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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Lysenko versus Eugenics
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:33:35 PM »
T. Lysenko was a famous Soviet biologist and opponent of biological determinism which has a history of association with racism, the eugenics movement, and politically motivated pseudoscience.

Lysenko came under severe criticism during and since the 1960's, and I have come to suspect this criticism is rooted in anti-communist and racist politics rather than facts.

First, as Lysenko was most prominent during the Stalin era, the criticism against Lysenko is consistent with revisionism and non-Marxist trends characteristic of the degenerating Kruhschev-Brezhnev era.

Second, the basis usually cited for discrediting Lysenkoism is alleged ruinous effects of his ideas upon agriculture. That his policies had been used for decades and fell out of favor after Stalin suggests political motive. Secondly, Enver Hoxha's informative critique of the Kruhschev era assigns blame to Kruhschev himself for ruining much of agriculture that had worked beautifully when Stalin was in power and Lysenko's policies had full sway.

'The Kruhschevites'
By Enver Hoxha

Third, I very recently picked up two books severely discredit modern genetics as eugenics in another form. I have not read these yet, but it will be interesting to see in what sectors their insight pulls the rug out from under modern genetics.

'Backdoor to Eugenics'
By Troy Duster
(now in an updated second edition)
Reviewed by New England Journal of Medicine

'Not in Our Genes'
By Lewontin, et al

A brief glance after receiving it in the mail the other day suggests this one is a particularly strong iconoclastic work.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Democrats & Republicans
« on: June 05, 2017, 08:19:04 PM »
A Soviet writer using the pseudonym Ernst Henri wrote a perceptive analysis of German Nazism in 1934 entitled 'Hitler Over Europe.'

He outlined five social classes under Nazism.
1) the twelve or so capitalist families at the top, the most powerful and most hidden and to whom the top Nazis had to answer
2) the Nazi clique at the head of the government
3) the SS: this represented the upper class and upper middle class, the bourgeois
4) the SA: this represented the middle class
5) the lower class

It occurred to me that the SS and the SA are mirrors of the Republicans and the Democrats in the U.S.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Marxism & Flat Earth Science
« on: June 04, 2017, 10:38:53 AM »
I intend to show that Marxism, if used with discernment, can assist understanding science generally including flat earth science.

Marxist writers have often excelled at exposing falsehood and may be particularly helpful in exposing false science. By eliminating false notions and misunderstandings, the picture becomes far more clearer.  This often facilitates deeper understanding.

What Marxist writers talk about are often common knowledge to the poor and affected people concerned. Viewing heliocentrism and NASA as colonial science puts it in its proper context.

The development of the American propaganda network described by pro-Stalinist writers like Upton Sinclair is what spreads false news like space travel to the masses along with  other fabrications - all of which usually serve other purposes.

The Lounge / 8/21 August Solar Eclipse
« on: June 01, 2017, 09:07:54 PM »
Anyone planning on seeing the total solar eclipse on the 21st of August?

(or 8th of August on the pre-Renaissance Julian calendar)

Although a partial eclipse will be visible from most of the U.S. and Mexico and the Western parts of Europe and North Africa, I understand the roughly 60-mile wide shadow will swing across the U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina in about 90 minutes. The shadow will travel from west to east in the opposite direction of the sun and moon. I've read it starts out in the North Pacific very roughly halfway between Hawaii and Alaska at a point where the sun will actually rise eclipsed - a black sunrise. You'd likely have to charter a boat to see that.

I myself have a room reserved at Depoe Bay on the Oregon coast which is in the middle of where the shadow hits land.

Flat Earth General / Alaskan Resources
« on: June 01, 2017, 04:06:41 PM »
I'm spending the week with the family visiting Russian villages in the southern Kenai peninsula near Homer, but I'll be spending tonight (1st of June) and all day tomorrow in Anchorage.

