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if the earth is flat,  why is it things disappear over the horizon?  what is on the other side of this "flat earth?"  if every star is that close to the earth, why is just one star, so big compared to the others? 
sitting in Kansas on highway I-70, watching cars, I notice the cars disappear, where do they go? If the earth was flat how does the weather go around the earth?  where is the edge of the earth? if the earth is flat or even on a plane,  there would have to be an edge?  what is holding the "edges together.

I believe, most of the people on this site, have nothing better to do except argue, so they come up with something to argue about.  The earth, physically, can not be flat, none of our scientist's works would all be correct. 

Also, if the earth were flat, I should be able to get on an airplane, look out the window and be able to see the whole world.  I cant!

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