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Quote from: charles bloomington
They dont want you going there because you will be close enough to discover the moon is just a flection of earth . That the earth dosen't travel around the sun & most of what you have been taught about earth is a lie . You will discover tides have nothing to do with the moon & are the results of the occen floor expanding & contracting . The waters of the occen's & sea's just regaining its level .

yeh......that too, eh?!?   :(

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Dinosaurs -- yet another hoax?
« on: February 03, 2015, 12:29:57 AM »
Quote from: FlatAllTheWay

Sure, but you wouldn't know what you were looking at unless the paleontologists told you.  A big dinosaur's femur bone, for example, would mean nothing to you or me unless the experts put it in context by showing it as part of a skeleton.  So we are trusting the scientists' integrity -- trusting that they have no desire to deceive us.


and.....a very good example of that is the bogus "re-creation" of these so-called "ape-man" fossils.....

"Bones of Contention"

reasonable review of the abv here..... ;

apropos "dinosaurs"....honestly...i'm not sure.....
they're certainly not incompatible with the Bible (cf: Book of Job)
OTOH.....orgs' like the Smithsonian have a bad track record of "covering up"/"burying" any evidence that  supports the Bible....hence: their massive cover up of giant 'humanoid' fossils which support(s) the Genesis/Book of Enoch account of "the Nephilim"....
so....they could well hv done "a reverse cover-up" by a combo' of mis-reporting, deliberate mis-interpreting and 'planting'.....
again....OTOH.....the recent "discoveries" of Dr Mary Schweitzer of still viable red blood cells and some tissue in dinosaur fossils (indicating a quite recent date for their demise....i.e: within the last few thousand yrs) go a long way to discombobulating "the official Party line" on dinos....   :o

Quote from: charles bloomington
Well I'm a flat earther & jimmy there is a rocky ice covered island called Antarctica, king & emperor penguins habitat there to breed ,lay their eggs , incubate &hatch their chicks. Other birds & seals frequent there in the summer months . Along with the killer wales that prey on them.


i'm still not totally familiar with all of this stuff....

i think we may have it "back-to-front".....

there is NO "Antartica" as commonly understood......
(i.e: an almost permanently frozen continent)

so....what's actually "surrounding" the Earth is what is commonly under-stood as "the North Pole"......whereas the Antrtc is just another continent in the 'polar centre' of the Earth.....
(with, most likely, no ice/snow @ all!)

like this......

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> ;

only way to know for 100% certain would be to go   8)
(but, then again......maybe the reason there are no ✈"over-flights"✈ is because they don't want people discovering that Antrtc is, really, a quite 'verdant' it may well be heavily guarded by some sort of military presence )

Flat Earth General / Re: "concave" Earth
« on: February 02, 2015, 11:54:25 PM »
This man is obviously insane though? He ignores obvious experimental errors and makes judgements about them

you must hv a strange definition of "insanity"

In the RET, convex earth, the oceans wouldn't just fall off because of a little thing we also believe. Gravity. The strength of the atoms from bottom to top is enough to hold the oceans down.

well.....that's "the official Party line"....but....its never been conclusively demonstrated or, even, reproduced in a lab'

The strength of the atoms from bottom to top is enough to hold the oceans down

hmm.....sounds like 'magic' to me...
ABRACADABRA...."the strength of the atoms"....shazzam!!  ::)

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Theories inside the theory...
« on: February 02, 2015, 06:20:13 PM »
Quote from: Orifiel

We can tell earth isn't an infinite plane by our
1.) ability to leave earth
2.) ability to view planets with telescopes and see how they aren't connected to the infinite plane
3.) ability to view earth's shadow on the moon
4.) ability to calculate the force of gravity on a high-altitude object
5.) ability to reach the same place 2x by traveling one direction

those "points" have all been answered ....check out Y-tb/"flat Earth"
for instance:
1/we've never "left the Earth"
well.....we've never got past the Thermo-sphere, any-way...
its all a total a good peruse of "moon landing hoax" on Y-tb would show!