Since Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska and a likely pool of informational resources, I wondered if perhaps anyone knew of museum exhibits, bookstores, or other information resources in town related to geography, astronomy, or the Arctic, et cetera.

I have not yet researched this aspect of the trip aside from planning to stop by Anchorage's Log Cabin Visitor's Centre and Information Bureau for guidance.

I can say I've perceived that a lot of the arctic travel stuff is based out of Fairbanks. I'm devoting tomorrow to information gathering for my own knowledge and possible future trips to the Arctic and viewing Aurora Borealis.

"350 years ago, Russia, with great pride, declared itself the Third Rome. It began to believe that it carried the only true torch of Jesus Christ. God had other plans and Russians have suffered much in the last four centuries. Then, the world was still considered flat in Russia ..."

- Rev. Pavel Fefelov
in 'Faith, Hope, and Love' Part 7,
article in the
'Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church Calendar
for the year 2017 since Christ
and the year 7525 since Adam'

Flat Earth Information Repository / Solar Eclipse 8 (21) August 2017
« on: April 30, 2017, 11:51:16 AM »
Putting this out in case anyone wanted to observe a total eclipse of the sun as it's not an opportunity that happens everyday.

This will occur on a monday, and the shadow will evidently travel across the United States from west to east - in the opposite direction of the sun and moon (as the sun overtakes the moon).

The shadow will travel westward from the Oregon Pacific Coast headed east southeast over Salem, Oregon and Nashville, TN through South Carolina to the Atlantic Ocean.

I plan to observe the eclipse from Salem, Oregon and avoid the Pacific coast since clouds are highly possible west of the costal mountains.

Accomodations for this particular day located anywhere in the full shadow of the eclipse have been reserved months in advance. Many hotel rooms and campsites are now going for $600.

One of the more informative websites:

Flat Earth Information Repository / Comprehensive Geocentric Book
« on: January 05, 2015, 10:12:16 PM »
'Geocentricity' by Gerhardus Bouw has been published for the first time in many years in a much expanded edition.  This book is the most up to date and comprehensive book available from the (spherical) geocentric perspective.

"Geocentricty: Christianity in the Woodshed by Gerardus D. Bouw, PhD (Astronomy). The successor to Geocentricity and its predecessor, With Every Wind of Doctrine. This book is the most exhaustive and comprehensive book on the subject of geocentricity. The book presents the geocentric nature of Scripture. It includes complete coverage of Joshua's Long Day and Hezekiah's sign. The role, function, and history of the firmament is covered extensively. The sun's role in ruling the day is greatly extended in this book. Five appendixes are included in the book. One covers every scriptural reference to the geocentric creation. The last appendix derives the geocentric equations of motion that are commonly used in space travel; only this derivation is strictly geocentric. The book includes biographical sketches of most geocentrists from 1650 through 2013. Finally, the author traces the role that Copernicus' heliocentric model played in the demotion of man from being created in the image of God to an evolved accident created in the image of an ape in rebellion against the God who created man in his own image. 816 pages, hardbound."

I noticed that this website also contains a suggested outline for teaching children astronomy. 
This item can also be useful to flat earth believers. 

Flat Earth Information Repository / Stairway to Heaven
« on: December 28, 2012, 04:41:55 PM »
A tower of babel or stairway to the moon which summarizes James Beal's understanding of the history of the US space program and the intended future use of space stations according to information he claims to have seen from his friend at UCLA in the early 1970's.

Quote from: JamesBeals
The US Army Air Force and the US Navy designed several experimental winged 'rocket' airplanes in the late 1940ís ... Later rocket planes became known as X rocket planes (X = experimental) - the most famous being the X-15. Werner von Braun was among the leading German-American scientists working on this project since the late 1940's.  From that time, von Braun developed the basis of deep space travel and the US space program which has not changed to this day!  About 1950 von Braun envisioned using experimental rocket planes as 'Space Shuttles' that ferried men and materials to build orbiting space stations far above the earth...

