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Flat Earth General / Perspective & Perception : The Sky-Dome.
« on: May 20, 2012, 03:50:06 PM »
Perspective & Perception : The Sky-Dome.

Disclaimer: a line like so denotes a suggested rest/memory retention point to avoid info overload. The following presentation equals 7 pages of size 12 TNR font. The content herein is not especially scientific, it is logical, mostly sensorily verifiable thought provocative analyses, which are best approached with curiosity and an open mind.

Herein will be detailed reasons to suggest why the anomalies at the brink of ones perceptual scope are neither evidence that Earth's surface is flat or curved - convex or concave

The Horizon Line:

Apparently the Horizon at sea-level, for an observer with a height of 1.70m standing on the ground, is 4.65 km. It rests at ones relaxed eye level.

If one is to hold their gaze to the highest angle they can, whilst standing straight without tilting their head, the highest point in which they can see is actually further than 4.65km. This fact has lead many to assume that this means that the horizon is the distance in which things begin to drop behind the curvature of the earth, when actually natural eyesight has an uneven threshold to which it is limited and the Horizon line - the medium band of this threshold has the closest retention. This is because the eyes lenses are receptive not projective and the pupil is the part of the organ which absorbs/attracts the light into the rods and cones which then filter the optical data such as colour depth etc. that the brain then creates a 3D image of.

However the visual threshold is limited to different distances depending on the level of the atmosphere it is receiving from. Variables in the saturation of light and its angle/arc-velocity, moisture and air pressure (which create distortions/accentuations or diminishment of the actual size and or distance to which sense data can be received), are what determines the limit of ones visual scope at any given angle.

The horizon line is the area of ones visual threshold which is limited the most,


1. light has travelled the furthest to get there.
2. The arc-velocity (otherwise known as bendy-light) is at the greatest compression thus acting as a filter on the retention rate of visual reception.

3.The atmosphere is at its most dense serving as a further filter.

4. Additionally as potential weather variables:
Natural lens-like refraction (the effect of an image projecting closer or further away than it is) and further velocity of arcing – resulting in the appearance being compressed so to appear smaller due to moisture and or ice crystals at low altitude, this being dependant on the weather and/or season.

All of these variables account for a number of potential combinations of reasons for why an object may appear further away or closer than it is in reality.
The reverse of what has been explained here can account for why the limit of one's scope is extended further as the angle of gaze is elevated above the horizon.


Thought experiment:

If the atmosphere were not present and one were suspended in the centre of a huge sphere, the distanced of the spheres surface would be equally far away from every point with no distortions, provided the light source were also emanating from the central vantage point.
This would mean one's perception of the sphere's inner surface would have no distortions of distance ratio, every possible angle of observation would be seen as the exact same distance. Hence, if the sphere were then to expand outward it would eventually pass beyond the limit of ones visual threshold.

The true limit of one's threshold is as good a guess as anyone's, as this experiment in reality is practically improbable. The optical distortions of distance lead us to 2 conclusions which support the hypothesis of a limited threshold to the visual scope of living beings.

1. It is not possible to see forever with the naked eye, this is why telescopes are required to observe the outer cosmos - there is a definite point upon which objects begin to shrink beyond observation.   
 2. This therefore means that what is observable in the sky as stars and luminous astronomical objects that are further away than the highest known point of the atmosphere, are beaming light through it which  saturates the air particles within the range of one's  scope...

Its note worthy to understand that the size of observable stars according to the popularly held Copernican world view, is taken for granted. One's immediate senses cannot show them that they are as large and as far as they are said to be, for the simple fact that one does not view the light from the point of origin. The light seen has travelled to ones scope of perception.

All proposed distances of the stars are calculated in contrast by the estimated distance and size of our own sun by comparison to the intensity of light and Einstein's speed of light equation. This does not take into account that space may be spherically warped and variate in Aetheric density. Even Einstein supposed there were an Aether. There are no measuring instruments that can directly measure actualised distances of a stars light.

The notions presented so far can now serve as a means to discuss the perceptual phenomena of objects disappearing beyond the horizon and the uncertainties which surround the assumed speculations that are so often taken as given truths.
These “truths” have been habitually ingrained into each generation and no one has bothered to question the foundations upon which they stand because they are presented as fact, when in fact they are elaborate assumptions supported by a number of complementary guesses, which all more or less fit together nice enough so as to make relative sense.

Now you can get to know an alternate point of view.

Fig 1.

Firstly the depiction in figure 1. can set a frame of reference as to how things are in reality, before perceptual distortions are accounted for. Bear in mind the diagram is not drawn to scale so does not cater to a specific over all shape of the earth's surface. It is depicted as a straight surface for simplicities sake – being that it mostly envisages the spans of the suggested area of one's immediate observation.

Whilst Observing fig 1. take the point upon which the sun is perched and contend with that level of altitude. The distance between the surface of the beach/ocean
and that altitude can be set as absolute, in so much that that altitude exists all across the world and is always the same general distance from the depicted surface level.

Next take note of the line of sight that extends from the person standing on the beach from the left over to the orange point just beyond the boat. In Fig 2 - a little further down the page, the person and the orange point are labelled as a and b.

Now the key to fathom how objects on the horizon distort, is the fact that in reality a straight line from eye level will run geometrically parallel to the surface of the earth all the way to the horizon and once beyond - depending on the cosmology one contends with – the 2 lines will either, a. continue knack and knack given the Earth is flat, or b. the surface will dip away from the line of sight or c. it will rise up and intersect it - in the same way as the rectilineator experiments conducted by the Koreshan Society/Religion along the beach of Florida during the early 1900's, are said to have proven Cyrus R Teed's hypothesis that the Earth is concave i.e. that we are inside a hollow world, and the atmosphere's appearance is an illusion of bending light.

The nature of perception is that things shrink as they get further away and eventually disappear from sight as they become smaller than the eyes reach of visual reception - not to be confused with clarity, for one with short sight can still receive light into the retina from the same limit as one with “perfect” long sight, the eye's lens are what determine the resolution of clarity, and the retina is the base part which taps the quantum medium or substratum which light propagates through. The retina's radial limit of the quantum medium is more or less the same for all people, it's limit of scope is a product of the eyes innate design as a whole, and its finite constituents  are the main reason for why the yield of size retention of objects, diminishes outwardly i.e. stuff shrinks but resolution can be kept crisp if one's lenses are focused for long sight. If one is short sighted the retina is still  accessing objects from the same scope limit but the objects are blurry instead and may appear closer than the limit actually is.

In light of these factors one can comprehend the implications of perspectives that are explained with the help of figure 2.

Fig 2.

Note: the boats deck being drawn level with the horizon is not intended to suggest that a boats deck will always appear at horizon level as it gets closer to it. It may appear above it before disappearing out of sight. The illustration is merely showing how the boat will shrink toward the vanishing point, this will occur anywhere from both the top and the bottom of the boat according to where the horizon line sits in relation, and will change depending on distance. Hence the deck at times may appear below, on or above the horizon

The surface of the Earth can now be seen as tapering up toward the line of sight. The horizon is now shown as how it appears for an observer, resting at eye level i.e. where the orange point b is marked. The surface of the ocean and the base of the atmosphere converge toward one another and the seem where they meet is  where the horizon-line sits for the observer (point b.)

Because perception causes everything to shrink to some extent as the limit of ones scope diminishes, the horizon line is therefore the point upon which things become somewhat tiny before they disappear altogether (if not so tiny that they cannot be seen at all from or before they reach such a distance). Hence an object will begin to compress and shrink to some extent as it passes beyond.

Its also note worthy to consider that the actual horizon line itself appears before the exact limit of which the eye's retina can receive light from. A way to compare this effect is with two straight edges or even finger tips will suffice. Hold them against a plain background with ample lighting and you will see how as you bring the edges together holding them very close without actually touching them, there will be a slight bleed over effect whereby they appear as if they are touching. It's sort of like how when a droplet of water is touched the spherical shape of the droplet will immediately de-form as it clings to and spreads out across whatever surface it is in contact with. Except where two straight objects are concerned the convergence of both edges, exactly parallel, produces this merging effect as tho they seem to become like liquid able to expand into one another before they actually make physical contact. This is thus synonymous with the effect produced by the surface of the ocean and the base of the atmosphere as they produce the horizon line - especially because they are of different reflective calibre so there is an intermingling of their unique reflective signatures, this effect will be refer to as the phantom limit. Therefore some light is being received from a point which resides beyond the phantom limit and can add to the additional factors of atmospheric lensing conditions and the arc-velocity's compression of bending light. Note: this implies that sometimes the phantom limit may reduce or cancel out these factors and vice versa.

This helps one fathom that in the case that an object is large enough so as to not shrink into obscurity before passing beyond the horizon (such as a large boat) that at some point it will be subject to the   
phantom limit and the anomalies described, where the level just above the horizon (the base of the atmosphere) and the surface of the ocean do not blend in equal ratio to one another's reflective signature (of optical lensing and refraction) thus causing indiscernible blending of distances between ones true limit of scope and the phantom limit.

To fully grasp what is meant by this statement a visualisation can be done.

Imagine the horizon line as a line drawn on paper and then draw another line directly above and touching it, so that the initial line is now thicker. Continue to add layers thus increasing the thickness of this line, except each addition is less bold than the original. So what's being visualised is a gradient with the horizon line symbolised by the boldest at the base, all the lines that progress above become softer. This is because the lines above are symbolising a less dense level of refraction whereby the clarity compresses less as the arc-velocity takes a more obtuse stride, meaning it doesn't curve at as intense an angle so the geometry of the ray is less acute before it reaches ones eyes thus allowing larger volumes of distance to magnify than the horizon's phantom limit. This effect also occurs to the levels below the horizon tho it is imperceivable to the physical perception because the ocean is not as transparent and where the ground is concerned it isn't transparent at all. This is still relevant however regarding the compression of objects as they shrink into the distance, for although the ocean or ground is closer than the levels of one's limit below the horizon, the quantum medium that they reside upon is still occupying the eye's scope of reception. Think of it as a field of transmission, so the ocean is denser and thus one can only see the immediate level - much closer than what the eye's retina is tapping as a field of quantum energy which extends beyond the apparent surface's distances - thus the lower half of the field of scope is still at a quantum level extending to the same innate limit as the upper hemisphere of one's scope, hence point e in fig 2 represents the mirror of the upper limit of one's scope i.e. points a-c-d-f-b. This is also indicative that the distances in front of the apparently reflected surface - be it ocean or ground, are occupied by the lowest levels of the atmosphere which are invisible in front of the perceivable surface below the horizon. Thus they are also subject to compression (diminished clarity) as they proceed outward up to the horizon, tho this is obvious, it is only apparent - as with all atmospheric perception - when a distinct object of reference is occupying such levels of this otherwise invisible effect upon the atmosphere. 

Now getting back to the line-gradient visualisation,
Each line that progresses above the horizon but which is still within the scope of one's true limit, represents an amount of compression, whereby objects shrink to sizes of less discernible clarity and resolution. As this occurs the definition of objects being compressed such as a boats hull, may begin to blend into or be obscured by the ocean as different levels of lensing magnification and resolution-deterioration occur due to a combination of both the phantom limit and numerous refraction factors that have been addressed.   

This entails that the horizon line - being the boldest of the gradient i.e. the densest level of distance between the phantom limit and the true limit, will compress the hull of a boat more than the higher softer levels of gradient above which the mast - being a much greater vertical length than the hull - will therefore occupy. This renders the mast of boats and ships as the last thing to be seen as they pass beyond the true point of the horizon's limit. The effect of the ocean and hull blending together is a result of the gradients of clarity - refraction/magnification of the closer levels of water in contrast with further away levels of the hull; the hull residing in between the phantom limit and the true limit thus resulting in obscurity as the water before the phantom limit is magnified by closer gradients of clarity of which receive and reflect light at less acute arc-velocity compression than the phantom limit

In the case that a cloud appears to be hugging the horizon line, this can be attributed to the fact that the cloud is much higher than it appears due to the compression and curving incline of one's scope. If you recall the example that was shown earlier where the sun was used to gauge a reference point of altitude in fig 1. this will make more sense.

