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In space you are either in or out of any shade. Light just travels straight in space. So you are either completely in the shade or not in the shade, i.e. in the light, when in space.

Ignoring of course the entire galaxy of stars shining light in every direction.

The famous L2 point in space is always in the shade of the Earth blocking the Sun behind.
So the JWST at L2 will be in the shade of the Earth when looking at the end of the Universe far away. But I have never understood why I have to go to point L2 to find out. I just look out of my window on Earth to study the end of the Universe above me. Of course today it is cloudy between me and the end of the Universe, but it will clear up.

Ignoring, again, that the JWST is not located at L2, but in a halo orbit around L2, and is not in Earth's shadow.  JWST is orbiting the L2 point so that the Sun, Earth and Moon are always within a small angular distance if each other behind the telescope's field if view.

I'm having a vision of a lonely optometrist out there at L2 going "Is it better or worse? Better or worse?"

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Learn more ......................
« on: January 24, 2022, 10:49:47 AM »
Jews are now away from cleanliness because of their illegal rituals

Nope.  Jews are 'unclean' because of the loss of the ability to perform the Red Heifer atonement ritual.  Mikvot are still used to remove contact with bodily fluids.  I see no way that can be less effective that rinsing your hand, feet and head with water (or dirt or sand if water is unavailable.)

Meh, we can all go look out Heiwa's window instead.

My mistake.  The fact stands, however, that fusion has been achieved.

Hm, nobody has been able start fusion on Earth ever!

If you ignore Tokomak, ITER, JET, and of course the fact that amateur physicians are able to use homemade inertial electrostatic confinement devices to achieve fusion.

But sure, nobody has ever been able to initiate fusion.


The Black Holes are not visible.

Indeed. However, a black hole's affect on surrounding matter and light is.

The universe has no end so the end is not visible.

It's a good job the JWST isn't looking for the edge of the Universe.  It will observe the earliest, most distant galaxies and stars within the observable Universe. 

But nobody can explain how the light and heat are created.

Nuclear fusion - a mechanism well explained, and experimentally proven. 

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Learn more ......................
« on: January 21, 2022, 01:47:52 AM »
And even then it's plagiarism.


Actually, first best would be JWST way out in L2.

Why in the world would mountain top telescopes be better than ones in LEO outside of our atmosphere?  ???

Because a mountain top telescope is the only one that allows him to maintain a geocentric reference frame.  Any other reference frame and his nonsense becomes apparent.

Sitting at a telescope on a rotating Earth or just, like me, looking out of the window, I can see the whole Universe. Or actually not. The Universe has no end. It is endless.
Except that, as has been pointed out many times, a terrestrial telescope cannot view the Universe in infrared, and as almost all of the observable Universe has been red-shifted into the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, you are unable to see almost all of the observable Universe.

It's filed under /dev/null.

The result of spreading bullshit as fact.

Czech folk singer dies after deliberately contracting Covid - The Guardian

A Czech folk singer died after she deliberately contracted Covid to obtain a health pass that would have allowed her to visit venues blocked to those without proof of vaccination or recent recovery from an infection, her family has said.

Hana Horka, 57, who was the vocalist for the band Asonance, died on Sunday, according to her son Jan Rek. She had voluntarily exposed herself to the virus when her husband and son, both vaccinated, caught it before Christmas, Rek told public radio

“She decided to continue to live normally with us and preferred to catch the disease than to get vaccinated,” he said on Monday.

Two days before her death, Horka posted on social media: “I survived … It was intense. So now there will be the theatre, sauna, a concert … and an urgent trip to the sea.”

Proof of vaccination or a recent infection is required to access cultural and sports facilities as well as for travel and for visiting bars and restaurants in the EU member state, which is facing a soaring Covid count.

Rek blamed the death on a local anti-vax movement, saying its leaders had convinced his mother against vaccination and thus had “blood on their hands”.

“I know exactly who influenced her … It makes me sad that she believed strangers more than her proper family,” Rek said.

“It wasn’t just total disinformation but also views on natural immunity and antibodies acquired through infection,” he added.

Haven't you heard of the BIG BANG 14 billion years ago when the UNIVERSE came about from nothing?

That is what you say science teaches, but that is not true.

Ex nihilo creation is a religious concept, not a scientific one.

The current prevailing model says that the physical universe we observe today emerged from the condensation of matter from energy, due to symmetry breaking of the unified fundamental forces.  This happened after cosmic inflation - the moment called Big Bang. In other words the energy that formed matter already existed, and was contained with the singularity that preceded the Big Bang.

However, unlike yourself who claim to be able to know the true nature of the universe simply by observation from your window, scientists don't claim this to be fact. They present it as the model that best explains what you see out your window, freely admitting that at as a model, it may be wrong. Indeed not all scientists agree with the prevailing ΛCDM model.

That's the thing though, science is the  unending search for knowledge and understanding.  It isn't then end result but the process.  Things that are believed to be well understood can be flipped on their head by later discoveries, and better, deeper understanding.

But you go ahead and make up crap that you claim science says is fact, as it's a great way to highlight your own ignorance.

