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Excuse me if my statements to anyone seemed an insult, I did not mean it, because religion and faith are very different things. Now there is a real war for the minds of believers. Understand - there is cosmos, then there is no God. And if you believe in space, it does not matter that you believe in God. Because these are incompatible things.

In the early church, true Christians not only knew the book of Enoch in which the design of our land is described, but even the apostles themselves cited examples from it - thus confirming its her truth. And it just says that the ground is the cornerstone plane covered by a dome, along which walk the stars and stars through the system of portals. You probably know the case when in the Middle Ages the sun not shone all over the earth for a while? That once again proves that the sun is ruled by God.

Lol ... I understand that all the trolls who believe in the ball do not believe in God. Well, if they read the Bible, they could ask less stupid questions.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Change of rotation of the firmament
« on: June 14, 2018, 10:33:34 PM »
I think that just putting a camera and making some kind of photo is easier than troubling yourself with research. That's why discussing any ordinary photos will always lead us to a dead end! Yes, you yourself all know perfectly well that you need to do all the observations on the progress of anti-aircraft stars. And they are just moving in one direction with circles around the polar star and this is happening all over the planet regardless where you are at its center or edge, which has long been documented. At the center of the earth you can see how they are circling around the polar star, and at its edge go along an arc - with the center - the polar star.
All the discussions that are going on here are based on not correctly made photos, I do not know why those who realize that the earth is flat trying to play for the rules of heliocentrists ... Having forgotten absolutely all the knowledge that our ancestors left us ... But they were wiser than we, they had technology and understanding of our world so advanced that we are children in comparison with them, and maybe us specially done by those who propagandize space?

Flat Earth Debate / Re: The round earth model is so damn accurate.
« on: June 12, 2018, 11:53:42 PM »
Hmm ... it's interesting to listen to the opinion of those who realize that the earth is flat. I affirm that all the books of Enoch and the Bible speak of the same structure of celestial mechanics. This is an English-language site, but do not regret the work of reading Enoch - option 2, in the original language, you will understand much. My understanding of how everything is arranged - the sun, the moon and the stars go through the sky through a system of portals (this is what the writings say) and it all synchronizes with the vibrations of the earth, as our world consists of physical matter maintained in integrity by a harmonic wave.
The moon and changes its phases by mini-jumps when it passes through this system of portals, it is seen by some animals for which it works as an electronic clock. Sorry, no one has yet proved the relationship of the phase change of the moon from the sun - enough to deceive who claims such a connection.
And those who claim that one can not refer to photographic materials about a star, then let him read about it in old paper magazines, as electronic copies of these articles may be missing, as well as that article with the results of evidence that moonlight cools objects. It is in paper form, but it was "forgotten" to be made in electronic form.
sorry for my English

Flat Earth Debate / Re: The round earth model is so damn accurate.
« on: June 10, 2018, 11:05:10 PM »
You are right that we have time zones * But once the region gets so large that time-zones need to be considered it starts to fail and this is why the Globe earth was first suggested. * but then the question becomes - if the Bible  refers to Enoch and even to Enoch's book itself (there are 3 translations of this book in which it is almost the same about celestial mechanics) it is said about the same thing - it turns out that they all deceive us, and in fact there is no God then, and all the religions of the world are a fictional fairy tale ... Or are we in this case not quite understanding what is really going on? For example, no one has ever been able to explain why the stars are visible through the moon and how the phases of the moon change in this case, neither those who believe in the ball nor those who believe in flat land can not do this, this is beyond our understanding. At the same time, everywhere there is a reference to the cornerstone of our planet, I meant this cornerstone, saying that the form can be a little different. For the movement of the sun, moon and stars, I have my own idea, in which many phrases from all Scriptures are taken into account and more or less falls into the system that we see in reality.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: The round earth model is so damn accurate.
« on: June 10, 2018, 12:50:17 AM »
I apologize for my English. I'm all looking at all these disputes and it's always two opposite points! Forgive me, but no one thought that there might be a third option - no it's not hollow or what the cellular land is called, this is the variant of the earth that originally describes the Torah, then the book of Enoch, and then the New Testament. And all together they talk about something other than just flat land! Is there anyone who researched this version of the device of our land?

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