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The Lounge / Re: Who is İntikam on FE forum?
« on: April 27, 2016, 02:39:52 PM »
I didn't know İntikam was actually a Nazi sympathizer.

This forum used to ban people for the slightest bit of racism, but I guess it's ok now.
No, it's not okay at all. He has received a temporary ban for posting anti-Semitic comments.

And glad to have you back, SCG.

Hello guys. This is İntikam.

Maybe you give me temporary ban but i'm rejecting it. So this is my last post if you let me what may i thinking.

I'm not a Nazi sympathizer. I don't hate Jews or Judaism. What i tell everytime, now i'm saying the same, i'm not changing what did i say.

I said that i'm defending Judaism on atheist platforms like Christianity or islam. I do not distinguish between them. I believe that nobody can talk the name of the God except God  allow to talk.

I'm saying again that i don't hate Jews. unlike i'm defending them. The group I am against that Zionists that who destroyed Ottoman and Germany. Who let to start 1 and 2nd world war, i'm against them.

You know nothing about real history so you don't understand what am i thinking.

Theodor Herzl was the founder of the Zyonism gone to an Ottoman king that 2nd Abdulhamit and want from him to let them create a country is known as Israel. 2nd Abdulhamit rejected him. After that, Theodor Herzl got a Decided to destroy Ottoman. 1st world war started with actually this reason.

Zyonists gone to Hitler to create Israel and Hitler rejected them too. So thet decided to destroy Germany with same reason. After that, jews gone to Israel and created Israel. They let to start 2n2 world war because of only this reason: "take down Hitler and create Israel".

Now zyonists conquered most of their target. Created Israel, controlled all over the world.

If you are Honesty on "Flat Earth Theory", ultimately You will encounter to meet with zyonists who see you an enemy that must be destroyed. So see your enemy or close your eyes, truth will not change.

About holocaust:

I don't believe Hitler killed the Jews. Because Since ancient times Jews was always rich, cultured, and awake people. I2m believing that 4 millions of Jews gone to Israel to create Israel. But when ther German neighbors didn't see around, thinked that jews are dead. It is impossible, because God saving Jews.

A Jew word like this: "We saved the book and the book saved us". Nowadays jews still believe this word. If God didn't save them from Hitler, how they still believe this word? Because none of them dead by Hitler, they fled. Like before how they fled before 9/11. As you remember that all of jews didn't go to Job on 9/11 and none of them dead.

These are the truth of the life. If you struggle for the truth, you must accept and defend this truth too. I'm telling that i'm ready to accept the holocaust, but can somebody convince me? Than the defenders of holocaust showing me some decisions and some tv shows. Should i accept them? If so, why the ateists don't accept God? They don't see the God too. I did'nt see the real evidence about holocaust too. Oppositely, i see some evidence about holocaust is not true.

I read mein Kampf yes, because I wondered how Hitler think. I read bible and torah too. I understand a book has brain or not. Hitler is a good writer and on book he shows us that he hate the Jews. But i don't. And i don't believe him killed the Jews because killing is a great claim and needs strong evidences. For example I didn't see any  photo that show Hitler is killing someone. I'm believing that he did try to relocation them, not killed.

These my ideas and none of them is anti-semitic.

I'm going and lefting here. I will relocate my posts that here and continue on another forum. Because you didn't trust me, so from now on i'm not trust you too. Becase "an eye for an eye, and a tooth, for a tooth". You can't see me acting anything except God's proposal.

hopefully see you any place.

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