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By the way, why don't you return to the "Transit of Mercury" thread? You seem to be active, so you obviously ran away from your ridicule.

Quote from: Jroa
The little dot is very close to the edge of the sun in one photo and very far from the edge in the other.  Do I need to do the math in order to tell you how many tenths of a degree Mercury moves in relation to the sun per day, or are you going to just admit that you did not take both pictures at the same time?

I'm still laughing 😂😂

Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it's not real.
That's a common theme I've found in FET.

I don't understand females but am still pretty sure they exist.

In physics when something travels in a circular path it's velocity is constantly changing. The object may have a constant speed but it is constantly changing direction to get a circular path.

Einstein set it out in GR, a circle is a straight line in curved spacetime caused by mass, that's why gravity is defined as a fictional force

Flat Earth Debate / Re: water always finds level?
« on: May 10, 2016, 02:52:36 AM »
Thanks mouse... I did indeed look into some of the accounts of south pole circumnavigation and explorations, discoveries, and scribbles, and maps etc..   I haven't read everything there is to read, but I'll keep searching.

Yes , you should cringe at the  public school system, its a farce, and a breeding ground for mindlessness in my opinion.   The data available over the internet didn't prove a lot to me personally.  Many words have been spoken and written since the dawn of time... And now a photograph, once considered irrefutable, is no longer without justified suspicion.

Its the days we live in.   To believe everything you read, or nothing you read, is subjective.  Wouldn't you agree?  It does seem concensus that willy nilly walkabouts on either pole are strictly prohibited.... And thats a bit odd to me. 

Back to the water... You suggested keeping the proposed experiment a mind experiment.   Can't do that.  Can't really get my hands on ten miles of hose either, but I think I can scrape together three funnels!    I came looking for people talking about and searching out similar questions.  I think its valid to NEED an experiment to PROVE the self leveling nature of water. 

If I were rich, ten miles of rubber hose might be possible... But I gotta much smaller budget,  though my determination and curiousity is quite rich.

There really MUST be an experiment that can prove linear or curved on a micro scale.  I suggested to my friend that we buy a 5-600 $ telescope, and try the ocean going vessel idea ourselves. But we couldn't work out determining how far away the vessel would be at the point we could no longer see it through a telescope, or the naked eye.   Any legitimate suggestion for an experiment will be met with eager execution.   

I did read a little about the Bedford canal, and the history of contentions.   Seems easy enough to go there and see for yourself.    If I had the means, I'd be the first to do it.   I will be looking locally for similar circumstances to try the same experiment on.

Honestly I thought it would make more sense with paragraphs, shows what I know.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Transit of Mercury
« on: May 09, 2016, 10:44:38 PM »
You know i really missed you guys, especially you Jroa, was hoping to see something about mercury here. Not disappointed.

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