...Emphasis on the space program got sidetracked. The real US space program was the X-15 rocket which it would refine until it became a space shuttle that could take men and heavy loads into space, but funding for that project was put on the back burner as more funds were spent on ballistic missiles with cargos on top of them.

...The X-15 was followed by the X-16, X-20 and X-22 rocket planes, and the X-24, the last of the X-rockets.  This last of the experimental rocket planes was still a manned winged plane.  These tests were said to have been going on throughout the 1960ís and 1970ís.  The next step was the space shuttle which was the intended culmination of all the X-rocket planes and the US space effort. 

...In the late '50s and early '60s the US sent one Explorer after another trying to prevent the electronics from burning out in the van Allen radiation belts.  The Russians also sent probes.  Both countries made a combined total of 30 to 40 attemptsto pass these belts.  Historical text books state that Russia was first to break the van Allen radiation barrier with their probe.  However, the books I read never explained what processes and protection were finally fabricated that gave the crafts the protection they needed to pass through the radiation belts.  According to my friend Rob, no one ever got a probe through the radiation belts.  No Explorer probe, nor the Apollo crafts, nor any Pioneer, Mariner, Viking, Voyager, nor any other deep space craft ever penetrated the van Allen radiation belts.   

...The mission of the shuttle was to travel several thousand miles or further carrying cargo to build an orbiting space station at as high an altitude as possible.  The main purpose of the space station was to serve as a research lab for further investigation of the van Allen radiation belts and how to get past them.  Part of the purpose of the space station was to act as an orbiting launch pad and re-fueling station. 

Once the first space station was complete, space shuttles between Earth and the first station would continue to carry loads, but a new type of shuttle would be built which did not have to travel into the Earth's atmosphere and therefore had no wings.  This shuttle would launch from the first space station at several thousand miles elevation and travel to a much higher orbit.

The next level of shuttles would construct a second space station at a higher orbit.  Thus, the first ground level shuttles would be ferrying loads from Earth to the first station, and another shuttle would ferry loads to the next station.  The second space station would be located at the edge of the radiation belts with the purpose of finding holes in them or some other way through.  After that was done, another space station could be built further out at 50,000 miles, or on the other side of the radiation belts.  This space program that I saw was a plan to reach the Moon by building about seven space stations as a stairway to heaven - a tower of Babel that led to the moon.


Philosophy, Religion & Society / Negativity
« on: November 08, 2012, 01:25:49 PM »
Darkness vanishes in the presence of light, especially with much light.  Knowledge makes unknowing disappear, especially with much knowledge.  Think not of this as deprivation, but rather in terms of transcendence, and then you will be able to perceive something which is truer than all truth, namely, that the knowledge of God escapes those who possess extant light and knowledge of being.  His transcendent darkness is concealed from all light and hidden from all knowledge.  One who has seen God and understood what he saw did not see Him, but rather one of His creatures that are existing and known.  He Himself is unknowable and non-existant.  He does exist above all being and is known beyond the mind. This positively complete unknowing IS knowledge of Him Who is above all knowledge and being.

Flat Earth General / Hey!
« on: November 06, 2012, 11:01:08 PM »

Flat Earth Believers / Space Shuttles: Opinions & Reflections
« on: November 06, 2012, 06:58:03 PM »
Space Shuttles,56042.0.html#.UJnH-IY4xGM

My purpose is to analyze Dr. Peter Beter's lecture on space shuttles posted in the Flat Earth Information Category.  My opinion in brief is Dr. Beter makes astute observations (whether originally his own or borrowed) alongside absurdities that should be rejected.

