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Greetings my fellow flat earth scientists, I come to you today with more research, this time based on the Cambridge model. It provides explanations of a few things based on computer simulations and experimentation conducted in my laboratory. The first part of this post is in regards to dark energy and the universal acceleration problem. I have personally become a supporter of the dark energy theory of the gravity illusion. Through my research, I have come up with an explanation for the suspension and rotation of celestial objects such as the sun and the moon using the dark energy principle.

As you know, I studied Aerospace Engineering at MIT before going to work at NASA. Among our courses of study were courses in theoretical aerodynamics. My theory proposes that dark energy waves work in close to the same manner as air traveling past an object. Evidence for this has been gathered through close observation, computer simulated models, and laboratory experimentation.

Figure 1: Dark energy wave, cross sectional view

In figure 1, you can see how, like air blowing against a flat plate, dark energy waves curve around the earth and create an area of vacuum on the other side (the side that we live on). This is why we are unaffected by such waves. However, at the altitude of the sun and moon, the waves begin to curve in in order to try to fill the "vacuum" at the surface. This results in a dark energy vortex.

Figure 2: Dark energy wave, top view

As a result of this vortex, there is an area where all accelerations point inward, as shown in figure 2. This allows objects to be able to orbit around a virtual axis centered at the center of the north pole. There is no buildup of objects in the center because they are all flushed downward and out by the way the dark energy bends.

The second part of my post will address seasons as well as clarification on day and night.

As we all know, the sun's orbit is not a constant circle, but changes due to seasons. The only possible explanation for this in my model is a variable strength of dark energy waves escaping from behind the earth. My solution to this is planetary precession.

Figure 3: Diagram of Earth's precession

We all know that the earth does not rotate, but I argue that it does precess. A diagram of this motion is shown in figure 3. You can demonstrate this motion for yourself if you spin a coin and watch the motion as it slows down and comes to rest. This would explain how the sun changes orbits for the season because as the earth precesses, more dark energy waves are allowed to escape on one side than the other, which will cause it to produce a basic, long term orbital transfer in each direction.

Another thing that this helps explain is sunrise and sunset. Since the earth is tilted, the altitude angle of the sun becomes much less at sundown, allowing the light bending effect to be much more intense. This can also explain other phenomena such as moon phases and tides.

Feel free to ask any questions. I will keep you up to date with future findings and laboratory experiments related to this theory.

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