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I have asked these many, many times... yet each time a dodge. Now I wish for an answer for each of them. I will number them for convenience.

1.This is a question directed at you. Now, you have claimed that the conspiracy burned down the FE library and have kept it hidden from the public. A few flaws in this, If it was hidden, how did you figure out about it? Another, How does a burning building not catch a public eye? Last time I seen, a burning building was Big, Red, Bright, and hard to miss. Lastly, you say the fire was arson, Who was charged with this crime? And if nobody was charged, who was the suspect.

2. You say the the conspiracy can't be proven, because it is a secret, and if the secret were to be revealed, then it wouldn't be a secret and the world would know about he conspiracy. Well, how did you figure out about the conspiracy, you seem to use it as a scape goat for many things (Ex; The library being burned down). Mixed messages is what I wish to sort out.

3. You claim that the conspiracy pays the people who figure out the 'truth' to keep them quiet, I would imagine that if they refuse to take the money they find... er... other ways to silence them. But you have been shooting your mouth off about the Earth being flat for some time. As you can see, your very presence reveals a conundrum. If you truly believed the Earth is flat, then you would have been paid to keep your mouth shut. And since you have been saying things on the forum I can imagine that they would have silenced you quite a while ago. Two things can be brought from this, One, you are a troll that gets his jollies by arguing with people in forums, or two, there is nothing to cover up and you are just paranoid.

I would like answers to these. And please, read each one of them, and answer each one of them in full. I await your responses.

Flat Earth Debate / Answering a question asked in the past.
« on: April 25, 2007, 04:08:02 PM »
Since people were whining about my topic being closed to FE'ers and I want my question answered without being moved. I guess I will ask it again. But this time it includes everyone. Although I still cannot fathom why it was moved. (A couple of answer I got was it wasn't related to FE and it invited flaming... from the same person... then my board was locked about it without a definite answer. Again from the same person.)

So I ask again. With all seriousness...

Motive, Why do you think all FE'ers believe this? Where do you think they learned the Earth is flat. Why would they search to prove it. Why hasn't the government, Whichever one it may be, paid them off yet to keep quiet. I just would like some insight on what everyone thinks on this matter.

Please... serious posts... And I hope there is no reason to freeze this board... I worked out everything and I just want an answer.

The Lounge / Videogame Injustice
« on: April 23, 2007, 06:20:14 PM »
I have played several video games, that for some reason didn't get a lot of notice. Unfortunately some of them are very, very extraordinary. I figured I should bring them to attention. All the games on this list I found very, very good. If you know of these games and want to comment on them, or if you have more to add, feel free:

-Beyond Good and Evil
-Second Sight
-Drill Dozer
-Elite Beat Agents
-Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
-Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (One and Two)
-Trauma Center

There is more... I just cant think of any at the moment.

Flat Earth Debate / Just another Thought...
« on: April 20, 2007, 06:17:04 PM »
Why should a board be moved because it says RE'ers only? It clearly states on the front page of this very site:
"Welcome to This site is dedicated to the discussion of Flat Earth theories. We welcome both skeptics and believers, so please join us." You welcome both skeptics and believers, so shouldn't the skeptics be able to debate and discuss amongst themselves.

My old topic was moved to General Discussion because I excluded FE'ers. Yet the topic of the board was a debate on what FE'ers believed and why they believed it. So I put it in the Debate and Discussion forum. Did I do something wrong?

Flat Earth Q&A / (RE'ers only) Just a thought.
« on: April 18, 2007, 06:01:47 PM »
Just a thought, Motive, Why do you think all FE'ers (True ones, not pretenders *cough*Tom*cough*) Belive this? Where do you think they learned the Earth is flat. Why would they search to prove it. Why hasnt the government, Whichever one it may be, paid them off yet to keep quiet. I just would like some insight on what RE'ers think on this matter. Please, again, no FE'er's. My reason behind this is to see their opinions on you, based on what you have said and done.

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