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does anyone else want to do the pendulum experiments?

Flat Earth General / Re: Has anyone ever measured Earth's circumference?
« on: December 13, 2012, 10:05:48 AM »
Different people will give different answers, but I would say the Earths circumference has not been measured in the way you describe.

also found this, it details looking for curvature over the oceans:

squevil, got any more ideas?

Flat Earth General / List of flaws in RE Theory
« on: December 09, 2012, 11:49:25 AM »
We often hear of the flaws in FE theory, but no one points out the flaws in RE theory.

Heres a list I will update when people post contributions.

1. Phantom islands. FE theory does not rely on satellites, therefore does not have this phantom island.

2. Gravity is the result of an unexplained force. Scientists cannot explain gravity.  Flat earth theory can explain gravity by saying the Earth accelerates upwards.


3. General unsolved problems

Here is a good experiment.

Get a pendulum clock. 

Calibrate it carefully by checking the time it keeps over a baseline of several weeks.  Calculate the local acceleration due to gravity (g) from the equation
Period = 2 * Pi * (Length of Pendulum / g)^0.5

Take it up to the highest point you possibly can.  Observe how much time it loses & use the result to calculate the g at that higher point.

Repeat the change of location several times for accuracy

Remember to correct your result for any significant change in latitude between points A & B

Compare the reduction in local gravitational force to that predicted by the inverse square law, with the earth's radius at 6,370km. 

Compare the result to what Universal Accelleration would predict.

Sounds good, that will go to number 1 on the to-do list.#

Equipment needed: 1 pendumlum clock, rope to attach it to the ceiling.

squevil you sent me a pm with some ideas, if you can formulate experiments for them then that would be great.

Flat Earth General / Re: Ice wall
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:24:37 PM »
And it may not be infinite horizontally, if the universe has edges the Earth would only stretch from one edge to the other. ie, Not infinitely.

Flat Earth General / Re: Ice wall
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:18:40 PM »
The infinite earth is not truly flat because infinite objects have no define shape.

Actually it is only infinite horizontally, not vertically.

Flat Earth General / Re: Ice wall
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:01:52 PM »
Sigh. If the earth is infinite, you just bisected the universe. The universe now has a floor and the earth is it. You can no longer have UA as infinite mass needs infinite power. Everything that moves could potentially hit the earth and almost everything will. Nothing at all is infinite with every last atom in the universe being finite, but this daft thought experiment seems to keep doing the rounds on these forums.

If not infinite, it stretches from one end of the universe to the other.

Flat Earth General / Re: Ice wall
« on: December 08, 2012, 12:49:01 PM »
There is no edge, the Earth is infinite. (that's A theory btw) You cannot fall off the edge, but you can fly over the ice wall to the infinite frozen desert beyond.

if we can see the flag, then the tides are not large enough to be an issue....

Surely tides are only an issue if we do not see the flag at the opposite side. If we see the flag, then it is regardless of the waves?

So do you guys still want to do the bedford experiment over the oceans? Or has anyone else got other ideas?

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Maps
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:46:01 AM »
also this model would have the supposed (lol) ice wall crossing the equator. lol lol

I believe the ice wall is around the very edge of the map.

No but the currents may be negligible on a calm day -  we could certainly attempt it on the ocean with the proviso that the results are not necessarily accurate.

What about on a perfectly calm day?

Heres a quote from rowbotham

"But even on the sea, when the water is very calm, if a vessel is observed until it is just "hull down," a powerful telescope turned upon it will restore the hull to sight. From which it must be concluded that the lower part of a receding ship disappears through the influence of perspective, and not from sinking behind the summit of a convex surface"

in other words the experiment, done on the ocean, was successful.

we can do it over the oceans

The experiment cannot be done on the ocean.

Tom, forgive me but what is the reason for the oceans being unsuitable for experimentation? I have read the page you linked but Im not clear on the reason. Is it because of the waves? We could do it on a clear day.

Whats wrong with the bedford experiment?  It seems valid to me, of course we will need to check the calculations and not assume rowbotham was correct. But we dont need to do it in Bedford itself, we can do it over the oceans or other bodies of water.

We need to check these calculations, as the whole experiment relies on it. (

squevil if u have a better experiment, I'm all ears. Just post your ideas pls and we can carry them out.

I love this idea, real evidence and experiments are essential to backing up any claim for both sides. Fully support, however I cannot help myself.

P.s I hope you know "Zerg" are an evil race of aliens in the game Starcraft :P

Sure, im aware of the ZERG in starcraft.

I think the first experiment to do is the Bedford level experiment see this page for details:

Flat Earth General / Re: Why no one has ever reached the end of the world
« on: December 04, 2012, 07:16:00 AM »
The sun orbits over the equator, see this map:

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Why are we not being blown away by RE theory winds?
« on: December 03, 2012, 07:54:15 AM »
I may be wrong then. I accept your arguments as valid. Guess i need a new arguments then :P

Flat Earth Debate / Why are we not being blown away by RE theory winds?
« on: December 03, 2012, 07:37:33 AM »
In RE theory the earth is spinning but the atmosphere is NOT moving so therefore someone standing on the earth will be buffeted by winds of  1670km/h at the equator.

The reason this happens is that while the earth is spinning, the air is not PHYSICALLY CONNECTED to the earth, so the air is not being moved by the earth. This means the air is staying still!

So an observer standing on the equator, who is spinning because he is connected to the earth, will be spinning at 1670km/h but remember the air is staying still! So effectively, a moving observer being pushed through static air is the same as a static observer being pushed through moving air.

So therefore, we should all feel 1670km/h winds if the earth was round....

Would like to participate in any Zetetic research.


good to hear, that makes u our third member.

Do you mean the FAQ which everyone hates and gets us constantly ridiculed by the press and public?

Yes actually although I only mean to say what I'm famous for, I'm not going to defend the FAQ since it has changed extensively since I last saw it.

Im the original writer of the FAQ.

Quote from the main page = "The Flat Earth Wiki - This extensive Wiki is based on a FAQ originally compiled by forums user cheesejoff. "

Tom you must have forgot me, i remember you well.

Tried to read "Earth Not a globe" but it was out of bandwidth apparently. Ill just have to get it off google.

Where do you live? I would be interested...Maryland

I live in scotland but we can do experiments over the internet.

Lord Wilmore good to see u again (check ur pms btw) i see we have a wiki now, that looks promising.

Also wilmore could u tell the regulars about this group pls thnx

Hi, I'm just back on the FES and I had an idea - why not start a flat earth experimental research group. The object of said group would to carry out scientific experiments on all aspects of FE theory (samuel rowbothams experiments jump to mind). The object is to gather evidence for/against FE theory,

The group would be democratic and open to FE and RE believers. The only criteria is that experiments must be done professionally and fairly to both sides - this is not a FE research group, its a Zetetic (truth-seeking) group. So some of the evidence will be for FE, but some will be against it.

does anyone want to join me, if u do pls post a reply and also start thinking about what experiments we could do.

The first step has to be collecting ideas for experiments from sources, Im going to read Earth not a Globe for some ideas.

The Lounge / I'm leaving FES
« on: December 16, 2008, 01:52:22 PM »
FES is over for me. I hang up my hat and say goodbye. But I would first say farewell to Daniel, Cinlef, Engy, 6strings, Erasmus (what a legend) Zoobtron (made me lol), Dionysius Gayer, Hara, Ubuntu, Northrider...and everyone else. Hope everyone enjoys the forums.

Stay flat.


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