In my opinion, Beter's assertion about pre-recorded audios and videos of space shuttle astronauts broadcast as if they were live after the first two minutes is a legitimate claim.  Beter's description of these and other Space Shuttle operations such as the Hubble telescope being recorded at a facility in White Sands, New Mexico in support of mass deception is an excellent basis for further Space Shuttle video and audio analysis as well as research for other corroborating evidence

Flat Earth Information Repository / Space Shuttles
« on: October 08, 2012, 10:02:37 PM »
'The Dr. Beter Audio Letters Volume 2: 1979-1982'
By Dr. Peter Beter

Credit goes to Sandokhan (Levee) for first locating the material in this book.  I do not agree with everything in Beter's reports, but they do contain the most thorough and strongest debunking of the Space Shuttle missions which I have yet seen.

This book is also online.

It is composed of 80 letters of three chapters each.  I have combed it for those who want to skip straight to the chapters about the Space Shuttles:

Audio Letter #48, Part 1      The Final Chapter in The Great Skylab Cover-Up
Audio Letter #62, Part 1      The Secret Military Mission of the Space Shuttle Columbia
Audio Letter #64, Introduction   
Audio Letter #64, Part 1      The Advance Preparations for the Space Shuttle Mission
Audio Letter #64, Part 2      The Aborted Flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia
Audio Letter #64, Part 3      The NASA Cover-up of the Columbia Disaster
Audio Letter #65, Part 2      The aftermath of the Shuttle Columbia disaster
Audio Letter #68, Part 2      Deliberate delays in the Space Shuttle launch
Audio Letter #69, Summary   
Audio Letter #70, Part 2      The American Space Shuttle Failure Number Two
Audio Letter #73, Part 3      The first military success of the Space Shuttle
Audio Letter #76, Part 3      The final Space Shuttle mission for war

Dr. Peter Beter 

Flat Earth Information Repository / 'Yuri Gagarin, A Cosmic Lie'
« on: October 08, 2012, 09:14:24 PM »
'Yuri Gagarin, A Cosmic Lie'
By Nemere Istvan
(In Hungarian Language)
Nemere IstvŠn - Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

This book is a refutation of Soviet space propaganda by the Hungarian writer Nemere Istvan. 
It shows that the famous space flight of Yuri Gagarin, the so-called first man in space - was a hoax.

Nemere Istvan Website

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Hey!
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Technology, Science & Alt Science / Smart Card Technology
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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Hey!
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Suggestions & Concerns / Hey!
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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Hey!
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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Hey!
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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Hey!
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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Hey!
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Philosophy, Religion & Society / United States Lost the Iraq War
« on: January 28, 2012, 12:40:38 PM »
A military victory in 2003 against a weak and crippled Iraqi military that had sustained 12 years of economic sanctions and aerial bombardments has been followed by a failure to combat the Iraqi militias and a complete american military withdrawal in 2011. 

The Iraqi victory over the US resembles the Algerian FLN's defeat of the French in which an initial French military victory was followed by an Algerian political victory that greatly aided by publicity of French war crimes and the war's intense unpopularity in France which came close to civil war. 

In this respect, Obama resembles Charles DeGaulle.  Charles DeGaulle withdrew France from Algeria, and Obama withdrew america from Iraq.  Both were centre-left politicians who hypocritically continued other colonial wars in spite of the anti-interventionist platform that got them elected. 

The Iraqi war also resembles the Vietnam war in that american control decreased in spite of its air superiority which proved inferior to poor man's weapons like improvised explosive devices. 

Perhaps american interventionists condemn terrorism so loudly because terrorism in the hand of an enemy that is ingenious and determined can find their achilles heel.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Voltaire was Fascist
« on: January 07, 2012, 03:57:57 PM »
Voltaire Against God, the Poor, the Exploited, the Colonized, and the Common Man

Voltaire Versus Jean Jacques Rousseau

Francois Arouet Marie Voltaire was an enemy of common men who spent his life in the company of aristocrats.  Both his correspondence and his life reflect this fact.  Voltaire's relationship with Jean Jacques Rousseau was short-lived, acrimonious, and non-existent after the 1750's.  Jean Jacques Rousseau was a genuine forerunner of political freedom lovers like Karl Marx and Frederick Douglass.  Rousseau was the great enemy of abusive european monarchs and a representative of lower classes.  Rousseau also wrote on many topics much more objectively, edifyingly and with less jaundice than Voltaire.  Rousseau's objectivity facilitated his discernment, and he was a staunch critic of both modern european science and the degenerate status of western art in his time.

