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Flat Earth General / Okay, dial down the crazy
« on: August 28, 2014, 02:22:48 PM »
I came here with a (reasonably) open mind. When I first saw this site, like many, I thought "This is a joke right?"
Reading some of the threads I decided it's not. Then I saw this:

Moonlight and how you can protect against it? SERIOUSLY?
This place HAS GOT to be trolling.

I didn't see it with all the evasion of legitimate questions, the "drop of the hat" flames, the off topic chatter.
I get it now. You've got to be trolling us.

Flat Earth General / I'm trying, here
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:15:37 PM »
Okay. I'm past the "is this a joke" phase. I'm really trying to understand how one becomes a flat earther. So, I'm reading your FAQ. Which at least on my end the pictures are blocked/nonexistent, so no diagrams for me.

Off the hop, one question springs to mind. You're based on empirical evidence. Could you tell me where the edge of the earth is? Just a few klicks off the shore of say California? I know you don't believe in photo evidence, but maybe some of us would like to be indulged once in awhile.  I legitimately want to see the edge of the earth. Can you direct me to the best method of observing this place if I were to go there myself? Why can't I book a flight over the edge of the earth. Do you need a space shuttle to do so? Or is it like in classic Mario bros where you continually wrap around to the other side? Is that why the Bermuda Triangle is like the "caught in between" zone?

So, you probably don't use measurements such as latitude and longitude.. do you use x/y coordinates? Where does Z go?
If we're a giant elevator where are we going?

I have so many questions. I want more evidence than what's in your FAQ. I'm still reading through other material, but I'm not really getting much here. A personal touch is required.

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