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This experiment was brought up in another thread and I wanted to start a conversation about what we can learn and observe from it.

Particularly this picture here:

The camera was launched at 11:45 AM from Sturbridge, MA.  When this picture was taken the camera appears to be floating some distance above Hartford, CT looking south-southwest  - you can see interstate 84 leading into downtown Hartford in the foreground, along with Wangumbaugh Lake in the lower part of the picture.

What we learn from this picture is that as we are looking down at the lit part of the disk, it appears that New Jersey - as well as much of the southern half of the east coast - is still experiencing nighttime around noon.

Do we have any forum users from New Jersey that can verify these findings?

Suggestions & Concerns / An appeal to return to our Zetetic roots.
« on: July 01, 2013, 12:14:44 PM »
The narrative of this forum has gone way off-course.

The classic aims of Zeteticism - which are to use simple experiments and observation trace phenomena to its demonstrable cause -  seem to have fallen by the wayside and the members of this society are engaging more and more into the irresponsible practice of theory and conjecture.

I would like to appeal to forum management to come up with a way to discourage rampant theorymongering.

Suggestions & Concerns / Dispute with Curatorship
« on: April 24, 2013, 11:15:45 AM »
I am being threatened by being banned for daring to criticize a member of this forum's curatorship's judgment.

I wanted to explain my view of events in case he follows through on his threat and I am unjustly silenced.

The thread in question is here:,58411.0.html

The original poster did a lot of work and spent a lot of time on his originating post and posted it in a forum specifically designated to discuss flat earth theory and folklore - then went on to abuse his abilities as Curator by moving any posts discussing flat earth theory and folklore - specifically Wallace's historical contributions to Flat Earth Science out of his thread and to the Boards of Antichtone.

The offending Curator has made clear his intent in private messages to have me banned by merely suggesting he might want to move his thread to a more appropriate forum.

I have not broken any rules and the forum guidelines are clearly on my side.

Moving my suggestions and other posts out of his thread is an abuse of Curatorship abilities and I do not wish to be silenced for advocating the spirit of these forums and for calling attention to this matter.

Aspiring to the basic tenets of Zeteticism I am always trying to come up with new simple experiments to trace the miraculous observations of the phenomena around us to its most demonstrable cause.

One such phenomenon is the motion of the sun and stars in the sky - what makes them appear to follow the path they do through the heavens?

An experiment thought to demonstrate that the earth benieth us rotates is commonly referred to as Foucault's Pendulum but - in addition to being impractical to replicate - is results are often debated as inconclusive due to materials, magnetism, conspiracy and so on.

I came across this video and the associated instructions as what is claimed to be a much more practical way to demonstrate the spinning of the earth-sphere that mirror's the results of Faucault's Pendulum.

The instructions and datasets seem to be complete and untainted by conspiracy, and may prove useful to those of you interested in these sorts of things.

Technical Support / Ignore list question:
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:32:04 AM »
Wondering if there is any way I can configure my profile to completely omit an ignored user?

Currently it still shows posts and topics but changing the text to 'You are ignoring this user. Show me the post.'

Is there any way to go one step further and omit the actual posts/topics themselves?

Flat Earth General / BOOTPRINTGATE
« on: December 05, 2012, 02:48:19 PM »
This picture was posted by forum user Tom Bishop in another thread and I think it warrants its own:


This picture was put forth as perhaps the stongest(?) evidence for a malicious conspiracy by NASA to further its goal of faking space travel.

To turn this evidence into proof - what do we think the next steps should be? 

The Lounge / Welcome forums user 'wordpress30sc'
« on: August 16, 2012, 09:48:46 AM »
I would invite you all to join me in personally welcoming our latest member.  Having a long, well-documented Romani bloodline I can forsee with good authority that your personal insight will contribute greatly to our collected Zetetic wisdom.

Feel free to peruse the FAQ and Q&A section - after which you can PM me if you require hand-holding while weathering through the onslaught of knowledge regularly wielded by the Zetetic colossi who enrich us minutely.

Again welcome!  May these forums ultimately become your final destination in your search for answers.

