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Flat Earth Q&A / The Southern Cross and North Star
« on: October 19, 2006, 08:28:22 PM »
OK, so if the Earth is a Disk, with the south being toward the edge, and north the center, how can there be two celestial objects with fairly stationary positions?

If the north star is above the center of the disk, it would seem still to all who can see it.  That matches the observations and expectations of both models.  

However in the FE model, as an object gets further south, it's apparent arc of motion should increase.  This is what we observe in the night sky in the northern latitudes.

In the FE model, the equator has little significance and the celestial objects should continue to increase in apparent motion the further south you go.  In the RE model, the arc of motion begins to decrease, and at the southern most position, it allows for a relatively stationary object, such as the Southern Cross.

For it to be stationary to a particular place, it would have to stay directly south of that place, and would not appear south of other locations.

So we need a few of the people south of the Equator to describe what they see.  I can attest to the constant position of the North star, and the apparent angular motion of the others.

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