM SPACE?
That right there suddenly destroys all the nonsense and fakery.

I mean NASA sends us all kinds of pictures of AWESOME fake galaxies far away.. BILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS.. yet they cant take a simple picture
of an eclipse?? Wouldn't it be nice to see something of such a grand scale from space? The Sun being blocked? lol
ya right

I know MANY shills and zombies and satan pagan worshippers try to DERAIL the obvious truth of  God's Flat Earth.. by using lunar eclipses
as a their best argument.. well as seen in this and my other thread about eclipses.. Eclipses are starting to look more like engineered stunts.

Because if it was possible to break the Firmament and go to space you would see in the pictures that Earth is Flat and no way for it to come in between the Sun and Moon.

Building on my other thread... but this really goes to the core of my belief that all these eclipses are STAGED events..
With allegedly 1100 ACTIVE satellites... and so many space telescopes.. and the Space Station and Shuttles etc etc.. why hasn't ANYONE EVER
take a live video and pictures of an occurring solar and lunar eclipse???
Its because you have been duped and lied to.

If you look in GOOGLE Images.. NOT ONE image from the 1930s, 40, 50, showing an eclipse.. even into 60's i barely saw anything.
It was in the 70's during the height of the NASA fake moon landings that this kicked in because it was obvious the Earth was FLAT.
And what a great way to prove Flat Earth wrong by saying that the Earth comes in between the Sun and Moon.

Also since all the spacewalks are fake and stages from the Space Station another thing you will realize is they NEVER pan the camera away from the ball round looking Earth.
You would think at such an altitude if they really are 400 miles above Earth or whatever.. They would let us see the Sun.. the Moon... Space... yet it has to be MANAGED and CONTROLLED.

This is the part added from the other thread:

HOLY QURAN sura 36, verse 40:
"The sun must not catch up the moon, nor does the night outstrip the day. Each one is travelling in an orbit with its own motion."
I just realized how we have been lied to.
If you lookup on Google pictures of lunar or solar eclipses from any decade before...1940 1950 or 1960 you Never see any pictures or video...are you kidding me?
And the way these so called eclipses occur: it's as if they are SLIPPING a piece of something or projection on to the moon or sun for these eclipses.
For example during a so called solar eclipse (meaning during the day)... If something truly was about to pass in FRONT of the Sun... WE WOULD SEE IT Coming... Yet we only see alleged 'moon' ONLY when it starts flying right in front of the Sun..what they are doing is creating an ILLUSION somehow where they use projectors... It's as if something from Earth or the atmosphere is used to fly over and block the sun and moon.

The first pictures available for these fake eclipses start popping up in 1970.. Right after the fake Moon landings.. Since there is a Ice Firmament 100 miles above or so
..that cannot be crossed as stated in the Quran and Bible.

since I know and many know the Earth is flat and the Sun and Moon each have their own orbit and neither can catch up on one and other since one is for day and one for night..paraphrasing the Quran... And also in the Bible it mentions clearly that the Sun and Moon have orbits not Earth.

