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Topics - I am not Tom Bishop but I can't prove it

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I have some questions for all of you, including both round earth theorists and flat earth theorists.  What made you seek out this site?  What propelled you to come here?  How did you even find out about it?  And what makes you keep coming back?  Since most round earth theorists are so convinced that the earth is round and that flat earth theorists have gone off the deep end, I think this is fair to ask.

From what I've gathered so far, round earth theorists believe in these fundamental truths:

1. Truth can only be found by consensus.  You cannot rely on yourself alone since you can be deceived.  What the majority constitutes as evidence is proof.  What the minority constitutes as evidence is an illusion.
2. Humans can create reliable devices which can come up with truths that humans alone cannot.
3. Truth is ever changing.  With more reliable formulas and computers, previous truths are discarded and replaced by new truths.

Now, since you guys picked apart what I considered my fundamental truths, I think it is only fair that I pick these apart.  (By the way, let me know if I got the above fundamentals wrong, according to your view.)

If I cannot rely on myself alone to determine the truth and have to rely on what the majority thinks, then what about this: Christianity is the one true religion.  Why?  Because there are more Christians in the world than any other religion.  Here is the breakdown:

1) Christians - 2,116,909,552 (which includes 1,117,759,185 Roman Catholics, 372,586,395 Protestants, 221,746,920 Orthodox, and 81,865,869 Anglicans)
2) Muslims - 1,282,780,149
3) Hindus - 856,690,863
4) Buddhists - 381,610,979
5) Sikhs - 25,139,912
6) Jews - 14,826,102


a) Others - 814,146,396
b) Non-Religious - 801,898,746
c) Atheists - 152,128,701

Now of course these numbers should be questioned, as this comes from a government source (the CIA!).  Not to mention we are not told how they came up with these numbers.  But let's for argument's sake assume that these numbers are correct.

So why doesn't science proclaim that Christianity is the one true religion?  After all, the majority believes in it.  Also, shouldn't Biblical truths then override truths that science comes up with?

Now about the second point... humans can create devices which are more truthful than they are.  What if one day we were able to create artificial intelligence to rival man, and this machine came to the conclusion that humans are a threat to the universe and should be wiped out?  Is it then justifiable for the computer to systematically destroy the human race?  And going back to the first point, if these computers were able to convince the majority of humans of the validity of their proofs, then doesn't this make it out to be true?

As for the last point... since truth is not fixed and rock solid, then how can you even argue about what is true and what is not?  Something might be discovered tomorrow that renders everything you know today to be false.  What's even the point?

Anyway, I would like you round earth theorists to answer these questions please, if you can without degenerating into calling me stupid or an imbecile or saying I shouldn't be born.  Let's keep it civil for once.

And let me say once more, I am not Tom.  But I guess going back to the last point, since truth is ever changing, if more people on here believe I am not Tom, then at that point I am no longer Tom.  ::)

Flat Earth Debate / Round Earth Brainwashing
« on: April 26, 2007, 05:58:03 PM »
I have a question for all you round earth theorists...

When was the first time you "learned" that the earth was round?  Did you one day question the shape of the earth and go out and find out on your own?  Or did you turn to mommy and daddy?  Or ask your teachers?  Or did someone else bring it up to you the first time?  And what did you say to them?  Did you agree?  And if you didn't at the time, what happened?  Were you punished for it?

What I'm getting at is all of you guys have been brainwashed since a young age to distrust your senses.  How about the first time you saw "curvature" on the beach?  Did your mom and dad point to the horizon and say, "Look, you can see the curvature!"  I bet they did.  I doubt any kid went running to mommy and daddy saying, "The earth is round!!!!  I saw curvature!!!"

From a very young age, humans have been taught what to see, hear, smell, feel, think.  "Don't trust your senses, it's just an illusion."  "Scientists discovered that the earth is round by writing formulas.  Don't you think it's silly that people used to think the earth is flat?  You never thought that right?  You're not like those foolish people right?"

It's brainwashing, make no mistake about it.  Stop relying on others to tell you what to believe.  Question those who pick and choose their beliefs but stop you from choosing yours.  Learn to pick what is right for you.  Learn to question.