Any claim of Voltaire to represent social liberty is transparent and contradicted by facts which demonstrate his thoughtlessness towards persons outside the scope of his self-contradictory war against Christianity and his self-centered sexual perversions.

If Rousseau is the forerunner of Karl Marx and communism, then Voltaire is the forerunner of Hitler and fascism.  Leading Nazi ideologues like Alfred Rosenberg were great admirers of Voltaire and adopted both his rejection of Christianity and his opposition to Rousseau.

Voltaire's Alliance With the Papacy

The great passion of Voltaire's life was an intense hatred of Christianity -  not advocating liberty or the cause of the weak.  Among many other evidences, the consistent attitude of his correspondence testifies to these facts. 

Savonarola was murdered for criticizing the papacy in the 1400's.  Voltaire, on the contrary, allied with the papacy in his attack on the Jesuits which was overall one of the most open minded institutions of the comparatively totalitarian eighteenth century.  Many facts upon close scrutiny evidence an agenda by Voltaire and his very closest friends which is contrary to the spirit of freedom. 

Voltaire's correspondence with Diderot, D'Alembert, and King Frederick II (the "great") of Prussia reveals that they allied with Pope Clement XIV to have the comparatively open minded Jesuits outlawed which actually happened in 1767 and in the 1770's in the Spanish and French empires (- 'The Memoirs of Augustin Barruel').  However, of all legal institutions in the eighteenth century,  the Jesuits by far most identified with and represented the interests of both the colonized subjects and lower classes.   Voltaire's circle did not conspire against pro-colonial medievalist orders like the Dominicans which were the enemies of both the Jesuits and native peoples' interests. 

Many Jesuits in the twentieth century and beyond continue to be one of the elements within catholicism closest to the spirit of liberation theology, Marxism, and other comparable movements which embrace political and social liberty.

Voltaire's Alliance With King Frederick II of Prussia

Voltaire was a life long friend and employee of the tyrannical King Frederick of Prussia corresonding with him for over 50 years.  Voltaire received much of the funding for his atheist literature from Frederick who also initiated the expansion of Prussian power - the state policy of pan-Germanism which culminated with Nazism within a hundred years.  Frederick was an ardent opponent of the american revolution and a supporter of his cousin King George III of England.  Both the protestant Lutheran church and the atheist propaganda which Frederick collaborated in with Voltaire were funded by the Prussian state.  George III of England and Frederick of Prussia were the kind of men whom Rousseau consistently opposed. 

Voltaire's Alliance With Catherine II of Russia

Voltaire was a partisan of Russian colonialism and Russian tsars - not their victims. 

Votaire advised and supported Russian imperial conquest in his extensive correspondence with Catherine II.  He was Catherine's master and teacher in both her domestic and colonial policy.  Catherine of Russia was a tyrannical dictator who was hated by both common Russians and the many nations which her army occupied and indignified.  Catherine was an ally of western aristocratic society of which Voltaire was also, and she was a destroyer of her own people's liberty and Christian traditions.  The Russian empire is basically the same with Hitler, and Voltaire was all for it.

Volataire's Perversion and Sabotage of Revolution

Revolution for a worthy cause is honorable, and knowing its cause involves understanding those who would sabotage a revolution and its memory. 
Voltaire's influence is barnacle on the bow of freedom.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Hey!
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Technology, Science & Alt Science / Hey!
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Flat Earth Believers / Prayer Facing East
« on: November 06, 2011, 01:41:07 PM »
The prayer traditions of the ancient Christian Church and virtually all Eastern Christians has always been done facing East.  East has primacy over all directions because this direction both symbolizes the direction of God, and it is also the direction from which the God-Man Jesus Christ will return to the earth.

