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This man is on point. Perhaps he'll get demonitised for speaking the truth


A little old but do we need any more proof Bill Gates is a POS? Working in cahoots with The Pentagon, he proposes unleashing genetically engineered mosquitoes into a poor (coloured) country using the CRISPR machine (which has been recognised as a weapon of mass destruction).

Their glossy 'brochure' does not make them believable. Why not unleash it in their own country otherwise?

Even if you're a fan of Bill Gates in the past surely this idea leaves an unsettling feeling in the hardest of fans. It is super unethical and insisted on a population which many either don't understand or don't want it.

This is only the start of CRISPR in action against a human populous. You can already see that they target the poor.

To hell with Bill Gates. He's really gone too far this time!  >:(

Arts & Entertainment / Why are Hollywood movies so crap?
« on: June 12, 2020, 03:04:59 AM »
Been watching a few South Korean movies and dramas lately. And I have to say, in basically any genre, they crap all over Hollywood movies. Perhaps because Hollywood movies are so predictable. And lately Hollywood seem to be going after 'safe' scripts, rebooting movies no one asked for. Adding sequels no one wanted and are trying to get on the whole 'woke' bandwagon

With South Korean movies, you never know if your hero will make it to the end of the movie. The characters are much less hollow, the plot if far more unpredictable as they dont play it safe. They also dont have any 'woke' fans to appease. When you think the movie is ending, there is still more to tie up the loose ends and conclude the story (it may not have a happy ending unlike Hollywood) whereas American movies just kind of 'end'.

America has tried to copy South Korean movies in the past but they just utterly fail at it. For example 'Oldboy'. America copied to abysmal failure in 2013 with Josh Brolin. Dumb. Even if you didn't know it was copied

Now America wants to copy 'Train to Busan'. I mean, WTF is wrong with the Korean original? Do Americans really hate reading subtitles in films? I cant believe English dubbing is actually a thing as in 100% of cases in never does the actors or movies justice. Subtitles are seamless to read and view the movie but interesting to see that some people absolutely detest them. Who has seen Train to Busan?

Revenge films is something Korea does really well. John Wick is an American example of the genre at its finest

If you like John Wick, see revenge movies like Oldboy, A Bittersweet Life, Man from Nowhere, I saw the Devil, The Villainess
If you like Zombie movies, see Train to Busan
If you like action movies the list is endless, but the most recent one I watched was Steel Rain and that rates pretty good
They do a lot of good thriller and horror movies too and they know how to execute a successful twist in a movie. The only genre in which I think they are lacking a bit is Science Fiction.

Ma Dong-seok is like the Korean 'Rock', and he's also going to star in the Marvel movie 'The Eternals'. Cant wait  8)

Here is a clip from near the beginning of Steel Rain

And 'Eontalk' on YouTube is great at ranking and discussing all the best movies

Say NO! to Hollywood crap  :P
Say YES to Korean movies!  8)

Flat Earth Debate / Earth from Space
« on: May 21, 2020, 05:04:24 AM »

If you like brainless entertainment popcorn flicks, this show is for you. Great for fans of Science Fiction and CGI  8)


The enduring image of an atom.... Fundamental to science. But it's BS.

Any science geek wants 10 points to tell why? A bonus 10 to anyone that admits science has a loooooooong way to go.

Getting the nature of an atom right we oukd be a good start

The Lounge / Forget Heiwas Nespresso!
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:34:16 PM »
Come to Canberra and have a cup from Shifter instead!

I just bought myself a Nespresso Creatista PRO and it is the bees knees of home coffee machines.

It dumps all over Heiwas 'Magimix' offering  ???

And as you know, my home water goes through a plethora of filtration, including Reverse Osmosis and remineralisation.

Also I'm not frugal and can offer it to you in a glass. Not some cheap plastic cup!

Has Heiwa even once come good on his promise of a Nespresso to forum members? No.

There's around 85000 homes in Canberra. If you guess the right one and knock on my door, I think that's worthy of a free Nespresso  8)

Philosophy, Religion & Society / What a time to be alive
« on: February 03, 2020, 04:21:15 PM »

Bossed around by a drone

Arts & Entertainment / Who here is a fan of K-Drama?
« on: January 24, 2020, 12:25:23 AM »
It's very odd to see the leading ladies bullied, belittled, insulted, etc by the leading man and yet there is still a romance that you wish for lol.