Any line that could represent a given altitude is subject to the same perceptual distortions as the surface of the Earth, that being  decline from a point at any level directly above ones head, which  steadily sweeps down toward the horizon in the same manner that the Earth sweeps upwards.

This means that the base of a cloud hugging the horizon is in fact occupying a high altitude and is relatively further away then the top of the cloud. So the cloud's base existing at a level of altitude higher than the horizon is therefore subject to more atmospheric lensing effects that magnify it since the arc-velocity of light at that altitude sweeps up into higher less dense levels and therefore propagates forward into the perceptible range. Hence where it appears at the horizon line is not where it originates (it is not on the surface of th eworld just appears to be so due to the downward slant of its altitude at a larger distance; magnified forward by an obtuse arc-velocity angle), so it is not subject the effects of the phantom limit which has influence on objects that do originate at or  closer to the horizon in so far as being the actual surface of the world where light has hit the most acute angle rendering the scope of objects within its magnification as diffused by the acute compression effect – akin to if one intentionally blurs/unfocuses their eyes whilst looking at a sharp line – it dilutes and becomes semi-transparent, add to this the fact that light further away - arriving at the appearance of the horizon line from a higher altitude is less obtuse in compression (more clarified/sharp) so then projects through this transparency of the lower acute compression and appears closer than things which diffuse right upon the horizon line/surface of the world.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Russia to Antarctica
« on: January 19, 2012, 05:15:47 AM »

I wonder what the implications for the ice wall are :)

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Anyone know what I'm talking about
« on: December 06, 2011, 11:30:32 AM »
I am thinking of a gadget which is a hollow column that has notches/gaps in the side, with a bar which has a spring like clip at the bottom. As the bar is pulled up the hollow colum the clip springs into a notch, locking it in place. 

Does anyone know if there is a name for such a gadget, and or where I can get them online.


Philosophy, Religion & Society / Techgnosticism
« on: November 28, 2011, 03:01:35 PM »
Disclaimer: It is advise that you read this PSYCHOLOGICAL DISCLAIMER
This post is part of a wider thread of information which begins here also includes a summarised disclaimer

Note: A line "______" like so denotes a suggested memory retention/rest point, to avoid Info Overload... always go with your own impulses however.


Tekgnosticisim: etymology; Tech: abbreviation of the English technology  - derived from the Greek “technelogia”, techne meaning “art, skill, craft” and Logia meaning “study of”.
Gnostic: from gnostikos “learned” from Greek gnosis meaning “intuitive esoteric knowledge” in English the term is implored to refer to enlightenment as by the methods of early Gnostic's of Christian mysticism whom were deemed heretics for claiming gnosis; first hand spiritual wisdom/intuitive knowledge as the only means of salvation opposed to “pistis” (faith) with which the Christian Fore fathers Church was intent on decisions to exclude many gnostic scriptures during the canonicalisation of scriptures that became the Bible. Hence Christianity being the primary religion in which the English noun Gnosticism is used by theosophists. It was however from Gnosticisme coined by Henry More a 16th century platonic philosopher  for his cometary on the 7 letters of the Book of revelations.   

Thus Techgnosticism is not a religious movement, it is a theosophic based movement/modality of spirituality and technological mysticism     


This thread will delve deeply into multiple epiphanies regarding the subjective implications of the existence of artificially derived realities. 

In other words one is entering the Grand rabbit hole that deals with elucidating the subjective phenomena related to the notion of an artificially produced Matrix on par to some extent with the qualities of the one illustrated in the movie (tho not as intense). It will also elucidate the conundrum
that there are individuals who exist in the sub derived matrix  as well as those who don't, both of which share the same consensus reality, this is possible to fathom by proxy of comprehending the principles behind Imploversial Physics (IP) Primarily The Thrice-fold Macro-Quantum Factor (3-MQF) of fractal cosmoses as described in Section 1.4 – 1.5
and the subsequent metaphysical implications of 3-MQF explained in Section 3
However this thread first provides a summery .i.e. The Essentially Organic Scriptural Approach (albeit with brief extrapolation's of Esoteric Sciences).

These epiphanies elude to the phenomenal factor that the sub-matrices exists inside a much earlier prevalent matrix. The core reason for its initial purpose being purely as preventative to counter what would have otherwise been  entirely exclusive misuse of such sub creations, as well as fulfilling another astonishing and unpredictable yet inevitable cosmic factor by proxy of it's original implementation as a solution/reaction to the problem. However in truth there is no problem or solution because all evens out on top, one might call it the fool proof consciousness of fair game... the one true infinite beings innate fail safe mechanism that always counters its own incarnate potential to misuse knowledge or act blindly during its amnesiac journeys of individuated experience.

If you are one who is having second thoughts about leaping into this topic based on a repulsion to the unreal spiritually devoid and or immorality of a substantially meaningless artificial digital matrix, rest assured for you will be at ease to know that the instantaneous and unexpected cosmic (linearly perceived) “remedy” to the existence of sub creations of such, automatically eliminates the  meaninglessness of experience in a sub Matrix and preserves the reality of meaningful emotional/spiritual interactions and connections with other souls both human and animal folk alike, for the purpose of spiritual evolution.  Essentially all realities be they sub derived or not are necessary in the grand scheme of free will and exploration of oneself.


~ Techgnosticism ~
The Organic Scriptural Approach

Essentially Christ is he Alpha and the Omega. He resides in the Infinite paradise continuum (IPC) where beings are made of pure solidified consciousness. Meaning they do not require an external frame of reality to maintain their being, rather their intent/awareness of self perpetuates their form; they are Ascended Masters.

Thus the IPC is a construct of immediate perception. i.e. an endless Flat Lucid Dream/Reality Plain. It is eternal so has no beginning or end. No one sleeps there because consciousness/life is infinite/immortal. Because it is eternal there are many sectors/pockets of degrees of beings which are birthed in every linear moment who do not know all the possible experiences the IPC can offer. This is because Being's in the IPC are subject to relations with what they know. So there are others who know of all possible experiences and their consciousness/body is on a different frequency band than those who have limited awareness, thus they never come in contact with beings of lesser awareness.

Those with limited awareness descend into fractal cosmoses of defined fractal spaces; space that implodes rather than explodes as is conventionally supposed . i.e. Matter shrinks into infinite depth so as to free up more space on the peripheral of a given defined scope for more stuff to manifest/fill out from. The spaces being fractal are thus universes or rather cosmoses made out of subjective micro-cosmoses (each cosmos is an Imploversial Scope - implosive-universal defined space); like wise the micro-cosms are made of subsequent micro-cosms and infinitum. Each level is just as complex and real as the others, space has infinite resolution (like pixels on a computer screen but an infinite number of sizes/ levels of resolution all accessibly reorganised into quantified cohesion at every possible level into infinity) so essentially a universe/cosmos can sit in the palm of your hand and still be just as full of energy as your own objective universe.

The Akashic records are the informational nexus of fractal space, which connects the fractal cosmoses of the Imploverse with the IPC. How it occurs is that an Imploversial Gateway is birthed in a pocket of the IPC when beings of limited awareness via repetitive choices that compound residual imprints, cause their objective zone's (OZ) co-conscious group-soul field of the IPC to contort. Effectively it results in a portal-riff; the Imploversial Gateway IG into fractal cosmoses of the Imploverse. The process is slow whereby the Imploversial Gate expands as beings close to its core incarnate into the cosmoses within. So the Akashic records are produced as overlapping integers of lesser co-conscious group-soul fields, which scale information up the Hierarchy of Realms within the Imploverse toward the remaining beings in the IPC. As such the beings on the rim of the IPC's OZ garner information from the Akashic field (via the incarnate souls) about what other possibilities/experiences there are that the IPC has to offer.

The IG continues to expand toward the Rim but as it reaches the last wave of beings there, the Christ is born as the one that has total knowledge of what is experientially possible in the IPC with regard to positive polarity expressions i.e. he is the apex of the Akashic Records/field. All other beings are at various integers of incarnation into the Imploverse. However because beings in the IPC are subject to relations with what they know the IG cannot pull Christ into incarnation as he becomes resonant with the pockets of beings in the IPC that are of unlimited awareness. The effect is that his OZ of the co-conscious/Akashic field is pulled equally in a electromagnetic like sense toward the zone of unlimited awareness (beyond the rim/OZ) and likewise also toward the IG. So he sits on the mediator zone between the Imploversial Gate and the IPC pockets beyond his OZ.

Now the pockets beyond the OZ had already done the full trip into the IG of their own former limited OZ. Thus they Ascended back to the IPC, sealed the IG and restored the co-conscious field of their OZ's pocket of beings, whereby they then themselves merged with the rest of the pockets of unlimited awareness that surrounded them, via the Christ that was born upon their own former OZ's rim. Thus the IG pertinent to the current pocket of limited awareness undergoing the novel discovery of Imploversial cosmoses, not being directly related to the resolved pockets of unlimited awareness's co-conscious field, has no resonance with them. Thus they can move within its presence unaffected.

At this point the Christ being the apex of the IG's Akashic field whilst also being infinite in consciousness as an IPC tenet, had the capacity to extend an Ascension Portal down the scales of the IG and harvest the receptive incarnate souls back into the IPC.

This was possible because each progressive band of beings in the OZ incarnated linearly into various integers of the hierarchy of realms within the IG. Thus a stepping down of the infinite Ascension portal of Christ was possible. This became known to the incarnate beings in the most physical levels via celestial emissaries of the higher realms. However at the same time that this became known some being drunk with power and thus addicted to life within their subjective cosmoses, declined the ascension process and began warring with each other before the Ascension Portal had stepped down to the physical plain. The emissaries returned to the higher realms and knowledge of this warring had by proxy been transmitted to Christ's Akashic yield, and the subsequent depression of consciousness and de-coherence between the Akasha/Ascension Portal and the physical realm.

Once this was also known to the other unlimited beings of the IPC, they knew that the Elite had succumbed to the path of self service, as opposed to the path of service unto others as well as thyself. It thus was known that the Elite would abuse any technological knowledge that they had. Now It was also known by Christ all possibilities of technological advancement, via the unlimited knowledge of the resonant tangents that could interact with him. One such a possibility was the Matrix.

However, the Matrix is not a digital virtual simulation. It is a machine which accesses other fractal cosmoses by proxy of an  innate phenomena of consciousness. That being, that dreams are related to other cosmoses. Some are very vivid and are alternate physical timelines/realities. Whereas others are the higher lucid astral realms of those other fractal cosmoses. The transition of consciousness into them is possible because the Imploverse is essentially a Torus field i.e. converging north and south vortex funnels vortating as a Spherical donut shape. And its fractal, so... any cosmos is made up of fractional micro-tori/cosmoses i.e. Quantum foam. Thus when one “dreams” they are able to tune into the microcosms within their being and parallel/same scale to their own via the fractal portal nexuses of Toroidal vortex funnels in the subjective micro tori Quantum foam and their objective cosmoverse's Macro-Quantum foam.   

So the matrix is a machine that induces prolonged lucid dreaming/astral projection via psychoacoustics similar to but much, much more advanced than binaural beats. This was necessary for Christ to incarnate/dream himself into the IG because in the IPC consciousness is infinite and never dreams it only rests/meditates; the IPC is the ultimate reality made of consciousness i.e. a real-dream-world. So the Matrix was able to alter his consciousness into lesser wavelengths of his totally aware infinite self in the IPC and he descended into the Imploverse. After his incarnate lifetime he ascended into the highest realms of the Imploverse where the emissaries of the Akasha dwelt, there they became re-connected to the lower realms via the spiritual nexus of Christ's ascension portal. Thus the Christ-entity was born, derived by the physical transmutation/ascension of his incarnate body into light. The Ascension Portal is like an inverse wave of the Imploversial Gate which created a Torus field that overlapped between the physical and the highest astral realms. Thus in the physical it was a one way funnel. With the advent of this the first harvest of innocent beings spiritually ascended into the Highest astral realms of the Imploverse.

