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Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist
« on: June 02, 2014, 09:36:35 AM »
Someone found a Dewey B Larson's speech, very interesting, skip the first 15 minutes if you want.

#" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">Does The Nuclear(uNclear) Atom Exist ?

(I guess the original was here, one month sooner: Dewey B. Larson's 1978 Conference Keynote Address)
#" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">Dewey B. Larson's 1978 Conference Keynote Address

Quote from: Matrixfart
What nuclear propaganda? Have you read a physics book lately? Splitting atoms is done all the time at numerous mass colliders around the world.
The nuclear propaganda I was referring to is the american political and scientific propaganda about nuclear weapons.

I did not have in mind so much the comparativley esoteric atomic theory as I did the political propaganda about nuclear weapons, but since you mention the atomic theory behind nuclear weapons, I take it you have not referenced the link I posted earlier in this thread to Dewey Larson's 'Case Against the Nuclear Atom':

Nathan Gwynne's 'Einstein and Modern Physics' also debunks the atomic myth even more forthrightly than Larson's:

Also, labour historian and MIT alumnus David Noble's 'America By Design' reveals much about the difference between engineering theory and reality which directly relates to why what you read in a common physics textbook about nuclear theory has nothing to do with the reality of the explosions which actually take place.  The following is only a review, but as I have this book, I can retrieve it and quote some of the relevant portions about the way in which the educational segment of the engineering industry functions.

That's a really nice book!  There actually is a version of the book online at Google Books: Theoretical Astronomy Examined and Exposed (1866)

It even appears to be the same edition as yours, though it has an additional blue (insert?) title page detailing the contents.  The PDF downloadable from the link comes in at 12.9MB, has 174 pages and is B&W apart from the insert.

Thanks. Unnecessary then.

I think this one hasn't been scanned & uploaded.

Mine is 5şed, 1866.

Are this images good enough? Or should I scan in color (brown) for more contrast?

I don't have much experience scanning books, color increases the weight of the image a lot.

Just verify for me that I'm not wasting my time and the book isn't already somewhere else on pdf.

In color, it would look like this;

Flat Earth General / Re: Satan as Conspiracy Head
« on: August 30, 2013, 08:16:02 PM »
'Satan' does not need to exist for the morals and mythos of Satan to guide those who work as part of the Conspiracy. A sacrifice to a non-existent god is still a sacrifice caused by that god to the extent that it exists (i.e. as a cultural or mythological entity).

The worst enemy is the one you don't see or worse, you don't realize you have.

Then, you have zero information and awareness, and he has it all.

The triumph of Satan is the common belief he doesn't exist. Until it's too late (death)

Meditante on this word; Saint. Do you think it's just an accident that Satan and Saint are so similar?

supposing that the conspirators must have accurate maps and undoctored data about the true nature of the Flat Earth.

The Conspirators are NOT IN GOVERNMENT, they are BEHIND it.

Why would any government have correct maps?

The reason of hiding the flat earth is the same as inventing and pushing the word planeT, to hide that we are in a PRISON, a dimensional PLANE, of many.

Flat Earth implies Small (or no) Universe. Therefore the Existencial Question of What the Fuck is outside comes rushing in. And that's a risk for the keepers of the plane, the creators of this universe, those "angels", architects, constructors and watchers, those who are part and the same as he who feeds on our pain, the beast who wants to be called the only one, and god and isn't.
The "falling" of Paradise into Earth is no myth, but the most terrible truth.

That's the main reason they created a fake long history for humanity, to brainwash into "we've been here for thousands of years". So we easily accept the stupid hypnotic feeling that we are the body of a beast, of a mortal animal, an ape (in this time-world-plane).

Flat Earth General / Re: Was Cold War a part of the Conspiracy?
« on: August 29, 2013, 09:31:55 PM »
Not exactly. Depends on your point of view.

The Soviet Union was the world-plan, it was the system's investment, to rule the word.

Any half-thinking human would see the brutality and satanism in Bolshevist Russia and oppose it.

They couldn't stop it's criticism, it was too much and too obvious, and half of Europe attacked it, leaded by Germany.

The system managed to defame Germany as "evil nazis", and genocide them, but couldn't stop that half the civilized world still hate the Soviets.

So, "cold war" as popular hate and awareness of the threat of the Soviet Union was not wanted by the system at all.

In fact, the "cold war" (if possible Open War!) was wanted by the Nazis.

The Allies would have wanted a happy peaceful environment with more friendship with Russia.

But there were many Pattons, many would stated the obvious... "We invaded Europe, to save it... and we leave half of it to the Soviets?"

The System, the traitors usurping power in the West could only hold and control the rage to the level of "cold war", that is, rhetoric.

The Infiltration and Occupation of a country by foreign traitors (jews, masons, etc..) doesn't mean they will have absolute control.

They have to lie for years to push for a war, they have to simulate being Christians, being part of the folk, they can't just eliminate the army, the institutions, the traditions, the social system of a nation, they have to go slowly. It takes centuries.

The "fast track" for this international gangsters is to create a brutal army outside, like the Soviet Union, and betray the country they simulate to serve.
Then, they won't have to respect traditions, institutions like rule of law, private property, common decency and things like that.

