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« on: January 24, 2022, 11:54:15 PM »

Like Christians, Muslims believe that life here is only a preparatory test for the existence of the hereafter. For every single person, this life is an ordeal for the life that awaits him after his death. A day will come when the whole universe will be destroyed and the dead will be resurrected to be judged by God. That day will be the beginning of a life that will never end.

This day is the day of judgment where all people will be rewarded by God according to their beliefs and actions. Those who die while believing that

  "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah." and that Muslims will be rewarded on that day and will be admitted into Paradise,

Some people say, "I think Islam is a good religion, but if I converted to Islam, my family, friends, and other people would persecute me and make fun of me.

The answer to this is what God said in the Qur'an

(85) And whoever desires other than Islām as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.

After sending the Prophet Muhammad to call people to Islam, God does not allow people to join any religion other than Islam. God is our creator and our provider. He created everything on earth for us. All the graces and good things we enjoy come from him. So after all this, when someone refuses to believe in God, the Prophet Muhammad or Islam, it is true that he or she will be punished in the hereafter. In fact, the main purpose of our creation is to worship and obey God alone, as God said in the Qur'an (51:56).

This life we are living right now is very short. On the Day of Judgment, the unbelievers will believe that the life they lived on earth lasted only one day or part of a day, as God said.

Life in the afterlife is very real. It is not only a spiritual life, it is also a physical life. We will live in the hereafter with our soul and our bodies.

By comparing the world below with the hereafter, the Prophet Muhammad said: {The value of this world below in comparison to the next is like when you dip your finger in the sea and you take out: then see what you take out of it (from the sea) with your finger!} 1 The meaning of this hadith is that the value of this world compared to the hereafter is like a few drops of water compared to the whole sea.

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« on: January 24, 2022, 09:26:22 PM »

ISLAM, as we learn from the Quran and Hadith, is a religion of nature. Islam and nature being indeed each other’s counterparts. Nature loves cleanliness and abhors pollution: that is why this highly desirable feature of human existence—cleanliness—is one of the basic tenets of the Islamic faith.

What is the nature of the Islamic faith? It is to lead a life in total consonance with the will of God. And such a life can have its beginnings only in a condition of exemplary personal hygiene.

According to a Hadith, the keeping of oneself clean is one half of faith; this indicates the emphasis laid upon hygiene in Islamic practice. The cleanliness factor is thus a major segment of the very essence of Islam.

This is clearly in evidence at the appointed times of worship—the most sublime form of worship being salat (namaz) or prayer which is engaged in five times a day. Each time the hour of prayer arrives the first thing the good Muslim must do is perform his ablution. Ablution (wudu) entails the washing of all the exposed parts of the body. As a cleansing process, wudu is the equivalent of a half-bath. In this way, the devout Muslim takes a half-bath five times daily.

In the first phase of Islam, it was common practice for Muslims to take a bath daily before the fajr (dawn) prayers. Bathing thus, became a regular daily feature of every Muslim’s life.

The servant of Uthman, the third Caliph, tells of how the Caliph used unfailingly to take a bath once or twice daily. If Muslims have always attached great importance to cleanliness, it is because of the explicit commands on this subject in the Quran.

When the Quran began to be revealed, one of its signal injunctions was: “Cleanse your garments and keep away from all pollution.” (74: 4)

The cleanliness of clothes is a necessary concomitant of the purity of the body. Without that, the body is not one hundred per cent clean.

Indeed, as much stress is laid on cleanliness as on the avoidance of wearing showy apparel. In Islam, the devotee is required, ideally to worship in clothes which are simple, and above all, clean.

In the realm of spiritual development, one of the principal elements is purification through penitence. As the Quran says “God loves those who turn to Him in repentance and purify themselves.” (2: 222)

Just as repentance frees body and soul of worldly moral duress, so does water remove impurities from body and clothing. Islam accordingly, exhorts one to turn in remembrance to God, thus purifying the soul.

The mosque, the focal point of Islamic life, is called in a Hadith the “home of the pious people.”

As the Quran puts it: “There you shall find men who would keep pure. God loves those who purify themselves” (9: 108). We are asked, therefore, to clean the mosque, ridding it of noise and dust, just as Abraham and Ishmael were enjoined “to cleanse our House (the Kabah) for those who walk around it, who meditate in it, and who kneel and prostrate themselves.” (2: 125)

    Just as repentance frees body and soul of worldly moral duress, so does water remove impurities from body and clothing.

Following the examples of the sanitising of the mosque, Muslims are urged to keep their bodies pure by ablution and bathing, their clothes clean by regular washing and their houses and their surrounding spotless. These practices are incumbent upon every Muslim.

According to a Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad said, “God is pure and loves purity,” which means that cleanliness and purity are on the highest scale of cardinal virtues. What God loves is undoubtedly of supreme value. Every Muslim must, in consequence, lead a life marked by cleanliness and purity in order to earn the approval of his Creator.

see here

لماذا تستنجون بورق المرحاض وليس بالماء؟ - حوار منصور مع ملحدين
Why do you use toilet paper and not water? Mansour's dialogue with atheists

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« on: January 24, 2022, 10:27:48 AM »
Islam places great emphasis on cleanliness, in both its physical and spiritual aspects


Christian communities
  Not a bathing duty in the following cases
  The person is practicing intercourse
 The urine falls on his leg and thigh,, without use water,
But uses a wipes
The prayer is correct,

 they have no problem

Imagine the smell of their underwear


Jews are now away from cleanliness because of their illegal rituals

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« on: January 24, 2022, 08:46:11 AM »
Cleanliness - Islamic Morals and Manners youtube

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, shaving pubic hair, a delegate to the male and female and if so,

. Has been scientifically proven that this region accumulated sweat and secretions of the skin significantly and are prone to dirt contamination because of its proximity to the place of front and back passages. The neglect of shave pubic hair will help lead to hair abundance in this region and thus find germs and fungi fertile ground to grow it. This leads to infection of many chronic skin diseases. Thus, the process of removing hair from this area are cleared continuously,

Commitment to the teachings of the  Islam Indicates the direction in terms of sound natural instinct This is a proof of Islam to maintain cleanliness of internal and external to humans

