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Small room somewhere in England, the Glenlivet crest over a dying fire, two greying men staring into the embers. One, small, birdlike with sharp grey eyes, sips a whiskey from a cut crystal glass.

“You received their request for help, but are loath to commit?”

The other, sighed, his only response was to gaze harder into the fire, forehead wrinkling as if reading something whose meaning remained elusive.

“I came,” The slight figure continued, “Because I agree it is a shame to waste minor trumps” He hesitated as the larger man bristled at the metaphor, then forged on, “When I have found the joker”

The larger mans head whipped round, “Jura? You found the bastard?”


“He won’t bloody help, you know he won’t”

“If we get him to even consider it might lift the curse, he will help”

“Will it though? I had grown rather fond of the thought of him suffering for lifetimes”

“Only the Morrigan knows”

“Do it, just don’t bring the shit here if he needs patching up”

A hotel room, Saigon. The ceiling fan like a slow-motion helicopter blade, barely moves the thick warm air.

Saigon, Shit. I’m still only in Saigon, every time I wake up it’s back here in Saigon, fan rotating, Doors tune in my head and a craving for a cigarette, I reach to the table, push the empty Brandy bottle aside, feeling for the packet.
I hear the double click of a zippo from across the room and I freeze. Jesus if they have traced me here. It would become an endless computer game of spawn die repeat. The final click as the Zippo closes and a voice.

Calm, cold, “Want one?” female.

See what the rules are, and role with it. Sitting up as I pull the covers over my lower half, the 45 is gone from the table as well as the camels, turn to see who’s here.

Icy beauty, that figures. Pale skin, raven hair, red lips, the whole ensemble but the look isn’t seduction, more watchful distain. She throws me the missing carton.

“One of Morrigan’s?” I’m not going for wit or incite, just getting things rolling as I extract a smoke from the packet, nodding to the Lighter on the table by her side. Her eyes don’t leave mine.

“Matches in that mess on the bedside.” Making me move further back and not giving me a little block of metal to throw, okay. She waits while I light up, trying not to show her how much I need this, even though she knows.

She stubs hers as the silence threatens to break.

“The novice priestess, Jura, she was known to you, yes?”

The past tense was like a frozen blade sinking slowly to my heart.

“What happened?” It came out strained, I didn’t care, If I thought for one second this frigid bitch had harmed her I would kill her, she hadn’t, not even to get at me, I’m not worth a priestess.

She waited, as I worked a few things out, they don’t like to waste breathe, she (Jura), was dead, they wanted revenge and I was their weapon, it wasn’t negotiable, it probably wouldn’t do me any good, in their eyes I was lost, a tool, I would do it, but not for them.

“It’s all in the dossier, she nudged a folder with her foot, you have three days, all in there.” She rose and headed for the door, then paused, without looking back “It will probably take you more than one go, and you never know, it might make a difference.”

I had wished for a mission, something other than the pointless cycle I had settled in to, and for my sins they gave me one, bought like room service by a beautiful woman and when it was over I’d never want another.


The Lounge / Re: Werepenguins 6: Over the Ice Wall OFFICIAL SIGNUP THREAD
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:21:12 AM »

I don't know quite what it was about my post that confused you, but I would love to be included.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Spanner34.5 is Jesus.
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:19:04 AM »

Bobby Ewing? Or Kenny.

The Lounge / Re: Werepenguins 6: Over the Ice Wall OFFICIAL SIGNUP THREAD
« on: September 28, 2018, 07:35:56 AM »
okay, i'm completely non violent...

Whilst the non violent stance is admirable, (I myself have succesfully given up killing people for lent 3 years running),  it doesn’t really apply to this scenario, I have been instrumental in the lynchings of many of the above over the last few games and as you can see it has had very little efffect, see it more as removing them from the active list to that of the less corporeal one.
Arguably Duckdodgers played better as a ghost in the last game than he ever had as a living villager, and as there is around a one in six chance of you being a murderous penguin, an anti killing attitude is liable to be detrimental to your chances of success.
I suggest role playing, wear a cape, pencil yourself a moustache and cut the head off a teddy bear.   

The Lounge / Re: Werepenguins 6: Over the Ice Wall OFFICIAL SIGNUP THREAD
« on: September 28, 2018, 12:13:37 AM »
I think id like to play.

Great news Mike.
Things to remember; It's a game, make it fun, post lots and Bully can be a dick.


The Sun Is a godawful British shock rag, famous for showing tits at the drop of a hat and headlines like “Fredddy Star ate my Hamster” , bought by builders and people who struggled at school, it focuses on sex and sport, the main reason for showing this, would be bikini pics’ followed by faux outrage from its almost exclusively male readership, who would have said they would punch the offending woman but then give her one as she is quite tidy.
Then they would turn to the back pages and look at the footy. End of story.     

