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Flat Earth General / Disproving the flat earth, by sun angles.
« on: August 25, 2019, 04:59:57 AM »
Disproving the sun is close on a flat world, with solar altitude measurements:
Once Eratosthenes measure the curvature of the earth this is true.

Sun altitude test, uses web (USNO) for max sun heights, to compare flat earth and close sun vs globe earth and far sun, in miles. Also using Google Earth for linear distances.
Picking 5 places on the earth, all close in Longitude, on Sep 24 so sun is overhead and still south on the equatorial city. Then assuming a flat earth, taking the sun height difference, TAN, 1/X, times the ground distance, will give you the alleged sun's altitude over each location. Notice as you go north the calculated sun's distance are NOT constant, it shrinks as the two points get further. If the results are inconsistent, then the concept of a flat earth and close sun are incorrect.

1. Libreville, Gabon,
          Lat +00.39, Max sun height 88.8, 0000 Mi Dist
2. Kano, Nigeria,
          Lat +12.00, Max sun height 77.3, 0799 Mi         = 3928 flat sun alt.
3. Tunis, Tunisia,
          Lat +36.80, Max sun height 53.6, 2505 Mi         = 3551
4. Frankfurt, Germany,
          Lat +50.11, Max sun height 39.2, 3245 Mi         = 2761
5. Oslo Norway,
           Lat +59.91, Max sun height 29.4, 4102 Mi         = 2425

You will notice that the distances close to the Equatorial location, are the same as the Earth's radius, because low angles do not produce much error. That is why short distance testing for earth's curvature seem to match a flat earth close sun, but only there. You can use any site for the sun angles, besides my choice.

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