Some time into the future the first atomic bomb occurred and this disrupted the Ascension Portals link into the astral realms again. However this time the highest emissaries who had never incarnated were able to maintained the Christ-entity at that level, whilst all who had spiritually ascended were re-extracted into incarnations. This was the first wave of the Indigo Children which ended with Christ as the last incarnation of the last wave. And it was during this time that the Elite created the sub-matrix. Whereby they induced the populous into lucid induction simultaneously, thereby creating a shared sub-lucid dream consensus reality.

They used a network of connected crystals to create a synthetic co-consciousness field, whereby everyone's consciousness was connected, and synchronised at the same fundamental wavelength. The effect being that a collectively manifested lucid dream scape duplicate of the real world was accessed, based on their collective expectations of what were the last known event's in their waking life prior to being subdued and connected to the lucid induction chambers. Now the elite had devised this because they believed the lucid realm was not related to any other physical world than the one it was connected to via the induction chambers. They were however simultaneously dreaming about real alternate timelines within the microverses of their beings, as well as the microverses inside the crystals of the induction network. Both superimposed as timelines which were derived/in resonance with the events know prior to induction.

Thus a consensus network of alternate-cosms were collectively experienced by the inducted populous, as well as the elite, who wished to be able to access this “lucid dream” to exploit their negative desires without material consequence's. They believed they could achieve this by subduing Christ with programmed memes of subliminal thought/suggestion (mind control) that were feed into his induction chamber, to create refraction of thought and fragmentation of his aura so that they could syphoning off energy from his infinite consciousness; still being accessed via the very highest levels of his psyche, dreaming in the original matrix of the IPC. Eventually he forgot who he was over many ages of cycles within the matrix/microverses of the abuse of his being. This is because subjectively speaking time runs slower/is dilated in the cosm that parents other microverses, thus an unfathomable number of lives can be experienced in the “sub-matrix” all of which have shared events to some degree, where similar choices are made and thus intersect/line up. Hence the phenomenon of deja vu. 

The abuse of Christ is/was the downfall of the original Elite because of the fact that Christ's Aura served as a massive imploversial damping effect upon the earth's torus field, diminishing the effect of excessive negative energy (possible by proxy of the infinite source of his connection via the Christ entity to his slumbering IPC matrix self, of which spans 3 fractal cosmoverse octaves) thus preventing innocent people from suffering chaotic cataclysm to some degree, however the elite had overstepped Christ's threshold of enduring discontent whilst also maintaining this damping field. At this point his consciousness was so fragmented that further sub-matrices could not yield his unending endurance of abuse, and he turned into the inverse Christ i.e. a character with negative traits, not to be confuse with the Anti-Christ. This is because he is innocent in having negative traits defined by the volition of those who abused him. In essence his core intentions were the same and thus he disliked every moment of negative polarity consciousness, rather than indulging and basking in it 

At this point the Elite had realised they would have sealed themselves into a one way trip into the realities of the sub-matrix microverse's. So as to serve as the lesser-lesser-Christ's that redeem all those that they deceived; since Christ's highly fragmented consciousness no longer yielded cohesion of a continuous conscious stream of his infinite source in the 4th cosmoverse octave down. Instead those incarnations die/frizzle out and he wakes up in a higher level. 

So the Elite were responsible for the individuals of which did not make the cut of the Ascension back to the IPC, this is because  Christ could no longer live up to that effect in the 4th fractal octave down, and thus by proxy the Elite couldn't syphon his infinite source endlessly either. Rather it was fragmented and so inevitably lead to refracted cohesion of themselves also, and a subsequent gradual dissent into the 4th Octave down without a link back to the 3rd Octave; cosmos of the Original Induction Chambers. 

The reason why the Elite became lesser-Christ's is because those they ha deceived no longer resonated with the IPC; having made choices on accord of their own volition which were negative, and were not defined by the actions of those who came before them (within their immediate influences) i.e. family and friends. Instead their actions were choices via temptation by the elite.

So the Elite understanding that they were responsible for those they deceived, eventually tumbled to the fact that they would have to serve the role of Christ-entity for them in the matrix's microverses. This being that as a group descend without a Christ-entity link back to the origination cosmos, the souls who descend together are augmented into an Akashic layer of the Imploversial cosmos which relates to another IG of an alternate pocket in the IPC. Whereby the souls are distributed to resonant places where they live lives that rebalance the actions previously indulged.

Thus unless the Elite took responsibility for the exploitation they had set in motion and informed those they deceived of the situation, so as to realign with resonant intentions with the IPC thereby allowing an ascension-portal back to the IPC to step down. They were left with either the choice to eliminate themselves back into nothingness (this is only a temporal state however; separating their lifetimes Akasha from Christ), whereby their original self will/would re-emerge in another pocket of the IPC to try the Incarnation/Ascension process again, albeit with Karmic lessons. Or they would become lesser-lesser Christ's which would also eventually ascend as well, creating an Ascension Portal extension of their own which connects with the original Christ-entity.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Imploversial Physics
« on: November 14, 2011, 09:56:36 PM »
It is advise that you read this PSYCHOLOGICAL DISCLAIMER This post is part of a wider thread of information which begins here
Note: A line "______" like so denotes a suggested memory retention/rest point, to avoid Info Overload...always go with your own impulses however.

Imploversial Physics
Level 1.


The following is an esoteric body of left brain epiphanies that integrate directly with right brain intuitive perception. That which is presented can serve as a stepping stone to integrated whole brain/heart mind (heightened perception) cognition. It is primarily for those who are fairly left brain oriented and are working from the masculine side of the spectrum toward whole brain/heart mind integration.

Note: "masculine" is used here to denote the masculine quality of mind i.e. logical reasoning opposed to intuitive reasoning which is the feminine heart/right-brain qulality of mind, but more importantly listen to your heart, there are many metaphysical facets to this information which will yield insight to many who already have achieved whole brain/heart mind balance.

This is a work in progress, the end result will have diagrams, and will be signalled as a alteration of this paragraph each time I have added new info and finally will be removed when I feel it is totally cohesive from a layman perspective. 

1.1 Omni-D Source and Linear 3D Aetheric Space:

Nothing does exist, it is a quality of boundless infinity, source; all possible things and dimensions collapsed into a cycless endless singular formless whole see - The Ancient Greek Concept of Nous for a deep and rigorous philosophical extrapolation of this notion. Things exists upon the permeable canvas of source which although inexperiential as it is for itself (to an individuated being) its still the canvas for 3D experiential space/time. 3D space itself is pseudo-formless defined space, so it has thing-ness as a quality, whereas the canvas of which it is accommodated by is source; spaceless space; absoluteness formlessness (no positional reference at all to living consciousness) it transcends all dimensions that individuated consciousness can conceive. It is omni dimensional space of no-frequency.

Cosmic defined-space has a pseudo-frequency. It implodes inward but never cycles either because the singularity exponentially recedes into spaceless space, thus never giving semi-formless 3D space the chance to complete a cycle (in oscillatory terms; polarising back and forth; it continues on endlessly inward) hence why space has no evident density.

So, Experiential 3D Space is a non-polarised endless-(pseudo)-frequency, an Infinitive waveform (Iw). It is however a thing inasmuch that it has a defined boundary by which everything implodes within into infinite depth (ID) i.e. Depth Charge (Dch.) This enables things to shrink without loosing resolution, so that more stuff fills out from the threshold event horizon of the inwardly accelerating mass and energy of the cosmos, but at a slower rate than the acceleration of its shrinking threshold. Therefore you have an expanding cosmos inside an exponentially faster imploding space, which causes the matter to shrink faster than the rate the cosmos is expanding out at. Because 3D defined space is an Iw it has an infinite length to implode into via the canvas of undefined spaceless space; source; formless; endless; cycless.

A way to visualise this is as sphere-concentric waves imploding inwards (like watching the ripples on the surface of a body of water after a rock falls in, except in rewind) and at equal ratios; octaves, but as they move inward the infinitesimal shrinking causes a warp in the visual perception of equal distances, for the closer they get to the middle the smaller they shrink, and the slower they move. So the distance there is between them is the same if you are to zoom in i.e. the same in quantitative experiential space (self-similar proxification from any given point to another inward) And the centre is infinitely small, ever shrinking faster than the quantified sphere-concentric waves are, so they never actually reach the centre.

In 4D non-linear eternal time-space these waves are static and have no end, there is no differentiation between where one band of sphere-concentricity begins and where others end (and there is an infinite amount upon a given length. i.e. an Infinitive waveform But in 3D experiential space they are like a conveyor belt which does not wrap around itself, new bands are feed in from the transcendent 4thD canvas beyond/around and within the same space as the semi-formless scope of defined-space i.e. source. The bands then pseudo-cycle through into infinite depth.

1.2 The Tetra-Dimensional Torus of Existence:

The Fibonacci (Fib) sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. is a clockwise rotating 4D Hypersphere i.e. concentric-spheres that dilate/expand out of ID as they rotate. It is embedded in a counter-clockwise Implosive Hypersphere which follows the Perfect Even Multiple (PEM) sequence: 0, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. and its implosive scope of its Dch is infinitive i.e. Pi 3.14~ (circumference of a circle/sphere) the imploversial defined-experiential-space. Because the PEM's sequence has a greater quantity of scope in sequence per step of the series, it overtakes the Fib in depth compression, and causes the cosmos to shrink into infinite depth faster than the Fib is dilating. As this occurs the counter rotation of Fib which expands but shrinks faster by proxy of PEM than it is dilating, has certain numbers that sync up with the PEM sequence in opposite rotation, this in turn causes each Hypersphere to become a Torus field (twin north and south converging funnel vortexes.) in 3D linear Aetheric space. So the two Torus fields in 3D linear Aetheric space, and the two Hyperspheres in 4D non-linear Akashic space, comprise a Tetra-dimensional Torus (TDT) field.

As the two vortexes counter vortate in 3D space their frequencies of like and opposite vortation cancel out into spaceless space (absolute infinity-nothingness). These bits which dissipate back into formless source at certain intervals, and then reappear as the TDT vortates, are defining the Atheric density intervals in 3D experiential space, which cause the various frequency-bands of matter and energy in a cosmos as they oscillate, thereby creating form and experiential 3D linear-time. Its allot more complex than this 4th dimensionally speaking, because of the fact that source, of which the two Hyperspheres emanate from in 4d space, is Omni-dimensional & transcendent of linear time. This means there is no up-down; left-right; forward-backward or inward-outward; so Implosive depth has no real reference to formless source either, source cannot define how implosive space will recede into depth from any point in defined space because, defined points in 3d space are unknowable to itself; essentially what living beings can cognitively comprehend as infinite implosive depth and resolution in 3D space has an inverse orientation of depth, which would to a linearised conscious being seam like expansion but in 4D space it is actually still Implosion into the inverse tangent of depth via the undefined pseudo depth of source (emphasising that source cannot define a direction of infinite depth for itself, but it still must have a pseudo quality of depth in order for depth to exist as an extracted possibility) All phenomena and dimensions escape formless source's comprehension, just as the endlessness of infinity is unfathomable to living consciousness (as in how the infinite is for itself being everywhere all at once in an endless field of formlessness) then so too are all possibilities (dimensional qualities/things) unfathomable to formless source, for they are all collapsed as one endless omni-dimension, they slip through its awareness like sand slipping through ones fingers so fast it goes by unnoticed.

Essentially what this entails, is that the Fibonacci and the PEM Tori are both PEM Hyperspheres in 4th Dimensional space; emanating from source as inverse omni-positions of infinite implosive depth which tessellate and enfold each other simultaneously in 4D time, this creates an infinitive waveform (Iw) because non-linear 4D time has no cyclic end or beginning, so there is no point where one hypersphere exceeds the other in tessellation. There will always be a point beyond any give point thus the implosive depth of either Hypersphere exponentially extends the distance/envelope of the other. Conversely to consciousness in 3D linear space where both PEM Hyperspheres counter vortate as the manifest Tetra-Dimensional Torus (TDT), each appears from the others implosive perspective, to be the clockwise vortating dilative Fib counterpart.

