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Flat Earth Debate / levee and his Tunguska "theories"
« on: October 26, 2012, 05:08:58 AM »
Since levee does not want to start a thread for his Tunguska walls of blabber, I will start it myself.

The initial calculations FOR A SPHERICAL EARTH were indeed wrong...Tesla HAD TO MODIFY the trajectory of the ball lightning to reach the area of the explosion desired.

Read carefully.

LeMaire maintains the "accident-explanation is untenable" because "the flaming object was being expertly navigated" using Lake Baikal as a reference point. Indeed, Lake Baikal is an ideal aerial navigation reference point being 400 miles long and about 35 miles wide. LeMaire's description of the course of the Tunguska object lends credence to the thought of expert navigation:

The body approached from the south, but when about 140 miles from the explosion point, while over Kezhma, it abruptly changed course to the east. Two hundred and fifty miles later, while above Preobrazhenka, it reversed its heading toward the west. It exploded above the taiga at 6055' N, 10157' E (LeMaire 1980).

The same opinion was reached by Felix Zigel, who as an aerodynamics professor at the Moscow Institute of Aviation has been involved in the training of many Soviet cosmonauts. His latest study of all the eyewitness and physical data convinced him that "before the blast the Tunguska body described in the atmosphere a tremendous arc of about 375 miles in extent (in azimuth)" - that is, it "carried out a maneuver." No natural object is capable of such a feat.

We still do not understand how Tesla was able to realize the precise location of lake Baikal which he used as a reference point (perhaps the influence of the telluric currents over the lake itself was an indication on his readings of the movement of the ball lightning that a large quantity of water was present in the area, signaling the presence of lake Baikal).

What we know clearly is that the initial trajectory, based ON A SPHERICAL EARTH measurement, was WRONG, and Tesla had to modify the trajectory to reach the uninhabited area.

I have no interest whatsoever in Tunguska or Tesla (except for his great work in alternating current) but this is hilarious. Tesla brags about even having to use the precise measurements of Earth after having produced the Tunguska event, and having to correct the course of his ball of whatever, so he knows Earth is not even close to the shape he calculated his experiment for, but decides to brag about it anyway?

What is the logic behind all this? Tesla could have gotten the worldwide recognition he craved because his Tunguska experiment provided all the evidence he ever had hoped for in a groundbreaking discovery (that the Earth is either flat or totally different from what we thought). So, did he show his evidence and get his Nobel Prize? Well... no. He decides to brag about how he used the exact measurements of Earth that were available at the time.

Maybe levee wants to declare Tesla the first documented case of Multiple Personality Disorder, with a Round Earth personality declaring to the world that his discovery destroyed a forest in Tunguska and with a second personality that was Flat Earth and secretive?

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