Canonical Churches are constructed facing east.

Byzantines and early Christians used prayer rugs facing East from the time of Jesus Christ.  This tradition is kept alive among others by Russian Old Ritualists who retain many traditions that were part of the East Roman Cristian Empire and early Christian Russia.

(Website in English Translation from Russian)

In the link,the tab entitled "About" has an informaive article about this tradition.

Flat Earth Believers / Augustine & the Spread of Errors
« on: October 30, 2011, 01:32:50 PM »
The following is a private message which I sent to Ski concerning Augustine and other topics:


Apologize as I forgot to include the link in the first message.  You might find this critic of Augustine more balanced than others if you first read his responses to comments on his article. 

Particularly striking is his insistence that Augustine was not a heretic but rather the source of eight heresies.  The City of God which was completed four years before Augustine died and does reflect far more sober and useful reflections than some of his earlier works which really do contain many errors.  I particularly and pleasingly recall reading in the City of God several years ago Augustines defense of the Septuagint in spite of its critics who cite the self-contradictory chronology in which Methuselah dies after the flood began because as Augustine stated three of the Septuagint manuscripts have the uncorrupted legitimate chronology without that obvious error.

The Creation Era of Constantinople
(which is based upon the Septuagint chronology)

Saint and Emperor Justinian praised Augustine in his discourse with west Roman bishops.  The Acts of the Fifth Oecumenical Synod of 553 AD held under Justinian characterized Augustine as shining forth most resplendently among the African bishops.  Significantly, the synod did not characterize Augustine as a saint, and he was not canonized in the Patriarchate of Constantinople until 1965 which is after that Patriarchate apostatized in the error of embracing heresies and other religions which engulfed that patriarchate after Patriarch Germanos V was forced off the throne in late 1918 when the Ottomans lost the war.


About two years ago in Athens, I bought an outstanding book from a publisher named Estias entitled THE GREEK MINORITY IN ISTANBUL AND GREEK-TURKISH RELATIONS 1918-1974 by Alexis Alexandris.  The author is now the Greek Consul of Istanbul and far more balanced than some other Greek writers I have encountered.

In its early chapters, this informative book by Alexandris describes the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the late nineteenth century as being polarized into two camps.  Germanos V was the leader of the traditionalists, and Joachim III was the leader of the westernizing faction. During the 1890s after he had been compelled to surrender the throne of the patriarchate of Constantinople due to anti-Ottoman activities, Joachim III spent several years with his friends in Italy.  Later, the masonic and ecumenist heresiarch Meletios Metaxakis who was patriarch of Constantinople from 1921 - 1923 still claimed the title from Mount Athos until 1926 even after he was forcibly expelled from Constantinople in 1923 by the colleagues of his political opposite the eastern Anatolian Orthodox Christian priest Papa Eftim who became a close friend of Kemal Ataturk and founded the Turkish Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople.  The false Patriarch Meletios Metaxakis who introduced the papist Gregorian calendar schism to the Orthodox Church and openly supported the Greek invasion of Ottoman Anatolia was part of the same westernizing ecclesiastical faction which Joachim III had led in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century until his death in 1912.  Significantly, before Meletios became patriarch in 1921 through a falsified election (as the scholarship of Alexandris and others have shown), a three year vacancy from 1918 to 1921 followed Germanos V whom Orthodox Christians must regard as the last genuine Patriarch of Constantinople before that institution became the servant of another master.  Notably, Germanos V was loyal to the ancient Christian tradition of loyalty to the Ottoman Sultans and Roman Emperors - giving to God what belongs to God and to caesar what belongs to caesar.

A similar vacancy perhaps indicating a withdrawal of the Spirit of God followed after Damianos I who became Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1897 had reposed in 1931. 

