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Flat Earth General / Re: Pilots
« on: September 29, 2018, 03:29:50 AM »
Pilots are taught early on straight and level flight. In the stuff I have read the manuals never mention correcting for earth curvature, strange huh?
Have you heard that "level flight" is at a constant "pressure altitude"? Read up on what the instruments do.
Then take a look at:

Do aircraft pitch down to follow the curvature of the Earth? Wolfie6020
::) ::) ::) I suppose you know more than an international airline pilot about flying planes.  ::) ::) ::)
What sort of planes do you fly, hoppy, Boeing 747a or 777s? Wolfie6020 flies A380s!

I don't believe Wolfie6020 is a pilot. Planes do not pitch down to follow curvature. The aircraft's pitch is set according to whether it needs to descend, climb or maintain level flight.

For level flight, it maintains a set altitude. That's all it needs to do. E.g. 36000 feet is 36000 wherever you are on the earth.

In simple terms, draw a circle. Then draw outside of that circle maintaining exactly 1cm gap as you go round. If your only instruction is to maintain a precise 1cm gap as you draw, you will see the curve will take care of itself.

I am a qualified private pilot. My training, ground school, navigation, meteorology etc all describe a globe earth. I personally know and socialise with commercial airline pilots who belong to and teach at my flying club. Nobody I know in aviation believes FE.

I have called out a number of fake FE pilots calmly and factually on YouTube and had my comments deleted.

If the earth were flat, pilots would know. If these pilots know, I believe they would be here talking about it. They are not.

So if you are pilot and believe in FE please speak. Be prepared to discuss how the FE model deviates from everything you have been taught in your training and career and how you have practically made FE work during your flights.

Hi, I was previously unaware of this conversation which was just pointed out to me. 

We are saying the same thing.   I 100% agree we just need to fly at a constant altitude to follow the curvature of the Earth.  There is no pitch down required with respect to the horizon.

However there is an attitude change with respect to the starting position in real space but the pilot will never notice this as it matches the curvautre of the Earth as you fly around the Globe.

The attitude change is not relative to the Horizon. It is relative to the original starting position.  I actually fly a Global Express XRS Corporate jet and have made several follow ups to my original video that expand on it and I even use a similar example to your circle analogy.

The Earth is absolutely not flat.  Having circumnavigated it many times, both ways and both hemispheres what I do in the GLEX would never work on any Flat Earth.

Hope that clears things up. 

I'll jump into the topic.

Yes the Aircraft attitude does constantly pitch down as it moves across the Earth.

It seems nobody has actually done the calculations so here they are.

At 450 Kts you travel around the Earth in 48 hours.

The Aircraft must therefore pitch 360 degrees in 48 hours.

That is FOUR times slower than the movement of the Hour Hand on a Clock.    You cannot even see the hour hand on a clock moving at normal speed...   

The rate is 1 degree every 8 minutes if cruising at 450 Kts.

No person on Earth can feel steady movement this slow.

The aircraft is flown at a steady altitude by reference to the Altimeter and Vertical Speed indicator - that requires numerous tiny adjustments every minute - whether being hand flown or by the autopilot.

1 degree of pitch in 8 minutes is completely absorbed by these smaller and more frequent corrections.   Since the perspective in the window does not change the pitch down is completely imperceptible.

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