The US wouldn't have been attacked, after the subjugation of Europe and Asia. They would have weakened it for decades.

Even after "loosing", the Nazis managed to get US troops on Western Europe, in frontier with the Soviets, they wouldn't dare attack them and therefore the US. So their plan of a worldwide URSS slavering all Europe and Asia was stopped. They were forced to go with the slow plan, demoralization and weakening of nations.

Russians were the chosen useful idiots, not Americans, always have been and will be.

America was an obvious key country to control, and so they did, but even so, they couldn't forbid guns, or the 1st Amendment.

Anti-Americanism is politically correct, insulting them as "dumb", but, for example, who was behind the flat earth movement? Brits and Americans.

Who is attacking Evolution and atheism? Americans and Muslims mostly.

There's a reason atheism, communism and drunkenness appear in Russia, there's a reason corruption, suicide and brutality are so common there.

So, my point, on an unconscious level, humanity was aware of the Russian/Soviet threat. The Powers that be managed to keep it controlled to the level of Cold War only.

In fact, the Nuke Hoax could have been invented just for this reason, to protect the Soviet Slavery Gulag System!

The Cold War was entirely faked.

After the assasination of Stalin by the British secret service at the end of February 1953 (Stalin was planning to attack Europe in the summer of 1953), the new rulers of the Soviet Union agreed to play the game until 1989.

sandokan speaks a lot more truth than people give him credit for.
Agreed, read him.

Christ was crucified in the GREAT CITY, built on SEVEN HILLS, which reigns over the kings of the earth (not Jerusalem in any case).
But here I disagree.

That said, the crucifixion has happened many times over history, again and again.  Its a fixed point in the human experience.  And its not fun.  As far as Jesus in particular, I think the details perhaps are a little less important than the message, warning, story, etc.  The details can be found anywhere.

Christ did not die and was not crucified.

He was royalty - supreme cleric, was not attacked and the crucifixion is US, WE ARE CRUCIFIED, as a fact, and as their will/desire, so we accept a life of suffering, sacrifice, pain...

The Seven refers to those who keep the spiritual bondage to humanity, seven "fallen angels" or traitors take turns, in Babylon they were attacked and killed by "a whore", of course, the Church insults that great woman/goddess (Freya/Kali) who fought for us all there, achieving an incredible victory.

"Hi-story" is given for two reasons only, to hide something they can't fully erase, or to force/invoke a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Many times, yes, but in two sides, the real crucifixion is us, as we (our ancestors) eat the apple, the cursed fruit, we became hypnotized, amnesic, unconscious, and we fall into a dream, this "world" you call real.
We haven't moved in centuries, we are "dreaming", we forgot what and where we are, and so, outsiders, of our kin, had to enter the dream to help, awake us, find an escape for us.

Wotan, Odin, whose name can be found in rivers from Portugal to Poland and Russia, crucified himself in the tree, and won, giving us the runes.

That rescue operation, giving out the benefits of the crucifixion (runes, secrets of the world, more powerful than their kabbalah ) of wotan/odin was attacked by the keepers, the Pharaoh/Church/Druids, they imitate and hide it with a fake one, the Jew Iesus.

"Great" City, see from minute 25:02,
#" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">
The only "Great" country, allowed to have that word recognized by all others, is Great Britain.

Keep in mind we are using English, you need to delve into the meaning of words;

Money is the worst evil.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: France has gone to war
« on: January 11, 2013, 04:39:52 PM »
I cannot think of a single reason they might go into this war.

Al Qaeda exists, and Islamists are a threat to the financial mafia, they are radicals and want to kick out ambassadors, get out of all UN, IMF, and rule themselves... they are destroying hundreds of years of colonization and social control systems, they attack usury and all man (bankers) made "law".

France, and the corrupt NATO have to go, because their control and money printing, and image of worldpower rests on their alpha status, if the islamist rebellion spreads, they won't be able to steal resources, they will have to pay real things for what their companies used to steal, and the islamist will unite all muslim lands in a world power, the caliphate, bigger than the URSS or America.

If they fail in stopping the fire, as they will, then maybe hungry europeans may do the same, take arms against their corrupt governments.

Stop saying Al Qaeda and Islamists don't exist, it's not about oil, that's secondary in the muslim world, it's about mind control, they are trying to suppress the islamist uprising against foreign dictators, they want no more of french or british or american laws and ways of live, they already have one, the islamist, they all share a religion that is not for the weekend like a mere hobby, but a complete guide for life.

May the Islamist succeed!

Careful with the media demonization of Islam, and the alternative media demonization of AlQaeda as "CIA", it's not, they wish it were, but it's evident it's not, it's absurd. Check the facts, read sites like (they post news of caucasian emirate) or (afghan emirate).

Flat Earth General / Re: Mountainous NASA blunder
« on: December 17, 2012, 05:23:43 PM »

Have you considered it could be fake, not a real picture, a small scenario, hand made or cgi, but not "from the sky"?

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Why is the earth different?
« on: October 25, 2012, 06:57:23 AM »
I have seen numerous posts claiming that the earth behaves differently than other celestial bodies because it was "designed differently", or it is just "different".

Also, if the earth was created or designed differently than other bodies, then is the flat earth theory just a modified version of creationism?

What do FE'ers consider the size of the universe?

