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The Lounge / What is America coming too.
« on: June 30, 2009, 01:07:38 PM »
Jeremy Martin paid 10 dollars to McDonalds and they only gave him one hamburger and one fry.

He got robbed for his money at gunpoint and then 9/11 support didn't help him. Then Obama arrested him for abusing 9/11 services.

The Lounge / USA JV defeats Europe
« on: June 24, 2009, 01:56:50 PM »
The United States Junior Varsity "Football" team defeated Spain's varsity (European Champions) at a neutral field

2 - 0

USA is better than Europe confirmed.

The Lounge / Audacious sucks
« on: June 13, 2009, 09:43:27 PM »
Audacious sucks; it does not play songs with weird ID3 tags and does not properly use Winamp 2 skins...

The Lounge / Bush: Leader of the economy
« on: May 27, 2009, 02:28:54 PM »

The Lounge / Pacific Wallpapers
« on: May 23, 2009, 01:07:23 PM »
I visited the pacific ocean yesterday to confirm that the earth was flat and I was not disappointed. I encountered no evidence of a round earth. However I did take some nice wallpaper images someone might like.

You can download the wallpapers

they are sized in 4:3,5:4 and 16:10.. If you want 16:9 just knock a few pixels off the 16:10 one...

The Lounge / Sarah Palin
« on: April 25, 2009, 03:54:48 PM »
How lame

The Lounge / RE: The maths
« on: April 03, 2009, 01:31:40 PM »

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Neutrinos are a scientific cover up
« on: February 08, 2009, 09:00:35 PM »
Neutrinos are a hoax by the scientific community to hold up their "radiation" and "universe" models.


The Lounge / What is the best GNU/Linux distribution
« on: January 26, 2009, 09:55:25 AM »
What is the best GNU/Linux distribution and why?

The Lounge / best lax religon
« on: December 09, 2008, 08:03:32 PM »
what is the best religon i can claim to be a part of legitimately and never have to do anything

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Zombies?
« on: December 02, 2008, 10:08:38 AM »
Do zombies exist? If you look at the chernobyl area you can see zombies firsthand.

Flat Earth Q&A / vs
« on: November 26, 2008, 06:00:14 PM »
what is the difference? what is the point?

The Lounge / U.S. Is Funding Iranian Nuclear Program
« on: November 03, 2008, 03:06:08 PM »
The U.S. is literally funding Iranian nuclear capabilities.

As CNN reports, the U.S. state department has given millions of dollars to two Russian institutes which, in turn, are directly helping to ramp up Iran?s nuke capacity at Bushehr and other facilities.

This is especially ironic given that the U.S. has accused Iran of producing fuel for nuclear weapons at Bushehr.

Here?s the CNN report:

click the link for youtube video

The Lounge / China And Russia Hint At Dropping US Dollar
« on: November 03, 2008, 03:02:28 PM »
Vladimir Putin joins scores of other heads of state in calling for complete overhaul of global financial system

Steve Watson
Friday, Oct 31, 2008

Reports from the Russian media suggest that the country is on the verge of an agreement with China to renounce the US dollar and stop using it in international settlements.

?The recent meeting between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Wen Jiabao, created a financial sensation,? reports RIA Novosti.

?Wen said that the two nations could withstand the global financial crisis if they joined forces; Putin urged him to go farther and stop using U.S. dollars in Russian-Chinese settlements.?

Russia Today reports that Putin has also called for a complete overhaul of the world?s financial system to ?end monopoly in world finance?.

The move comes as the dollar is rebounding and gaining strength for the first time in months, leading some to suspect the move is part of a wider political agenda.

Igor Nikolayev, chief strategic analyst at FBK private auditing firm told RIA Novosti ?I think it was a political statement rather than an economic decision. There is a dominant public sentiment that the United States is the source of all evil, so let?s stop using the dollar,?.

Despite recent gains, negative dollar sentiment has now become global. Over the past year the dollar has hit all time lows, mainly due to continued rate cuts and injections of liquidity by the Federal Reserve.