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« on: January 23, 2022, 10:44:57 PM »
Surah Al-Anbiya, Ch. No. 21, V. No. 33… (Arabic)…. That it is Allah, who has created the nights and the day…. (Arabic)…. each one travelling in a orbit, with its own motion. It says that… The sun and the moon is travelling in a orbit… orbit means revolving – with its own motion means… rotating. ‘Yasbahun’ is an Arabic word, describing the motion of a moving body for a celestial body. It is rotating… it revolving and rotating

He created the heavens and the Earth with truth. He wraps the night around the day and wraps the day around the night, and has made the Sun and Moon subservient, each one running for a specified term. Is He not indeed the Almighty, the Endlessly Forgiving? ( Surat az-Zumar, 5)

In the above verse the movement of the Earth is described by the word “yukawwiru,” which comes from root verb “takwir,” meaning “to cover up a spherical body,” in the way that the rotation of the Earth gives rise to night and day, like the winding of a turban. In addition to the spherical shape of the Earth the word is also the most accurate expression of its movement around the Sun. Because of the Earth’s spherical shape and its movement around the Sun, the Sun always illuminates one side of the Earth while the other is in darkness. The side in shadow is shrouded by the darkness of night, to be replaced by the brightness of day when the Sun rises. The positions of the Sun and Earth are revealed as follows in Surah Ya Sin:

And the Sun runs to its resting place. That is the decree of the Almighty, the All-Knowing. And We have decreed set phases for the Moon, until it ends up looking like an old palm spathe. It is not for the Sun to overtake the Moon nor for the night to outstrip the day; each one is swimming in a sphere. (Surah Ya Sin, 38-40)

The movements of the Sun and Moon in verse 40 of Surah Ya Sin are described by the Arabic word "yasbahoona," meaning “flowing, passing or swimming.” This word refers to an action performed by someone on their own. Someone acting according to this verb continues to perform it alone, with no intervention from anyone else. The above verses may therefore be referring to the Sun’s independent movement in the universe, independent of any other celestial body. (Allah knows the truth.) It is impossible for us to see or follow the movement of the Sun with our own eyes. It is only possible to determine that movement using special technological equipment. As stated in verse 39 of Surah Ya Sin, in addition to rotating around its own axis once every 26 days, the Sun also moves through its own course.

The verse also reports that the Sun is not allowed to “overtake the Moon,” and the Qur’an thus states that the Sun and Moon do not revolve around the same body, as astronomers put it. At the same time, the verse makes it clear that there is no connection between the motion responsible for night and day and the movement of the Sun and Moon.

In Surah An-Nami, 27:88, Allah Almighty says (which means):

“And you see the mountains, you think them to be firmly fixed, but they are moving, the movement of the clouds. The doing of Allah, Who has perfected every single thing. Surely He is Well-Acquainted with what you are doing.”

So the mountains are described in this verse as moving with ‘the movement of the clouds.” This is obviously a reference to the Earth’s rotation, as the mountains may appear to be stationary, they actually moving as the Earth rotates.

see here
The Quran Mentions that the Sun Rotates about its Axis 1400 years ago - Dr Zakir Naik

FULL - Dr. Zakir Naik The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science vs Dr William Campbell

اسكت! _ مسلم عملاق يزلزل ثلاثة أشخاص ~ محمد حجاب ~ Speaker's corner

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« on: January 22, 2022, 07:15:22 AM »
Marriage in Islam

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« on: January 20, 2022, 02:40:46 PM »

botany at the time of Muhammad (S) was not advanced enough in any country for scientists to know that plants have both male and female parts.

in the Qur’an
“(God is the One who) sent down rain from the sky and with it brought forth a variety of plants in pairs.” Qur’an, 20:53
Today we know that fruit comes from plants that have sexual characteristics even when they come from unfertilized flowers, like bananas. In the chapter ar-Ra‘d we read the following:
“… and of all fruits (God) placed (on the earth) two pairs.” Qur’an, 13:3

In the field of physiology, there is one verse which appears extremely significant to me. One thousand years before the discovery of the blood circulatory system, and roughly thirteen centuries before it was determined that the internal organs were nourished by the process of digestive , a verse in the Qur’an described the source of the constituents of milk, in conformity with scientific facts.

To understand this verse, it must first be known that chemical reactions occur between food and enzymes in the mouth, the stomach and the intestines releasing nutrients in molecular form which are then absorbed into the circulatory system through countless microscopic projections of the intestinal wall called villi. Blood in the circulatory system then transports the nutrients to all the organs of the body, among which are the milk-producing mammary glands.

This biological process must be basically understood, if we are to understand a verse in the Qur’an which has for many centuries given rise to commentaries that were totally incomprehensible.

Today it is not difficult to see why! This verse is taken from the chapter an-Nahl:
“Verily, in cattle there is a lesson for yon. I give you drink from their insides, coming from a conjunction between the digested contents ( of the intestines ) and the blood, milk pure and pleasant for those who drink it.” Qur’an, 16:66
The constituents of milk are secreted by the mammary glands which are nourished by the product of food digestion brought to them by the bloodstream.

The initial event which sets the whole process in motion is the conjunction of the contents of the intestine and blood at the level of the intestinal wall itself.
This very precise concept is the result of the discoveries made in the chemistry and physiology of the digestive system over one thousand years after the time of Prophet Muhammad (S).

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« on: January 20, 2022, 09:04:16 AM »
حوار رائع بين منصور وشاب غير مسلم عن القرآن الكريم

عدنان رشيد يقرأ نسخة قرآنية من زمن صحابة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

أين هو القرآن الأصلي؟ منصور في حوار مع زائر

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in quran
And verily in cattle (too) will ye find an instructive sign. From what is within their bodies between excretions and blood, We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it.

Milk is a Blood Production (New Scientific Miracle in Quran)

Allah the Almighty God says in Quran:
16:66) And verily! In the cattle, there is a lesson for you. We give you to drink of that which is in their bellies, from between excretions and blood, pure milk; palatable to the drinkers.

Scientists say:
There is waste in the blood by that definition. The kidneys filter the blood. Excretions… nutrition from the Gastro-intestinal tract or ‘excretions’ with useful nutrients is absorbed into the blood. It feeds the mammary glands to make nutrition full milk. Waist is filtered from the blood by the kidneys

You we eat food… it gets digested… while being digested nutrients are absorbed into the blood…. the blood makes the milk…. the blood is filtered perfectly by the breast or cow’s udders to make amazing milk ? and the blood is filtered through the kidneys and you suffocate
! So the breast doesn’t take junk from the blood. It’s highly selective

Remember Allah says
(16:66) And that for you in the camels/livestock (is) an example (E) , We make you drink from what (is) in its bellies/insides, clear/pure milk pleasant tasting to the drinking, from between fully and partially digested food/feces and blood.