What "bodies"?

The little dots you see?
How do you know those are; real, far, big, solid, spherical...?

I suspect the universe is small, could be visualized as a cone, we the flat part, the beginning of matter and souls pushed in helix paths of evolution/density towards the end, which is like the start, the center of the earth, hard solid matter in the core.
Another way to visualize could be concentric spheres, being the earth still flat, with a core eating it all, and that matter and things coming back again through the most external
layer, "galaxies", "evolve" as particles, go down the Earth, and increase in complexity (imagine the most simple particle, then energy from the sun which creates plants, that create animals...) So, the Universe eats itself and recreates itself continually.

There may be many other universes and invisible creatures in this one we don't usually see, ghost, astral entities... all of them have to follow the rules of the creator.

In fact, many of our popular images of demons and medieval beasts are of times when different universes intersect and they enter our world.

This is a farm, and we are not supposed to see too much and get scared, and like a zoo, we don't have to see other type of creatures, we have our cage, and our limited senses.

Does this mean that FE'ers are just religious people? I have heard that there are agnostics and atheists who believe that the earth is flat. How is this so?
Have you ever seen something pop out of nowhere? Of course the universe was created.
Your reaction to it, in favor, against, with this or that philosophy is a different kind of debate, but there is Creation, don't doubt it for a second.

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: The underside?
« on: October 25, 2012, 06:38:58 AM »
In the original myth Atlas was punished by Zeus to hold the sky up not the Earth.

Very interesting.

Atlas mountains in Morocco could be the center of the Earth.

Any research on Sun position in this light?

Flat Earth General / Re: Strongest piece of evidence for a NASA hoax?
« on: July 20, 2012, 02:02:08 PM »
the nazi's used IBM computers to track how many jews they killed. is IBM guilty by association?

If IBM met with the Nazis to design a computer exactly as they wanted it, to track the detainment and murder of Jews, then yes, they are guilty of participating in the detainment and mass murder of the Jews.

Tom, the holocaust is a hoax.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Incest
« on: June 23, 2012, 05:28:25 PM »
Choice is healthy. Choice is what ensures the best children, born to the best looking parents.

This is interesting!

Here we differ. You believe in freedom! You believe freedom exist!

Don't parents choose in an arranged marriage? Yes, they do, they know a lot, they are old, and two! They know about life, about what matter, they have suffered a lot of bad experiences, and know the country they are in, the people that live there, and they want the best for their kid and their family (come on, don't be so egoistical and arrogant of thinking only in ourselves, we are part of a long chain of ancestors).
So, parents have good chances of choosing well for their kid, and all the interests, they want his/her happiness!

Now, on the other side, if the choice is not of the parents but of the kid...

Instead of two persons choosing, we have one, and instead of two older, one young, one young weak, that doesn't know the tricks of life, that youngster may be lied to, tempted, used, fall into propaganda, social propaganda...won't think on the family, the race, the nation, the ancestors, only his/her interest...

And which influences will the kid have? "Friends", and tv, and magazines, and internet, and CIA sponsored Beatles and "music", and all the underground propaganda by secret societies to control the world.

He won't have a chance!

There is no freedom! No choice! It's only the parents or the CIA's MTV, it's wasting 15 years from 15 to 30 following skirts in pubs or working, learning, being happy and safe, and having a stable life with an arranged marriage.
Can you image the pain you will spare? The breakups, the tears, the suicides, the being influenced by a wrong girl or boy....

We are in enemy territory, we are at WAR, they want us as slaves, they want us to be happy slaves, all their power, all their money is working towards that end, every single movie, every single music song that is launched by the media has a mission, a hidden objective, everything is carefully thought.

Freedom is a nice dream, a DREAM.

Do Western girls choose their partners? NO. They go after the first bad-boy they see, they are programmed, every single Disney movie, every ad in the street, every novel launched as best seller, every tv presenter, every movie they see is programming their brain, while they sit in the cinema, their neurons are being re-arranged, like a software update, they receive it unconsciously.
How do you ride a bike or drive a car? Unconsciously, it's automatic, you don't think about it, you just do it. You thought about it only while learning it, then, it pass the safeguards, the mental firewall and got VIP privileges in your mind FOREVER. If you are not careful subliminal messages will pass and enter into your mind. And kids are vulnerable, but girls just have NO CHANCE.

Stop thinking in terms of individuals and change to the world of archtypes and egregors, ideas, memes are launched by the media and their owners, they use people as zombies.
Their brains are fertile ground, they use them as if their brains where vaginas. It's ugly, but it's the truth.

There is no freedom, never has, only war, the question is which side, which ideas will rule over the minds, those launched by the CIA and it's media machine or those in the blood, in common sense, in logic, in families, those ideas that have allowed a decent and normal family state for centuries? It's the blood versus the NWO, it's the memory of our ancestors against Hollywood and it's shaping of minds for the final slavery system to come...

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Incest
« on: June 23, 2012, 05:01:17 PM »
Just because you have, at one point in your life, had sex with another person, that doesn't mean you're suddenly gonna sprout an STD outta nowhere. If you sleep with somebody who has one, sure, but that's why you make love responsibly. Get tested, and if something comes up in the tests, be honest about it with anybody who wants your body. Simple.