Also the terrible step parents the man or woman have to deal with for approval

Korean culture is something else! But they are certainly binge worthy.

Anyone else watch them? Netflix has a seemingly never ending stack worth

You can download a program or app that can tell you where and when a planet or star may be. So you can apparently predict that in the year 100,000 Earth may be in 'x' position around the Sun (and all the other planets etc)

But it's wrong

It uses predictions based only on 2 bodies. The Earth and the Sun. No other gravitational influences. Introduce a 3rd body and the system is chaos.

Also if we launch a rocket into space, the Earths orbit is also affected. You may think it's infinitesimal but over thousands of launches and millions of years, the information you look at is wrong.

Also, in the case of our solar system, it's a hell of a lot more than 3 bodies. And in the case of the observable universe, the planet count alone is 1024 Not including stars, asteroids etc

Keep in mind Newtons equation:

So why is so much faith put into these predictions when a simple '3 body' system is called a 'problem'? Counting all the stars, planets and asteroids, we could have at least 1026 bodies if not more. And that's just the 'observable' portion of the universe. That's only counting the few % of it that we can see (not counting the so called 'dark matter')

So your current science if full of contradictions and holes.

The Lounge / Werepenguin XIX - The Qantas Conspiracy - Game Thread
« on: January 04, 2020, 03:09:36 AM »
It is the day Flat Earthers finally get to prove to the world that the Earth is flat. However, the flight from Sydney to Santiago on the Qantas plane surely seems like a trap? There is chatter whether the flight will be conveniently cancelled.

“Surely they aren’t going to down a half billion dollar plane! They will obviously cancel!” Bom Tishop thinks aloud

”They will not cancel and the plane will not be downed! Everything will be fine!”

The group turns to the voice. Wise steps up

”Fuck out of here!! We don’t need your retarded globe earth shilling!”

The old man turns back with a chuckle

"Now now, is that any way to treat the man who has funded all your trips?"

Everyone is astonished. Why would this man pay for this all? There must be some ulterior motive

”Why would you do such a thing!! Who are you!? Speak!!”

”You know me as rabinoz! Surprise! I am going to prove to all of you that the Globe Earth is real and that Qantas doesn’t down its planes!”

There is now an uneasy feeling among the group. No one likes rabinoz and taking a gift from him feels dirty. But this could also be an opportunity to see his own plan backfire as he sees for himself the truth of the Flat Earth

”HA! The joke will be on you jokinoz! You will see in front of all of us the truth of the Flat Earth!

”I’m on this trip just to see the look on all your faces when it’s proven the Earth is a globe! Haha!” NSS beams proudly to the others giving him what can only be described as death stares. ”Oh it’s going to be like that huh?”

DuckDodgers was next to arrive. ”Hey folks, its DD here, looks like we have most of the gang here. Looking forward to an all expenses paid trip to South America.”

Colonel Gaydafi has just appeared through customs of what seems like a very long wait for her. She had just spent the last few hours being interrogated. Her name was apparently red flag in the system

”Australia is stupid! Can we get out of this ash tray already”.

Australia, suffering the worst fires the world has ever seen had the look and smell of an ashtray.

Jura comments that Australia’s PM, Scott Morrison is an even bigger loser than Boris Johnson, ”I thought England was going to be a terrible place thanks to that muppet Boris Johnson now calling the shots but Australia burns like it’s hell on Earth”

An announcement is heard over the intercom “Boarding call for Qantas flight QF27. All first class passengers, please proceed to the gate”

As you approach the gate you see that the tight arse rab only afforded you the lowest class ticket. However the first class passengers all look disturbingly familiar…

”Hey look who it is. It’s the Flat Earth Society run by John Davis!! Don’t think we will let you take glory on this trip! We will be the ones to write the history because our forum is better! Junker, last chance to go with the winning team. Don’t hang out with those losers anymore, OK? First class buddy!!!! YEAH! And Jura! Wine!!! Don’t miss out! ”

Now it clicks. Upon hearing about our expedition the “other” flat earth forum decided to beat us to the punch. Parsifal, Pete Svarrior, Particle Person, Tom Bishop, Rushy and even Thork. All booked the same flight and all got first class seats

boydster shouts across, ”How did you guys score first class seats!?”