4/the conventional theory of gravity is all wrong....there is no "gravity"
just an 'ether'.....which causes the same effects
Tesla figured that out a 100yrs or so ago

5/just as easily explained by travelling in a circle.....

points 2/ and 3/ are, basically, just assumptions.....(assuming that there are such things as 'planets' as commonly under-stood)

Also, your guy for the second video doesn't believe in sunrises or sunsets, which everyone, even FEers believe in...what does that mean to the validity of his claims?

if you mean that "Zhib Rhan" character.....i'm not 100% sure what he believes vis á vis sun-rises and sun-sets
but....that's all been gone into by other FEs on y-tb.....
"sun-rise" is simply the Sun approaching us in its little, circular/in-Earth-sphere/planar-type orbit....
"sun-set" is simply the Sun moving away from us.......
in both these instances, the Sun moves....but not the Earth......because of the peculiar "pyramidal vision" of humans, it seems like it is 'rising' or 'setting' but, in fact, its just moving further away/is further rail-road tracks receding into the 'distance'.....

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Theories inside the theory...
« on: February 02, 2015, 05:39:32 PM »
It's weird how FE science isn't unified and accepted universally among believers, but RE is and our science yields the same results

and....they're all wrong....or....@ best: only ½-truths....

but.....wrt the OP's question.....

i think its a matter of: we haven't fully understood the total significance or scope of the FE....after all: we've just wasted a coupla hundred yrs or so trying to "prove" an out-right're "behind the 8-ball" as it were....handicapped @ "the starter's gate";

that said....the following is prblby as good a representation as any....

the theory out-lined in the bhagavad gita and the Hindu Vedas may also have some-thing going for it.....
" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">  ; is another different perspective.....
with the true North Pole of the FE actually being the Antartica......   :o
" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> ;

under the flat Earth...(in two[2] prts?)
" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> ;


because there isn't any Antartica?

(and.....all the RE 'explanations' i'v seen to try and "explain this away" are totally lame!)  ::)

Quote from: sceptimatic link
Yep, there is a ceiling (dome). No rocket has, nor ever will get anywhere near it no matter what is built. Space is a huge lie and all that goes with it.

and that, to be frank, made/makes me a bit sad.....   :(
i grew up in the 1960s and 1970s ....@ the height of "the space race";
(i can remember watching "the moon landing" with my parents when i was quite young.....)
like many youngsters back then, i was hugely interested in 'space stuff';
(including UFOs !)
i was also a huge fan of science fiction books (Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, A E Van Vogt &c) and science fiction TV-series and movies....especially Dr Who and "2001: a space odyssey";
i was even contemplating being a 'scientist' and actually studied it @ the University of Melbourne...... life ended up taking a different turn.....i now see the Hand of God in it...
it makes it hard to forgive those people who, in retrospect, destroyed my child-hood dreams by telling huge amounts of cruel and vicious lies......the most significant being, of course, the moon-landing 'hoax'.....



i firmly believe that there is a barrier @ abt the 120klmtr altitude (the start of the Thermo-sphere)....and, most likely, some sort of glass ceiling or dome, too....
(not to mention the intense temps in the TS and, also, a 'nod' to "sceptimatic's" theory of rockets not working in a vacuum any-way....although, i guess that doesn't rule out some alt form of propulsion  ??? )

i have seen several Y-tb vidz where the 'space shuttle' more or less does a U-turn.......and......there is a very good vid' showing Richard Branson's "space-ship" basically "conking out" @ approx that alt'......the text in the vid' says: "access denied!"  ;D

@ the end of the day.....i go by what the Scriptures say:
And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven (Gospel according to St John)

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Evolution!
« on: February 02, 2015, 06:13:18 AM »
Quote from: Life Is Easy
Thanks. This is an interesting website.

they've got some good stuff....but....i don't agree with every-thing they say...
the main cause of Noah's Flood, for instance....they've got that all back-to-front...
also: they'd prblby be too scared to venture into Flat Earth territory...even though the Scriptures quite clearly indicate that and there is no real way to avoid it without doing violence to the Scriptures....

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Evolution!
« on: February 02, 2015, 06:08:49 AM »
Quote from: ausGeoff
Uh... you do understand that nobody has any evidence at all that the supernatural entity you call "god" actually exists don't you?  Or are you prepared to provide some empirical evidence that disproves this claim?  And if so, please feel free to post it here

read some Thomas Aquinas......
(and some William Paley too, while yr @ it!!)