So with this we read ‘from fully and partially digested food’

Food digests in stages. Near the end of the Gut it is fully, near the top it is partially digested.

When we read in Quran from ‘feces’ it just means food that is being digested.

It’s amazing how Quran mentions blood from milk!

1) nutrients do come from the blood taken from the gut
2) milk is made from blood!!
So cool man!

(16:66) And verily in cattle (too) will you find an instructive sign. From what is within their bodies between excretions and blood, We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it.

So we have
Partially digested food
Fully digested food
Absorption of water, vitamins and nutrients into blood
Blood feeds mammary glands
Milk produced

??Scientific reference

Scientists also mention that “Milk Is Just Filtered Blood”
“weird as this seems, all mammal milk is, in fact, made from blood , Yeah This is a Fact ? , because blood contains lots of nutrients, and the baby need lots of sugar, fat, and protein to grow complex brains and bodies. there is a tiny sacs that grap the pasing blood and do some chemistry on them, and pass them to the inside of the sacs where they mix together to become milk .


??▪︎4- See this reference too

{And indeed, for you in grazing livestock is a lesson. We give you drink from what is in their bellies – between contents of intestine and blood – pure milk, palatable to drinkers.}(Al-Qur’an 16:66)

?Following the advancement of scientific research throughout the centuries, man came to learn that the components of milk are extracted from chyme after the digestion of the food, and run in the blood stream to reach the mammary glands in the udders of females that extract the components of milk from blood retaining no traces of chyme or blood in the milk.

?However, the Holy Qur’an disclosed these secrets to its readers in the most beautiful and most concise way 14 hundred years ago.

?Who taught Muhammad (peace be upon him) the secrets of the digestive system and the circulatory system and the subtle processes going on in the mammary glands other than Allah, Who knows the secrets in earth and heavens and Who knows the mysteries of what He has created? This is enough evidence that the Qur’an is revealed by Allah , the Exalted and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger.

Allah (Subhanahu wa taala) says:
“But Allah bears witness to that which He has revealed to you. He has sent it (Quran) down with His knowledge, and the angels bear witness [as well]. And sufficient is Allah as Witness..” (Quran 4:166)

Miracle of the Holy Quran for blood circulation and milk production Lecturer Zakir Naik

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The beard today is frowned upon in our modern society. Some Jews and Christians think that beards are “old-fashioned”. Although the prophets, peace be upon them had a full beard., it is truly amazing to hear such remarks from the People of the Book. They would have to find out about their own texts, because Jesus had a beard,
and secondly then
Could Jesus take an insulting appearance?
On the contrary, Jesus was applying the Law, . In this law we read:

Leviticus 19:27

"'Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.

In other words, Jesus teaches not to touch his beard. There was no Gillette Mac 3 back then to have a woman's skin.
Jesus said that he was there to follow the commandments of the Law and not to take a single iota out of it until the end of time according to the Gospel of Matthew in chapter 5. It is therefore appropriate to ask Christians a question: Why they shave their beards? Are they not in contradiction with Jesus? Regardless of Paul's teaching on the validity of the Law, here we are talking about the Word of Jesus and not about an innovator.
Besides, shaving the beard is referred to the pagans every time in the Bible.

On the other hand, the prophets had a full beard.

Aaron had a beard:

Psalm 133: 2

It is like precious oil poured on the head,
running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard,
down on the collar of his robe.

David had a beard:

1 Samuel 21

12 David took these words to heart and was very much afraid of Achish king of Gath. 13 So he pretended to be insane in their presence; and while he was in their hands he acted like a madman, making marks on the doors of the gate and letting saliva run down his beard.

The beard was even compulsory. The following example is significant in this sense. Indeed, Hanun cut off half the beards of David's servants. However, King David did not agree to see them until their beards grew back:

2 Samuel 10

4 So Hanun seized David’s envoys, shaved off half of each man’s beard, cut off their garments at the buttocks, and sent them away.

5 When David was told about this, he sent messengers to meet the men, for they were greatly humiliated. The king said, “Stay at Jericho till your beards have grown, and then come back.”

What more can I say after that? After this evidence will they stop attacking Muslims or looking at them as if they were from another planet ? It is time for them to realize that their abuses against Islam and Muslims come back to them every time

She converted to ISLAM فتاه امريكيه تعتنق الاسلام: شاهد لماذا؟ - الجزء الأول

- New Muslim sister tell her story فتاه امريكيه تعتنق الاسلام وردة فعل اَهلها - الجزء الثاني

ذاكر نايك ينسف مفاهيم هندوسية: تناسخ الأرواح وتعدد الآلهة! ردود مبهرة - ذاكر نايك Zakir Naik

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« on: January 19, 2022, 04:27:51 AM »
بريطانية تريد معانقة شمسي بعد نطق الشهادتين

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« on: January 18, 2022, 05:21:24 AM »
Today, we will be talking about a scientific fact, mentioned in the Quran, regarding the male reproductive system., many of the latest scientific discoveries that were revealed in Quranic passages 1400 years ago. This is in stark contrast with the Bible, which contains numerous scientific errors (due to corruption by the scribes: (Jer 8:8, Mat 5:20, 23:13). For example, regarding genetics, in Genesis 30:37-42, Jacob changes the characteristics of animal offspring by having their parents look at white stripes while mating.

We will examine the Quranic verse that describes the location of seminal fluid prior to being discharged.
Literal translation of Quran 86:6-7:
{ (Man is) created from gushing water (which) comes out from between the backbone * and the ribs *. }
* from Al Qamoos, Lisan Al Arab, etc
In other words, just prior to gushing or coming out of the body, seminal fluid is located between the backbone and the ribs.

At first glance, a layman might think that SEMEN comes out from the testicles. While the SPERM is produced in the testicles, NEITHER is the sperm NOR is the seminal fluid (essential for natural fertilization) anywhere near them prior to ejaculation. The verse specifically mentions the entire fluid, and not just the sperm “component”. So let’s examine the process of emission, where all the components of semen are joined. Sperm is stored in the epididymis, which is not in the testicles, but above them. The Sperm which comprises 2 to 5% of the seminal fluid, , travels from the epididymis up through the Vas Deferens duct and around the bladder. Together, the seminal vesicle and the prostate gland produce 90% of the fluid in semen. This mixture travels through the prostate and is joined by mucus from the bulbourethral glands, just below the prostate.