”We aren’t losers! We’re better than you!” Parsifal shouted back

boydster then pondered aloud, ”How did they know about our trip? Junker??”

Junker protests his innocence ”It wasn’t me, I swear!”

Bom Tishop confessed that he had placed a post on the other forum inviting them to come and join us but obviously they decided to do their own thing instead. Everyone in the group agreed. The other forum members were a bunch of arsehats

”Boarding call for Qantas flight QF27, all remaining passengers please proceed to the gate”

2 late comers come to join the party. Mundi and jdaniel0319. ”Wait for us!!! We have our tickets and wish to fly. Don’t leave us in this hell hole called Australia!!

The enthusiasm has sunk a little after learning the identity of the benefactor and that the other forum has come to spoil the party. It feels like a walk of shame shuffling past the others in first class as you make your way to the cattle class. The plane takes off without incident

”See. Told you we’d be OK.” rabinoz turns back to the group smugly

”rab we have only been in the air for like, 5 minutes. Just wait until we are in the middle of the Pacific!” Space Cowgirl talks back.

The Flight Attendant wheels her cart and offers people some dinner.

”On today’s menu we have fish”

Bom Tishop takes one and opens it. The fish is whole, still raw and smells like it was caught last week. ”Any other choices? Any bread at least?” He enquires

NO! JUST FISH” was the blunt reply

Crouton turns to rab. ”Doesn’t this seem sort of ‘fishy’ to you rab?”

rabinoz, clearly thinking it is indeed odd, tries to save face. “Not at all! I’ll have some fish please!”

rabinoz clearly looks queasy at the sight and smell of his rotting fish but manages to stomach it so as to avoid embarrassment. No one wants to piss of the flight attendant so everyone takes the food but most don’t even dare smell let alone taste it.

”Anyone see a curve of the Earth? No? Score 1 for Flat Earth. 0 for shillinoz!" wise boasts. ”Hey where is rab anyway?”

rabinoz emerges from the toilet with a green tinge. It appears the fish did not agree with him.

About 2 hours pass and there is a commotion heard at the front of the plane

”FISH! FISH! YOU MUST EAT!” the flight attendant yells.

"Hopefully she doesn’t try and force that awful meal on us! Everyone hide your fish to pretend we ate it!” Colonel Gaydafi says with worry

DuckDodgers peeks through the curtain to the first class section for a better view

Parsifal, in a rage yells back ”NO FUCK YOUR STINKY FISH!! WE PAID FOR FIRST CLASS! WE WANT A FIRST CLASS MEAL!!”. Looks like there is about to be a mid-air riot!!

The rest of the “other” Flat Earth gang push the flight attendants trolley from her and yell obscenities at her. She's not one to take that kind of abuse lying down. With a squawk she morphs into a giant penguin and grabs Parsifal with her almighty flippers.

HOLY SHIT! WHAT IS THIS! UNHAND ME YOU DAMN DIRTY PENGUIN!!. Those would be the last words Parsifal ever spoke as he was flayed and splayed alive. His entrails covering the rest of his gang and his blood giving the planes interior a fresh coat of paint. The rest of them scream and cower in terror as she makes short work of them, laughing gleefully as she does so. Not an inch of first class was spared a splatter of blood or entrail

”Holy shit, she’s a penguin and she just killed the lot of them! Everyone hide!!" DuckDodgers panics

You all cram up against the tail of the plane

Mundi offers to sacrifice boydster in the hope of appeasing the penguin overlord but the rest of the group starts to accuse him of working in tandem with the penguin for such a despicable idea

”Don’t worry guys. The back of the plane is the safest in the event of a crash!” Bullwinkle says with confidence.

rabinoz, being his usual stubborn self, clearly not buying any of it tells you all that you’re being silly and he would talk with the flight attendant. Some of you think to speak up to stop his suicidal action but no one cares enough to stop him and the only person who probably would have, NSS, had fainted from the stunning new revelation. Penguins. Flat Earth. Qantas downing its Sydney-Santiago planes. All true. Not really a surprise to the Flat Earthers though

As rab walks to the curtain a rolling sound can be heard. Getting louder and louder. Then stops.

rabinoz turns back to the group. White as a sheet. The head of Pete Svarrior had rolled across to his feet. The sheer look of terror in the heads face indicate his last moments must have been absolutely excruciating

"wise was right! wise was right!!! OMG OMG!" rabinoz blubbers as he makes a beeline for the back with the rest of the group but is pulled back by the flight attendant. His pants now turning a brown hue. Standing next to her is the pilot and co pilot.

