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Satellites are not impossible on a Flat Earth. They could circle above the disc, around the North Pole, exactly the same as the Sun and Moon.

Since space agencies are full of lies, it's entirely possible that they operate satellites, while still lying about how they work.

I'm raising this point because REers are often criticized for bringing up arguments that do belong to the scientific model, but don't ultimately prove the roundness of the Earth. In a similar way, the non existence of satellites does nothing to prove the flatness of the Earth, or so it seems to me.

If anything, it raises many more problems... The number of people in on the conspiration goes way up ; satellite based technology is readily accessible and testable by individuals ; much of today's information would not exist without them (starting with weather forecast) ; etc.

It would be absolutely easier for FEers to accept satellites and just adapt them to FET, as they do with seasons and eclipses for example.

Still, it seems to be one of the few points that most FEers agree on. So I would like to see what it accomplishes. How is this point useful in FET ?
Accepting the existence of satellites poses a large number of problems for a FE model.  Foremost among them is how to admit their existence and then contradict the data they send to us confirming a spherical Earth.  Dismissing photos from space as fake is a lot easier if you dismiss travel to space as fake entirely.

Many FE models don't allow for space travel for a number of different reasons, for instance a solid dome blocks the placement of satellites, or they (incorrectly) state that rockets can't function in a vacuum.  No space travel would mean no satellites.

One more issue that I'll discuss here is that, while satellites are not impossible in a FE model, what we observe from satellites is inconsistent with anything but a spherical Earth.  From the photographs they send to us, to using them as yet another reference point for a trigonometry proof of a surface that is spherical, satellites are big orbiting nails in a coffin that is, admittedly, already thoroughly nailed shut.

Many FE'ers, when confronted with irrefutable evidence, simply choose to double down on being wrong and deny the existence of the damning evidence. 

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