It is at this point that semen is fully formed, comprising both the sperm and the seminal fluids. As we can see, just prior to coming out of the body, all components of semen are mixed near the prostate, which is centered in the body, between the backbone and the ribs, or between the spine and the chest, which is between the back and front of the abdomen or torso, and most certainly not in the testicles or in the lower body at all.

Someone might object by saying: the ribs are too high to say “the prostate is between the backbone & the ribs.” To this objection, we answer that: the head is still between the shoulders even though it is too high, & the genitals are still between the legs, even though they are too high.

Now let’s check the verse again.
{ (Man is) created from gushing water (which) comes out from between the backbone * and the ribs *. }
This precise scientific description could not have been known 1400 years ago, and even today most people don’t know it, as we will see next.

We will examine some false claims regarding the scientific accuracy of this verse.

In reference to this verse, quotes mistake by Dr. William Campbell: “…we are left with the very real problem that the SEMEN IS COMING FROM the back or kidney area and not THE TESTICLES.”

In fact, SEMEN does NOT come from the testicles. (only the SPERM is produced there, which comprises 2-5% of semen). And as we saw earlier, SEMEN IS ACTUALLY FORMED NEAR THE PROSTATE.

Next, let’s also listen to the false claims of the person discussislam: “This description reflects the view of Hippocrates, common in the 5th century…that SEMEN comes from all the fluid of the body & passes through the kidneys on the way to the penis. We now know that it comes from the testicles.” First of all, DISCUSSISLAM also falsely claims semen comes from the testicles “We now know that it comes from the testicles”. It’s astonishing how those attacking Islam make the same layman errors, without checking their facts.

In any case, The Quran does not contain the scientific errors of Hippocrates view
1) That Semen comes from all the fluid in the body.
2) That Semen passes through the kidneys.
As such, contrary to DISCUSSISLAM’s misrepresentation, there is no similarity whatsoever, between this Quranic passage, and the view of Hippocrates.

Furthermore, let’s examine some more of Hippocrates related scientific errors, that are again NOT in the Quran:
1) sperm originate in the brain
2) men & women produce sperm
3) “healthy” sperm is produced by healthy parts of the body
4) stronger sperm results in males, weaker sperm results in females

The Quran clearly mentions the scientific fact, before it was known, about where semen becomes fully formed before “gushing” out. Semen includes the sperm AND seminal fluids, which are BOTH absolutely required for natural fertilization. The Quran accurately states that this fluid (gushing water) is between the backbone and the ribs prior to coming out of the body, as seen from the profile view of the male anatomy.

Those attempting to discredit this Quranic verse, simply demonstrate their own lack of scientific knowledge regarding the male reproductive system. In addition, trying to ascribe the numerous scientific accuracies from the Quran, to philosophers like Hippocrates, who could rarely AVOID scientific errors on any matter, is obviously quite ridiculous.

As we have demonstrated, misrepresenting both the scientific facts, and the views of ancient societies, is not only the strategy but a fundamental requirement for people attempting to refute the Quran’s overwhelming signs.

see here
زائر أراد إثبات وجود خطأ علمي في القرآن فتم إثبات وجود إعجاز علمي به

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عثمان بن فاروق يفاجئ زوجين غير مسلمين مؤدبين بمعلومات من الكتاب المقدس

هاشم في حوار جديد مع مسيحيين حول نبوءة الكتاب المقدس عن رسول الله

طبيعة يسوع - أنور و مبشر في ركن الخطباء

أوروبا تحتاج للإسلام - حوار حمزة مع زائر

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The Holy Quran and the traditional sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) are the two legs of the Religion of Islam ,

The Holy Quran contains scientific miracles that have been already confiremed scientifically . These Holy Scientific verses were revealed more than 1400 years ago , at the time of Prophet Mohammad there were many other different miracles to make people believe . Because Quran will be the last reveald Book till life ends , God has made it overflowing Book with miracles that suit every age and its kind of civilization . As we live now in the age of science , we find that there are a lot of scientific miracles in Quran in addition to the Hadiths (prophet's traditional sayings ).

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “If a fly falls into the drink of any one of you, he should dunk it all the way in and then remove it, because on one if its wings is disease and on the other is its cure.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (3320, 5782)]

The Prophet (Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him) alluded to both facts 1,400 years ago when he said, as narrated from Abu Hurayra and Abu Sa`id al-Khudri by al-Bukhari and in the Sunan:

"Medically it is well known now that a fly carries some pathagens on some parts of its body as mentioned by the Prophet (before 1400 years. approx. when the humans knew very little of modern medicine.) Similarly Allah created organisms and other mechanisms which kill these pathagens e.g. penicillin Fungus kills pathogenic organisms like Staphalococci and others etc. Recently experiments have been done under supervision which indicate that a fly carries the disease (pathagens) plus the antidote for those organ-isms. Ordinarily when a fly touches a liquid food it infects the liquid with its pathogens, so it must be dipped in order to release also the antidote for those pathogens to act as a counter balance to the pathogens.

The greatness of God's creation in the eyes of the fly

Only in modern times was it discovered that the common fly carried parasitic pathogens for many diseases including malaria, typhoid fever, cholera, and others. It was also discovered that the fly carried parasitic bacteriophagic fungi capable of fighting the germs of all these diseases.

If a fly falls into one of your containers [of food or drink], immerse it completely (falyaghmis-hu kullahu) before removing it, for under one of its wings there is venom and under another there is its antidote.

It is established that house flies are carriers of dangerous pathogens of animals and humans. Even the muscaphobic critics of this hadith are forced to admit that no one at the time of the Prophet, upon him peace, knew that flies carry such harmful organisms. Whence the observation that "under one of its wings there is venom"?

Second, from the perspective of logic, if the fly did not carry some sort of protection in the form of an antidote or immunity, it would perish from its own poisonous burden and there would be no fly left in the world.

Further, the transmission of what the fly carries in or on its body is not an automatic fact. For example, the microbe responsible for ulcers and other stomach ailments can live on houseflies, although it remains to be seen whether flies transmit the pathogen.

Now researchers are developing a new antibiotic made of the antidode living on the fly's surface.