The Lounge / Re: Werepenguins 6: Over the Ice Wall OFFICIAL SIGNUP THREAD
« on: September 26, 2018, 12:55:08 AM »

Roundy will be fine, his were-penguin has to follow Wises epic, so he has isolated himself in a mountain retreat and is crafting a magnum opus, all you slackers should join, the man is a poet.

The Lounge / Re: What happens without a village idiot role?
« on: September 25, 2018, 02:22:59 AM »
Fascinating. I'm not sure if I should play, I have supernormal abilities and by pretending to summon the penguins for a strike, or whatev, I may actually do it, inadvertently. So I better watch for a bit, i'm sure it will be plenty entertaining, i'm kind of slow, but i'll try to keep up.

This is not just a game Mike, this is mental and spiritual training for the struggle to come, if we can forge together such disparate entities as Inti’, NSS (see above) and the mighty Crouton, there is little we cannot achieve, you owe it to yourself to be part of this, could you really face the thought of saying to your grandchildren as they battle their action figures of Space-Cowgirl and Boydster against the forces of darkness, “I was asked to join, but turned them down” and see in their eyes the derision, the unspoken “Yeah right Grandad”. Could you?

The Lounge / Re: What happens without a village idiot role?
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:37:34 AM »
I gotta seriously figure out if the earth is flat or not, i'll get back to you after some more hours of research, sounds actually like a blast tho

Truth is, it’s quantumly entangled to the questions and amount of  observations going on as to its shape, if you were the only one asking, it would be flat, but you asked me and it went spherical, the big problem is, normally very few people give it a thought, with the proliferation of sites such as this the poor old earth isn’t getting a day off and is in danger of degenerating to a third stressed state of barbed sea-urchin, a defence default that silences the questions by impaling all life forms.

So, by playing the game with us you will not only have fun but you may also be extending your lifespan.

The Lounge / Re: What happens without a village idiot role?
« on: September 23, 2018, 12:14:58 PM »

It's not, come play.

The Lounge / Re: Werepenguins 6: Over the Ice Wall OFFICIAL SIGNUP THREAD
« on: September 22, 2018, 12:05:01 PM »

Sorry, been crazy busy.

Go on then but don't start on Friday.


The great Raven knew his lineage back to founders of his species, those called Thought and Memory, and how their stories had twisted and entwined with the featherless, how they came to grace the banners of the kings of Orkney and Mann, how the seers of old could speak their tongue, of the pacts with their gods, and the payments of battlefield dead, and how his kind would still answer to the now diminished calls to carry the souls of heroes, and it was his pleasure to return this sweet spirit back to her own, to the heather and mist, to add her great and somber tale to his.   


Fluffed it! Sodding hell.




I hope this doesn't end like the Viper versus the Mountain, i like my eyes.

The Lounge / Re: Hurricane Florence
« on: September 17, 2018, 12:24:42 AM »

Consider, a sign outside saying "The guy y'all hate has moved to Maryland" at the very least they will turn their guns on the sign for a while.

Also, the next house you buy, check for bullet holes and reject if positive.

Seriously, stay safe.


Oh! and Roundy for his excellent death, still sorry about that.

We'll have to see if Orospu gets through, but looking at the area he lives he's probably got other things on his mind. But we need some closure.

Special mentions;

Inti'/Wise, obviously, great job, worked through misunderstandings, put a whole new slant on the narrator role. Excellent.

SCG for her sacrifice when she didn't have to.

The oracle for playing the idiot so well, and vice versa.

Boydster for his continuation of the inspector Clouseau role he does so brilliantly.

Shifter for taking my betrayal so well and of course for the foot kicking.

And all those who kept this going by posting.   


As anybody else had the devils own job getting on here tonight?


Play the tune.

Jura stepped out into the dusty square, eyes narrowed against the smoke from her cigarette and the swirling dust. The penguin had brought some of the wind plaguing Mardeiym's native land to obscure the arena but that could work both ways, she had called on the spirit of Jane to make the axe run true and now as her cape caught the wind she trod lightly forward , scanning for the enemy.