China has threatened repeatedly to use the so called ?nuclear option? and liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries in response to continued pressure on the Communist state to force a yuan revaluation. According to a reports earlier this year, such an event ?could trigger a dollar crash? which would now have disastrous consequences for an American economy already firmly in a recession.

Questions remain, however, over what would take the place of the dollar as an international currency, with China not likely to accept use the ruble or the Euro and Russia unlikely to agree to use the yuan.

Vladimir Putin?s call for a new financial world order echoes that of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who wants dozens of world leaders to meet at a ?Bretton Woods II? summit where they would rewrite the rules of international finance encompassing ?very large and very radical changes?.

The Lounge / Mercury Containing Flu Vaccines Pushed On Queuing Voters
« on: November 03, 2008, 02:59:33 PM »

Steve Watson
Monday, Nov 3, 2008

State and local health authorities across America are combining polling stations with vaccination clinics, asking the electorate to ?vote and vaccinate? at the same time.

Reports from all over the nation confirm that free flu shots are being offered to anyone who is registered to vote.

The driving force behind the idea appears to be the ?Vote and Vax? organization, a loose collective of health organizations and associations working in conjunction with state and territorial health agencies of the United States.

According to a CNN report on the program, 235 clinics over 35 states have enrolled. the shots, which the reported is at pains to point out are completely voluntary, must be taken after voting has taken place.

?This is a really fantastic idea and I?m glad they?re bringing it to our attention. Hey, you can kill two birds with one stone.? the CNN anchors comments:

Vote and vaccinate is another in a series of attempts to push unnecessary and, in many cases, dangerous vaccines on an unwitting American public.

We recently reported on huge protests carried out in New Jersey by concerned parents over a new mandatory ?requirement? for children to be vaccinated in order to attend preschools and day-care centers.

We have also previously exposed moves towards making annual flu vaccinations mandatory for all children under the age of 18.

Mercury-based preservative containing flu shots have been directly linked with autism in children. Further studies have shown a decline in neurodevelopmental disorders after the removal of the thimerosal-containing vaccines.

The preservative has been banned or limited in Europe, Japan, England and Russia, yet despite warnings from the Institute of Medicine, the shot is recommended for all pregnant women, infants and children in the U.S.

Last year President Bush vetoed a bill that would have banned mercury in flu vaccines for children despite the fact that he pledged in 2004 to support such a move when campaigning for re-election.

Flu shots for the elderly have also come under increased scrutiny recently, with a growing number of immunologists and epidemiologists saying the vaccine does not work very well or is almost completely ineffective.

Sounds like bilderberg at it again

The Lounge / Ex-CIA Man Warned Top Executives To Leave New York On 9/11
« on: November 03, 2008, 02:55:34 PM »
According to a report by Jeremy R. Hammond of the Foreign Policy Journal, senior executives of a major U.S. corporation were warned by a former CIA operative to leave New York on September 11, 2001, the latest smoking gun to add to a bulging stack of examples concerning specific prior knowledge of the attacks.

The article cites an anonymous source who worked under a managing director as number two at a European branch of the media giant Warner Bros. The source?s boss was close friends with a senior executive who worked at the head office in L.A. and had also formerly worked for the CIA.

During the memorial arrangements for a senior director from a foreign office who had died, the L.A. executive rejected September 11th as a date for the service because ?something big is happening that day? and the top executives from the New York office would all be traveling out of the city.

When asked further about this big event, the executive replied that it was a confidential matter and disclosed no further details, except to say that it was ?not corporate?.

The source told the Journal, ?I had no reason to think that the ?event? could be anything more than perhaps a junket, an out of town think tank exercise or whatever ? I remember that these possibilities ran through my mind.?

But after 9/11, thinking back upon the conversation, he grew more curious and tried to ascertain where the board members had been that day. They had indeed been out of New York, he says, traveling not to one location, but each to their own destination. Destinations included overseas locations such as Paris, London, and Amsterdam.

Foreign Policy Journal has not been able to verify the location of individuals on 9/11 or other aspects of the story concerning any potential warning received or given by any Time Warner executives, but did confirm the source?s position at the foreign branch office, the name and position of that office?s managing director, and the name and position of the senior executive from the Los Angeles office.