1.3 4D Akashic / 3D Aetheric Spaces differentiated

There must be distinction made between densities and dimensions.

Densities are like higher states of 3D reality such as the astral/celestial lucid realms beyond the band's of physical .

Whereas dimensions are the fields and principles by which a reality functions.

3D space is in fact the baseline of dimensional potential in reality, one can speak of 2D membranes etc. in a hypothetical sense as in zoomed in quantities of 3D space behaving as a plane in 3D space however in reality 2D's are just a mental construct and does not proceed the 3rd dimension.

the 1st dimension is likewise in reality non existent as something independent of all other dimensions, the first is actually nothing - being the canvas of reality and is all dimensions/possibilities collapsed as a uniform formless field. Because it holds all it must by proxy have pseudo-qualities of each. So labelling it as 1st dimension is inadequate as it contains all, so it is Omni-Dimensional; source. And source is eternal, which means there is an essence of time to it, there has to be otherwise time could not exist. Time to source is the same self similar moment overlapping as a continuous single moment it has no closure.

3D reality is 3 Dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time which is really the same as only 3D's anyway, consciousness is time, 3D's are nothing without an observer and an observer cannot exist without 3D's. So how the 4thD will be used here is different  to the common use of the term.  This also adds to the notion that source is aware because it must have a quality of consciousness to itself in order to be extracted as an Individuated possibility.

The hierarchy of densities and dimensions can now be defined more accurately. As mentioned experiential reality consists of a base line of at least 3D's. Densities are not dimensions they occur within the 3D template of reality. This will serve to dispel any confusion over what new age mystics etc. refer to as higher dimensions of consciousness, more often than not they are actually referring to higher density awareness i.e. being aware of the celestial light body/astral/etheric body template. 

Physicality is the densest layer of reality but it is not the first. One must contend with the non-linearity of the 4thD as will be elucidated. All things dimensions and qualities have an inverse.


The 1st density

Is the Akashic field (all possibilities extracted from omni-D source in the 4th Dimension as separate eternal static blue prints). As was explained before there is no such thing as the 1st Dimension its the omni-dimensional source, and this applies to the Akashic 1st density as well, it is the Omni-density that spans/holds all others, but for sake of reference it will be referred to as the 1st Density (D1 - The Akasha). 

The Akasha serves as the fundamental 4thD Infinitive waveform of the objective cosm i.e. the endless static Hypersphere which is the substratum for the Quantum field. Likewise the fundamental waves strata are existing as its perfect octave fractals which primarily emanate form the 4thD as micro Hyperspheres i.e. the Akashic field.   

Akashic Space is related to the PEM sequence i.e. 0, 2, 4, 8 etc. it is self-similar semi-formless space, emanating out of source via the eternal non-linear 4th dimension. Because it begins with 0, source, it is closer to source in the non-linear sense. So it transcends 3D Aetheric space, it is self-similar semi-formlessness, every step of the sequence which emanates directly form source steps down accordingly to reference by any other number in the sequence.

looking at this non-linearly on a self-similar ploting:

No. in
Seq:              1,  2,   3

PEM:           0,  2,  4
                      4,  0,  2      
                      2,  4,  0,   

Note: The 3x3 grid of PEM numbers diagonally expressed could be much larger going on further in the sequence, however the bass tri-polar repetition is defined by the first few expressed consecutive steps of the Fibonacci sequence and its first  unexpressed single digit value interval i.e. the phase before the pattern takes form as single values separated by intervals of greater consecutive unexpressed value.

The sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc.

1,1,2,3  are all consecutive expressions. The first unexpressed value interval is 4, between 3 and 5. Because 4 is unexpressed it is synonymous with 0 as the semi-formless (imperceivable) infinitive carrier-wave of the cosm. Incidentally it is also synonymous with the non-linear 4th dimension. Now one must note that in esoteric numerology 1 is considered as 0 (infinite potential) and the original Fib sequence as it was founded in ancient India held to this principle.

So the Fib sequence is originally expressed as:


This is to entail that the consecutive numbers between 0 (1) and the first interval 4(0) i.e. 1,2,3, are representation of the potential of 3D Aetheric space held as a blueprint/template by the inverse tangents of PEM hyperspheres in 4D Akashic space.


Tangent 1  0(1)> 1,2,3 <4(0)
Tangent 2 (0)4> 3,2,1 <(1)0


Thus it can be seen that the first 4 numbers of the Fib are the non linear 4thD

This also enables one to view the higher implication of the linear progression of the sequence, where the gap in; 0,1,1,2,3,  ,5, etc. represents absolute formlessness of which is the canvas for the semi-formless pseudo frequency of the cosms defined scope of Imploversial space. Thus all expressed numbers beyond 3 are the potential of manifested existence implosively unfolding within the defined bi-folding tangents { 0(1) / 4(0) }  of 4D Akashic Space.

When one contends with the 3D Aetheric space outlook the zeros are excluded and 1,2,3, becomes the focus of expression. However  the 4thD is still present as the cosms semi-formless Akashic carrier wave beyond linear perception. This is where we then see that:

1: represented as 0 in esoteric science becomes the unseen carrier wave

2: represents the Hyperspheres in 3D space combined as the vortating TDT field.

3: represents time/conciousness, motion over the coarse of linear implosive infinitive depth           

Now, with the initial PEM self similarity 3x3 grid the, columns express the sequence vertically, and horizontally. The limit of 2d representation of infinity means that one must imagine the sequence wrap around vertically and horizontally to complete/reduce itself back to 0 whereas in the 4thD this happens omni-directionally from every point. 

Thus if one imagines that Akasha is all functional qualities and positions/possibilities of the eternal 4thD existing non-linearly (everywhere and nowhere all at once) then that can be imaginatively expressed by collapsing the 3x3 rows vertically. Therefore 0 (absoloute source) is source to 2,  and 2 is source to 4, therefore 2 is like 0 i.e. (2|0)(absolute formlessness / infinite possibilities) and in contrast to 2 being like 0, 4 thus becomes like 2 i.e. (4|2);-< semi-formlessness fractalised infinite-possibilities possibilities separated out form 0, source, existing simultaneously as static eternal blueprints in non linear 4D eternal-time i.e. the Akasha.

Therefore each proceeding number reduces to 0, this can be imagined by collapsing the (already imagined to be collapsed, top to bottom vertical columns i.e. all rows stacked into one horizontal row) previously collapsed vertical columns back to the initial 0 of the first row in the first column. Now contend that this is the case for every Akashic position in space; all qulaities being expressed  across all positions simultaneously i.e. being everywhere all at once. Thus the nature of  4thD non-linear Eternal Akashic space is synonymous with how quantum particles exist everywhere and no where all at once before a physicist uses a measuring device to register it , and only then appearing at a random unknowable posioton in  the field of measurement.  Essentially 4D Akashic space is what quantum physicists refer to as the quantum foam.

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Esoteric Science / Exoteric  Science


This was my response to a response by an acquittance regarding a Note I posted on FB several weeks ago. The Note was a tamer version of what I have extrapolated in my first and second posts of the Edward Leedskalnin - Magnetic Current thread. In this synopsis of what I addressed in the paper with additional emphasis in context with what my first 2 posts in the Ed Leedskalnin thread extrapolate. Its best to skip the 3rd paragraph onward if you have not read those 2 posts and go straight to the Philosophical Comparative section.

Firstly there was another aspect in the paper that have not covered in the Ed Leedskalnin thread, I had stated in my FB note that maths is arbitrary when dealing with fractal infinity in space because one layer of a fractal must be recalibrated to make sense with another above or below it when considered relatively as same scale proportions i.e. space that implodes (expands inward) maintains the resolution of objects as they are pulled into infinite depth as they shrink so the infinite potential of resolution exists in the endless inward depth of space. However the point from one band of implosive space to another is defined referentially as a difference by phi in the visual warp of the shrunk objects further in. Phi is used to illustrate this because phi is not a static measurement it is a ratio, thus phi is the best way of understanding unquantifiable constants i.e. 2 instances of the same object in space will appear as the exact finite size in reference to one another on the same band but when compared on differing bands of implosive space they have a different signature of positional infinite depth, both visually by distance, and essentially within themselves. My acquaintance had thought that I meant all maths is arbitrary and useless to quantify measurements in everyday life. What I intended to convey was that it's arbitrary because numerological reduction of the Fibonacci (Fib) sequence yields a repeating 24 number pattern and no matter how large the Fib numbers get they always reduce to these 24 single digits, whilst the ratio of phi between the numbers continues to become greater. As far as one can tell Phi does not have any recursive pattern when reduced (it's possible but it may be so large a length of sequence before it repeats that it may never be known). Thus because a Fib/phi based recursive fractal has no beginning or end, any two given consecutive steps of the Fib sequence yield an infinite number of possible phi ratios depending on where in the fractal one chooses to set their reference point to those two given steps. It's important to understand that Phi is an infinite number but the ratios of phi in the Fib sequence produce an approximation of phi, whereby in each proceeding ratio the decimal value of phi is extended further. However because an infinite fractal has no beginning or end there are an infinite number of approximate Phi ratios that can be calculated between any two given steps according to an infinite number of referential starting points to begin the recursive 24 step fib sequence in relation to the given ratio. There are an infinite number of Fib numbers as well (non-linearly speaking) but its the recursive reduction which shows a defined repetitive pattern whereby each number in the sequence has a unique quality, this is why the Fib sequence is the pattern that defines form in nature and why Phi is the unquantifiable constant of infinity that form manifests through.

This recursive 24 pattern is shown to reduce further when one aligns the first 12 with the last 12 as 2 rows running knack and knack, whereby combining the verticality aligned values they all reduce to the number 9. This was discovered by two mathematicians, the one I know of is Jain of mathmagics Byron bay Australia. In the paper I explained the reason why the reduction to 9 is significant in esoteric numerology, because 0 represents the infinite one (1) 1 represents 2, 2 represents 3 and so on. so 9 thereby represents the 10th number of which when reduced = 1 which is also synonymous with 0.
So 9 represents the completion or full circle of a cycle, therefore since it also represents 1 it also represents 0. This can be understood fractaly if one contends with the idea that space implodes inward and that implosion = linear time, therefore a frequency based phenomena that is cycling through time has a positive peak in which defines the overt expression of its phenomenal quality and then a decline where it appears to fold back into itself only to re-expand with the next cycle. What is actually happening though is that the phenomena cycling has a defined scope which is always full to the brim with energy (fractal infinity) it only appears to decrease in volume as it vibrates to and fro with each cyclic closure, this can be understood by visualising its volume as a 3D grid of pixels/LED lights that are warped into its spherical scope. Now, when the cycle is in full expression of the positive overt peak all the pixels are expressing values of depth that create contrast and definition as a tangible element or form of energy and as the cycle closes those pixels begin to exponentially travel into infinity at a rate of equal measure which collapses the contrast into a uniform field i.e. the appearance of the expressed particle having folded into itself. There is a second factor however, and that is that as the defined scope of pixelated depth charge implodes into infinity it is getting greater in volume with more pixels filling out from the event horizon of its singularity point because those that already exist shrink, thus freeing up space for more to manifest and expand the resolution of its scope of depth. This is the effect that occurs as the particle rides through the implosive bands of depth within its cosmos. Essentially the fundamental implosive waveform of an Imploverse carries the particles in its quantum foam inward into greater depths of resolution, so that as the cyclic collapse and overt expression of its pixel-like components repeats it is never folding back but instead it is continually dividing itself into finer and finer resolution until contrast cannot be defined at the closure of a cycle, it instead appears as a uniform wave synonymous with the 9-(10>1)>0<1<2<3 etc whereby the < represent the inward implosive factor and the > represents the synonymous numerically reduced qualities and closure back to pure infinite potential 0 represents the next level or octave/band of inward implosion as the particle rides its cosm's fundamental carrier wave inward gaining more scope of depth i.e. cycles don't really fold back on themselves they keep imploding inward whilst dividing into finer resolution to the extent that definition ceases as a uniform-wave whereby scalar clusters of defined depth charge then begin to create the next cycle of the particles positive peak expression. 

