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Jesus. First of all, Scepti, if you've "grasped" anything about what we've been telling you about space travel, you would know that reaching a speed of 51,000 miles per hour is not actually that great of a feat, and not to mention that the majority of that burn happened barely into medium Earth orbit. The spacecraft itself did not get itself to those speeds.

Oh ok, then what made the space craft get to these speeds if it didn't use any fuel. gravity pulling? what did it do? just sling shot around planets and whizz into space?
Tell me oh great one.

I hope you are aware that this speed is relative to the Sun, not the Earth. Speed is relative, always. You need to compare it to something. If you are travelling in a plane, your speed relative to the plane is 0mph because you are sitting, but your speed relative to the Earth is 700mph.

The speed at which the Earth rotates the Sun is about 66600mph. The probe is now cruising towards Pluto at a speed much lower than this.

Hey, did you also know that the speed at which a rocket outside the atmosphere accelerates is exponential? That is because without the drag of the atmosphere and the light rocket (because it has burnt most of its fuel and jettisoned the lower stages), the thrust to weight ratio becomes extremely big! That means it requires little time and little fuel to accelerate it to an escape velocity with those powerful engines.

I find it funny that you dare trash talk and bash things you don't even understand.

Typical "I am not able to comprehend it therefore it's all fake and I'll choose the way that seems more plausible to me because I have no idea what the hell I'm looking at".

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Let's say you are a young aerospace engineer
« on: December 04, 2014, 11:40:50 PM »
Good question and you have to look at it a few ways.

First of all it depends on what you would be doing and where you actually do it at.
For instance: you could be working on a rocket engine for a ballistic missile. Or you could be helping to put together this type of stuff.
No need for you be told anything on this score.

However: if you were to be working on - say - a space shuttle, then you would be actually going into it with the full knowledge that you are duping the public. The problem is; if you were to be working in that industry as a bonafide engineer, then it's more likely you will be dealing with jets and such like.
From that point, you are just another worker that's part of compartmentalisation of the whole set up. You would believe your work has some input into space, maybe in some capacity - let's say, a rocket engine that powers a satellite or some other made up piece of trash, yet that engine could be simply put into a small missile. You know, things like that.

Before you go into the real space rocket stuff, you have to take minor acting lessons to brush up on the bullshit you've set yourself up with, for life, for good pay.

The thing is; are you any worse than say, a wall street stockbroker? are you any worse than an actor putting his/her face to a product that they wouldn't touch with a barge pole, yet think it's fine to be paid to coax us into using that product?
Probably not, because let's face it, we get swindled out of billions in every walk of life with people who willingly take part in this stuff.

The ones I feel sorry for, are those that actually walk into something like this and don't actually know until later what they've walked into, yet have no choice but to actively take part now they know what's going on.
I think a young Neil Armstrong fell into this trap in his early years and then had no choice but to go along with it, as he knew the penalty if he refused.

James Brolin and crew, in capricorn one maybe, eh?  :-\

And where are your sources? This is all in your imagination. If I were a psychologist, I'd pay to analyse you. Sounds like you got some screwy things in your head.

Nothing to see here, guys. Just some armchair scientist who keeps talking smack and actually thinks he's smarter than hundreds of physicists, mathematicians and engineers.

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