Yes, I am old and crazy and consider the JWST a stupid joke/hoax to orbit nothing at the L2 point to watch the origins of the Universe somewhere. I do the same thing just looking out of my office window and I see a lot of things but no origin of the Universe. Why go to L2 when you can do the same thing from home?

Infrared light is blocked by the Earth's atmosphere, so no matter how long you look or what instruments you use, you will be unable to observe the universe in that band of the electromagnetic spectrum.

But sure, you carry on looking out your window, restricting your view, as that allows you to ignore reality and construct your own fantasies.

Considering the ease with which I have written email filters, I would assume that the NASA admins would be able to do similar.

I can well imagine the contents of Heiwa's email having spent some time reading the the HeyWacko, apologies -  heiwaco, site.  Fake, joke, fantasy and other such terms are likely to appear in the email, and any of those would result in it being filed in the bin.


I think I'm on your ignore list, anyways.

Not necessarily.

So I may be talking out my ass here (drink 'n' weed does that), but as I understand it, it may be along the same lines as Judaism.

Under halakha, when something lo kasher (non kosher) is processed such that it becomes unfit for human consumption, then it can be considered as kasher.  Pork products are lo kasher for food, but pigskin leather is generally acceptable for things such as shoes (though would still be unacceptable for liturgical use, such as for a sefer.)

I believe, but may be wrong, that it is similar in Islam.  Pigskin shoes are accepted, but would probably be removed for prayer.

Also, under Jewish law pikuach nefesh (sanctity of life) would take precidence.  Any Jewish law (except murder, incest or idolatry, but specifically including kasher laws) can be set aside in the preservation of life, so a Jew shouldn't have a problem if it were considered a medical necessity.

I would have to defer to a Muslim for the Islamic understanding of this though.

Two suns?

Any evidence of a second Sun, or of either dome?

Yeah, two pages of argument from incredulity, replete with misunderstanding and ad hoc explanations.

For those who would rather not read, a paraphrased sample of the page's reasoning: I don't understand complex ideas so they must be lies, freeing me up to claim anything I like.

Aha, there are people here that surmise things, i.e, guess. I never do it.

That is exactly what you do. You look out your window, observe the sky, suppose that the Universe rotates around the Earth, and provide no proof other than you can see it. You also surmise that the JWST is a joke, again providing no proof, except incredulity.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Zeno's paradox
« on: January 12, 2022, 01:46:26 AM »
Assuming that the trekker's speed is constant throughout, and letting the total distance travelled be a unit length, the amount of time taken getting from 0 to 0.5 must be the same as the time taken from 0.5 to 1.

Travelling at a speed of 1 unit per second, the time taken to travel the full length of 1 unit is 1 second. 

If we divide the distance in two, the time taken for the first half is 1/2 a second, and for the other half also 1/2 a second.  The total time taken is 1/2 +1/2, which equals 1.

If we then divide the second half into two parts, each part must take 1/4 of a second. We now have 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/4, which again equals 1.

No matter how we divide up the total distance, assuming a constant speed, the time taken to travel the distance remains the same.

You are counting the number of steps which equals infinity, and not the distance travelled.  As I have shown, diving the distance into as many steps as you like does not affect either the distance travelled or the time taken.

You are essentially saying 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 ... = infinity.  I am showing that 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 ... = 1.


Heiwas not in prison. He's in an old fogies home and he's got the staring window to keep him occupied
Here in the UK that window has likely  been bricked up and replaced with a staring billboard to raise funds for the home.

Maybe it's this forum and the number of dummies that get spat out here, I feel I should point out (the fact that Shifter was joking notwithstanding) that I at no point implied Heiwa is in prison, only that I would be if I used Heiwa's logic as legal defence.

That said, I had surmised that Haiwa is a hermit, and by window they mean cave entrance.

Well, you had to copy and paste your explanation of halo orbits, so your knowledge of them seems a joke.

Care to furnish some proof that halo orbits and the JWST are a joke? Proof, mind you, not just incredulity or your limited view from a window.

As I say, I just look out from my window on Earth to daily watch the Solar system and the Universe and don't need a JWST orbiting at L2 to do the same thing for me. I think my observations are valid proof that the Sun orbits planet Earth. The JWST cannot even see the Sun from L2 as Earth hides the view.

Ahh, wilful ignorance is your proof.

I can look out my window and see some buildings across the way. From my perspective all the buildings look like 2D squares.  By your reasoning, that is valid proof that 3D buildings do not exist, and are in fact 2D squares.

Actually, this could be really useful.  I'll speed down a motorway at 120mph, and when caught, my defence will be "when I looked out my window, I could see I was doing 70mph, and I think that's valid proof." 

I wonder what I would see through a prison window.

Well, you had to copy and paste your explanation of halo orbits, so your knowledge of them seems a joke.

Care to furnish some proof that halo orbits and the JWST are a joke? Proof, mind you, not just incredulity or your limited view from a window.