God's greatness in the creation of the hose of the fly

The latest research calls for a new antibody from the fly antidote
here is a new research titled "The new buzz on antibiotics" that was done only a weak ago this study:

The surface of flies is the last place you would expect to find antibiotics, yet that is exactly where a team of Australian researchers is concentrating their efforts
Working on the theory that flies must have remarkable antimicrobial defences to survive rotting dung, meat and fruit, the team at the Department of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, set out to identify those antibacterial properties manifesting at different stages of a fly’s development.

"Our research is a small part of a global research effort for new antibiotics, but we are looking where we believe no-one has looked before,” said Ms Joanne Clarke, who presented the group’s findings at the Australian Society for Microbiology Conference in Melbourne this week. The project is part of her PhD thesis.
The scientists tested four different species of fly: a house fly, a sheep blowfly, a vinegar fruit fly and the control, a Queensland fruit fly which lays its eggs in fresh fruit. These larvae do not need as much antibacterial compound because they do not come into contact with as much bacteria.

Flies go through the life stages of larvae and pupae before becoming adults. In the pupae stage, the fly is encased in a protective casing and does not feed. "We predicted they would not produce many antibiotics," said Ms Clarke.

They did not. However the larvae all showed antibacterial properties (except that of the Queensland fruit fly control).

As did all the adult fly species, including the Queensland fruit fly (which at this point requires antibacterial protection because it has contact with other flies and is mobile).

Such properties were present on the fly surface in all four species, although antibacterial properties occur in the gut as well. "You find activity in both places," said Ms Clarke.

"The reason we concentrated on the surface is because it is a simpler extraction.”

The antibiotic material is extracted by drowning the flies in ethanol, then running the mixture through a filter to obtain the crude extract.
When this was placed in a solution with various bacteria including E.coli, Golden Staph, Candida (a yeast) and a common hospital pathogen, antibiotic action was observed every time.

"We are now trying to identify the specific antibacterial compounds," said Ms Clarke. Ultimately these will be chemically synthesised.

Because the compounds are not from bacteria, any genes conferring resistance to them may not be as easily transferred into pathogens. It is hoped this new form of antibiotics will have a longer effective therapeutic life.
Danny Kingsley - ABC Science Online

The fly carries a disease and the cure on both its wings: Mentioned in Islam and confirmed by Science

Nouman Ali Khan - Why did Allah mention the fly in the Quran?

شمسي و فتاة بريطانية عبقرية في حوار ممتع | (ركن المتحدثين - Speakers corner)

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ولادة عيسى عليه السلام وفقاً لما ورد في القرآن الكريم || الدكتور ذاكر نايك

أحمد ديدات يحدد ميلاد عيسى عليه السلام

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Christmas and 25th of December
Many Christians are unaware that the true spirit of reverence which Muslims display towards Jesus and his mother Mary spring from the fountainhead of their faith as prescribed in the Holy Quran. Most do not know that a Muslim does not take the name of Jesus , without saying Eesa alai-hiss-salaam i.e. (Jesus peace be upon him).

Jesus is commonly considered to have been born on the 25th of December. However, it is common knowledge among Christian scholars that he was not born on this day. It is well known that the first Christian churches held their festival in May, April, or January. Scholars of the first two centuries AD even differ in which year he was born. Some believing that he was born fully twenty years before the current accepted date. So how was the 25th of December selected as the birthday of Jesus ?

Grolier's encyclopedia says: "Christmas is the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated on December 25 ... Despite the beliefs about Christ that the birth stories expressed, the church did not observe a festival for the celebration of the event until the 4th century.... since 274, under the emperor Aurelian, Rome had celebrated the feast of the "Invincible Sun" on December 25. In the Eastern Church, January 6, a day also associated with the winter solstice, was initially preferred. In course of time, however, the West added the Eastern date as the Feast of the Epiphany, and the East added the Western date of Christmas".

So who else celebrated the 25th of December as the birth day of their gods before it was agreed upon as the birth day of Jesus ? Well, there are the people of India who rejoice, decorate their houses with garlands, and give presents to their friends on this day. The people of China also celebrate this day and close their shops. Buddha is believed to have been born on this day. The great savior and god of the Persians, Mithras, is also believed to have been born on the 25th of December long before the coming of Jesus .

The Egyptians celebrated this day as the birth day of their great savior Horus, the Egyptian god of light and the son of the "virgin mother" and "queen of the heavens" Isis. Osiris, god of the dead and the underworld in Egypt, the son of "the holy virgin", again was believed to have been born on the 25th of December.

The Greeks celebrated the 25th of December as the birthday of Hercules, the son of the supreme god of the Greeks, Zeus, through the mortal woman Alcmene Bacchus, the god of wine and revelry among the Romans (known among the Greeks as Dionysus) was also born on this day.

Adonis, revered as a "dying-and-rising god" among the Greeks, miraculously was also born on the 25th of December. His worshipers held him a yearly festival representing his death and resurrection, in midsummer. The ceremonies of his birthday are recorded to have taken place in the same cave in Bethlehem which is claimed to have been the birth place of Jesus .

The Scandinavians celebrated the 25th of December as the birthday of their god Freyr, the son of their supreme god of the heavens, Odin.

The Romans observed this day as the birthday of the god of the sun, Natalis Solis Invicti ("Birthday of Sol the invincible"). There was great rejoicing and all shops were closed. There was illumination and public games. Presents were exchanged, and the slaves were indulged in great liberties. These are the same Romans who would later preside over the council of Nicea (325 CE) which lead to the official Christian recognition of the "Trinity" as the "true" nature of God, and the "fact" that Jesus was born on the 25th of December too.

In Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon says: "The Roman Christians, ignorant of his (Christ's) birth, fixed the solemn festival to the 25th of December, the Brumalia, or Winter Solstice, when the Pagans annually celebrated the birth of Sol " vol. ii, p. 383.

Christians opposed to Christmas

There are several Christian groups who are opposed to Christmas. For example, they take the verse from the Bible in Jeremiah 10:2-4 as an admonition against decorating Christmas trees.

The King James Version reads: "Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen.... For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not."

In order to understand this subject, it is helpful to trace some of the history of Christmas avoidance, particularly its roots in Puritanism.