Whoah...hold on!

There is no AIDS, heck, there are no virus at all! Biology is in worse shape than astronomy, where our "friends" see "galaxies" with thousands of starts in cosmic orgasm creating planets "like ours", their buddies in biology see "alive" entities "moving in the blood stream", causing "diseases".
It's the same bogus tale to scare the taxpayers.

A meteorite is coming, money to NASA, a new STD illness is coming, money to Wall Street Pharma Corps!

Never ever use "protection".

The first so called STD were caused by the oily chemicals in the "protection". Don't pay for a petrol plastic that will irritate and damage your skin, and alter the currents of your body.

And now that we know diseases are not caused by virus, how are they caused?

By emotions, and alterations in your body currents.

Sex is good for one thing, for the psychic benefits, the liquids, the contact, if you use protection, instead of benefit you get contact with petrol, how great!

Partners in bed synchronize their breathing, women living together their cycles, we synchronize and access each other brains, every time you think on somebody you affect him, usually very little, unless you are trained and know hypnosis, magic and parapsychology...

You get illness by having enemies, when they hate you, that affects you, the world received the signal you are not wanted here on Earth, your body receives it too and if powerful your body will betray you and self-destruct.
Nature doesn't waste anything, all is reused, if you don't want to live, or others don't want you too, your body will be used for a better purpose...

So, illness are emotional, you get angry with your wife, she gets angry with you, and you will have more chances of becoming ill, with a "cold" won't be a virus, or a bacteria, it will be a change in the emotional state.

And never go to a Hospital, they are places for massive ritual sacrifices. They are modern temples of human sacrifice, like the ones they talk in Central America, just like that.
Do you think the evil powers behind them just left? They are as fat and happier than ever, the West is overpopulated and sad! It's a paradise for the pain suckers!

And you CAN'T be honest with a girl, she is NOT like you, she doesn't value things the way you do.

She speaks womanese, she cares for appearing beauty and imagining men are after her, she is way more animal, she is less spiritual and intellectual, you simply can't have a high level talk with her, she may follow you, and appear to understand, but if you dig deeper, you will see she doesn't understand, she won't be able to explain with her own words.

Another problem of relations is the karmic chaining, the more trouble and thoughts you have, the worse you will end, you will be trapped with questions, with futures, with imaginations about her, you will be tied to her no matter how far you go, she will be stuck in your head forever.

Secondly, I disagree with the idea that men are completely unaffected by their past partners.
You are right.
Men are able to love, unlike women. That's how we are managed and end as we are, they use our weakness.

Yes, the world is screwed up, but to say that women caused it all is butthurt and ridiculous.

What have they done?

They got freedom, universal suffrage, ability to work, to print books, magazines, to open blogs, to drive, they can do everything they couldn't...What have they achieved? How have they helped us, and humanity in general?
What have we learned? How have we benefited? What have we won? What are the results of finally hearing and allowing "our other half" all the rights? One would expect a lot of sudden innovations and benefits...If they really were intelligent beings enslaved, their sudden release would open new possibilities, discoveries, technologies, ways of thinking...where are they?
The world has never been worse!

Do kids have freedom? No. Is that bad? No. They obey their father until they get old enough. Is it fair? Yes, relatively speaking, this world is not fair, there is pain, fear, death, poverty, suffering...blame god the creator!

Isn't it unfair that I can't pilot a Boeing 737? No. Because I'm not able or ready for it. It's better if I don't. So with women. They shouldn't vote, or have a voice, that's for men.
And the world knew that in the XVIII and XIX century, it's not something new, it's common sense, it's logic.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Incest
« on: June 23, 2012, 04:31:23 PM »
It's the aristocrats who inbred
A link to the system of liars who destroy our life, just like that, believing it's "fair" and "neutral" information instead of propaganda.

What's the message of that article?

That race-mixing and multi-culturalism is good, that keeping your own blood and staying with your own race is "evil" and will cause "genetic defects"...

When in fact it's the opposite, civilizations fall because of race-mixing.

Imagine a car wining a race, if you change your supply, and get a different type of oil or energy, your ability to continue at the same speed can't be guaranteed, it may changed, it will change...

And the problem of South and Central America is not race, but politics, the so called "native" races there (which aren't that native really...but just colonizing from the other side, from Asia instead of Europe) aren't  fully "white" you could say, but have another talents, like respect for authority, traditions, a certain conservatism, they just need good rulers, if they are shown a good directions they can be great. And they are not violent or atheist, they are very spiritual, and pro-family. Of course, over generalization is incorrect, with so many races, but they are not a problem or the problem, in the US the problem is the elite, the AIPAC, the lobby, Colombia or Mexico doesn't rule congress, Israel does.
It's not mexican blood ruling the Senate, but anglo-Jewish Rotschild blood, spread, inserted in all the nobility...
And if you read Caesar and Roman Historians on Britain, you will see how a certain external, foreign group of rulers, druids were completely in charge and above the nobility, and in the XIX you will see how Jews legalized themselves and entered as "pure-blooded" aryans, whites as the stupid blind British/American racialist would say...

Jews are not human beings, they are ants, part of a collective mindset, they don't have sovereign independent lives, they say that themselves, they are "God's chosen" to rule over Earth, it's printed in the Bible, the Talmud, the Torah, the Koran...

