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Lets assume an position of Life is just a dream.

When we are in bed sleeping, we dream of existing in land much like this, yet in the dream we are not aware we are dreaming.

Why can't Earth be the same?

After all, this dream sure appears to be just as fucked up dreamland  :-\

Therefore, to answer the Round Earth vs Flat Earth riddle.

Neither is true.

It's all a dream ...created by some master dream weaver ....and we are just along for the experiential ride. add drama to the movie plot, everyone is quite insane and suffering from the delusion that they are sane.


I've noticed that as quick as anyone does a post in the forums , very quickly the RET trolls  ;D derail the thread.
Why is that?

It's not like I go to other groups of individual who have different ideas, or opinions than mine, and then troll their group to tell them they are wrong  :-\

Historically its the same thing. RET trolls will make outrages claims themselves, often present math that is flawed and downright ridicules over and over again. The actually appears to be a systematic procedure to their modus of operandi. Once you study it, and look historically at their posts, it is quite clear.

What are they afraid of?  :-\
Why must they save our wayward opinions?  :-\

Is it possible that the mandate of this site is to  actually attract folks who might be inquisitive about Flat Earth Theory, and then have the trolls pounce on them as the welcome committee just to convince them the theory is absurd?


It would be a really wonderful idea if the folks who favor a FET could work more together to develop experiments to further the understanding.

Plus, the designation "Flat Earth Believer" is a bit silly.
Beliefs having nothing to do with truth.
A child may believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, but the does not make it True.

Perhaps they need to consider some identifier as " Flat Earth Theorist"  :-\


I have recently come to this site with an open mind and was quite fascinated with FET.

It appears that our home, Earth, or what I lately have just referred to as "Here"
has characteristics of being indeed flat.

There is still a great deal to take in, digest and consider.

One thing I must add is I have enjoyed following one of your members, sandokhan , threads. The are quite deep, and inspires one to really look outside the box.

That being said,

It would be really great if some how we could actually organize some volunteers to form a committee of such to create a unified theory for Flat Earth.

In some of the post sandokhan  has pointed out that some of the theories need to be updated as they appear to not make sense.

I think we could get more mainstream people on board if we could also create various video presentation that were educationally done and presented in a manor that would favor public appeal.

Most of the videos currently on line either show poor models of things or the way the video is created tends to make a mockery of FET.

Just my thoughts

Hello Flat Earth Society ...this is my first post and I am so pleased that this website exists. It feels like I have found a community of like minded souls.

I did research a bit of this question beforehand and was unable to really find any definitive answers. I did read another older thread dealing with the moon distance
re: "    Distance from the Earth to the Moon ? Ham Radio vs. Flat Earth Measurements."

However the thread got so derailed and off topic that I failed to find the answer to the original posters question.

So here is my question. :)

With all the technology we possess today, has anyone ever demonstrated by use of Radar, or measurement of light, or radio waves the height of the Sun, or Moon?

One would think it would be easy if they moon is just  a thousand miles or so high above us. :-\
After all,  I imagine that maritime radar or other types of distance ranging equipment could easily target and evaluate a target a thousand or so miles away. :-\

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