Anyway, it's obvious that you're unfamiliar with exactly who professor Richard Dawkins MSc, MA, DPhil,  is.  The fact that you call someone with a Master of Science degree a "non-scientist" says more about you than it does Dawkins LOL.

all Dawkins does is 'push' fractured fairy tales......that is: fact-free science......
he hasn't published in a peer-reviewed journal or done any real research for decades.....
compared to some-one like Michael Behe, he doesn't even qualify as a scientist....just a writer of 'fiction'......and not even interesting fiction @ that!

check it out...

watch the atheists get OWNED by the Intelligent Designers!   ;D

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> ;

Flat Earth General / Re: "concave" Earth
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:54:34 AM »
here's where he calls that scientist/engineer fellow.....
(NASA?....he says Univ of Colrd....but........maybe he works/has worked for NASA?  ??? )

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> ;

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Evolution!
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:44:08 AM »
Quote from: ausGeoff
Uh... you obviously don't understand—or choose, like most religious zealots to ignore the fact—that Darwin's theories of evolution were postulated 150 years ago.

Since that time evolutionary theory has made massive advancements in the scientific understanding of human evolutionary genetics, mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, immunological distances, intergenic DNA segmenting, genome sequencing and segmental duplications etc.

All of these things were of course unknown to Darwin in his time—he died in 1882.  And your Abrahamic bible couldn't even differentiate between fish and mammals LOL.  Which is why its contents are so laughably out of date as to be worthless in any sphere of the sciences.  Your bible even thought that the earth was flat, and the sun and moon both moved over its surface!

Intelligent [sic] design and young-earth creation are just a couple of the things that science has long-ago thoroughly debunked.

To explain the origin of the DNA/protein machine by invoking a supernatural Designer is to explain precisely nothing, for it leaves unexplained the origin of the Designer. You have to say something like 'God was always there', and if you allow yourself that kind of lazy way out, you might as well just say 'DNA was always there', or "Life was always there',  and be done with it.  —Richard Dawkins.

bio-chemical nano-machines, programmable proteins, recursive DNA code, molecular information retrieval and storage systems, molecular motors &c &c ........go away, you God-hating FOOL.....yr soooo "twentieth century"....

uh oh!

any-one who quotes a non-scientist like Dawkins really is a FOOL!   :(
(who/what created God? a logical fallacy! )



Read through the papers in the link!. The guy was a genius but it was tempered with madness.

the line between genius & "madness" has always been a pretty fine one.....   :(

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Evolution!
« on: February 01, 2015, 11:29:03 PM »
Intelligent Design pretty much obliterates classical, evolutionary theory....Darwin has gone the way of the dodo......
(not to say that he didn't make some good, true and useful observations, though!.....his [tentative] theory was blown way out of proportion and extrapolated far beyond the limited bounds he had originally intended it to be)

interesting little "blogging heads" vid with Prfssr Michael Behe....
" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> ;

nice little "review" of Behe's seminal first book "Darwin's Black Box" ;

Nikola Tesla has had the first call of the century from a neighboring planet. He has communicated with Mars, he delares (sic), while on Pike’s Peak, delving into the mysteries of the wireless transmission of electrical energy. what exactly?

many scientists have made some strange claims along those lines......

for instance: one of the founders of modern rocketry in the US (forget his name for now...but....could look it up if i felt so inclined) was "into" Aleister Crowley.....

the founder of McDonnell-Douglas was some sort of 'spiritualist'.......

another example was Alfred Wallace [?].....a famous nineteenth century naturalist and contemporary of Charles Darwin.....

there's a list as long as yr arm....

they pick this one, isolated incident out of Tesla's (fairly) long life to cast aspersions on his character and to discourage people from investigating his tech'!.....i have seen Y-tb vidz of people using electricity they had 'grabbed' from the air to power electric light bulbs and run   ::)

Flat Earth General / Re: "concave" Earth
« on: February 01, 2015, 11:09:24 PM »
Quote from: sceptimatic
The glass in the desert stuff, for me, is nothing to do with any falling debris. The ice part is different. I believe this is possible in certain aspects.

You only have to look at expanding gases from ground to sky to know that there's no glass up there. In my opinion, mind you.

he claims the glass is bits of the 'glass ceiling' that have come off...possibly because of the space shuttle penetrating the glass dome...which is why they spray these try and repair it so that dangerous radiation &c doesn't get through...

only way to tell.....the meteoric fragments would have to be analysed by independent labs'......say: two/three different ones in dffrnt countries who didn't know what the samples were or where they came from.....

could that be done?

yes! would $COST$ .........big time   :(

Flat Earth General / Re: "concave" Earth
« on: February 01, 2015, 11:04:01 PM »
here is some more stuff from "him-self"/LSC .....high horizon proving concave Earth.....