They called us goyim, saying we are not "pure", what they are saying is that we have free will and spirit, unlike them, who are only mud and soul, all given by their God, therefore slaves, we have Spirit and free will and can disobey and think for ourselves, and that is evil for them, we don't follow, we don't obey their plans...

I don't hate them, because they are slaves, they don't have choice, they are robots, I could hate a traitor from my race, but not a robot like them.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Incest
« on: June 23, 2012, 04:03:19 PM »
I think he said he's from Spain... the ones who came to the Americas are srsly inbred. I guess it's a weird cultural thing.
I've never understood how an historically feared nation (the Spanish) managed to give rise to so many descendants that show none of the qualities required to run great economies and industrial nations. I'm gonna go on a google and find out what separates Hispanics from Spanish people. Being European I don't know much about Hispanics other than everyone else thinks they are lazy. I'll report back.
There are two types of Empires and two great worldviews or weltanschaungs, the Spanish Empire Type or Continental, or Russian (pre 1917), or NS German (33-45).
It's the Roman Empire too (whatever that was, all history previous to 1860 is probably fake).

And the British, Mercantilist, Capitalist, Soviet, exploitative way.

That is, the Spiritual-Independent-Autarchic and the Materialistic-Stock-Paper-Numeral (NWO).

The British speak another language, they live in a trully Orwellian world.

You can go right now to or google books or any old library and get randomly any, let's say XVIII century book on Spanish America, viewed by a son of Britania.

You will have to translate British Orwellian Language to Christian.

They will say; "Spanish America doesn't export...therefore, they are lazy...." In truth... Spanish Rulers don't exploit natives like slaves or don't use their provinces for economical gain but to increase the life quality and help other people advance spiritually and gain a better life.

Yanks and British see only money, Spaniards, and Romans, and Russians, and Germans (before their recent allied genocide) see with different eyes, they don't think like jews in terms of benefits and exploiting.

You can see native americans in TV, half the Presidents of South America are native-americans...How many presidents of US States are natives? Zero, they were wiped out, in a genocide, the real Gold Rush was in US California, not in Spain.

Spain never got rich with America, where are the Spanish banks with all that Gold?

Which Spanish Banks were founded with all the Silver and Gold taken from America? Where are they? They never were... The objetive wasn't gold or silver or benefits.

But you can see the history of the city of London, the names of the bigger banks of the US, MORGAN, like the pirates, they don't even hide it !

You don't understand? That's because you don't try to.

Who is going to tell you the truth? You will have to fight for it, and the books won't be in English, but in Spanish, you will have to learn....

But I can give you an starting point, check Historic Doubts about Napoleon Buonaparte, and Historic certainties on will see the great lie of Fernando VII as "kidnapped"...You will start to see how all history is FALSE, how the British masonic lodges arranged a soviet style rebellion with imported mercenaries against the legitimate ruler of Spain (allied with France).
It's the most absurd story ever told...if you still believe in the existence of Napoleon as officially told, you won't understand history...After that, Europe fall to the mercantilist lifestyle imposed from Britain, banks as usurious third parties, "necessary" for "economic" life, and all the rest, universal suffrage came later, and damaging the family by feminism, of course, feminism started in Britain and the US...Where else!

Why aren't the Spanish good at stealing and faking numbers in the big corporate scam-game?

Because we don't care for that? Because we lost? Against the British-lead NWO? And since then Spain is highly infiltrated and controlled so it can't raise back again?

Check Portugal, Portuguese is more similar to Spanish Castillian than Basque or Catalan for example, Spain has several dialects, but Portugal still remains an "independent" country...why? Spain lives well with Catalan, Basque and others... it shouldn't be a problem to integrate another similar dialect...why?
Portugal is a British colony, an ally, a 5th column.

Modern Independent movement in Spain are financed from outside, to weaken the country, so the fight is internal and energies are wasted inside...

The 8 centuries of Arab dominion are a lie, it was just the more fair Old Order, pre-islamic, as Islam didn't exist formally then. The same in Russia and all over Europe.

Printing press didn't reach the Ottoman Empire until the half of the XVIII...weird? No, just a failure in their program of faking history. After their victory, their Masonic left-behind burned all previous documents and organize modern schooling, modern "Historical Societies" and Central banks, so countries would cease to exist as sovereign entities and depend on Rotschild money to operate, the Fleet would ensure the rest, and blackmail would help. And "revolutions" could always be arranged, who controls the press? He who controls the seas, all of them, physical seas, and seas of information, they go together nicely, as cables were cut in the World Wars.

You should study the history of the US, there was no US at least before Lincoln, all the nice paintings you will see, are the viceroys, the governors of the foreign power, that after independence were re-arranged as "presidents", with a fake, fake "war of independence" with a non-existent Washington...

And Britain is NOT part of Europe, it's and island, and a different mentality, worked over centuries by druids and jews, stupid troops for the "Empire", youngster dying for "The Queen", that is, for fat rich Jews and their stock options. In part they moved to their colony, the US, when they become afraid of the entity behind Napoleon, and again in the XX when they cry of fear of being detained and judged by the European Justice System (Gestapo, the first real Police that went after FreeMasons and traitors instead of serving them).