”You dared to try out our fish so we will not kill you right now! BUT we will not save you either!! Save yourselves! We will be leaving and our mission of another successful plane downed will be complete. Enjoy what’s left of the flight! HAHAHA!”

A loud bang can be heard. An explosion just blew apart the front emergency exit door. The penguins are sucked out of the gaping hole and parachute their way down below. The plane now with a gaping hole in the side has destabilised and is careening down to the ocean below. It looks like this is the end….

”Can anyone fly this plane? We have to land somewhere!” Crouton yells.

”I might be able to do it!” Bom Tishop yells back. ”At least, that is if the explosion hasn’t blown the cockpit to hell!”

wise speaks up, "Everyone else activate your emergency eggs I brought on board. If Bom Tishop cant land the plane we may yet survive"

The project of the emergency egg that wise got on board looks solid. It is a wonder they aren’t standard issue on every plane. Survival seems assured

The pressure of the plane is now stabilised and is flying low enough to breathe the air. Bom Tishop makes his way to the cockpit which is thankfully still intact. The penguins that bailed watch as the plane, while struggling rights itself enough to make a rough crash landing on Berkner Island, bordering Antarctica

After the partially mangled plane comes to a rest Bom Tishop gets up and checks on the others packed safe in their eggs. ”Everyone OK? Don’t worry boydster, I wasn’t texting anyone while I was flying”

Remarkably, the only injuries sustained were cuts and bruises. The plane however is a write off.

Amazingly the head of Pete Svarrior is still on board. boydster looks at it and lets out a small chuckle "And we're the losers huh??". Yelling ”HEADS!” to people below to watch out, kicks the head out of the plane before climbing out.

Jura watches the callous indifference to human life with disgust ”Surely boydster, as the person kicking the decapitated head so candidly from a murdered innocent that really does make you the ultimate loser”

boydster shrugs as he climbs out of the plane ”Well we won’t be getting home in that!” boydster scoffs

”I did my best! You think you could have done better!?” Bom Tishop retorts

”Guys! Guys! Calm down. We can use this plane for shelter. Let’s check for any supplies. Maybe fish wasn’t the only thing on the menu! Maybe they got candy corn!!” Space Cowgirl goes to check the galley of the plane to see if there was anything other than stinky fish on the menu

One of the turbines of the plane is still whirring. Sometimes on, sometimes off. It is clearly still dangerous to hang around and must be given a wide berth

rabinoz stumbles onto the island. There is no denying it now. The world is flat and Qantas downs its planes. Just as wise had said.

He says to wise, ”I’m sorry wise. I really thought the Earth was round. We are in this together now. We’ve got to put aside our differences and find a way to…..”

Wise responds furiously


rabinoz, knowing wise’s words were indeed true put a hand on his shoulder but before he could speak, wise turns around, blood boiling

DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME!! He gives rabinoz an almighty shove.

FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!Just as he does so the turbines whir back into life. rabinoz, staggering back from the push is now too close. He gets sucked into the turbines and and a massive explosion finishes it off. The turbine is utterly destroyed and rabinoz is essentially atomized.

The entire group comes running to wise yelling and demanding he be executed for murder

wise killed rab! He killed him! He must die! NSS cried

C'mon Guys! Settle down!! wise is right that it's rabs fault we're here. We can’t act out in revenge like penguin savages! We need to stay civilised here OK? Let’s make some rules and we can all get off this God forsaken island!

Gaydafi speaks up in defense of wise "It was harsh but honestly rab had it coming. NSS, here is a tissue." Colonel Gaydafi offers NSS a tissue to wipe his tears. He seems quite distraught at seeing not only his friend rab die but realise too that the Flat Earthers were correct this whole time.

The group decides on some rules to maintain order. Among them is that no one can vigilante another. And that if a death penalty were to be applied, it would come down to a group vote with a simple majority ruling in favour.

”Look you guys. There are feathers all over that charred turbine. PENGUIN feathers! Since when was rabinoz a penguin?” Bullwinkle queried

”It’s a good think wise did what he did otherwise we’d never get off this island. Nice going wise.” Junker remarked.