The Puritans believed that the first-century church modeled a Christianity that modern Christians should copy. They attempted to base their faith and practice solely on the New Testament, and their position on Christmas reflected their commitment to practice a pure, scriptural form of Christianity. Puritans argued that God reserved to himself the determination of all proper forms of worship, and that he disapproved of any human innovations - even innovations that celebrated the great events of salvation. The name Christmas also alienated many Puritans.

Christmas, after all, meant "the mass of Christ." The mass was despised as a Roman Catholic institution that undermined the Protestant concept of Christ, who offered himself once for all. The Puritans' passionate avoidance of any practice that was associated with papal Rome caused them to overlook the fact that in many countries the name for the day had nothing to do with the Catholic mass, but focused instead on Jesus' birth. The mass did not evolve into the form abhorred by Protestants until long after Christmas was widely observed. The two customs had separate, though interconnected, histories.

As ardent Protestants, Puritans identified the embracing of Christianity by the Roman Emperor Constantine in the early 300s CE as the starting point of the degeneration and corruption of the church. They believed the corruption of the church was brought on by the interweaving of the church with the pagan Roman state. To Puritans, Christmas was impure because it entered the Roman Church sometime in this period. No one knows the exact year or under what circumstances Roman Christians began to celebrate the birth of their Lord, but by the mid-300s CE, the practice was well established.

مسيحية تتهجم على يوسف استس وتقول له كيف تتجرأ أن تترك المسيحية فدمر سؤلها بدقائق

أحمد ديدات - من هو أبو المسيح عليه السلام - YouTube

when Christ was born Ahmed Deedat a lecture debates youtube

حكم التهنئة بالكريسماس - ذاكر نايك Zakir Naik

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العدالة في صلب المسيح | حوار يستحق المشاهدة بين عثمان بن فاروق ومسيحية

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there is NO REASON why any sacrifice should be required for salvation.

The main purpose of this belief is that it serves to compel people to continue to attend and donate money to the church.

The most common belief among Christians is the belief that Jesus died for our sins, but the question is:
Who said that Jesus died for our sins?

Actually when we look at the verses Christians use to prove this belief, we find that 95% of these verses are from Paul’s epistles, and the verses used to prove this belief from the Gospels are very few, which puts a question mark on its source and whether Jesus really told that he would die on the cross for our sins.

“we as Muslims don’t need to believe that God needs to be a man or to be crucified for our sins, because God is mightier than that, we actually believe that this is a blasphemy and an insult against God. For sin to be forgiven by God, mans should repent faithfully to God, and acknowledge his sins, and God is the All Forgiver and All Merciful who will forgive him if He really knew he is really intending to repent and stop the sin:

110. And whoever does a wrong or wrongs himself but then seeks forgiveness of Allāh will find Allāh Forgiving and Merciful. ( Holy Quran 4:110)
Doesn’t God forgive sins without Jesus dying?

No need for all that so that God forgives my sins, and this is what is also said by the Old Testament:

Eze 18:21″But if a wicked person turns away from all his sins that he has committed and keeps all my statutes and does what is just and right, he shall surely live; he shall not die.

Eze 18:22None of the transgressions that he has committed shall be remembered against him; for the righteousness that he has done he shall live.
Did Jesus know that he came to die for our sins?

Jesus (Peace be upon him) wasn’t clear in clarifying his supposed main message, something like this must have been very clear so that no one doubts, but even according to the Gospels, it seems that Jesus didn’t know about it, look at what he said:

Joh 17:4 I glorified thee on the earth, having accomplished the work which thou hast given me to do.

Jesus tells that he accomplished the work God gave to him. This work is to tell people about God, as all prophets did. If he really knew that he came to die for our sins and the plan of salvation Christians talk about it, he won’t have said that he accomplished the work God gave him to do.

someone told me;
I agree with you, however, that Jesus Christ was send as a messenger by God, nothing else. Jesus said so himself as quoted in John 7:16: "I am not teaching you my own thoughts, but those of God who sent me."

Much of the blame for distoring the mission of Jesus Christ belongs to the apostle Paul


Jesus Christ peace be upon him
Not sacrificed for  any one

You have a disease
Then comes your brother
  Receive treatment instead of you

Is this acceptable to the logic of the mind?

Death to the people who worshiped the calf is repentance
At the time of the Prophet Moses, peace be upon him

At the time of the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him

Law requires repentance from sin without having to death

Jesus Christ peace be upon him
Not sacrificed for any one

(the soul that sinneth, it shall die)

Each person is responsible for his actions

(the soul that sinneth, it shall die)

“If a man is righteous and does what is lawful and right...he is righteous, he shall surely live...If he begets a son who...has done all these abominable things; he (the son) shall surely die...the son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father, nor the father for the iniquity of the son.” (Ezekiel 18:5-20)

“Every one shall die for his own sin.” (Jeremiah 31:30)

Did Jesus Die For Our Sins - YouTube


For Muslims, sex is seen as a gift from Allah, to be kept strictly within marriage between a man and a woman.

Generally speaking, all religions not tolerate homosexuality, because it is unnatural and against the will of Allah.

"And as for the two of you men who are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. And if they repent and improve, then let them be. Lo! Allah is Merciful."
Qur'an 4:16

people caught taking part in homosexual acts.

In public, in front of the people and society, they are punished by the judiciary

But those who do this in secret,

God will hold them accountable for it

شيخ أمريكي مسلم يتحدث عن قرار زواج المثليين في أمريكا
An American Muslim sheikh talks about the decision of same-sex marriage in America


Someone told me

I find little to argue with about this.  Mohammed was one of the most influential figures in history

The honest, trustworthy, who never lied, and his mercy to the worlds

not only because he inspired a religion, but because that religion swept across the world.  During the Dark Ages, Islam led the world in science and technology, and for that reason is entitled to respect.
  It’s truly a tragedy that certain hateful and war-like factions are giving it such a bad name today.

they are church dogs that bark without brains

Michael Hart  was not religious in the first place - but he was neutral and honest. He ranked the characters according to their historical achievement and the size of the influence they had on humans .. For this reason, his choice of our Prophet Muhammad comes first in a logical and fair place (because of his influence on a quarter of the earth's population)

Regardless of nationality, religion, and specialization, Hart searched for the most influential personalities .. as follows:

   1-  Our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

 2-    Isaac Newton.

  3-  Prophet Christ, peace be upon him.