And to "run" a nation you need one thing only, BLOOD, that is, FAITH, STRENGTH, to give HOPE to your people, to bring them back to life, to awake them, to get them back from hibernation.
Not laws or systems or ideologies, people will work if they believe in a common project, they will sacrifice if they have an IDEAL.
That's why a man with an IDEAL is worth 10 sleeping men, as shown in the Eastern Front in the War.

Now, back to topic, Thork, you know little of the Arab/Muslim World, which spawned from Indonesia, to China, to Morocco to Siberia.. They are HAPPY,  the young whores of NY who have money, cars, and plasma tv are sad, and empty. A young girl of the Caucasus or Belarus will be happy with a man and stick to him forever, she won't have an iphone, but will have A SOUL, and decency, she will think about her husband, not her vagina or her little dog or her shoes. They laugh at you, at the West.
In Spain people are going back to the rural life, to the town, mayors put messages asking for settlers and hundreds answer, give me land and some rocks and we will move, all our family and leave this ugly city.

You consider incest wrong...well.. go make a survey to young men, 20-28 years, ask them if they are happy, if they have a partner, what their view of women is, what their past experiences are...

If "sexual freedom" and "choosing" partners is so good....Why the fuck doesn't it work? Why so many divorces and so many previous partners?

How can you go against arranged marriages with a system that makes whores with 20 ex of women before they "settle" with 30 years and bring kids with genetic defects because they are too old to be mothers? They were whoring and now it's too late and kids will be wrongly made, by a mixture of chemicals that calls itself "woman", that will hire a foreigner to "take care" of the baby while she is "at work"...Harems may not be the best system, but it's way better than this.

And yes, I want women at home, doors sealed, and only going out to the streets with men. They are EVIL, and DANGEROUS, and specially, STUPID, they don't think, they don't have enough willpower and resistance to think by themselves, they are cannon fodder, they are used, they will be subdued by propaganda, they are the weakest link in a community/nation/state.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Incest
« on: June 23, 2012, 01:57:11 PM »
Densoro, you forgot HEALTH, sexual diseases...

Incest, in the sense of arranged marriages mean being virgin and having only one partner in all your life...that is HEALTH, no diseases...and no psychic problems...

Read the great Edward Leedskalnin, one of the best scientist of the XX century... he was women-wise too, read this, it's short.

Every partner a woman has influence her forever, she changes to adapt to him, a women with ¨history" is damaged, her mind, her psyche will be damaged.

You should study the romantic epoch, how it changed the European mind, we are not supposed to love, it's a myth, an error, humans can not love, read Gurdjieff too, or Ouspensky Fragments of him...

Nut? Do you know the world you live in? Go turn on a tv, go buy a newspaper, go to the streets at night at weekend, go to see the "justice¨ system...

Marrying between families, arranged families is what has protected deep Eurasia (specially the middle East and Muslim countries, and Russian influenced zones too, to a smaller degree) from becoming crazy like the Western World.

You don't know the damage that "liberation" of women has caused... It's even worse than public schooling...

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Falkand Islands
« on: June 23, 2012, 12:46:20 PM »
How would you feel if Spain had succeeded in breaking the United Kingdom in two dozens "independent"* republics and still kept islands in front of Britain?

"Oh...but the colonist in Falkands want to..."... Sure, the descendants of the Spanish Armada could have installed themselves in some uninhabited islands and they would want to remain Spaniards...even if they are in front of Britain, are a threat and a military base....

* Absolutely all "revolutionary" "leaders" were bribed by London, went to London and even arrived to South American in British Ships. The first "independent" governments signed "free trade" agreements with Britain, selling and buying only to and through Britain.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Incest
« on: June 23, 2012, 12:40:07 PM »
About genetic "problems".

Even if true, there are aspects in human life, like emotions, safety, psychological stability, good development...
So, in the worst case scenario, assuming your accusations that some kids would be defective, that could be an acceptable price, if society were happier, they could be killed and be done with it. And...

The real truth you HIDE, is that we all are carrying genetic defects, and ONLY through incest will they manifest, so, incest is the best defense.

Do you prefer to live forever in darkness, unaware of your wrong genetics, and spreading it forever like a sleeping virus?

Incest, close family joining genes will force the real genetics to show itself, and humanity will become stronger, the weak will have wrong kids and stop reproducing, the future will be brighter. Less idiots, less dumbs, less unables.

Incest is A MUST, A DUTY.

On moral, ethical and social aspects...

Who knows you better than your sister?

Isn't it the LOGICAL continuation? Why should you separate when you become adults? It's absurd. You should join even stronger, and with all you know about each other, there won't be surprises, or secrets or "political family of my wife I hate...".... no need to "ask her father"... no years and years of your life wasted after girls... now uncertain future, no danger of "oh, what will happen to me! What if I don't find... or end alone..."

Do you realize how many years are WASTED in search of a "love" that DOES NOT EXIST?

If you had been certain that your future was decided and safe, you could have spend dozens of years learning, working, being happy, becoming a good person, a wise person, saving.

Incest, and arranged marriages are A GIFT.

It's the venom spread from Paris, London and Jew York (later Jollywood) that is the problem.

