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Flat Earth General / What use is there for FE?
« on: January 17, 2016, 11:46:46 AM »
What use is there for deceiving us into believing in a round earth vs a flat earth for these many millennia? Is there any reason why the ancient civilisations would have set the idea and why we continue it? There's no money to be made, no people made into zombies, and nothing changes in the theories. There's literally nothing to support the conspiracy except hopeful thinking.

Even the funding towards space stuff, which FE'ers claim is impossible, goes towards the citizens.

Flat Earth Debate / Reality of aether
« on: December 18, 2015, 02:59:27 PM »
What is the FET's belief on aether? There is no reason for it because it is a complicated force that acts much like God, in being that it cannot be observed and requires faith. There is no reason to logically come to the conclusion and doesn't dismiss gravity since we can view gravity working everywhere, gravity makes predictions that are substantiated in reality, and has many other venues from which it is supported

Flat Earth General / Both round earth and flat earth people are WRONG
« on: January 19, 2015, 12:46:18 PM »
The earth is neither flat nor round, my friends, as it is actually....


due to rotational flattening

"The Earth is not quite spherical, due to what is know as "rotational flattening." It's not egg-shaped, either, it's shaped more like a pumpkin. The radius of the Earth at the equator is 6,378 km; at the poles it is 6,356 km. Jupiter, which rotates once every 10 hours, is even much squashed than the Earth. Jupiter's equatorial radius is 70,850 km; it's polar radius is 66,550 km. "

Richard A Gerber

Hail pumpkin god earth

Hail Hydra

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Ghosts, Gheist, Espirits
« on: December 17, 2014, 07:52:43 PM »
What do you guys believe about spirits? Do you believe in them, what are they, what happens?

Here are a few personal stories of mine

My mother, grandmother and I went to Jamaica for fun and visited the White Witch's house in Kingston, I believe, and during my first visit, in the basement with only the guide, I heard a noise from the top of the steps and when I looked over there I felt a rush of suffering and agony hit me with the vision of a man with his leg nearly severed in a bear trap. I saw in what seemed to be a vision a large wooden door of mahogany and it had a large wooden board across it to seal it and there were black slaves behind it screaming at me to help them, to run, take their children, etc.

A few months ago we went to Mosheim manor in New Braufels or something, TX, USA and during the night I woke up to the sound of feet stomping at around 50BPM semi-loud (maybe 48db). The next night, I heard a lullaby coming from the attic where the owners usually sleep, but since they werent there, I went up with a flashlight and there was an attic window with the curtains open and a rocking chair was in front of this window and from that location I heard the lullaby emanating. The chair was rocking a tiny bit back and forth and all of the sudden the flashlight went really dim, not out, and i heard as if someone stood up and the chair and song stopped rocking. That's it. "Only this and nothing more"

Flat Earth Debate / Ponder this
« on: December 12, 2014, 09:53:39 AM »
Test, will update with a real topic if I can post here

I've seen your posts on both FE and RE, the debates, the "evidence" from both sides, and one little phrase caught my attention (Found in a FE proof post by TheEngineer, i believe) and what it said was "Einstein's Special Relativity".

1.) Special Relativity doesn't apply to large objects such as planets or even tennis balls. Special relativity was created in an attempt to explain the physics of high speed (Much more than 9.8 m/s) travels, and for minute (mYnoote, not minute as in time).

2.) How does Special Relativity prove that the earth is flat, I wonder, as I see no evidence except that "His theory of special relativity conforms with a flat earth".

3.) Why can it not be that both round and flat earth theories...are both correct? It would seem to make sense as when one travels closer to the speed of light, that which cannot be attained, of 3E^8 m/s, the flatter and flatter an object would appear from the traveling object's perspective due to the dilation of time and light arriving to an object at a fixed point. This proves your flat earth theory to be correct if gravity doesn't exist, and that will be another bit I will talk about soon. Then there is also the inverse of this in which the velocity equals 0 m/s, at which the now the not traveling observer will observe a round earth due to the dilation of light.

In the usage of proofs of special relativity, the dilation of light, to explain it more in depth, changes the perspective by, in the case of the round earth 'proof', extending the apparent distance to an object so that it may become round in perspective. In the case of the flat earth 'proof', the lightwaves become compressed when reflected off of the earth and into the observer's eyes and seem to be flatter and flatter the nearer you reach the speed of true light. As there is no set median value for the dilation of light in terms of from absolute 0 m/s to the fastest attainable speed (which is seemingly infinite as even at the speed of light, light will move the speed of light from you still), then we are forced to take from Einstein's General Theory that both perspectives are correct as there is no set, non-moving reference frame in both round and flat earth theories (Round earth's orbit, and flat earth's upwards acceleration).


You flat earthers say that gravity is a nonexistent thing, and this, in part, is true and confirmed, but when dealing with what gravity really is, you can easily say that it both does not and does exist simultaneously. Gravity is a concept, a force, not generated by any known particle or such physical or semi-physical object but is the conceptual belief that the mass of an object warps the space-time around it and that the curvature of this is gravity. The concept of gravity is obviously existent due to the measurable diffraction of light around 'mass'ive bodies such as the sun, but since it is a concept and does not apply to tiny bodies such as quarks and such, it doesn't exist. Gravity is a theory, not a law. Yes, you ethereal force could be correct, but also we've no current capability to calculate those impossible to imagine gravitational forces outside of thought of theory. If, though, your ethereal force is correct, then the duality of perspectives that I have already stated in which the earth is both round and flat due to the dilation of light to the traveling observer as there would be no true no movement and no true infinite speed which is irregardless of whether the ethereal force is correct or not.

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