What famous people have said about Prophet Muhamed

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Most adhere to the concept of original sin

The concept of the doctrine of original sin is based on it all the basic beliefs in Christianity, including: (Trinity - the doctrine of incarnation - redemption and crucifixion - resurrection from the dead - deification of Christ).

This concept that says that we inherited the sin of our father Adam when he disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree, we kept inheriting this sin until Jesus came.... It is the basis of the doctrine of crucifixion and redemption, which states that Jesus saved us from the consequences of this disobedience by dying on the cross as an expiation for our sins and redeemed us With his blood,

 we could enter the heavenly kingdom after we reconciled with God.... This in turn led the Christians to the doctrine of the resurrection of Christ from the dead.... This belief led the Christians to deify Jesus and invent theories of the Incarnation and the Holy Trinity.

Therefore... if the doctrine of original sin fell... Christianity fell from its foundation

Did Jesus really die for our sins Islam and Former Christian ...

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« on: December 23, 2021, 03:07:05 AM »

Adam, the first man and prophet, made such a mistake, which led to his expulsion from the Garden of Eden. But Adam repented and prayed to God for forgiveness, which God granted him, as mentioned in the following in chapter 2, verse 37 of the Quran:

    {Then, Adam learned from his Lord words of inspiration, and his Lord turned towards him; for He is Oft-returning, Most Merciful.}

This means that unlike Christianity, which teaches that all the children of Adam are sinful for Adam’s sin, Islam teaches that all humans are innocent by birth and they become sinful only when they consciously commit a sin.

Islam regards the concept of original sin and the need for atonement by God Himself – via dying on the Cross – as a pure invention of those who came after Jesus Christ, declaring themselves as Christians.

Another important point to bear in mind about the Islamic concept of sin is that one man’s sin cannot be transferred to another; nor can the reward due to a person be transferred either.

Every individual is responsible only for his or her actions, for God is never unjust.

    {Who receives guidance, receives it for his own benefit: who goes astray does so to his own loss. No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another: nor would We punish until We had sent a messenger [to give warning].}

Every individual is an independent person who is responsible for his or her actions alone. There is no need for salvation from someone else’s sin, for there is no original burden.

One’s success in the Hereafter lies in his living a righteous life in this world. Each has to build his/her own Heaven, avoiding the misery of Hell. Faith is important, but faith alone without deeds will be fruitless.


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Should Muslims Believe In Evolution? | Subboor Ahmad
Did Humans evolve from Apes? |

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Scientific Miracles in the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad
The Coccyx (The Tailbone)

The Coccyx is the last bone in the vertebral column. It was mentioned in many Hadiths that this bone is the origin of humans and the seed from which they will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment and that this part doesn’t decay in the earth.

The honoured Hadiths:
1. Abu Huraira reported that The Prophet (PBUH) said: “All what of son of Adam will be eaten by the earth except the coccyx from which he was created and from which he will be resurrected ” Reported by Albukhari, Al Nassaii, Abu Daoud, Ibn Majah and Ahmad in his Mousnad and Malek in his Mouattaa.

2. As was reported by Abu Huraira the prophet (PBUH) said: “There is a bone in the Son Of Adam that the earth will never eat. They said what is it Oh Prophet of Allah? He said: It is the coccyx” Reported by Albukhari, Al Nassaii, Abu Daoud, Ibn Majah, Ahmad in his book “al Mousnad” and Malek in his book “Al Mouattaa”.

So the previous Hadiths are clear and contain the following facts:
1. Human are created from the coccyx.
2. The coccyx does not get decayed.
3. On the Day of Judgment, the Resurrection will be from the coccyx.

The conclusion: the coccyx contains the primitive streak and primitive node and those are able to grow giving the three layers that form the foetus: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm and so can give all the organs as the surgeon when opening the tumour previously mentioned found fully formed organs inside it like teeth, hair…

Humans can be then recreated from their coccyx that contains the primitive streak and node of the overall potential. (2)

And so the coccyx can not get decayed:
Researchers found that foetus cells’ formation and organisation are exerted by the primitive streak and node and before their formation no cells’ differentiation could have taken place. One of the most famous researchers who proved this was the German scientist Hans Spemann.

After his experiments on the primitive streak and node he found that those organise the creation of the foetus and so he called them “The primary organiser”. He cut this part from one foetus and implanted it in another one in the primary embryonic stage (third and fourth week). This lead to the formation of a secondary foetus in the guest body due to the influence and organisation exerted by the surrounding guest’s cells on the implant.

The German scientist started his experiments on the amphibians by implanting the primary organiser in a second foetus, which led to the growth of a secondary embryo. The implantation of the cut primary organiser was in another foetus of the same age under the Epiblast layer and lead to the apparition of a secondary embryonic anlage.

In 1931, when Spemann crushed the primary organiser and implanted it again, the crushing did not affect the experiment as again, a secondary embryonic anlage grew.

In 1933, Spemann and other scientists conducted the same experiment but the primary organiser was boiled this time. A secondary embryonic anlage grew in spite of the boiling showing that the cells were not affected. In 1935, Spemann was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the Primary Organiser. (3)

Dr Othman Al Djilani and Sheikh Abd Al Majid Azzandani did some experiments on the coccyx in Ramadan 1423 in Sheikh Abd Al Majid Azzandani’s house in Sanaa.

One of the two vertebras of 5 coccyx bones were burnt on stones using a gas gun for 10 minutes until their total combustion (the bones became red then black). They put the carbonised pieces in sterilised boxes and took them to the most famous analysis laboratory in Sanaa (Al Olaki laboratory). Dr al Olaki, the professor in histology and pathology in Sanaa University, analysed the pieces and found that the cells of the bone tissues of the coccyx were not affected and they survived the burning (only the muscles the fatty tissues and the bone marrow cells were burnt while the coccyx bone cells were not affected). (4)

طبيب سويدى كان يقرأ القرآن فى الكنيسة ويناظر القساوسة ولما فشلوا فى الرد أسلم

Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly by Dr. Zakir Naik (Full VCD Quality)

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Why this Mormon Accepted Islam?