Flat Earth Debate / Science
« on: April 25, 2007, 12:14:29 PM »
Science is supposed to be based on observable phenomena and can be tested right?  So you want some proof that the earth is flat?  Okay, try this:

Go to the beach.  Take a picture of the horizon.  Go home.  Print out the picture.  Take out a ruler.  Draw a line using the ruler on the horizon.  You will see it perfectly matches a straight line.

But oh no, now you guys are going to come out with your rebuttals.  "Well, there is curvature... it's just too microscopic for a ruler to distinguish.  We need computers to process the information correctly since what your seeing is just an illusion."

Ha!  Mainstream science really doesn't trust the human senses at all.  Whenever anyone brings up anything that can be perceived by our sense as proof to refute the established sciences, they say you can't really trust your senses after all.  You have to use computers and complex mathematical formulas to "prove" that your senses cannot be relied on.  But what's the proof that these computers and mumbo jumbo abstract theories can be relied on?

Oh and those faked pictures from NASA is supposed to prove the earth is round?  Okay, how about this?  I want to prove that the planet Tatooine exists.  Here's my evidence.  Go to a movie theatre.  Watch Star Wars.  There you see it.  So Tatooine must exist.  Oh no, this doesn't work?  So when you see special affects on a movie screen it's not real, but when NASA produces a fake photo we are supposed to believe it?  Can you even tell a real picture from a fake one?  How about that picture of Lee Harvey Oswald and the shadow that supposedly didn't match where the sun was positioned?  What about those pictures of UFOs, the Lock Ness Monster, Big Foot?  Are they real or fake?  How can you even tell?  Are any of you experts?  Have you tried an experiment where you are shown different pictures to distinguish which ones are fake and real?  No, right?  Yet, I bet you guys claim to know a real picture from a fake one.

And now you are going to personally make fun of me, because you can't argue fairly.  You know your so-called theories are all a bunch of lies and therefore you must resort to ridicule and name calling.  Just like you are doing to that nice man Tom Bishop.  I'm never going to reveal anything about my true identity because you'll just use that against me in your "proofs."  Not to mention what the government might want to do with me if they got a hold of my true identity.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Piltdown Man
« on: April 24, 2007, 07:10:31 PM »
If you want proof of how much science is flawed, look no further than the Piltdown Man.  Scientists were so eager to confirm Darwin's theory, that when someone "found" bone fragments of the kind everyone was looking for (i.e. fit Darwin's theory), they all went hoorah and said this was clear proof that Darwin's ideas were correct.  Yeah, a HARD FACT DISCOVERY.  Then when it was discovered to be a conspiracy, they changed their theory and said, "Actually, what we are looking for is something that looks like this."

Scientists keep changing their theories over and over again.  And each time they say this is an incontrovertible fact.  Until something else comes up to show the fallacies of their theories, after which they make up a new one and say this was the truth all along.

What do these government sponsored scientists take us for?  Fools?  You think you can just change things in front of our eyes and we aren't going to notice?  You think you can make us believe the horizon has curvature when it obviously doesn't?

Well, let me tell you "scientists" something.... You won't fool this man any longer.  His eyes are now opened and there is NOTHING you can say to make believe that up is down and down is up.  Your dirty tricks won't work anymore, so please save your breath.

It's only a matter of time when the truth will come out and mankind will be liberated from the lies and oppression of the government.

Flat Earth Debate / Thank you
« on: April 24, 2007, 01:28:56 PM »
My God, I thought I was the only one who questioned what "science" claims to be facts.  I never believed that the world was round in school, even though I was made fun of.  I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who questions the official line.  It seems that mainstream science has a different theory about the universe every other day!  What, are we supposed to change our minds just like that?  This is supposed be rational?  Flat earth theory should be regarded as valid theory.  Why is only round earth theory taught in our schools?

I just want to tell all you people who always questioned what you were taught but are too scared to admit it, that you will find peace of mind once you admit the truth.  The truth sets you free, and I can tell you that your life will make all the more sense once you allow yourself to see the world as it truly is.  I suspect some of the people here really do question round earth theory but pretend to be skeptics out of fear of being made fun of as well as the government.  But we must stand up to this kind of discrimination!  Let's all join forces now and tear down the lies that the government has forced up on us!

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