”I don’t think he was always like that…” Crouton remarked ”Maybe it had something to do with the fish the penguins were serving us. It could be why they didn’t kill us when they had the chance. They must think we all ate it and are now just like them. But as far as I know, rabinoz was the only one who actually ingested any….

”Well, let’s try and find a way off this island. Good thing no one else had any of that fish.” Bom Tishop says gathering essentials off the plane

The group nods in agreement yet a few of them feel a little uneasy inside.

Everyone took a plate, yet maybe rabinoz was not the only one to have tried any….

Your current objective is to find a way off the island.

Do you wander off to look for shelter or another means of escape or do you stay with the plane to gather supplies and shelter for a night? You decide

The Lounge / Werepenguin XIX - The Qantas Conspiracy - Spectator thread
« on: December 29, 2019, 11:41:20 AM »
G'day brave flat earth travelers

You are invited to come aboard QF27 Sydney - Santiago.

The flight time is just over 12 hours. Or is it?  ???

The enlightened know the Earth is flat and that such a distance on a single flight is not possible. So we are going to find out first hand what is really going on.

There are rumours that Qantas is ditching the passengers over the ocean killing them all so keep that in mind before you commit to signing up. This could be a one way ticket to the bottom of the Pacific

So this game is going to run a little differently. There will be penguins but the number will be unknown (from the villager players perspective)
There will be NPCs (Non Player Characters). And you can interact with them and you can vote to kill them if you desire.

An NPC may also have a penguin role. Or may not. If an NPC is a penguin it is controlled by me through a random number generator when its turn is due. You will not know if the death was caused by an actual player or an NPC. You can of course vote to kill an NPC but keep in mind that there will be definite penguins among the real players. If there is an NPC penguin, its choice of kill is random and may include other NPCs you encounter. Therefore more NPCs currently alive means a little less chance of a real innocent player getting killed.

If you suspect an NPC is a penguin anyone can step up and choose to murder them. However if a vigilante action is taken against an NPC (that is the kill was not democratically voted for) and the NPC was innocent – your death by the others will be swift. If you got lucky, congrats – you live and look great among your peers for your 15 minutes of fame. This kind of action can only be done once.. To do this, in the game play thread you ‘narrate’ your kill (be creative! Don’t just say ‘I choose to kill ‘x’ because that wont work. You must go through the motions as to why you suspect and how you killed the NPC in all its bloody glory) When I see your post confirming the murder of one of the NPCs I will further narrate whether or not the dead body morphed into a penguin in which case you stay alive or whether it is confirmed an innocent was murdered in which case, I get to narrate your death! The death of the murdered penguin wont stop the ritual of the villagers voting to kill a suspect however, even if that suspect is you if you are alive from a successful penguin kill. Also keep in mind an NPC having a penguin role is not guaranteed! It may depend on the choices I offer you all to take along the way and who you encounter/collect). Keep that in mind when you take this action

Voting to kill each other only begins after a penguin makes it’s first kill. Because from the villagers perspective there is no reason to suspect a murderer is among them until a murder actually happens. The first day, do your own thing and get to know each other. Then sleep tight  ;)

I’m a fan of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. At various points in the game I can offer multiple paths to take that you can vote on to advance the story. (eg do you choose to rescue someone in distress or ignore them or do you choose to spend the night out in the open or wander off and look for shelter). Some choices may have consequences and some just to advance the story your way. We don’t have to wait for a day/night cycle to enact it. A simple majority as soon as it’s posted will trigger it. If no one posts and I want to continue then the choice that involves the least action will be chosen (in the examples above it would mean not rescue or not look for shelter).

NPCs may be killed by my narration at any time. Some may only exist for that purpose. Some may die as soon as you meet them. It's a werepenguin game. Expect a lot of death!  8)

‘Villager’ type roles have no powers. Except for your votes! (and the 1 time vigilante option against an NPC) So no need to worry about penguins being robbed of powers, people having the secret ability to put in extra votes, raising the dead, or psychic abilities to confirm or deny a role of someone else. This means you need to rely on trust alone if organising your own group in behind the scenes PMs. No psychics who can find out who the safe people are or someone pretending they are the psychic. It could make things interesting

If the role of a penguin is being played by someone who is seemingly absent or doesn’t give me their vote in time then I will run a random number generator and that will decide who gets killed.