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> ;

"still" photo' from up-coming Y-tb presentation of the days-of-the-year from a concave Earth perspective... ;

must admit: this LSC bloke really got his stuff well-put together.....(must'v taken HUGE amount of effort  :o )

Quote from: kman
I'm so scared.

you WILL be when you meet Him, champ....I can guarantee you of that......" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">100%
(unless, of course, yr a certainly don't strike me as one...yr just another mocker and scorner like "ausGeoff"

Can you respond to the rest of my post? Do you think people should be stoned? The bible sure advocates it.

i posted a link in another post here abt so-called "Bible contradictions" do know that, not so long ago, adultery was actually a criminal offence....punishable by up to TEN YEARS IMPRISONMENT.....why was that?...uh...maybe because it struck @ the very heart of society....the family unit.....

Quote from: guv
Nicola was a 1/2 mad genius. He made the modern world possible but he had a lot of things wrong. Check out the link, I wont go into his stuff ups because he left more good than bad in this world.
His machines made both world wars a lot more like killing fields than they would have been without them but in the peace times that we have all lived through our lifes would be less interesting without him.

not so.....he was "spot on" abt pretty much every-thing.....
many of his discoveries were covered up by fed(dot)gov(dot)US ......that's just the way it is....

uh......really!.....if you actually believe that the tech' we got in the here and now is the real state of really are a sheeple of sorts!  ???

ever hear of Area 51?

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">this is a good little Y-tb vid' abt Tesla.....
(in which he "has a GO!" @ establishment scientists for concocting bogus, unproveable mathematical 'models' instead of doing actual experimental, lab' know the sort!....the type that concoct "equations" that prove that a 5-tonne elephant can hang by its tail from a daisy over a 200ft cliff  ::) )

Quote from: kman
And just for kicks, here's a passage in which some children tease a prophet, and god gets pissed, and kills all 42 children...with bears.

Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys. 2 Kings 2:23-25

you can't "play games with God"....He will not be mocked!

Quote from: BiJane
You know it is possible to protect from radiation though, right? I don't see what's meant to be hard to understand, here

one of the reasons the Russians never attempted a manned moon expedition was precisely because of the intense interstellar radiation.....

in fact: they were contemplating shielding manned capsules with 6" thick lead.....

if you don't believe that....go and !Google! it

As for tiny pieces of rock etc in space, the module that actually reaches space is comparatively small, and said particles tend to just get acceleration from the Earth's gravity, to my knowledge: in space, they wouldn't be anywhere near as fast.

"the tiny pieces of rock" you refer to are capable of punching dime-sized holes through armor plate.....

you can just imagine what larger pieces would be capable of!

again: !Google! it......


Quote from: ausGeoff
LOL... this is yet another blatant lie from a god-botherer!  Science has never once "backed up" the bible for 500 years or more now.  Today's contemporary scientists simply laugh at the myriad errors of facts and "scientific" conclusions in this 2,500 year-old book of myths and fairly stories.

Bats are "birds"?  Whales are "fish"?  Unicorns exist?  Snakes eat dirt?  Donkeys can talk?  Plants grow without sunlight?  Rabbits chew their cud?  Insects have four legs? 

There are so many errors of fact in the Abrahamic bible that it's virtually useless as even a historical record of the period.  I could readily name a hundred other historical errors and philosophical contradictions, but this isn't the place for that.

uh.....what are you talking about?
have you even read the Bible, eh? Mr God-HATER?
seems to me yr another Ian Plimer wannabe ;

Quote from: BiJane
If we want to deal with errors in the Bible, let's throw in Matthew 2, which lists Jesus' birth occurring during the reign of King Herod: and it's a matter of record that Herod died in 4BC.
If we look at Luke 2:1 now, we see Jesus was also born during the first census while Quirinius was Governor of Syria. This occurred in 6CE, ten years after Herod died. The only attempted explanations of this are outright false.