These eclipses work great with the Satanic Pagan Nasa new age model by basically trying to give God the middle finger... And to make fun of his great signs and creation.
In the Bible and Quran it mentions how the Sun and Moon are SIGNS from why would God 'block' his OWN signs... Unless this is a VERY recent phoenomena..
All these silly colored eclipses like the blood Moons with the red coloring.. How silly...these Satan worshippers at Nasa and all over the world now.. At the UN just look at the flag for the UN it's FLAT... They all have been playing a big game with us... To basically drive us to hell with Satan.. And disconnect us from Allah/God... They will do anything.. Nothing is out of the question... Are indoctrination since we were born goes very DEEP and thus EVERYTHING we were taught MUST be questioned.
One of the biggest arguments these New World Order zombies state is that a lunar eclipse isn't possible in a Flat Earth Model... Well the Earth is fixed... And those two.. The sun and moon have Orbits... They had to invent these eclipses as another way of denying the flatness of Earth.
Water never curves on the horizon... Weather balloons sent up 50 miles even show a FLAT horizon...what your gut always told you since you were a kid has been right..Round Earther Satanists state that the Earth rotates at about 1,000mph on its axis... Or 16 miles a minute or about .27 miles a second.. So let's say someone jumped off a tree and it took 5 seconds to fall down to the ground... According to the round earth Satan model the person should be About 1.5 miles away!??
Yet they are not. ThThey always end up right where they started.
If a pickup truck is moving and you jump off of it you will fall... Also if a truck is going East and the Earth allegedly rotates East on its axis... Than when you jump up from a flat bed truck you should be ahead of the truck in the round earth model yet more than likely you will just end up falling off the truck.
sura 21, verse 33:
"(God is) the One Who created the night,and day, the sun and the moon.  Each one is travelling in an orbit with its own motion."

I agree with you, Texas. It was a conventional bombing. Nuclear weaponry is a sci-fi fantasy.

Uranium -235 isotope has a HALF LIFE OF 700 MILLION YEARS supposedly according to scientist.
If Hiroshima and Nagasaki were truly bombed with a radioactive nuke than that place should not be habitable for MILLIONS OF YEARS.

But the way the Creator made his Earth.. no Man shall have such power. The survivors of those cities didn't evacuate ..hmm I wonder why?
Yet they stayed there and rebuilt their cities

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Last thing crushing your stupid theory
« on: March 08, 2015, 04:20:21 PM »
all the real and original videos of weather balloons  show  A FLAT EARTH.. from space.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Questions that might destroy your funny theory
« on: March 08, 2015, 04:13:57 PM »
All those fake NASA generated Planets don't exist.
The ROmans and Greeks worshipped the alleged Planets...God simply Created Earth.

Sad how you are showing just one image from 1919.... Wayyy back in the day and's real
Yet when we actually had cameras there is zero pictures in the 30's 40s.. They could.record a fake Hiroshima nuking but and film the entire war but not a solar eclipse? Ya right

The bombing of Hiroshima was a real event. I've met victims.

a Conventional explosive bombing yes.. .all the cities in Japan were bombed. But there is no such thing as a 'nuclear' explosion.
First, there was zero blast crater of an alleged 10,000 tons of explosives even if it was triggered allegedly above the city.. the mushroom cloud supposedly reached the center of the ground
yet no crater

second why are all the steel bridges STANDING and not destroyed at the epicenter or so called ground zero?
They say nuclear weapons go up to a MILLION degrees .. SERIOUSLY? how do you even measure a MILLION DEGREES?
Yet steel melts at 2000 degrees... a Million degrees... do you REALIZE how hot that would be? Yet there were many buildings left standing and especially around GROUND ZERO.

Well the Earth CAN NEVER come in between the Sun and Moon.. .The Earth is Flat..and the Sun and Moon orbit above.. your on a flat earth society page
If you don't accept that than go to another forum.

Sad how you are showing just one image from 1919.... Wayyy back in the day and's real
Yet when we actually had cameras there is zero pictures in the 30's 40s.. They could.record a fake Hiroshima nuking but and film the entire war but not a solar eclipse? Ya right

Fake image from 1919
This all kicked in around the late 60's... When Gods holy book itself states that the orbits of the Sun and moon cannot catchup

Forget your lies and so called ancient records I'm talking about right now...where the pictures from the 1940s and 1950s? They had cameras and tv than
Ofcourse your pathetic kind didn't even mention that

And how they have certain areas that can only observe a solar eclipse for example... If something in space truly does pass in front of the Sun and completely blocks it than HALF the Earth atleast in TOTAL darkness according to the round earth model... Yet that's never happened..
I can't believe no one has ever thought of this... Makes sense though.. The level of deceit and tricks they are using is on an unprecedented level.

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