This apostasy also recalls a significant detail concerning an annual miracle in the Tomb of Jesus Christ in Old City Jerusalem known as the Holy Fire which dates to the early Church and continues today.  I have read in a book by a Serbian friend (Monk Serafim of Karoulia in Athos) who quoted a modern day Orthodox Christian monk from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem who asserted that the annual miracle of Holy Fire which spontaneously lights candles in the Tomb of Jesus every Holy Sabbath (the day before Easter according to the ancient Church Calendar) has for many decades only lit candles while they were resting in a book or candle holder in the tomb.  The miracle of candles alighting spontaneously has only occurred in this way and has not spontaneously alighted anything in the hand of any human being whatever such as the Patriarch of Jerusalem for many decades (i.e. since the time of Patriarch Damianos in 1931 or before).  This is an indication that God wants nothing to do with the modern patriarchs. 

Holy Fire Miracle in the Tomb of Jesus Christ

A passage in a prophecy canonized by East Roman Emperor Leo IV that forms a major component of the Byzantine Apocalytic Tradition and is entitled CONCERNING THE POOR AND CHOSEN KING WHO WILL APPEAR WHEN THE TIME OF THE ISHMAELITES POWER COMES TO AN END.  This prophecy which concerns the restitution of the Roman Empire and the final seven kings who will rule over it states concerning the first of these seven kings that HE WILL CHASE AWAY ALL THE BAD SACERDOTALS AND RESTORE THE WORTHY ONES TO THE HOLY PLACES.


I discerned that the same pattern of degeneration into two factions prior to apostasy in nineteenth century Eastern Orthodoxy also seems to have characterized the final years of the early Roman papacy prior to its annexation by the Franks 900 years before in 999 A.D.  The Book of Popes only records the lives and histories of all the early popes up to circa 886 A.D. and has been translated into english in three volumes by Raymond Davis. 

The Book of Pontiffs
(The Ancient Biographies of the First Ninety Roman Bishops to AD 715)
Translated By Raymond Davis

Lives of the Eighth Century Popes
(Ancient Biographies of Nine Popes From AD 715 to AD 817)
Translated By Raymond Davis

Lives of the Ninth Century Popes
(Ancient Biographies of Ten Popes From A.D. 817-891)
Translated By Raymond Davis

Although it had previously exercised oeconomy with regards to many Franks imbibing the filioque heresy mainly because of the papacys precarious position vis a vis the military and political power of the Carolingian Franks and their successors, the papacy did not itself adopt the filioque heresy until 1009 A.D. in which year the name of the pope in Rome was erased from the list of bishops honored by the Church in Constantinople.  Notably, the papacy did not adopt the filioque heresy until after the last Roman pope in 999 A.D. - the year of three popes after which all popes were Franks.  And after 1009, the Frankish popes formally subscribed to the filioque heresy.

The history of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries follows the same pattern as the papacy of 900 years earlier.  The devil had apparently long been waiting to apply the same strategy to the Eastern Orthodox Church which had worked for him so long ago in western europe.

+ Dionysios

Philosophy, Religion & Society / G.O.P. Vote Rigging
« on: September 26, 2011, 04:02:04 PM »
'38 States Rigging Voting Rules for GOP'
By Jesse Jackson

"As the campaigns for the 2012 presidential election begin, Republicans are trying to rig the rules. In 38 states, they are pushing measures that will effectively lock millions of the young, the poor, the elderly and minorities out of the election booth. This is the most systematic rollback of voting rights since the segregated South invented literacy tests, poll taxes and intimidation to bar blacks from voting.

Their motivation is clear. Republicans are championing an agenda that they know lacks popular support..."

Furthermore, the fact that George Bush lost the 2004 presidential election to Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is not merely a Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory.

'Rigged USA Elections 2004 Exposed'

Flat Earth Information Repository / Field Guide to the Night Sky
« on: September 03, 2011, 03:13:57 AM »
'National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky'

Just came across this book and wonder why I am just now finding it.  Having occasionally acquired several basic astronomy guides to the night sky by different publishers over the years, this one is the best I have found.

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