Penguins take turns with their kill. If a penguin is killed, the remaining penguin(s) step up. Every night, someone must die.

Villagers wont know how many penguins there are (from their perspective, how would they know?) You will of course finally know you have killed them all if a night passes and no one is killed. If there are 3 players left for example and 2 of them are penguins, the show still goes on until the last player meets his/her gruesome end

If there are NPCs remaining when the last actual player is killed it will still be game over

When the game begins if you do not have a PM from me, you are a ‘villager’ role. This will help to avoid people trying to break the game demanding screenshots of PMs of other players. If you are a penguin, you will get a group PM stating as such so you will know your team.

When communicating in the game play thread, spice it up and be your own narrators in the things you say and do. (Jura is good at that!) Please no petty insulting or taking personal grievances from elsewhere in the forum to the game play thread. Take it to an Angry Ranting board if you absolutely have to vent in public. That said, let’s try to take everything in good nature. Some people are going to say stupid things. Some people may choose to not say much at all. It has no bearing on guilt because the penguins are chosen at random.

If you are killed you can only come post at night. It would be good (however unenforceable) that you also format your text to be in a different colour (you choose and stick to that one). This makes it easy for readers to sort out who is alive and who is dead. Also adds some flare  8)

I’m introducing new elements in this game. In some ways it is simpler with no special powers for villagers. I’ve also never narrated a game so am new to it. If you see something that possibly breaks it that I didn’t consider, let me know. Maybe I need to explain it better or even change it if its obviously a break. Ask any questions or for any clarifications

The time the game starts will be in the new year at a day that suits lots of people. The more people we have playing the more fun we can have. The rules are a work in progress so will possibly be tweaked, added and changed

Current list of people on the flight itinerary:

Space Cowgirl
Bom Tishop
Colonel Gaydafi
Jura-Glenlivet II

Flat Earth General / Proof that Antarctica is out of bounds
« on: December 12, 2019, 02:01:16 PM »

Rescue workers in Chile have found human remains after an air force plane with 38 people on board went missing on Monday.

There were no survivors, said Chilean Air Force head Arturo Merino.

Magallanes Governor José Fernández said relatives of those missing had been informed of the find.

Earlier, Chile's air force said that wreckage had been found floating in the area where the C-130 Hercules cargo plane had last made contact.

It was en route to a military base in the Antarctic.

Chilean airplane downed on approach. No real surprise to the flat earthers. This is what you get when you try to have an expedition there. I guess now you can understand why flat earthers aren't keen to suicide themselves for what we already know of the Antarctic.

The Lounge / Fishing
« on: December 06, 2019, 01:33:28 PM »

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Why do you support Michael Bloomberg?
« on: November 25, 2019, 01:29:32 AM »
So he has made it official and is running for President. Is he a breath of fresh air the democrats need? Is he a wrecker? Is he just another rich, out of touch blowhard Trump?

Would you vote for this man or does he have a lot of skeletons in his closet that make Trump angelic in comparison.....

The Lounge / Fakeness in movies explained by astronaut
« on: November 19, 2019, 03:28:11 AM »

Good watch. Ruins the movies though lol

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Society is getting worse
« on: October 10, 2019, 07:45:40 PM »

No wonder society is going down the shitter. The only way to meet people is online and heaven forbid you try physically interacting with someone. No wonder she's hysterical. Meeting new people in the real world is a foreign concept these days

The prosecuter who is probably old enough to recognise the value of real social interaction is simply cashing in on the girls hysteria at the expense of a guys freedom for years and prospects for the rest of his life.

I get that we should be 'stranger danger' aware but if the first thought about anyone is that 'they are out to rape me' then we as a society is only becoming more disconnected and that is not a good thing.

To hell with Facebook, Twitter and instagram. They are not the way to interact with people. Some people are socially awkward. They can't help it. If they misstep a situation should they be punished with jail? The only actual 'harm' being done is perpetuating to the girl that everyone is out to get her. I bet 99.99% of all males she walks past have zero harmful intentions. The rest of the fraction might picture her naked and the most likely person statistically to have harmful intention is those she already knows and trusts. Ie family.

I acknowledge that this is an article by 'main flame media' 'The Sun'

Philosophy, Religion & Society / VSAUCE is back!
« on: October 03, 2019, 03:20:31 AM »
Vsauce appears to be back and he has made a new video and at the end he told us that all his 'Mind Field' series are now free!