Mormon Christian Accepts Islam - My Journey to Islam

Gretchen: Mormon Christian 2 Islam New Muslim Story 1/2

Gretchen: Mormon Christian 2 Islam New Muslim Story 2/2

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ALLAH TA'ALA says “This day have I perfected your religion, completed My favors to you and have chosen Islam as a religion. 6:3”

Islam, the Deen of ALLAH TA'ALA is perfected and completed by His Book -the Qur'an Majeed and Sunnah of His beloved Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)

 the message of the Qur’an is universal, even if the Qur’an is in Arabic, because the Qur’an contains the true words of God, and because it is the last book of guidance to mankind

You can translate, and if you make mistakes, you have one original language, Arabic. You can verify your translation by searching for the original source
And one Quran through the ages

Contrary to the Bible
Although the language in which Christ spoke Aramaic,
It was later translated into many languages,Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Syrianc, the Coptic or the Gothic
You do not have an original source to verify it

The Bible is more than one copy
The Bible may look like one book, but it is actually sixty-six books in one. Thirty-nine books make up what we call the Old Testament, and twenty-seven make up the New Testament

Islam is not  new religion.
From Adam to Muhammad, peace be upon them
 It is the same message preached by Moses, Jesus and Abraham. Islam literally means ‘submission to God’ and it teaches us to have a direct relationship with God. It reminds us that since God created us, no one should be worshipped except God alone. It also teaches that God is nothing like a human being or like anything that we can imagine. The concept of God is summarized in the Quran as:

“Say, He is God, the One. God, the Absolute. He does not give birth, nor was He born, and there is nothing like Him.” (Quran 112:1-4)[4]

Becoming a Muslim is not turning your back to Jesus. Rather it’s going back to the original teachings of Jesus and obeying him.

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There are many liars, Christians and Jews, who spread false rumors about Islam and Muslims, and many ignorant people believe them because they are like them, and even their media is false.
Even major crimes are attributed to the victim and the perpetrator is left and even supported by misguided idiots
Jews and Christians commit these crimes and attribute them to Muslims to ignite the fire of war against Muslims
America plays with misguided idiots like puppets many times And they believe in America
You just have  to accept the truth and familiarize yourself with its obviousness. It is not enough just a mood on your part
 I know you can't help but be blind but let's try to trace the truth to you and hope that a passing Christian reader might pick up on this truth.

when Western soldiers without exception were blessed before each mission preceding the bombing of civilians by Christian priests who are on all Western bases in the world.
This situation and behavior of Christians is the real instigator and troublemaker against Christians across the Muslim world.

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
(Mt 10,34-35) .. What more do you want ..


Much of the false news about Muslims in the media is believed by ignorant people

you  don't have the slightest clue what is going on in Afghanistan. All we have is zionist media,
We don't live there don't talk ignorantly

Afghanistan are good Muslim people

The media distorts their image

I didn't live with them and I don't care what the fake media thinks

So that I don't judge people ignorantly


ISIS is the same as created and controlled by the Zionists. ISIS fighters are provided with a plentiful free "all weapons" to create evil monsters beyond imagination. They return to ISISRAHELL for medical treatment.

They kill Muslims and non-Muslims
Many extremists are armed from the West

    Islam has nothing to do with these false accusations

the familiar fact of Washington's unwavering support for Israel in the diplomatic arena, at what sometimes seems to come at a heavy cost to America's interests. And there were threats against those in Washington who opposed Israeli policies: Senators and representatives sent to defeat, like Charles Percy and Paul Findley, for defying the Jewish lobby.


Like many of the things attributed to Muslims unfairly charges
After the slander and lies against Islam in the events of 9/11

شاهد أكبر كذبة في التاريخ كذبة أحداث 11 سبتمبر Biggest Lie in History Loose Change 9 11

God grant victory to Islam after the injustice directly

CNN - after 9/11 she converted to ISLAM, this is WHY ?


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The Holy Quran is for every Muslim the sacred Book par excellence, a timeless miracle, the word of God devoid of all defects and above all, inimitable. You surely understand that in other words, to be inimitable is to have a peculiarity that no other has and cannot have. The abundance of examples illustrating the harmony and this linguistic balance of the Koran completely excludes the possibility of a happy coincidence, or an addition of the scribes. To those who claim to provide a work similar to the Qur'an, we ask them to provide us with a Book that will remain intact for more than 14 centuries and which will gather more than a billion worshipers around him, reciting it and crying as he listens to it. This is actually impossible ....

The word sunna, in the Arabic language, indicates at the same time a way, and a tradition even a habit. This terminology has a particular connotation among the ulemas according to their specialty. Sunnah can be defined as all the cult practices with the times of the prophet and his companions. On this subject, the prophet constantly said: "Follow my sunnah and the sunnah of successor rights after me" Tirmidhi. That being said, the ulama of the science of hadith regard everything connected with the life of the prophet as sunna, both history and the physical or moral characteristics of the prophet, either before or after the revelation.

. Whoever claims to love Allah must obey and follow His Prophet - may Allah's prayer and salvation be upon him, on the one hand Allah will love him and on the other hand Allah will forgive his sins. Sunnah concerns not only the way of dressing, eating and drinking, but also and above all beliefs, legal rules, sticking to what the Prophet did as a purely religious act, the behavior towards others, Muslim values, good behavior ... etc

The Holy Quran letter cannot be changed. It is rather the interpretation which we make of it nowadays which must quickly re-integrate the reality and the spirit of the revelation ... In all reality the interpretation of the Koran by the Koran consists in interpreting certain verses of the Koran by other verses bringing a complementary lighting on the same subject what is expressed concisely in one place is explained and detailed in another place.

If we do not find the interpretation of The Holy Quran in its own verses, we turn to the hadîths and sure accounts of the Sunnah because they clarify the Koran and enlighten it.

In reality, there has always been a lot of time, see several centuries, between the prophets and yet the new revelation has always corrected the additions made to the statements of the previous one. Do you not see right in the case of Christianity that a new testament came a thousand years after an old one and more than five thousand years after the genesis to make the necessary modifications according to divine inspiration

In fact every word, in the Qur'anic verses and hadiths has been passed under the sieve of science. It clearly emerged that the scientific evidence of the Qur'an clearly proves its divine origin

تحدي صحة الإسلام للأستاذ أحمد سبيع - من هو هامان؟ ولماذا خالف القرآن الكتاب المقدس؟

شاب كوري اعتنق الإسلام ويجيب كيف غير الإسلام حياته ولماذا تحتاج كوريا للإسلام ؟

1/2 الإله في داخلي! هاشم في حوار مع مسيحيين الجزء الأول

2/2 الإله في داخلي! هاشم في حوار مع مسيحيين الجزء الثاني

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