The corporate media has given limited coverage to reports of general prior knowledge about 9/11, while almost universally ignoring specific examples of foreknowledge.

Perhaps the most blatant example of specific prior knowledge is the fact that, as Newsweek reported in its September 13th 2001 issue, top brass Pentagon officials were warned the night before the attacks and cancelled a trip scheduled for the next day.

Warnings about a big event happening in New York were widespread in the weeks and days before the attacks.

In a story entitled Some Got Warning: Don?t Go Downtown on Sept. 11, the New York Daily News reported, ?Some Middle Easterners in the New York area were warned ahead of time to stay out of lower Manhattan the morning of Sept. 11,? noting that federal investigators received tips about overheard conversations in which people were ?boasting about or warning about coming attacks.?

Another case involved a Palestinian boy at the New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn. On September 6th, 2001, the boy looked out of his classroom window towards lower Manhattan and said, ?Do you see those two buildings?? while pointing at the WTC twin towers. ?They won?t be standing there next week.?

This was not an ?urban legend? as some have claimed, it has been proven in triplicate by numerous mainstream media reports and acknowledged by federal authorities and the FBI.

This was just one example amongst several reports of schoolchildren in the New York area circulating knowledge of the attacks before they happened. If school kids knew that a major attack was about to take place, how on earth could the most sophisticated intelligence apparatus in the world have failed to pick up on it?

German police confirmed that an Iranian man frantically tried to warn U.S. authorities of an attack on the eve of 9/11, attempting to call them from his deportation cell.

Another proven example of specific prior knowledge that the establishment has attempted to sideline as an ?urban myth? is the story concerning the Israeli instant messaging company, Odigo.

A report by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which was later confirmed by the Washington Post, related how employees of Odigo were warned specifically about the attack via instant messages two hours in advance.

Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown was set to fly into New York on the morning of September 11. However, he got a call from what he described as his ?airport security? late September 10th advising against flying due to a security threat. Brown awoke on September 11th to scenes of the WTC on fire and his flight was cancelled.

A record number of ?put? options, speculation that the stock of a company will fall, were placed on American and United Airlines in the days preceding September 11th. This despite a September 10th Reuters report stating ?airline stocks set to fly.?

Between September 6 and 7, the Chicago Board Options Exchange saw purchases of 4,744 put options on United
Airlines, but only 396 call options. On September 10, 4,516 put options on American Airlines were bought on the Chicago exchange, compared to only 748 calls.

The investigation as to which criminals benefited from advance knowledge of the terrorist attack led straight to Alex Brown/Deutsche Bank - chaired up until 1997 by executive director of the CIA, Buzzy Krongard.

The Lounge / Selling your organs?
« on: October 18, 2008, 08:26:31 AM »
Should it be legal?

It increases the supply of organs therefore it helps everyone...

The Lounge / Mac vs PC
« on: October 09, 2008, 08:50:03 PM »
Windows/Linux vs OSX?

Who wins.

I say OSX has best interface windows has best dev apis  8)

Flat Earth Debate / profits for guarding ice wall
« on: October 02, 2008, 06:55:20 AM »
we all know that rational human beings do not do things unless the marginal benefit is equal or greater than the marginal cost...

The cost for defending the ice wall would be enormous... You would have to buy aircraft, employ thousands of men and as far as we know there is no benefit.. Why would anyone want to guard the ice wall?

Flat Earth Debate / moon a disk
« on: October 01, 2008, 05:02:28 PM »
how can you account for the moons phase changes if it is a disk? my friends in the university dont believe me the earth may be flat because of this phenomena

Flat Earth Debate / Expedition to the ice wall
« on: October 01, 2008, 08:55:20 AM »
Hi fellow compatriots, I am planning an expedition to the ice wall.

I plan to buy a flight to Argentina, where the fascist US government cannot control us. Then I will lead a group of followers on our ascent to the Ice wall. I am a former private investigator so I have experience sneaking around... I will use a short wave radio to broadcast my discoveries....

Who wants to join

Hasta la victory!!!!!!!

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