Here is a link to one which talks about conformity. It is fitting in the globe earth vs flat earth debate. Globies are simply going along with the crowd. Afterall, how many people arguing for a globe earth have seen it with their own eyes? How many are versed in physics?

People will believe whatever the status quo is. If you could have an isolated island and teach them from the start that the Earth is a hollow cube, I'm sure they would grow up to believe it

But yay for VSauce! In one episode he argued the reasoning of flat earth and even had this site on the video. But John Davis refused to talk to him.  >:( What a hopeless secretary!  >:(

Technology, Science & Alt Science / When pi is not 3.14
« on: September 30, 2019, 08:43:10 PM »
This babe totally gets it.

Why the hell did PBS end such a great series anyway? At least we still have Space Time. Gabe Perez and Matt O'Dowd are legends.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Robert Mugabe is dead
« on: September 05, 2019, 11:31:39 PM »

Best news I've heard all day

What a utterly contemptuous, murderous, piece of shite sub human. Hopefully Zimbabwe is restored to its former glory to being the jewel of Africa. After that bastard had his way with it, he turned it into one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time.

To be sure, wipe all his seed off the face of the Earth, spread the wealth they stole from the people to live in opulence while the people suffered and had a life expectancy of mid 30's (shit, I'd be dead already!) The fact he lived to 95 while the common pleb was above average if they made it past 35 says a lot about what a basket case Zimbabwe became.

Given the western world loves sticking their nose in other countries affairs (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria et al), its disappointing they allowed Africa to descend into this (no oil?). Or maybe they were worried about the perception of a white country stepping in to a black country

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Sweden. No. Just, no.....
« on: September 01, 2019, 06:43:52 PM »

Eye opening, jaw dropping WTFness

I feel sorry for kids in Sweden bring subjected to this lifestyle. It's abuse.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Just how powerful is the sun?
« on: September 01, 2019, 04:57:29 PM »
It is 'estimated' that the sun produces ~200W/m2 of sound power at its surface. If sound could travel through space like it does our atmosphere, it would at its surface be 329dB. That's pretty frigging loud. So loud your internal organs would get messed up and you would die in an instant. Would we still hear such a sound 150,000,000 kilometres away here on Earth? Well as the 'sound' propagates outwards from the source and spreads out throughout space (of which we are pretending for the purposes of a thought experiment), the value of 200W/m2 is reduced to 5mW/m2 thanks to the inverse square law

Just imagine someone using a Jackhammer in your home. 24/7. The sun would be roaring at ~96db, all the time and the source is 150,000,000 km away!

Pretty powerful! Thank God sound doesn't travel in a vacuum!

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Go woke, go broke lol
« on: August 22, 2019, 04:30:31 PM »
Gillette has paid the price in the order of around 8 billion dollars for their ridiculous going woke campaign. An ad which virtually painted the vast majority of their customers (men) as everything that's wrong with society. Toxic and evil for simply being men.

It appears they have relented and won't engage in this stupid go woke for broke nonsense again.

But how many examples do we see of this?

Ghostbusters reboot with an all female cast - broke.
Oceans 8 - broke
A Wrinkle in Time - got woke, went broke
Terminator reboot in the works - predicted to go broke for going woke
Men in Black International - broke
Xmen Dark Phoenix - broke

Mass Effect Andromeda - BROKE

Tumbler - got woke, went broke

Phase 4 of the MCU..... A female THOR? - I'm calling it early - broke

We've seen how cringe worthy Brie Larsen screwed with Captain Marvel and how much profit was lost to her antics and male bashing. A shitty actress too but Marvel wanted that 'feminist' movie, so - broke

Eminem, Katy Perry, Hillary Clinton - getting woke caused them to go broke. There are so many more examples I could write too.

Why do peopke still want to jump on this WOKE bandwagon?

Technology, Science & Alt Science / The universe is a fixed size
« on: June 18, 2019, 11:22:59 AM »
If the universe was 'infinite' then how is it still 'warm'? (warm being anything above absolute zero)

How does the law of thermodynamics work in infinite space? Clearly the universe has an end.bIt may be beyond our reach but its there.

The term 'infinite' is used simply because humans lack the intellect and comprehension to visualise something so vast.