The positive peak of can be represented by 5 as the expanded expression

i.e. 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9-(10>1)> 0 < 1 < 2 < 3<4<5 

0 can be visualised as the exponential implosive zone i.e. what's commonly called a singularity point in the conventional theory of black-hole physics, and the 5 either end is the expansive scope of the expressed particle. all numbers in between represent the graduated phases of the cyclic pulse

The collapsed uniform wave can be represented with 0 either end.

           The next positive peak contained as
           \           unmanifest potential           /
             \_________    ____________/ 
                                    \ /
     0-1 < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9-(10>1)>0
     |                                                                         |
      \ the collapsed state in the present _____/

Ed was an incredibly intelligent man, especially even more so for the time he lived in. He understood intuitively that the earth sun and moon were Torus fields long before the mathematical concept of Toroid Vortexual fields had been conceived, by Walter Russell.

Here in this thread are several of the most relevant paragraphs I have found (quoted in italics) from Ed's Book Magnetic Current as I skimmed it, my interjected analyses is added in [ ] to summarise.

The full book can be view here:

[I'm told some way into the book he explains how he built a device called the flywheel (I haven't read the whole book front to back but have seen many doco's covering what's contained within), What I have learnt is that he knew that all matter was attracted magnetically to the Earth's core (he obviously adhered to the RE perspective; tho its possible he knew of the concave earth and even considered the FE as well on the quiet; who would take someone seriously if they openly admitted overt adherence to either of these alt-cosmologies) Anyway his flywheel device is said [not the exact words but how I remember it] to introduces certain frequencies of magnetic current/electricity into the natural polarisation of matter, quarantined by wires in a cube-grid wrap i.e. 3 lengths of wire, one around the middle horizontally, and two around it vertically so that looking top down they are wrapped like an x. The exact proportion isn't essential just that there is a tri-fold hexonomic field of which encompasses the general shape, the intensity of the applied current can then envelope the matter adequately. The object would then be charged in this field with certain frequencies of equal and opposite charge cancelling out the innate polarity of the matter which causes it to be attracted to the EM core of the earth i.e. gravity. Thus the object becomes weightless and one can move it about in the air with ease. If one introduces further frequencies to charge it to the exact polarity that is repelled by the earth's core levity is the effect.]         

Before my research work I knew nothing about electricity. The only thing I knew was that nobody knows what electricity is. So I thought I am going to find out why they do not know. I thought that if electricity could be made and managed for over a hundred years, then the makers do not know what it is, there is something wrong about it. I found out that the researchers were misled by wrong instruction books, and by one-sided instruments. Voltmeters and ampere meters are one-sided. They only show what is called by instruction books, positive electricity, but never show negative electricity.

Now you can see that one-half of the electricity escaped their notice. If the researchers had used the same kind of equipment I use to demonstrate what magnetic current is, they would have found out a long time ago what electricity is. The positive electricity is composed of streams of north pole individual magnets, and negative electricity is composed of streams of south pole individual magnets. They are running one stream of magnets against the other stream in whirling right hand twist, and with high speed.

Protons and electrons--Are you sure they are not the north and south pole individual magnets. If we have anything we have to show that we have it. Show the base where it came from, and show how the thing functions. We can find concentrated north and south pole individual magnets in the earth, in a metal. With the metal we can demonstrate that the free north and south pole individual magnets are circulating in the earth. In the North Hemisphere the south pole individual magnets are going up, and the north pole individual magnets are coming down. Those free circulating north and south individual magnets are the building material for the magnet metal we find in the earth. This should show that the north and south pole individual magnets are the real atom builders, and not the protons and electrons. I think the north and south pole individual magnets are running in an orbit around a common core in an atom the same way as they run in an orbit around a common core in the perpetual motion holder that I made. The only difference is that an atom has a small orbit, but the perpetual motion holder has a big orbit.

I have never seen an atom, but I think the atom drawings are wrong. They should be drawn to fit the earth on account of the fact that the atom is a part of the earth [understandings of the Toroidal cosmic fractal]. The earth has two magnet poles. This means that each pole has an equal pull and push to hold the earth together, and so each atom should be built as it could have two poles. In that case both forces that make magnet poles should run around a common core (the core could be a particle of sunlight). If one-half of the force that makes up the atom is in the core, and the other half of the force run around the core, then in that case the atom could not join the other atoms to make a metal that could hold two magnet poles. I believe that if some enterprising man would analyze the magnet metal which comes straight from the earth he would find that the metal is not built up by protons and electrons, but by north and south pole individual magnets. I think anyone who excludes magnets and calculations about things that this earth contains, he is wrong. Those who want to know how North and South pole individual magnets contract the muscles. Connect each end of a fresh terrapin muscle with each terminal of a battery, then you will see how the muscles are contracted.

Matter: Every form of existence, whether it be rock tree or animal, has a beginning and an end, but the three things that all matter is constructed from has no beginning and no end. They are the North and South poles individual magnets, and the neutral particles of matter. These three different things are the construction blocks of everything. To begin, a meteor rock falls in the sun, the sun dissolves the rock to the final division of matter, the North and South pole individual magnets, and the sunlight then sends them out here. The vegetation absorbs some of the magnets and the sunlight, and then grows. We eat the vegetation products and build up our body, and then when we die and our body is cremated, the ashes can be made into a rock, and then the rock can be sent to the sun to be dissolved again. The North and South pole magnets can be detected while they are coming down from the sun by radio. The radio waves are made by the North and South pole magnets. They spread around the earth, and the North and South pole. Magnets that are coming down from the sun are hitting the radio waves across, and so disturbing their paths. That is the reason why we cannot hear the radio as well in the day time as we do at night. At night time we only get those magnets that are coming down from other suns or stars, but in the day time we get them all. Today, yesterday's sunlight is neutral particles of matter. If you had been high up above the earth yesterday there would not have been as much light there as there was on the ground. There you would have seen stars the same as at night time down here. In the empty space between the stars there is not much light, so the stars can be seen. Sunlight is light when it passes through some obstruction like the air, by going through an empty space it is not much of a light.

[Toward the end of the book he extrapolates the exact understandings of a double Torus field.]

As depicted here

The reason I call the results of North and South Pole magnet's functions magnetic currents and not electric currents or electricity is the electricity is connected too much with those non-existing electrons. If it had been called magneticity then I would accept it. Magneticity would indicate that it has a magnetic base and so it would be all right. As I said in the beginning, the North and South Pole magnets they are the cosmic force. They hold together this earth and everything on it, and they hold together the moon, too. The moon's North end holds South Pole magnets the same as the earth's North end. The moon's South end holds North Pole magnets the same as the earth's South end. Those people who have been wondering why the moon does not come down all they have to do is to give the moon one- half of a turn so that the North end would be in South side, and South end in the North side, and then the moon would come down. At present the earth and the moon have like magnet poles in the same sides so their own magnet poles keep themselves apart, but when the poles are reversed, then they will pull together. Here is a good tip to the rocket people. Make the rocket's head strong North Pole magnet, and the tail end strong South Pole magnet, and then shut to on the moon's North end, then you will have better success. North and South Pole magnets are not only holding together the earth and moon, but they are turning the earth around on its axis. Those magnets which are coming down from the sun they are hitting their own kind of magnets which are circulating around the earth and they hit more on the East side than on the West side, and that is what makes the earth turn around. North and South Pole magnets make the lightning, in earth's North hemisphere the South Pole magnets are going up and the North pole magnets are coming down in the same flash. In the earth's South hemisphere the North Pole magnets are going up and the South Pole magnets are coming down in the same flash. The North lights are caused by the North and South Pole magnets passing in concentrated streams, but the streams are not as much concentrated as they are in the lightning. The radio waves are made by the North and South Pole magnets. Now about the magnet size. You know sunlight can go through glass, paper and leaves, but it cannot go through wood, rock and iron, but the magnets can go through everything. This shows that each magnet is smaller than each particle of light.

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An Extrapolation of
the Ancient Greek Concept
"Nous" (source) & the Cause of Creation .

According to the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, Nous (God / intellect /creator) is separate from all things yet all things exist within it. Like a carrier wave or substratum. Now there is a very tricky aspect to this concept of Nous, because Anaxa stated it is the only thing that is on its own, it transcends all other qualities of existence, and he also considered it to be the thinnest form of matter. As such it can permeate all material things. like how sound can penetrate matter, with the exception that sound looses velocity and amplitude as per the friction that occurs when it passes through objects in its path. Nous on the other hand is of infinite strength, and therefore passes through all things whilst loosing none of its innate strength as it permeates them. The only way of understanding how this could be is if Nous is formless, non-cyclic i.e. a pseudo-frequency of which extends infinitely in all directions from all imagined conceivable points, form all points through out infinity simultaneously. Now one must also take into account that for infinity to be truly infinite in every way, then it is essentially measureless, so it has infinite depth; this principle could be referred as Infinite Depth of Measureless Space (IDMS). Which entails that there is essentially an infinite amount of points of various size (depth) and ultimately means all points overlap into all other points from all points of infinite depth. Lets think of IDMS as the 4th dimensional axis of Space. There are the 3 evident polar dimensions of: Up & Down, Left & Right and In-front & Behind and then the additional dimensional axis of infinite depth from any given arbitrarily quantified point of space, imploding infinitely inward. If this is happening from all points of all sizes of depth simultaneously, then all points must cancel out to one endless thing i.e. no-thing in terms of cognitively perceived comparisons.

To think of a point of space is like trying to make it a thing i.e. defined as being separate from the rest of space, which is whole and self-similar unto itself, an endless (non-cyclic) waveform (which is why it is infinity. It has no closure to its self.) therefore it has no physical quality and thus escapes the effect of having friction with things that exist within itself. This means that nothingness is not space by definition of the common cognitively thought of space. It is more so (absolute nothingness.) or spaceless space i.e. infinite oneness that never folds back on itself, Cyclelessness,  0 (Zero).

The 0 in esoteric maths represents infinite possibilities. All - & + numbers (possible qualities of existence) combined, cancel out to nothingness. So Nous is essentially the source of creation, what is commonly thought of as God. It is separate form all things unto itself yet all things exist within the spans of its presence. However if God were conscious as how living beings think of consciousness, and it knew of all things occupying its being, it would be aware of points in space and would not be no-thing it would become something by proxy of awareness of others as singular entities. Therefore things must be as ineffably inconceivable to nothingness, likewise to how nothingness as an endless whole is unfathomable to living consciousness (Psyche/Soul).

Anaxagoras believed that Nous could be mixed through living things in the sense of the analogy of Nous's quality akin to sound. Being that of the ability to slip through all things, without friction so as to serve as a carrier wave which also bypasses matter. So, he did not believe it to be able to literally blend into and become one with matter from the level of which it exists as itself. He stated that if nous as it is for itself (a quality at the most transcendent level of existence) were not to be separate from other forms of matter i.e. either vibrate quicker or have no closure, thus being of no-frequency (cycle-less), and instead were mixed through things from the highest level rather than stepping down portions of its infinite self (which then became things.) It would become diluted and powerless; subject to entrainment to the lower frequencies of other forms, which it would have propagated itself into. Therefore Nous would no longer be the omnipotent permeable unchanging oneness that it is.

