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Here's a question:

the Flat earth has no gravity, because it is flat, And the moon Has gravity, because it is round (this is stated as fact, because we know it influences the tides). Here's My Question. Why is the moon round and the Earth flat? What law of cosmic existence decided that this must be so?

Heres another Question:

if the sun is only 34 miles wide (or was it 32?) and 3000 miles away, how do you account for their size in the night(and day) sky? Shouldnt they be tiny points of light?

Also a follow up:

How hot is the sun? since you haven't challenged how the sun functions in producing light and heat, I'll assume you won't. If you haven't challenged these, I'm assuming the mass is the same. by your theory, the volume is

1210.560369 miles cubed (6dp). what will happen when a mass of
1.9891 x10^30 kg is packed into it? something similar to a black hole I assume. Assuming you believe in black holes.

And Finally: if the Earth is not infact 8.31 light minutes from the sun, but a mere 3000 odd miles, and the temperature of the sun is the same,then why arent we living under water. scratch that, why are we living at all. To put it another way, what happens when you place a massive, long lived, thermonuclear explosive some 3000 miles from a massive amount of ice. Whatever happens, I doubt it results in an Ice wall.

Flat Earth Q&A / A Rational Discussion.
« on: February 18, 2006, 02:54:09 AM »
First An opening Question. How long will it take for this topic to devolve into Mindless Flaming and Spamming? At a Guess, I'd say about a Day. Prove Me wrong Everyone.

For the Record: I am trying to be completely unbisaed here so anything said here is not neccesarily the opinions of the composer.

How About A Complete summary of the Theory at hand and the arguments for and against. From this can see what (if Anything) in the theory needs changing.

The Theory:
That the Earth (the planet on which we live) Is flat (like a Pancake). The creation of this Pancake is not an issue here and will not be entered into, nor will any issues which do not directly relate to whether or not the Earth is shaped like the aforementioned pancake.
Deal? Deal.

Would someone please set out the arguments that the Earth is Flat in a rational manner? I'm not sure I understand them and I'd hate to compromise this (first) attempt at getting a healty argument going.

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