Earlier she had gone to a hill outside Troy, to be alone and gaze north, towards the homeland she may never see again. She looked to the sky as she heard the harsh riant cackle of a Raven, in the legends she knew it was this laughter echoing across the battle fields that had earned the bird its place in the war gods ministry. It rolled and swooped down towards her, pulled up at the last minute and headed back off to the north, leaving a large black feather spiralling down towards her. A Ravens feather that had never touched the earth was a potent sign, she nimbly plucked it from the air, a sign of what though she wasn't sure, the carrion bird heralded death but that was a given here, at least she knew it would gather her soul should she fall and ferry her home. She braided the feather into her hair and headed back.
The Gods of this place had favoured her thus far, but she knew now that they stood back to see this unfold and her foe had strength beyond hers, naming the the calming spirits to steady her trembling hand, she spat the butt from her mouth and slipped into the vortex, all sound from the crowd forgotten.


I fully believe that Osporu is the Penguin, I also believe that Wise beyond words would like a show down between the Penguin and another, as BHS kind of broke every thing and SCG kindly outed herself, therefore

[Jura votes to lynch whoever Osporu votes for]

, the final showdown should be in a dusty street with the music from the showdown in the Good, the Bad & the Ugly playing. I am the good.

Does that mean BHS is the ugly?

Yes, Tuco, who in the film found he had no bullets in his gun.


So I (with heavy heart) [vote to lynch Shifter]

Ospuru (the Bad) if Gayer chooses not to tie this will have to choose between me and Her, who he faces on the streets of Troy.

Apologies to the most consumate kicker of feet.


I fully believe that Osporu is the Penguin, I also believe that Wise beyond words would like a show down between the Penguin and another, as BHS kind of broke every thing and SCG kindly outed herself, therefore

[Jura votes to lynch whoever Osporu votes for]

, the final showdown should be in a dusty street with the music from the showdown in the Good, the Bad & the Ugly playing. I am the good.

Arts & Entertainment / Re: Pezevenk's album discussion/recommendations
« on: September 14, 2018, 07:56:56 AM »

I love Tom, i think my favourite album is Bone machine, Murder in the red barn, whistle down the wind especially.
Individual songs from else where that people should look up are, Invitation to the blues, Hoist that rag, Town with no cheer and the frankly brilliant Chocolate Jesus. do it now.


Jura wasn’t going to have a huff about this but Shifter had seen her creeping up on Pez, Pez had seen Shifter look in her direction, Pez had looked around and saw Jura looking carefully at a piece of amphora that she had palmed earlier just in case some bozo blew her cover, so Pez had turned back around obviously mollified, and Shifter bean-poled him in the kisser with an earthenware tile!

You are not leaving me to do the feet kicking, not that there is anything wrong, if they need kicking fine, but it is a specific skill that people with an axe never feel the need to learn.

[Jura votes to lynch PEZ]


Then how come you always have an ice-cream, here, in this heat? The others may not have made the connection but it’s probably the only way you can keep cool, penguin.

Anyway stop noticing me I’m creeping up on you. 


The Arrival of the opaque ghost/immortal NotSo’ sporting a sailor’s uniform and calling himself Fatbeard was, not to understate things, a bit of a fucking shock, but surprises were the norm lately so things settled quickly.

Crouton was dead, but it took people a while to notice, Jura had decided that she wouldn’t vote to kill him even if he laid an egg, as his clan had the curse of the red tunic, but he had sat in a corner wrapped in an air of fatalism and hardly spoke, she hoped he would make a better ghost but history was against him on that. If she survived, next mission she was bringing a cattle prod and a black tunic with epaulettes and if his relative wasn’t the life and soul of the party, his feet were getting a kicking, day one.

Talking of which, the pool of potential had shrunk, Gayer and her parrot had sloped off muttering about visiting the land of the Angels, Orospu had been airlifted out as Aeolus had threatened his family, he goes with our blessings and prayers.

As it would be churlish to pick them if there were other options, that left, Pez, Shifter and BHS (not), Shifter seemed to have given himself a free pass as a Villager, I don’t know how that happened, but as Pez’ was easily the dodgiest looking at this stage, she was edging to his blind side waiting for a  chance to pounce, it would take a while if she wasn’t to spook him.

The Lounge / Re: Hurricane Florence
« on: September 14, 2018, 12:12:50 AM »

Good luck.


Don't worry Crouton, it's just a dream, you will wake up in the shower, don't worry about the cloven feet you'll get used to them.

Jura had worked it out, Notsoskeptikal had returned, they would party, then when they had partied themselves to sleep he would open up and Spartans would spill out of him and murder them all, so no sleeping.
SCG was the reincarnation of Dorothy, all they had to do was find the ruby flippers and she would return to Kansas,
Pezevenk would sing and the world would plunge into despair but Shifter reveals himself as the last Dalai Llama and a coat made of his fur will bring peace to the world, but only after everyone had worn it.
Jura downed a bottle of Raki in one go and waited for the Borg to assimilate her, it had been a strange night.

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