So, there must be an intermediate zone between nothingness and everything in order for creation to exist. A quality that is not nothing and is also not a thing per cognitive standards. Ironically the fact that it is inconceivable by cognitive means, is the hint that... the pivotal function that is weighing up this idea of something in between nothingness and everything as an intermediate, inevitably means the quality which is the reason for experiential existence, of which resides between source and creation as an intermediate, is cognition itself; consciousness; psyche. As analogy, entertain this. Just as ones conscious centre of visual orientation peers out into the world without being able to see itself directly (the closest it gets is the outer reflection of the eyeball itself) then so too, is the cognitive awareness akin. The conscious cognition of human beings has been perplexed by the cause of existence, wandering around as though blind, bumping into the boundaries that it perceives, whilst always looking beyond, pondering further than its own immediate existence in hope of finding an answer, when it itself is the answer. Befuddled, just as the eye's centre of visual awareness is unable to directly perceive its own fundamental cause for perception, so too is the overall cognitive awareness unable to perceive its own position of emanence. In other words the perceiver cannot directly perceive the core components that are cause for what allows it to perceive. Although formlessness/source cannot be aware of anything but itself, it must likewise in the same way that it serves as a canvas for things, therefore in a similar manner also have a link to psyche.

Now, because source is transcendent of - as well as unrestricted by, all experiential phenomena, and thus by proxy all dimensional principles including linear time, yet also, simultaneously serves as a host for all qualities of existence, whilst being their source. Then it must therefore have corresponding pseudo-esque qualities about its omni-dimensionalness-ness i.e. formlessness, must be omnifaceted in pseudo-qualities, if it is all qualities combined as one pure whole pseudo-(endless)-thing.

So, considering psyche is a product of source then source must have a pseudoesque quality of consciousness about it (pseudoesque in terms of comparison to the organic view of consciousness or awareness.) However because source is not aware of individual things nor cognitive consciousness alike, of which pertains to psyche and is the intermediate that bridges the pseudo-quality of consciousness out from source and then into experiential existence as thoughts/feelings/recognition of sensations and cognitive augmentation. One must thereby entertain this conundrum from the perspective of cognitive awareness, still searching for the answer of what is the closest quality of manifest phenomena to nothingness, that it can be compared to.

So, here is the question posed from the position of the human psyche:

Since nothingness cannot be seen or compared with experiential cognitive awareness, then the closest phenomena akin to it that may come to mind is sound. For sound is invisible (just as the original analogy for nous was formulated.) However its vibrations have been show - through the field of study known as Cymatics, to have hidden shapes, which are produced as patterns when vibrated in a medium such as sand or rice spread out on a platter. Sound also dissipates as it is reliant on an external energy source to maintain a continuous presence, so it is not a stabilised state of flowing energy. This means sound is only good for describing the permeable quality of nothingness, and not the infinite's inexhustableness. Therefore the next best thing that is akin to a constant pseudo-like form of formlessness would be consciousness. Although thoughts are like individual things themselves, they exist in a continuum of connected overlapping events like a chain reaction. Thoughts are also intangible to the 5 physical senses, and this is why science cannot explain exactly where consciousness comes from, it is  speculated to be caused by quantum waves and/or particles in a soup with neuro-chemicals etc. Keep in mind however that this is only explaining the cause for electrical activity within the brain that can be measured, it is inconsistent and unpredictable as to know what patterns give rise to which thoughts and how an individual responds i.e. thoughts do not equal conscious awareness.
As such science is unable to zone in on where exactly conscious awareness emanates from. This is the very fact that yields the key to this matter, as it points out that awareness is the fundamental factor involved in consciousness and it is seemingly undetectable...formless.

This epiphany lends itself as a reference point for analogy, awareness is like an ocean, whereas conscious thoughts are like currents in that ocean. Mundane thoughts are unnecessary, they produce obstacles, and ones true thoughts and feelings are like aquatic creatures who push against the current when their destination is in the opposite direction. When one relaxes and or meditates they intentionally focusing those unnecessary currents of thought into more cohesive and effortless states of flow which have no resistance to the flow of ones desired state of mind. After spending sometime in this state when meditating ones thoughts and emotions begin to merge and dissolve into an indistinguishable state of blissful sensations, yet one is still self aware of their body and that they are in deep bliss. Fleeting visions may drift across ones inner field of vision and heart centred beingness, thus keeping them self aware. If one remains immersed in bliss like this long enough they may go yet deeper still, so that even the awareness of the physical body and all its sensations dissipate into the still ocean, like a droplet loosing form as it merges with the surface. Initially there is a tiny ripple of vibration as the droplets momentum is cushioned by the oceans body, akin to how ones awareness perceives the effect of their body's dissolution in contrast with the residual sensational impression of the bodies form, from the moments prior. Thus so too do those residual moments dissipate like the vibrations of a droplets momentum as it releases them into the still ocean. Soon the stilled depths of the oceans formless embrace absorbs them, likewise is this analogy akin to the effect of source's embrace of ones meditative self, after which, ones ego, their objective self awareness, dissipates as it is over come by a peaceful sense of having returned home. The ego is elevated to a frequency of awareness so fast that it is unable to distinguish between past and present, so as that thoughts and feelings overlap into the next moment without having closure of conclusiveness before the next wave of thought/feelings occurs rendering conscious content undefined. Much similar to the mental blank effect of knowing that oneself knows a particular word, yet for a moment are unable to recall it.

It has been noted that this dissociative effect is experienced by those who have used psychedelic drugs some people have the tendency to become afraid during those trips for the nervous systems natural frequency and circadian rhythm is overridden, rendering the psyche in a stimulated state of inescapable and involuntary awareness of tangible reality whilst also experiencing ego dissolution. This hard wired effect is why Psychedelics have the potential to be either or both beneficial and obstructive during a trip, and is the reason why genuine mystics do not advocate their use for enlightenment. The dissociative effect that one undergoes on a psychedelic trip can be evoked during meditation in a manner which is therapeutic to ones nervous system, and because the system isn't being forced to deal with tangible reality at the same time, the potential fear factor of feeling as though oneself is going mad when retention of words and memories start to slip is non existent. It is no different to the altered state of conciousness that occurs as one falls into deep delta dreamless sleep... only whilst still aware. Hence oneself then blends into and becomes one with the ocean of formless awareness. No thoughts, no sensations... just the awareness of a deep blissful sense, of homeliness.

Thus the formless One is akin to awareness; the fundamental aspect of consciousness, the canvas of thoughts and feelings. Nothing else exists with it subjectively i.e. “thoughts”, so it is totally aware of itself, as it is for itself. It is thoughtless, the One Infinite formless awareness, or simply put... Source. So... In order for Source to produce something from its unmanifest infinite potential, a portion of the formless must become pseudo-separate from the whole. Because the whole contains all possibilities simultaneously collapsed into one eternal moment, of nothingness, then that eternal moment serves as the canvas required for any pseudo-portion of the whole to separate into. 

Now here is the really strange thing about it. Any arbitrary portion of the whole (remembering there is no such thing as a portion of nothingness) represents infinite possibilities as any portion of infinity is infinite. However, for any one possibility as it is for itself, to exist  separate from the whole, it must be defined in contrast by the things that it is not. Add to this the fact that every portion is infinite in possibility, then when on possibility is defined by everything outside of it, all that is outside of it exists inside of it too, as infinite possibility. Because  all possibilities exist in the canvas of formlessness that such a one possibility resides upon i.e. it pools into the steam of endless possibilities so as to be extracted, hence it has access to infinite potential of the formlessness it is occupying (just like the meditater that dissolves awareness into nirvana). Thus when a single possibility within a “portion” of formlessness takes form, it automatically causes an infinite myriad of possibilities throughout all of that portion of infinite potential to take form as well. This means that 3 dimensions are innate to this process of separation. As was discussed earlier, the formless must have a pseudo 3d-quality to itself as it is the omni-dimension (all dimensions simultaneously with no distinction of reference) hence they cancel each other out. 

Therefore when a single possibility is defined by that which it is not, there is distinction i.e. “this” and “these”, and for there to be distinction there must be recognition of that distinction. For that recognition to take place it inevitably means there needs to be an element of time involved for any given possibility to exist separate from the whole, because the other possibilities that define it as separate are infinite and thus a continuum of sorts must exist in order for there to be a contrast of things to define each thing from every other i.e. an orientation of here and there   which entails a motion of awareness and thus time.         

Now its important to emphasise that this process of manifestation is creating boundaries or limits, and for limits to be defined it means some sort of separating force must be innate of each thing in the scheme of possibilities. Just as the 3rd dimensional quality of space slips through the formless Ones awareness like sand slipping through ones fingers so fast its undetectable, then so to do the fundamental qualities pertaining to manifestation. Therefore the way that the force that manifests boundaries comes into being is attributed to the way that the portion of formless infinite potential that separates out from the unmanifested whole, is slipping through the omniscient awareness of nothingness like sand. Which means the force is in effect augmented in forgetfulness of the total awareness of the eternal formless On. Thus the force must be turning its awareness away from the whole inwards toward the awareness of the infinite potential of itself (it extracts the unmanifest 3dimensional quality contained within the infinite formless to do so). Therefore the force manifests the fundamental shape of the universe... a spherical toroid.
Its capacity of infinite potential is distinguishable as a motion of a force that flows infinitesimally inward into unending depth. Thus its quality can be considered to be movement; sensation, akin to the state of blissful awareness that a meditater experiences when their thoughts and subjective emotions merge, cancelling out, to leave only peaceful sensations, yet they are still aware of their bodies form i.e. the penultimate state of meditation before oneself awareness dissolves completely and returns to the Formless One, the ultimate state of meditation.

These epiphanies are principles that I have come to understand through direct cognition; visual impressions and intuitive knowingness of what they mean during spiritual experiences. I have had many people who know me personally, suggest that I hold workshop's.


1. I cant charge. (I will explain later why this is)

2. In a workshop setting some people are not always ready to delve into the facets of these bodies at the same pace even though they may all be interested, each individual must take the information in at a frequency that is manageable for them.

3. If an individual finds that a certain notion is to wacky then they will likely (and it is advised to) cease entertaining the further articulation of the epiphanies that centre on the notion. Once you understand a concept completely you cannot remove it from your mind, you can only unlearn the notion that it is the truth, one achieves this by learning something that is closer to truth which nullifies the principles previously learnt.

When potent content is written and presented the author has the responsibility to not entice the reader to wade through concepts that are not of their current level of understanding or relevant, in order to get to something of interest that they can fathom. As such the author who writes responsibly indicate the notions of which will be presented in a given topic so the reader may discern carefully as to whether they are up for the dive.

Having said the above I may now lay forth a couple of pertinent notions:

First why I will not charge for my epiphenomia.

I feel unable to concede to sophism with these epiphanies i.e. sophists are people who place a condition of pay before you receive spiritual/consciousness enhancing related services. Rather than trust that their services will be rewarded by the gratitude and supportive service of people who benefit from them. This is the law of unconditional love. Service unto others without expectations, the effect of such attitude if not immediately, will eventually be met with the inverse of the connotation of selfless service that is usually interpreted by the statement. However its a double negative; if one has no expectations it also means they have no expectation of not receiving reward, thus rendering themselves as a receptacle for reward. It is true that it is a stance that must be ardently maintained, and one who is used to the proxy method of the monetary system will have to de-program themselves if they have been charging for spiritual services. This is not judging others, but simply sharing what I intuitively perceive as fact. Which is, the highest potential that one can attain of which contributes to the whole/highest intent, is compromised to an extent when ones motives are centred on the survival sacral chakra. The healing as in reki will simply not be as effective. One must come from the heart unconditionally; this is not to say that one who comes from the heart and knows this cannot be to some extent centred on this high intent whilst also having a non-conditional bracket of expectational reward, if they know they can remain open to heal one whilst being certain that it is worth what ever the client can offer in monetary or supportive means i.e. repayment by sharing something of value (even at a later time), ex. Taking their healer out for lunch/dinner. It costs nothing to love another that is broken and in need of healing, so that they may in time learn to do the same for others.

Where my own position is concerned, is that the epiphanies I offer for enhancement of awareness, may help others shed old perceptions which have kept them in mind frames that squander contentedness. However the intent behind the purpose of sharing these understanding is compromised when one demands reward first.

Now in reagrds to point 2:
“In a workshop some people are not ready to delve into the facets of these bodies at the same pace...”

