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Technology, Science & Alt Science / "light bulbs"?
« on: November 08, 2010, 09:47:32 PM »
I believe light bulbs are actually darkness absorbers! Instead of burning out they get "full" of darkness! You can test this by putting your hand under a light and see the darkness gather on the other side of your hand where you're blocking it from entering the absorber!

Flat Earth General / "conspiracy" confusion
« on: November 06, 2010, 07:36:05 PM »
I have a few problems  with the "WHY?" aspect of FE. I'm no physics major, and I even suck at math, but I have a few questions that need to be answered.

Is that payout really that great? Is it worth it? I mean, millions must be "in" on this secret. Every map maker, every astro-scientist, every important goverment higher-up, every single person in Antartica who has seen the end of the earth. All around the world. Now, I've heard something a long time ago here about it having to do with NASA, but can the amount left over after making fake technology and fake satelites and those fake shuttles and that really well produced 70s movie, would there be enough to payoff everybody? I'll admit with so many people in on a secret if one person leaked it nobody would listen, but something like this shouldn't have been able to last for centuries, it sounds like a rather poorly implimented plan. And if that NASA theory is the official position as I think I remember it being- why does this conspiracy go back much longer than NASA? TL;DR: Whats the point of keeping flat earth a secret?

Is space research real? The inventions its lead to?
Whose in charge of this? The illuminati? The Knights Templar?  Freemasons? The NWO? A zombie Guy Fawkes?
Which other conspiracies are real? Just this one? If the shadow goverment is hiding this dosen't it lead to thoughts that they must be hiding more? Reptoids maybe?

This is one non-science problem that I don't think is answered on this site. You all probably are viewing this on a computer you own in a shelter that offers you  at least some comofrt and luxury. i'd go as far as to assume most FEers are happyily middle class. Maybe I'm just especcially apathetic, but if this is true, and there is an enormious campaign to hide the turth going on, whats it really matter? Does it really effect you in the slightest? I hear that it's believed NASA uses the conspiracy to hoard tax dollars, but how much of our taxes are going to NASA anymore anyway? Isn't it like 60% defense and then a lot of local shit like education? Is it an ethical issue? Do you really feel the need to be some knight of truth? I find this aspect simply kind of interesting.

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