A dozen years wasted, after WHORES, who are IDIOTS, who can LEAVE you whenever they want and GET YOUR MONEY.
Idiots who have been raised with Disney femi-marxist propaganda.

And I'm being too good.... I didn't enter into the question of Harems as the Old World...

/// Who said incest is "wrong" ?

How can it be wrong?

How can it be better to go with an stranger? How can my family be happier if I go with an unknown person, a total stranger? How better to assure family property, blood, race and knowledge is passed by and continued that inbreeding?

I can accept a circle of few families that know each other, but "free" choosing? Hell no...

And women shouldn't be allowed to work, or to go alone in the streets, they are the problem, better said, they have been used against us.

Consumerism and capitalism was possible only after women had been poisoned with false "freedom", stupid magazines, waste of billions in shoes, purses and cats is their result.
But worse of all pacifism, and allowing women into men's debates.

Women are used, they are weak, and our enemies used them against us, they have no brains, they are not like us, it's a weakness, we imagine they are "our partners", our other half...they are not...they are evil and stupid, the best they can do, is to stay silent and at home.

Incest is also a way to reduce the power of women, through sex, promises and temptation women acquire power over superior men, that should end.

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: New member - Questions
« on: June 10, 2012, 03:57:37 PM »
Astronomical observation: Sun has a 10 ˚ gap in azimuth

30 May, this year, 2012, Moscow

Original in the Earth Chronicles (Text in Russian)

(Translation with Google)

About Spain, here are personal observations, not on paper, but in general I don't trust much the official data.

They got wrong even the last eclipse for one hour, one hour...after so much babbling!

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: New member - Questions
« on: June 10, 2012, 12:41:34 PM »
What are you rambling about?

You use Stellarium data as proof...You have no right to speak of geometry or logic...

They have Sun's altitude 10 degrees wrong on Moscow...on Moscow... not on some forgotten land....and more in Spain.

Go back to trolling campus.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Multiculturalism
« on: June 10, 2012, 12:34:59 PM »
You are an idiot.

Do you waste bandwitch and people's time for that comment? Is that your intellectual limit? Are your neurons damaged by mixing wine and beer?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: One Reason to be an Atheist
« on: June 10, 2012, 12:32:14 PM »
There is not one physical piece of evidence that a God exists.

Religion- 0

That a GOOD God exists here. But there is plenty of proof of EVIL. See death, illness, suffering, cycle of killing in nature, lies, politics, eating and defecating, a weak body, constant fear of pain...

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Meat is Murder!
« on: June 10, 2012, 12:28:22 PM »
There is no evolution in that sense.

Plants don't evolve, they don't change. All that a plant will be is in it's seed. It won't change by itself.

Have you ever seen evolution in plans or animals? No, they are fixed, done, they won't change.

We mastered husbandry centuries ago...have we seen evolution? No.

Yes... but it needs millions of galaxies and the distant planets... no proof, but they know it must be so...

You can mix seeds, as is done with some fruits, you can mate lions and tigers in some conditions, but that's not evolution.

Plants, fungi, they grow and die, in an eternal cycle, but they don't evolve. It's the same type of tree, the sun may be higher, more distant, the river may be closer, but the tree itself will be the same.
Survival of the fittest doesn't mean evolution or change, only that some species may disappear, but nothing will be new or created.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Multiculturalism
« on: June 10, 2012, 12:19:20 PM »
Is it good or bad?

Do you mix wine and beer? Is Multi-beveragism good or bad?

Is Multi-culturalism democratic and spontaneous?
Is it universal over all cultures or countries?

Or is it only against Europe without a referendum or demonstrations of millions in the street asking for foreigners?

Multi-culturalism is ILLEGAL, you bring an animal to Australia, and you will end in JAIL, for bringing something dangerous without permission to a new ambient, it's not ready, not built for the ecosystem there.

Who should live in Europe, with European Laws? What about Europeans? They have been living there, they have created their own laws and systems. It's their society, their result, they built it and they know how to keep it.

If you change all Europeans with blacks from Africa what will happen? Building will fall, electricity will go out, laws will not work, a military state will be needed (they understand raw force, not poetry or honor or knightly manners).

You are FREE to leave Europe for Africa, you like this cultures, go see them, but you have no right to bring foreigners who don't fit, who don't respect or understand the laws and the traditions.

It's treason. It's opening the gates at night to the enemy, unfortunately we don't have wall around the cities anymore, but we should....

And you are betraying your blood, all your family and your ancestors, and damaging the chances of your kids, if you marry to a lower race instead of your own, your kids will have less chance of success in life, you can't do that to them, you should give them the same chances you have.
It speaks volumes that for a mere sexual attraction of pleasure you destroy the hopes and intellect of your own kind.
You were given a blood, genes, passed by for generations, you can't mix and poison them, they keep them intact carefully for centuries...and you want to end it because you get horny? It that what you are, an animal in mating season? Or a human being?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Meat is Murder!
« on: June 10, 2012, 12:04:06 PM »
Can anyone give me a non-religious reason for eating animals?
Why don't you go farther? To the logical conclusion.

They put you here in a place where you have to kill to survive.

Imagine gladiators in Rome, they forced them to kill each other to eat, for fun. That's our world, that's Nature, that's the great sadistic creation we live in and millions of idiots adore, and consider great and "perfect".