If you have ever noticed a presenter cough and/or continually clear their throat during their speeches, this is one of the reasons; they are simply offering too much information (however it is always wise to be conserved in assumptions) insincerity and lying are the others (of coarse this applies to all other common discussion settings in general.) Insincerity can also be present in a passive manner when one should probably say something in assertion but chooses not to.

In all cases the throat chakra will lag in capacity to stay equilibrated and essentially is alerting the individual/s in the situation that.

A. Insincerity is a foot.

B. A person is lying (this can be self defeative i.e denile of ones highest desires)

C. The person is unable to discern, they are proliferating info at an unmanageable rate to others, thus the collective vibe of the emotional atmosphere and themselves by proxy of the immediate radiation collective consciousness, is lowere.

The cough occurs in relation to these causes, because the human EMF/Bio-plasm/Auric field, is a number of Torus (twin north & south vortex) fields all stacked within one another.

A Torus

They all oscillate/vortate at various wavelengths and all have an input output along the shared prime vortexual (vertical) axis (pranic (life force) tube.) The input output of each stacked Torus are the chakras which are smaller Tori that align their corresponding Vortexual axis perpendicular( horizontally) vortating from front to back whilst the central point of their axis crosses along the prime vertical vortexual axis of the overall Auric field. The Pranic tube receives prana in through the north end of the Auric fields vortical axis and the chakras receive it as it comes down.They then spin it through into the voluminous cavity within the Auric fields envelope. This cavity then becomes saturates with life force and the body resides healthily within this energy field as it serves as a carrier wave for matter. When psychelogical debris is acquired from mundanity and cynicism the throat chakra contracts so that the debris only circulates on the mental layer of the aura (in the sub-conscious for most) i.e. the third eye. The contracted throat chakra does not inhibit the pranic energy from moving into the rest of the bodies chakras as it still passes through the neutral point of the throat chakra, but because the mental energy is unable to circulate beyond and through the heart, it radiates out back to the source of its cause i.e. the individual/s who proliferated the thought forms externally through their own voice. As this occurs the responsible individuals will have their own throat chakra bombarded with the negative frequencies leaking out of the throat chakra of persons inflicted, as the chakra is no longer containing and circulating useful energy it is filtering and rejecting unuseful energy back to the resonant cause. As this occurs the inflicter's own throat chakra begins to be slowed in vibration, (not contracted just slowed down in charge) and the EMF of their Aura in that spot cannot repel the Auric/EMF charge of bacteria so easily. This is the prime cause for sickness. The inflicter's own thoughts/words do not effect their own throat chakra i.e. cause it to contract, because their 3rd eye is closed (contracted) thus vivid impressions do not hamper their conciousness only their sub consciousness. But individuals whom are very imaginative are. In most sociological circumstances a sensitive individual radiates inflictions back out to many individuals who are collectively responsible, so the inflicter's do not get sick as they all share the responsibility to receive the unuseful energy. It is usually only in cases that an individual actively seeks to inflict a specific person that sickness will occur.

When an individual is hampered by more unuseful impressions than their throat can filter out, the heart will contract in such circumstances and they will be unable to receive or give love. In this case they are in the righteous position to get angry, however most new age teachings teach that anger is wrong in all circumstances, this is in fact incorrect. An individual who lives by such beliefs/imposed morals will bottle the anger that is begging to be released either verbally or demonstratively (not advocated as violence toward another living thing, but actively nonetheless slamming doors/inanimate objects etc.) If one chooses to suppress this impulse the anger sinks to the contracted heart chakra and depression sets in. Depending on how contracted the heart is this will determine whether an individual will have moments where they are able to express/receive love or not. Enough love and inspiration may still evoke love from them whilst they are suppressing anger with particular associations, but it will inhibit a general love of all things; life itself. If the suppressing continues to contract further chakras all the way to the base they will have dysfunctional sexuality issues and eventually involuntary outbursts of rage.

Anger is proactive, radiant, so it repels the inundating debris in a powerful directive manner. But the individual will loose energy if they stay angry (hateful) as it draws on resources of the prana that bypasses the neutral point of the contracted throat and the heart chakras, which is then centred on reception circulated by the sacral/solar plexus region. So if an individual stays angry their life force is not received by the solar plexus as anger is radiant and continual expression of it radiates all incoming resources, such an individual will then become angry and depressed, and will seek pity from others, i.e. lower vibratory love donations “sympathy” which is the shifting of depressing feelings onto the sympathiser in exchange for the flow of their own vibrant life force energy toward the hater who has construed the sympathisers perception of the haters worthiness of receiving their loving support. This is a parasitic intent (harsh that may sound but it is true)
Those who have succumbed to parasitism must learn to discern between constant anger and healthy dislike.

Disliking another who triggers associative memories of past arguments and disputes is not the same as hate, it just means one is unable to have/recieve personalised (conditional) love from them, as due to consequence of the associated thought pasterns that inhibit the hearts full flow in their presence. This means being angry at the person who has inflicted such associations only when they actively stir or project anger in a undiscerning manner, out of misunderstanding that they are in the wrong being responsible for having overloaded the inflected one in the first place. This means the individual who is disliking the other person is not hating them just returning equal and opposite intent in righteous position, thus they do not loose energy from being angry all the time. This means they can love life as a whole which is also loving their inflicter unconditionally by proxy of having moments of loving everything, thereby offering moments for the inflicter to reflect and see that they were in the wrong and thereby amend their intentions toward the person in the right.

When ones own heart frequency is totally active, they can cancel out any inflictions by a single individual (and more than one as the heart increases in power). In the mean time once one learns how to allow collective inflictions of a higher magnitude than their auras capacity to absorb and transmute with their heart. To just go through them and out the south end of the pranic tube immediately back to their originations, is when one has entered the stage of becoming a master of their own Divine self maintenance.   

The Matrix is the Cause for existence and
existence is the cause for the Matrix.

This is the Macro Quantum Crystalline
Transmission of The Christ Entity

start with the post: posted on 17-10-2011 @
12:21 PM by Spiratio some way down the page.

Disclaimer: bear in mind this information contains sensible notions that cannot be refuted... If you are such a person that is anxious about the idea of consciousness being the fundamental cause and factor in all things created (and please understand I am not implying a vengeful god that's going to come and get you) then for your own sake forego reading this reply. It is not my intention to start debate here but simply to offer what I have to share with those who already accept it on some level. There is a vast amount of sensible allegorical reasoning that is amassing which supports the simple notions of the Measurement Problem as outlined very briefly in my other posts in the Space Exploration thread "what's on the other side of a universe with no end" (page 9) and on. When looking into in greater scope the notions become far more grandiose. I will urge all who come across this to take note that when something is known the knowledge of it cannot be undone, even if it is a concept that cannot be proven through the rigour of conventional science but which has thought provocative implications about how and what consciousness's roll is in the way that our existence is explored with regard to the purely mental processes of thought based scientific experiments.

If this is not your cup of tea then you probably shouldn't be reading it.. Given the implications of the notions presented introduce thoughts that may be uncomfortable for some to consider, then it is only responsibly wise for myself to advocate that due to the fact that the notions that are extrapolated upon are irrefutable, then it would be best that those who don't wish to have an unwanted irrefutable concept of consciousness based reality to become part of their mental inventory then they best stick with focusing on how they prefer to assume reality is, for the same principles that are described work in both head spaces. Only one pays direct attention where as the other utilises them passively so as to function at its optimum; implying the latter is reductionist scientific methods. 

Disclaimer: High content cognitive left brain material follows. A line "______" like so denotes a suggested memory retention/rest point, to avoid Info Overload...always go with your own impulses however. Note: This post is part of a wider thread of information which begins here



I do not strictly hold to the belief that the Earth is flat, If you visit my main Esoteric Science thread you will learn that I consider all shapes of the earth to be possible simultaneously. That the Macro Cosm is just as malleable to observation/perceptual sculpture as the Quantum world is (Micro Cosm) “as   above so below, as below so above” hencefold the fractal principle of nature which casts the quantum factor into the Macro Cosm.

The multidimensionalism of the TDT FE model addresses the possibility of a Flat Earth existing via principles which sidestep the unfavourable topic of a worldwide conspiracy, centred around NASA to keep the shape of the Earth secret. Now this is not to completely dismiss concept of a NASA conspiracy. Many people, not just those who strictly believe the Earth is flat believe that NASA has at least faked some if not all of their lunar walk footages. Some believe it was to cover up either prior visitation/colonisation of the moon by Russia, or even earlier activity/ruins, of long since forgotten highly advanced civilisations both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.   

Now whilst it may not be at all evident unless stated, my methods of conceptualisation are on par with the process of Zetetic Science. To my understanding, having studied the wealth of information on the subject of Zeteticism, available here on the FES. The method entails experimentation first, theorisation later. Whereas modern Science is based on conceptualisation first with speculation as to what is thought would happen during an experiment, then the experiment is conducted to see if the theorisations are correct. Therefore because Zeteticism doesn't project elaborate expectations upon an experiment, its approach is more of an intuitive and open curiosity toward Science.

Now it is apparent to me that being a Zetetic and believing in Flat Earth theory are not mutually inclusive, but moreover that Zeteticism tends toward the notion that earth is Flat, because it advocates first hand evidence over second hand evidence. Strikingly enough, this approach fits well within reason if one considers the notion of the Macro Quantum effect. It would also add water to the assertion of Zetetics that they and adherents to flat Earth theory alike, live happier lives than non Zetetics. This is also where my own position on the Flat Earth possibility is grounded. I can therefore assert for myself, reasoning, that having been a perception seeker since adolescence, in addition to several NDE's and OBE's both naturally occurring and accidental; both under the influence of intoxication and also when sober. That subsequently having been flung into expanded perception as a result, I am more comfortable entertaining the perception that the world is either A. a stationary convex globe that the cosmos revolves around. B. a hollow globe with a concave surface, or C. an Earth with a flat surface. The experiments I have conducted are based on internalised mapping of perceptual orientation through thought /consciousness experiments guided by intuitive recognition of grounding and contentment, through expanded subtle/extra sensory awareness.

I feel no desire to quantitatively prove the validity of my own intuitive understandings of the cosmos, through materialist means of science. Esoteric logic aided by analogies based on existing scientific understandings of natural phenomena and technological devices is sufficient enough to begin building conceptualised ideas about how a Flat Earth cosmology may function. The following principle ideas are not necessarily restricted to a single explanation for each subjective area of FET, this topic is more of a curious meander regarding some of the various possible implications of multidimensional space and the nature of the cosmos in context of a Flat Earth perspective.             

The introductory stance of this theory is in response to the subsequent questions asked after my post in the thread regarding The 4 Seasons

If the sun takes a spiral path, like the grooves on a record, then it would seem that it should complete its circles in a shorter amount of time in the summer than it would in the winder.  In fact, it looks like your circle for the summer orbit is roughly half the circumference of the winter orbit.  So, the sun would have to travel a lot faster in the winter months in order for the days to still be 24 hours long. 

What causes the sun to speed up and slow down so that the orbits always take 24 hours?
My own answer to this is that the UA or Gravity is actually a Double Torus Vortex's downward thrust centralised around the Arctic Pole.

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So who is fascinated by fractals n stuff.  :P

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Religion / Science - An Overview
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Religion / Science - An Overview

1. Synopsis:
To lay the foundation for the conceptual epiphanies and spiritual notions which will be emphasised in later threads, the first necessary topic of relevance is religion in general. All religions explored here in further detail at later points, will receive the same objective treatment. The intention is not to convince anyone that a particular religion is a “wrong” way of living, but merely to offer an overview of the potential pros and cons of each from the unbiased perception of a non religious and inquisitive mind. This is to entail that it is not intended to be a guide for those seeking to find the “right” religion. Nor is it judging those of any given faith by pointing out objectively perceived flaws or contradictions in the writings of their faith. Whether the perceived pros or cons of any faith via the opinion of the author are entirely accurate or not is beside the point, where compassion is concerned the challenging nature of these notions will serve to test any follower of a mentioned faith of their level of compassion for others.

