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« on: February 01, 2007, 06:30:07 PM »
i intend on including shear facts in this thread. if you have any contributions, please post them, and if they are good i will edit them in with my post.

1. if a ship leaves a wharf on a very clear day, you can observe that as it moves farther and farther away, the hull appears to sink below the horizon, leaving only the mast visible. if the earth were flat, the ship would simply shrink until it disappeared.

2. when the sun sets, it always appears to be a complete circle. how can this be true if both the earth and the sun were not spherical.

3. manmade satellites can be seen moving by the naked eye. hmmm.... aliens perhaps? i think not

4. look through a telescope at a planet, or better yet, look at the moon when it is 1/3 full about. notice how it is shaped like a crescent? how can this be if it isnt round?

5. all the planets in the solar system have different gravitational strengths, due to their different masses and densities. but yet you say everything in the universe has the same gravity?

thats all for now, ill edit more in when im not lazy perhaps

also, i thank the other posters. many of my ideas come from your posts

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