It's not my fault I'm here. Blame the One up there... Not those who eat animals, they didn't create or choose this...

Yes, eating plats damages less. But with respect to animals:

Hunting is way better and more noble and honest, the prey knows it's a prey, lives free all his life, always careful, until bang, it dies. Fast and painless, no treason, just a fair battle, well, almost fair, no lies or tricks.

But keeping herds of sheep, loving them, feeding them, and suddenly cutting their heads... seems treason and Machiavellian to me. It's disgusting, no honor.

And if you add industrial jails with vaccines and Jews with stocks options torturing animals for a few cents more...Well, I would never dare to criticize a hunter who lives in the woods.

And murder is not the question, it's the SUFFERING, the years of living in a cage for usury, it's the poison given to the poor creatures to become like hulk and grow faster, full of water and toxins so it weights more...

Why is it so concentrated in the USA?

The same reasons the US has so many religious sects, it was a massive new country, impossible to control.

The American Dream wasn't about money, it was freedom from religious persecution in Europe, and the tight control of the already formed strong governments.

The US still keeps homeschooling and a sense of self-reliance, it's less city based, except for the ugly coast.

And fighting the British and the Vatican influence may have helped, Modern Astronomy spread from these two centers.

And I'm Spaniard by the way.

Flat Earth General / Re: church
« on: June 10, 2012, 11:36:06 AM »
Why would one of the largest most powerful governing forces in the world that supports a flat earth allow a round earth conspiracy to exist.
Church loves Creation.

The Bigger and mightier the Creation, the better the God.

Which is a bigger, stronger God, one who created just one small flat earth covered with a few blinking dots, or one who created trillions of Galaxies?

What has the Vatican constructed? Cathedrals. How are the Cathedrals? Tall, big, massive. Why? To force you small in comparison to the work of God. You=small, 2 meters. Cathedral, House of God (and it's representatives) 50 meter high.

Who were the enemies of the Church? So called heretics, pagans and specially Manicheans, cathars, bogomils, and so on...
What did they say? That this all, the world, Earth, all matter was evil, and this was hell. That the real world was spiritual and beyond the stars, that this was a bubble of matter of a small demon, Yahweh.

So, if the Church accepts or invents an almost infinite world...the problem ends, the world of God is infinite with trillions of galaxies.

The next generations, instead of asking, what's that blinking dot, what's behind it, they will be sons of Modern Astronomy, there is a even bigger creation of God, a whole pack of galaxies with thousands of Suns and Planets...and maybe even other creatures (this helps modern multiculturalism, race mixing....)

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: New member - Questions
« on: June 10, 2012, 11:23:57 AM »
Why? You can't see benefits?

The world, the Universe, is a sphere, a bubble.
But the Earth is flat.

It's obvious they all talk of the celestial dome, the celestial sphere, where the stars are...until they realized the benefits, or their power enabled them, to impose the spherical lie, the worst revolution ever, no benefits at all, no better flying, no better transports, no better energy, nothing, a "complete" change of worldview...for no gain!


1. To hide the past, to insult the past, in the past people were dumb and thought the earth was flat, don't look at them, don't read them, look at the bright future, always the future...

2. To make you appear smaller. An ant, a nothing compared to the massive cosmos.... if you are small, a nothingness, you won't raise questions, doubts or even imagine disobeying.

It's basic psychology... POWER...

And other obvious energetic, geographical, military reasons (only those who know it's flat will be able to really control space and have the upper military hand, the rest will waste billions on a wrong theory).

It forces all humans to stop trusting their intuitions...because the simplest things, like how the sun does seem to technically wrong as we "all know", and you don't want to appear a dumb idiot and be corrected in front of the public do you?

So, you don't speak, you don't give your own opinion, but stick to the clergy/Academia, you listen and repeat what Harvard, Oxford, NASA says, and it won't matter how outrageously absurd it is, like billions of suns of massive size with planets they know to the small detail like their "weight"!

You will believe them, because there is nothing else, you say the sun does move and the earth does look flat, and they will crucify you, laugh at you, fire you from the university....and there is no alternative, no independent astronomical observatories.

No University has ever gone against NASA, no country has ever spoken against the obvious hoax of the moon landing, they keep defending it, all of them, there are no countries, but a world government using psychic tricks like this one of the spherical Earth, moving in lots of movements and rotations like a whore.
It's stupid, but it has been repeated enough times to reach a critical mass, you can convince the world of anything, as long as you have the resources and the time to repeat it, before a child is born, he would have listened to dozens of space movies, of spherical earth "weather forecasts", Why does a weather forecast in Kentucky need a spherical Earth?
Do the winds obey speeds of rotation of the Earth? No, they go incredible slow, nothing in comparison. Are the winds stronger on the equator? No.

On a deeper existential aspect, a vast massive world with suns, galaxies and all the pack gives you the impression that there is nothing out there, beyond the stars, that you belong here, that Earth is not a prison where you look with sadness and curiosity to the blinking dots called don't question anymore...what's beyond that? Didn't our ancestors said we came from beyond the stars? Do we belong here?
NASA has taken that from you, beyond the stars, is this again, more planets, more suns, and so ad infinitum. It's false, but it helps them keep control and you here as sheep.

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