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Flat Earth Q&A / Question for non-FE'ers
« on: March 10, 2007, 02:45:43 PM »
I want to know if any of you are willing to sign up to this pact:

If, and only if, the FE'ers manage to provide proof of a Flat earth, true, irrefutable evidence of a flat earth (a real photo of the ice wall, a picture from space showing the flat earth, etc), then we all agree to congregate at the ice wall, scale it, then jump off of it into the abyss. Frankly, I'd prefer that to living in a world where FE'ers are right.

Who's with me?

Flat Earth Q&A / A few questions about FE
« on: March 10, 2007, 02:13:44 PM »
I have a couple of questions about the FE theory:

1: If, as you say, there is a conspiracy to keep this information hidden from us, when did it start? It is impossible, totally, and utterly impossible, for any sort of conspiracy to of existed in the middle ages, as the world was in no way unified to make guarding a wall that follows the circumference of the earth possible.

2: In regards to that, since this conspiracy can't have existed forever, why is there no evidence of an ice wall in any form of literature that predates 1884 (In fact, a conspiracy would still not be possible then)?

3: If the main money maker of this conspiracy is NASA, then why would countries such as N. Korea, Iran, China and until 1991, the Soviet Union, guard this wall to make America money?

4: If the earth is traveling upwards, what is propelling it? If it were some sort of star or black hole pulling us up, the gravity would not remain nice and constant, it would gradually increase, and we would've noted this.

5: What is the sky?

6: Why haven't we been charred to a crisp by the sun? At the distance you say it is from earth, it would kill everyone and destroy everything on the planet, cause rock to heat into magma, and boil off the oceans almost instantly.

EDIT: 7: The common consensus is that the universe is finite. Why have we not yet smacked into the edge of it?

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