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Flat Earth General / Plack results came out
« on: March 21, 2013, 11:25:13 AM »
So the results from Planck (a satellite from ESA) came out today. Here's a small summary with what they found with links to the papers inside.
Now, you can go and check the papers with the data they have and how the measurements were made (it's all available for free). There's a huge amount of data, not just from Planck but from every satellite up there for scientific purposes, and the data can be cross-checked with the others missions to confirm source coordinates and a lot of other stuff, and every now and then something new is discovered. Since there are a lot of missions from different space agencies and the alleged conspiracy is known to a selected few, how can they coordinate all this to make it look like they are actually taking data from satellites? I'm not talking just about Planck, I'm talking about Planck, WMAP, COBE, Swift, FERMI, AGILE, WISE, Suzaku, Chandra, XMM...(the list goes on and on).

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