I try to keep up with what our rivals at NASA are doing and came across this competition sponsored by the chaps at Google:

Google Lunar X-Prize

It appears that there are over 30 groups competing to be the first to build a spacecraft and use it to send a robot to the moon.

Assuming that one does this and we begin to have pictures - or even video - of how the earth-plane looks from the moon, will that meet the requirements of the Zetetic method as set forth in chapter 1 of Earth Not a Globe - namely  the collecting of 'manifest and undeniable' evidence and being able to 'demonstrate phenomena to its immediate and demonstratable causes'?

Flat Earth Debate / Current Flat Earth Models
« on: June 04, 2012, 01:31:44 PM »
To contribute to the Zetetic pursuits of this forum I would like to compile a list of the various flat earth models for the purposes of comparision. 

The ultimate goal is to combine debate, direct sensory, and experimental evidence to forge a consensus on the true shape and nature of the earth.

I would like to identify each model then define its various characteristics - such as the following:

Name -

Shape - usually disk or infinite plane, etc.

Map - If there has been published on this forum a map that best represents how the earth would look

Gravitation - if the earth in this model has its own gravitational pull or if another mechanic is responsible (UA)

Celestial bodies - the characteristics of the Sun/Moon/Stars in this particular model

I would like input on other defining characteristics we can add to the categories.

In the FAQ there are listed the Bishop, Davis, McIntyre, Dark Energy and Aetheric Wind models. 

Am I missing any?

I'll be modifying this post to reflect the communities' contributions.

I just finished reading Wilmore's Discourse on the Zetetic Method and found that summarizing each paragraph in a text document helped me understand the concepts he was attempting to convey.  I've included them here if anyone is interested:

- Zetetics deduce logical consequences from empirical data. No speculation or guesswork is involved, uses deductive instead of inductive logic.

- When we do use inductive logic or speculation it's not hypocrisy - because its man's nature to speculate. 

- For a [speculative] explanation to hold up to scrutiny it must logically procede from empirical data.

- The 'Evidence' and 'Empirical Data' used previously in his text should be redefined to mean 'Observation' - meaning to exclude any data not actually "observed nor experienced" by the individual doing the observing - such as photographs or first hand testimony.

- The Zetetic Method, because it requires relying direct sensorial evidence (or 'observed data' - i.e. not first hand testimony or photographs) "exhibits a philosophical interegrity wholly absent from the scientific method."

If I missed any important points please correct me.   

Flat Earth General / Hull Restoration
« on: May 02, 2012, 09:46:52 AM »
Continuing from this thread to avoid a further derail:

Pertinent photographs - from this very forum in fact - provide evidence that ships have not been restored at higher magnifications.

Here is a link to one applicable thread that you must have missed in your research -

And one of the photo's in question -

/hattip to forum user momentia for putting forth the effor to provide side by side comparison.

Further discussion of this matter in this thread would constitute a derail so if you wish to continue this you should start a new thread per the forum rules.

edit: spelling.

Firstly, 28x isn't the magnification of a telescope, it's more a magnification of a pair of binoculars. Mid and high end telescopes have a magnification ratio of 200x - 500x.

Secondly, Rowbotham says that the perspective restore effect is inconsistent on an ocean. It is better demonstrated on a calm lake, which this was not taken on.

Thirdly, see Thork's answer starting from the second post of that thread. Rowbotham agrees with Thork's explanation.

So no, this does not meet the criteria at all.

A cursory glance at the magnification properties of maritime telescopes of the late 18th and early 19th centuries indicates that 25x-50x zoom was common

I have yet to see evidence of hull restoration in any conditions.  If hull restoration via magnification criteria is only met under the pristine conditions of a calm lake, any conclusions as to the shape of the earth are un-emperical as they do not match the majority of observable data.

In addition, according to the linked thread these pictures were taken across Moreton Bay, AU - not the open ocean.

There is an experiment put on by a German precision scale manufacturer Kern to measure the weight of a Garden Gnome at different points on the disk.

Currently reports indicate that it seems to weigh the most near the icewall.

Perhaps the noted Zeteticists on this fora could sign up to take part in this experiment and enlighten us with their own findings -

Details and a charming video at the link.

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