Based on observations from my window the Sun and the Solar system and the complete Universe orbits around Earth, i.e. Earth is the center of the Universe. The forces and energies involved to keep it in balance are unclear. It seems planeet Earth is fixed in Universe and doesn't move at all. Everything else moves around Earth.
I have not been able to find any verified info about the mass of planet Earth. It seems planet Earth consists of a thin crust mostly covered by water for fish and ships. What is below the crust is unclear. Magma and lava? Yes, now and then there is a crack in the crust and magma and lava flow up, but what does it prove? Earth is hot magma? Nobody knows. And NESA sends the JWST to L2 to find out. What a joke!

1. You, and your window, still are not the centre of the Universe.

2. Magma, not lava, within the Earth.  Lava, not magma, once erupted.  If you can't even get that right...

3. JWST is heading to L2 to observe the far reaches of the Universe, not to determine the mass and composition of the Earth. That is already known.

I agree. You have to get the mass of the Sun right and find out what it orbits around - planet Mars? But from my windows I see every morning the Sun rises above the distant horizon (of the Earth) and it is only possible if planet Earth rotates around its poles at the center of the Solar system and the Universe.

The entire universe does not see from your window - only you.

A hypothetical being on a far distant planet would have a similar view and could reach a similar conclusion.  Indeed any being on any rotation sphere could draw the same conclusion. 

As there is no way to determine who is correct, other than claiming a privileged view, each must have equal validity.  Therefore, every being on a rotating sphere could consider themselves the centre of the Universe.

This is clearly an absurd situation - each being claiming they are the centre.

The resolution to the absurdity is simple: there is no privileged view, and there is no centre.  Science, which does not limit itself to one view, readily accepts this.  It works to create a coherent, consistent framework that every observer can agree on no matter their personal viewpoint.

Maybe spend less time staring out your window, and more time broadening your mental horizons? It may lead you to realise that you, and the view out your window, are not the centre of the Universe.

By Heiwa's logic, Jupiter orbits the Earth too ::)
Yes. The Earth is the center of the Universe. Just prove me wrong.

The grand sum of human knowledge has already proven you wrong. The onus is on you to prove science wrong.


I dont think it would 'fall' anywhere because if its moving at the same speed Earth is, it's around 30km/s. It cant 'fall' to the sun unless it first counteracts that speed first entirely (which is why its hard to get any probe to the sun but easy to get a probe to leave the solar system as all you need is Earths escape velocity). My guess is that it will continue to orbit the sun, but in an unstable fashion. I would just hope it's not utterly useless and a piece of junk at that point

That makes sense.  I think I just assumed it would slow due to interaction with the solar wind. My understanding of orbital mechanics needs attention.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Zeno's paradox
« on: January 10, 2022, 10:12:27 AM »

D=1=1=D ----------- RIGHT?

----------- RIGHT?  no,  8===D
d= infinity, not D


Let D be the total unit length (1) that has to be covered and at any moment, d is the distance covered as required by the sequence of Zeno.

 d = 1/2 +1/4 + 1/8 ….

Add 1 to LHS and RHS, at any moment t

1+ d = 1+ 1/2 +1/4 + 1/8 ….

1+ d = 1+ d (Here d = infinity)

As d cancels out therefore

1=1 which is equal = D=1

You seem to be working under the assumption that

 d = 1/2 +1/4 + 1/8 ….

is equal to infinity, as you say:
1+ d = 1+ 1/2 +1/4 + 1/8 ….

1+ d = 1+ d (Here d = infinity)

This is incorrect, as d = 1:


I'm curious why when this telescope runs out of fuel that it becomes a write off. Like I get that the L2 point is great and optimal but when it runs out of fuel, just face it so the sun shield is protecting it and let it go do its thing.... It's space. Whats the worst that could happen?

If it is doing amazing work I hope they future proofed a way to refuel it. Just send another space craft with the means to power/fuel it. Would sure be a lot cheaper and less risky than building a whole new telescope....

As the L2 point is unstable, once it looses the ability to maintain it's orbit it will fall towards the Sun (I assume, and may be wrong, in which case it would fall to Earth). 

As far as I understand, the distance, orbit, and complexity of the telescope make refuelling impossible.

Yes, when the JWST orbits Earth at the L2 point at high altitude, it cannot see the Sun because planet Earth is in the way all the time. It means that the JWST cannot study the Sun from the L2 point. But the JWST can study planet Earth (in front of the Sun) from the L2 point all the time. To study the rest of the Universe and the Solar system, the JWST must just look in another direction.
Problem remains to orbit planet Earth at the L2 point, i.e. to maintain speed and direction in the orbit (around Earth) and to maintain altitude (above Earth). I still haven't figured out how the JWST does it without some steering system. According the NESA clowns the JWST is never at the L2 point! Instead it orbits the L2 point, but how it is done is religious magic!

The Earth-Sun L2 point is way beyond the orbit of the Moon.  At any given time, the Sun, Earth and Moon are all at the the same point from the JWST's view. 

The telescope does not orbit the Earth at the L2 point, it orbits the Sun.

It is orbit around the Sun, and in a halo orbit around the L2 point at the same time.  It is called a Lissajous orbit.  It is an unstable orbit, and as such the telescope is equipped with the means to adjust itself and maintain the correct orbit.

No magic involved.

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