It's just a matter of historical record that the Bible has errors in. There's no serious scholar who denies this; the stories were spread by word of mouth ages before the books of the Bible were compiled. With all the missionaries spreading out, this is precisely the worst possible situation for oral storytelling.
Unless you hold God intruded upon free will, errors will unavoidably sneak in.

those sort of objections have all been answered....
i'm not going through every single one of them.....
do yr own research.......!Google! it.....
you could start here ;

Quote from: BiJane
Look at the size of a NASA-made rocket to go into space: launch tower and all. Look at the size of an amateur rocket. How on earth do you expect them to go up comparable amounts?!

that's why you'd need a very wealthy individual(s) to fund it....
or....maybe...some alt propulsion system.....maybe a Tesla system....

Quote from: ausGeoff
LOL... you don't need to tell us that.  It's more than obvious that you have very little knowledge of the earth and/or the cosmos at all

actually...yr right....because i have accepted the "official story" all my looks very much like that OS is just that....a "story"

Whenever you're lost for a contemporary science-based answer to something, you just say "God did it".  End of story.

abt what you'd expect from a mocker and a scorner.....
the Bible has been proved right time and time much so that the very "cutting edge" of science today backs it up 100%.....i'll put my trust in the Word of Someone Who was there rather than the ever-changing shibboleths of 'scientists' and "science falsely so called", thnx v muchly!

(oh...BTW....wht exactly do you know abt the TS? have you been there?)

Quote from: BiJane
Here's the thing: if that was likely to be the case, it would have been said at the time. The US and Russia would have taken any opportunity to discredit the other; the simple example would be to say "Oh, they just faked it." Especially if NASA was working on doing the same at the time, they'd know the difficulties; if it was truly impossible, political tensions would have made it necessary to say Russia was lying: unless, of course, the evidence was overwhelming

uh....would you expect an atheistic nation like the former USSR to actually admit that the Earth is flat, there is a "glass ceiling" and that "interstellar space" is enclosed therein?....all of which backs up the Bible 100%?

also.....if you know any-thing about conspiracy theories/ would know that it has been claimed, for decades, that the USSR (which was, more or less, one big 'con job' any-way) and the US were run by similar sorts of people....."Illuminati"

And besides, the more aspects to a conspiracy you propose, the more unbelievable it becomes. After all, what are the chances the two, separate, competing attempts at space travel both went the exact same path?

see above.....

Seriously. You seem to be getting your information from hollywood: radiation's dangerous, sure, but it isn't an instant, unavoidably deep-fry. Alpha particles can be blocked by a sheet of paper, and couldn't even get past human skin: and the modules were specifically designed to be protected. There are people who work with radiation on Earth, or are you denying their existence too?

uh.....we're talking about tidal waves of interstellar radiation not a small, contained source in a nuclear reactor...and...we're also talking about storms of meteoritic particles.....the very smallest of which could go straight through the sort of armor plate an M1Abrams tank 'sports' with the greatest of ease.....

I suggest you read what I wrote. Heating can barely happen when there's barely anything there to do the heating
yr talking about tests done in ideal laboratory conditions and 'laws' formulated on that basis alone..... i'v been saying: i simply don't believe that (applies) per the Thermo-sphere....
primarily because we've got no real reliable info' on what the actual conditions are like up there...apart from the v high temps

And if you're a 'not very trusting person', why trust that all these conspiracies exist?

the "official explanations" are, quite obviously, totally bogus....
as above: the moon landing;
so....its like "the boy who cried wolf"......
these characters have told so many lies for so long that, not to put too fine a point on it, they can no longer be trusted or believed....
the conspiracy theory makes more sense than the OEs......
@ the end of the day, how-ever......and.....with advancing age......the only thing i put my ultimate trust in these days is the Holy Bible.....if a "conspiracy theory" meshes up with God's Word.....then.....i will trust it......AFA it goes, any-way....

I can't think why. They and their friends put a lot of work, risked their lives, into an endeavor which is likely the highlight of their past, and one of their favorite memories, and now you've got people happily calling them liars and deceiving members of some grand conspiracy etc etc time and again. Anger is a more than reasonable reaction

its also "a reasonable reaction" of some-one who's been involved in a massive cover-up/conspiracy of a criminal nature and have been, unexpectedly, exposed.....
actually: the first reaction would, prblby, be shock...closely followed by anger......

i'v always considered the following verse, from the Gospel according to St Luke, as being like "the patron saint" of conspiracy theorists.....
For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Quote from: guv
Do you really have so little knowledge about specific heat. If so you cant possibly talk with any authority about this subject.

i know virtually nothing abt the Thermo-sphere.....never having been there  ::)

the (v) little i do know abt it is the Wiki article i read....and, of course, they say there what the OP here said.....that the high temps would not be felt ....which, again, of course, i don't believe....

what i would believe is if an amateur rocket went up several hundred klmtrs and transmitted pix back....

