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Flat Earth Debate / New Comer - Flat Earth Possibility?
« on: November 19, 2013, 07:39:03 PM »
Hello Everyone! just found out about this site, quite interested in alternative scientific what nots...

But, what if, the Earth isnt totally flat, but is like a dome, hub-cap shape, so with slight curve to it, like one of those buttons with a funny picture or a old skool hubcap? that would allow the whole building going into the horizon to be cleared up.

And then, what if, we just simply 'clipped' to the other side if we reach the end? (Of the earth, the sides, whatever you wish to call it) to the other side, as I personally think the whole 'Ice wall' thingy is a bit silly ^^

Then, with veiwing earth from space, its a optical illusion, possibly due to un-explained via phenomenal thingy-magig

Just throwing stuff out their, keen to see opions on it ^^

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