The universe is not infinite in size. The fact that the cosmic background radiation can be detected and is above 0 Kelvin's is proof of this.

Flat Earth Debate / Elon Musk Space X launches person to ISS
« on: March 03, 2019, 09:36:03 PM »
Except this person is a mannequin. Who conveniently can't talk....

Imagine the bullseye shot in getting 1 tiny object to intercept another, hundreds of kilometres skyward travelling at ~27000km/h

And globe earthers are just like 'meh' as if it's no small achievement.

For humans of the early 21st century it is an impossible achievement!

If there was any real confidence, that mannequin would have been Elon Musk himself. Or some other moron who thinks it's all real. Because why send up a mannequin when there are no shortage of volunteers or criminal scum you would give 2 shits about if the whole thing blew up on the launch pad?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Catholic Church and pedos
« on: February 28, 2019, 01:59:33 AM »
You have probably heard that the Vatican #3 man, our Aussie, George Pell has been convicted of paedophilia. Now he's in jail waiting to appeal. The MSM and court of public opinion are very pleased with their scalping of one of the top guys it's doubtful they'll overturn it.

His lawyer was like to the judge 'C'mon! This wasn't that bad. It was just plain vanilla sex! It's not like he even ejaculated and it didn't go on for too long!

The judge understanbly was not impressed.

Here is part of a news article on it....

That ad is just as hideous if you think about it

The Lounge / John Wick
« on: January 21, 2019, 06:12:27 PM »

Who likes John Wick? Who is looking forward to the 3rd one coming out in a few months?

Just saw 1&2 again but in the 4K HDR format and all I can say is that the REGULAR BLU RAY SUCKS! This is a movie you should only watch in 10bit colour because the 8bit is just messy and dark. If you dont have a 4K TV, it is worth buying just for these movies. That Club O in the first one for example - absolutely stunning in HDR but shithouse in the regular 8bit

Do it!!!

Flat Earth General / Google busted. Australian outback distances fudged
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:27:22 PM »
Or were they.

I guess even Google cant get it right. So much for rabs little fibs that he uses the GPS without any trouble and its always accurate!

Google Maps first had the trip, a 380km journey, listed as taking close to 11 hours.

After the company was contacted about the inflated hours, Google dropped the travel time to seven hours, 49 minutes.

Perhaps the east/west distance of Australia isn't what they tell us it is. 11 hours to travel 380km? In that outback the speed limit is 110 km/h which is going to put the distance at just over 1210km

I think the problem is not the 'inflated hours' excuse but the alleged distance. It was never 380km.

Does the home page mean anything? You used to (from memory) be able to get there from the forum page but now if you click 'Home' or 'The Flat Earth Society' it takes you back to the forum main page. The only way to get to the home page is by having only in the address bar.

So what's the go here? I get that 99.9% of people who come here only want to see the forum, but for aesthetics the home page should be accessible from anywhere and also be a place people want to go

Also how does one become a 'Friend of the Flat Earth'? There hasn't been any newbies for years. Has the worlds supply of pewter gone back to normal? This has been said a while in your 'joining the society' page

Update: Sorry, we're waiting for a replacement supply of pewter at the moment. Please check back in a few weeks and 'Friend of the Flat Earth' membership packs will be available again!

I have waited many weeks.  :( :'(

The Lounge / Christmas Crackers
« on: December 09, 2018, 07:44:36 PM »

My 5 year old got this book from a school catalogue and it has some really bad 'Dad' jokes. So here's a few that he thinks are funny even though he doesn't have a clue why they would be funny. He just knows they are supposed to be and laughs

Why does Santa go down the chimney?
- Because it soots him

What do elfs learn at school?
- The elfabet

Why did the skeleton not go to the Christmas party?
- Because it had no body to go with

What is Santa's dog called?
- Santa Paws!

How can you tell if Santa is really a werewolf?
- He has Santa claws!

What do you get if Santa goes down the chimney while it's still lit?
- Krisp Kringle

What did Santa say to the reindeer when he got his school report?
- Rudolph, you've gone down in history!

And a bunch more. But you get the jist of them :)

Flat Earth General / Building a flat planet
« on: November 29, 2018, 09:03:50 PM »

Issac Arthur - This guys channel is awesome and he goes in depth about what it would take to construct a flat planet.

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