(but....i'm "betting" that won't happen because, from what i can gather, nothing gets past the 120klmtr "barrier")

Flat Earth General / Re: Why do I not get motion sickness
« on: February 01, 2015, 02:12:39 AM »
Quote from: guv
[....] Aus needs functioning brains if we are going to keep with the rest of the world.

"Aus" is, currently, a tyranny....totally controlled by homo-sexuals, gun-grabbers and feminists (the UK is as bad, if not worse!)...where up to 100K innocent babies are brutally butchered per annum....its like a USSR-lite

what you need is total repentance and submission to Jesus Christ...
that is: unless you want Almighty God's judgement to absolutely CLOBBER you!   :o

Quote from: BiJane
The original space travel was done by Russia, don't forget that. If NASA had a stranglehold on Russian information in the Cold War, that's something you really need evidence for

well......we don't really know what the Russians saw up there....or didn't see.....again....we've only got the version given to us (in the 'West') by the controlled, corrupt main-stream media.....who are, of course, proven liars......the only way to know for sure would be if you could read & write Russian and was given access to the Kremlin archives or some-thing....oh.....and....incidentally....i read a 'thread' here just the other day that said the Yuri Gargarin expedition was a hoax....he never even left the ground....

And are dismissed as crackpots by most, irrespective of what shape the Earth is
hardly.....the material i'v seen on it was from highly qualified people.....some of them, i think, even ex-NASA engineers and what have you....uh....for me...the biggest problem was: they never explained how they flew through the Van Allen radiation belts in nothing more than a tin can...they should'v been deep fried/micro-waved....that is...of course: if you actually believe that the VA belts are there....personally, i tend to think they are....or some-thing similar....
uh...really...the violent reaction of some of these old "astro-nots" (check out the Y-tb vidz!) when confronted with reasonable questions pretty much speaks for itself any-way....
the only "crackpots" are NASA, IMHO!!

Did a little bit of research on the thermosphere, and as I neglected to say before, the atmosphere is less dense the higher you go. Put a thermometer in the thermosphere, it'll give a reading far below 0C, just because there's very little that can be heated. It's near vacuum, after all. [........]

maybe...the key question here is: would any man-made object travelling through the Thermo-sphere be exposed to those 2000°C blast-furnace-type temps' ? would be qualified to answer that?.....and how could it be verified w/out some-one either going up there or sending some object up there to check it out?.....(which, really, is the only way for a not-very-trusting-person like me to know for sure)
If your goal is the lofty 15-20 degrees, yes. A quick google unearthed a 115km amateur rocket, which is enough to show a couple of degrees: draw a line across the photo, and you can see the curve: and you can't see a disc extending outward

i hvn't seen that it on Y-tb?
the Y-tb vid i seen had the amtr/rckt going up to, i think, some-thing less than 35klmtrs;
of course: the FETs are saying that the footage from that particular project accurately portrays the non-curvature of the Earth....most likely because they didn't use 'rigged' cameras with fish-eye would be quite a big "IF" vis á vis that other "amateur rocket" you mention....

[.....] For people who want practical testing, though, all FEers accept seems to be more tangible, earthbound facts: presumably why Pongo proposed this expedition, rather than, say, booking a couple of flights and comparing flight times. Some routes would need to cross the diameter of the flat Earth, under FET, and yet don't take anywhere near as long as that would imply. (Yet another reason it's thought to be a scam: much easier ways of checking the same thing).

The issue is, any evidence could theoretically be explained away. If Pongo fails to find the ice wall, "We stopped on an island short of it!" If he ends up on what he says is the other side of the world, "We got lost!" Being unfalsifiable immediately wrecks credibility

because there are so many accusations of cover-ups and "conspiracies" here....@ the end of the day......only an independent, quasi-"amateur" rocket flight (with normal-lensed HD cameras) would suffice as proof....of course.....that would have to be capable of reaching several hundred klmtrs altitude to be 100% would prblby have to be funded by a very wealthy individual.....a multi-millionaire or a billionaire....... :o

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