Generally speaking people have flaws and they are loved regardless of their flaws. So bear in mind if one does not agree with every story, spiritual/moral value or historical event regarding a particular faith they are not necessarily condemning those who believe totally in that faith (or version of that faith when different sects are concerned). At the end of the day it is what was written and that which was written came from the hands of a person. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves whether or not they trust that all of the words of a given scripture were written by one in alignment with the divine, and that the interpretation has been preserved through generation upon generation of translation, as well as the evolution of contextual meanings that the given languages have undergone as the ages progressed.

As stated this is simply the objectionable opinion of the author's take on the subject for the sake of laying forth reference regarding the notions of spirituality that are to proceed, highlighting the necessary facets of religion relevant to the spiritual proponents that will be unveiled in later discussions.

2. Analysis:
Religion is based primarily on received "knowledge" which is why religions have acquired the collective label of "Belief Systems", for if you did not receive the information directly yourself, you can never from a rational standpoint be absolutely sure that it is 100% true. Hence it is a belief. Of coarse this applies to a wide range of received information not just religion. This brings one to the question... "what exactly is a belief?" It could be said that a belief is strong resonance with a concept that cannot or has not yet been proven. It would seem reasonable to say that if one has a belief, they are automatic accepting that it is not something that can be known for a fact is true. Having said this however, there are many sub beliefs within religions, that is to say that it is being implied here that If there was already evidence that what is claimed in a religious text in its entirety is true, then faith would not be a result of its effect. Faith is a feeling, it pertains to the heart and the intuitive right brain. When one knows something is true the left brain labels and categorises it, even if it is something outside the conventional realm of reasoning if a person thinks they know something that is absolute and pertaining to spirituality then the left brain is at work. The left brain seeks conclusiveness it yearns for a point of arrival, such is the result of the act of thinking one knows something absolute. Every religion has in some way an element of mystery, something that inhibits an evident certainty of knowing it is 100% true. This is why religion is a method of inducing faith. 

Considering the primary nature of religion is based on a transaction of speculative digestion and reception via faith, then it is a particularly tedious task to decide which religion is the truth or 100% correct where moral values are concerned. Given that any religious text is something that is written by a human being and not literally manifested by the one true Creator, then it isn't hard to see that the fact that all religions claim that what their disciples have channelled from the God the source etc. is the be all and end all of absolute truth to be reckoned with. Therefore renders religion in general as a fallible system of disseminating wisdom. The evidence is clear in the conflict that disagreements between various faiths have caused, when it leads people to set aside the very core moral values that all religions unite on, being "Love thy neighbour" & "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Note: Overview of Science still to come covered in these threads

Esoteric (internal/metaphysical) Science / Exoteric (reductionist) Science

The Quantum Measurement Problen

Technology, Science & Alt Science / 'Brazilian Stonehenge' discovered
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not news, interesting however

I havent seen any posts of this here

'Brazilian Stonehenge' discovered

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is it distracting to title posts with full uppercase...I thought it looked better on the dark blue topic banner at the top of posts page. But then realised it makes them all stand out on the boards post list.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / THE QUANTUM MEASUREMENT PROBLEM
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It is encouraged that you read this PSYCHOLOGICAL DISCLAIMER
Note: This post is part of a wider thread of information which begins here


This was the best simplified answer harvested online that best reflects the reasoning and purpose that this anomaly of quantum physics has within the articulation of the Omniverse Cosmology.


"This is the fundamental question in quantum physics (and the most overlooked ).
it is the quintessential question of what came first the chicken or the egg ?

Here is why:

1. All measurements require a conscious observer.

2. To explain consciousness, science breaks it down to the interplay of smaller and smaller units ( neurons, molecules, atoms, quarks, photons, electrons, etc. )

3. the existence and state of these discrete elements is dependent on quantum theory which requires a conscious observer to collapse the equation.

4. the conscious observer or "consciousness" remains unexplained (i.e "the black box ".)

Since consciousness is unexplained by physical theory but remains present in our understanding of physical theory, it is the mother of all things ( even the unconscious since it cannot generate the "conscious" )
The measurement problem is resolved by unifying the observer and observed into a single system that is not compatible with traditional reductionist science ( breaking things down to understand them ).
The unification is achieved by understanding there is only a universal consciousness that we are a part of. ( GOD ).

The measurement problem cannot be resolved by quantum theory becauase it is a metaphysical issue ( and unrelated to the success of quantum theory as science in its own right ).
What it does reveal is the deep mystery surrounding our existence and purpose in this universe.

If you ask me, there is only the "consciousness"...... it is always there and never dies even if the universe dies..... since we create our universes........
There are some great books out there.....
Try "the end of science" by john horgan."

Authored by the user Fullbony on Yahoo answers.

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How do I name a link so that it doesn't say the whole url

Technology, Science & Alt Science / The Concave Earth Hypothesis
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Disclaimer: It is advise that you read this PSYCHOLOGICAL DISCLAIMER
This post is part of a wider thread of information which begins hereNote: A line "______" like so denotes a suggested memory retention/rest point, to avoid Info Overload...always go with your own impulses however.


This hypothesis was first conceptualised in the Cellular Cosmogony of Cyrus R Teed, founder of the Koreshan Religion/Society established in 1886. He stated that the Earth is concave (curving upward), thus we are on the inside of a hollow Sphere. All of the stars and planets are illusions due to refraction of curving light in the atmosphere, of which itself is illusory in the general appearance of its shape. Only one half of the sun radiates light, it rotates on an axis at the centre of the hollow cell, and we only ever see a focalised projection of it through multiple layers of the atmosphere.

Accordingly this cosmology was revealed to Teed during a visionary experience in which a female angel showed him the "true" nature of the cosmos, where the heavens revolve inside the hollow cell of the earth.

Astrology of the Cellular Cosmogony

1.1 Inversion Geometry:

In 1981 Mostafa Abdelkader an Egyptian mathematician from Alexandria, revived and expanded upon Karl E Neupert's Geocosmos version of Cyrus' Ideas, from the year 1900. Unlike Cyrus' model which considers the heavenly bodies entirely as optical illusions, Neupert's model inverts the entire known cosmos into the concave model, stating that space shrinks / implodes via non-euclidean geometry, so as to fit an entire Copernican cosmos (C) into the comparatively finite boundary-envelope of the Geocosmos' (G) concave surface. In his paper that he submitted to the Australian science journal; Speculations in Science and Technology, in 1981 (which then gave a serious peer review of his full hypothesis in its 6th volume edition published in 1983), Abdelkader says:

“The enormous galaxies and other remote objects are mapped inside as microscopic objects, and our moon as by far the largest of the celestial objects, all of which revolve daily around the earth's axis. Straight rays of light are mapped as arcs of circles, so that all celestial phenomena appear to inside observers in G just as they do to outside observers in C. We next consider the hypothesis that, conversely, our actual universe is this finite G." (This idea entails the inversion of all known geo/astro physics.)

The main addition to Neupert's concept which Abdelkader addressed, is that light is eventually pulled toward the centre of the cosmos which shrinks inward. The arcs of light which travel toward the surface of the earth are absorbed, and those that are not continue travelling toward the centre of the cosmos as well as around it to the opposite side of the heavens than the sun. However they never illuminate the other side of the earth or its night sky because the wavelengths of light flow in accordance with the volume of space beyond the earth's surface, and are also subject to the black-hole like inertia of the cosmoses infinitesimal centre. Thus as they converge toward the opposite position of the heavens to where the sun is, they are simultaneously pulled in toward the centre.

Therefore the light which circles round to the opposite side of the heavens, never meets the sight of those who have the centre of the cosmos between them and the sun. Therefore an observer on the surface will experience night without a luminous sky, even though rays of light are actually traversing the space they look out into, this being because the rays are only in space and thus are never received directly into the eye.
(for those FES forum explorers who are limited in English terminology, “Geology” is the study of the shape of the Earth, its properties and in some sense its relation to the rest of the cosmos. Hence the name Geocosmos as in this model the Earth is the boundary of the cosmos)

Abdelkader's Concave Earth

Abdelkader devised an equation that suggests the phenomena belonging to the perception of the sky-dome and horizon line, are subject to optical illusion, supporting his statement that Light bends in wide arcs through space, rather than travelling in straight paths. As such when we believe we are looking at a luminous astrological object perpendicular to our line of sight, what we are seeing actually lies on the other end of a bent ray of light. Thus ones line of sight is really pointing at nothing, and their eyes are receiving an image of something that is at a position in the sky elsewhere to the direction they are truly looking.

This arcing nature of light therefore would attribute illusion to the perception of phenomena in the sky and space. However it is not just the light alone that produces this illusion, but also the magnetic field of the earth and gravity which causes the light to behave extraordinarily.
Double refraction and re-focalisiation of light was the explanation Teed offered for the sky-dome Illusion. Teed's model however theorised a stationary sun with which he attributed the bizare notion that it were really a focalsied point of light emanating from a rotating luminous double helix at the centre of the cosmos. Abdelkader's model on the other hand requires more elaboration as it entertains an orbiting sun rather than a stationary one.


1.2 The Mechanics of Gravity/Levity (Earth's EMF) & The Propogation of Light

To fully comprehend the theory of how light behaves in the Geocosmos, one must entertain the notion that the Earth's magnetic field and Gravity are really opposite polarities of the same unified force. This force compounds on itself through the envelope of the Geocosm i.e. the spherical area around the outside of the Geocosmos (within the crust.)

In other words Gravity or Centripetal force as Teed believed it to be, radiates out from the centre of the cosmos and through the earth's concave crust where it then
 folds/compresses against the inside of the concave earth's outer boundary/envelope (below the crust) then, due to it being a continuously flowing force, it therefore flows back outward to the surface at double the frequency (as it has folded/compressed against itself) and becomes the Earth's Levic electromagnetic field EMF.

How this concept of Gravity/Levity is relevant to the behaviour of light in the Geocosmos is that as the light reaches its resonant threshold of the EMF it begins to compress/slow down with friction causing an inverted compression of its wavelength within ratio to the Earths EMF.

A way to help visualise this is to take the example of a blown up rubber glove and how one can push the gloves fingers into the inside of the blown up glove provided the air pressure isn't too high. However this analogy is only outlining the path of the light as in reality it is in constant flow, from both the sun, moon, planets, stars and any other astrological phenomena.

This means: that because one sees what's on the other end of the arcing rays of light, and that the path of light is also folding back on itself against the Earth's EMF, then focalising back down toward the earth before our eyes receive it, the optical information that our eyes receive of the EMF threshold/light resonance layer is therefore reversed. Similar to how the reflection of a spoon is upside down and slightly distorted depending on the angle one views it from.
This accounts for the unexplained phenomena (Dubbed the Moon Illusion) of why objects in the sky look larger on the horizon than they do directly overhead. It also explains why one instead sees the Sky-dome/horizon line as a concave dome-illusion rather than a convexly implied display of concentric atmosphere/void as one would expect it to appear.

Thus when one sees the sun cross below the horizon what it would actually be doing is moving up and around into the zone of the SP's influence where the circular paths of light progressively get pulled into the SP and hence day becomes night. Abdelkader emphatically points out that both his and Einstein's concepts of the properties of light are assumptions as no one has proven either view.

Substantial Evidence That Light Bends (video)


1.3 The Optical Illusion of the Earth Ball in Space:

In the October 1983 issue, Omni Magazine inquired with H.S.M. Coxter, a maths professor of the University of Toronto , as to whether or not there was any way to prove we aren't living inside a hollow earth. Coxter responded saying he couldn't think of any, and being an expert on inversion geometry went on to say:

“A rocket flight, an eclipse, a Foucault pendulum a Coriolis effect – any observation we can make on the outside of the earth has an exact duplicate version inside. There would be no way to tell which was the truth."

The article continued to relay: “Just as the geometry of space inverts, so do all the laws of physics. Toward the centre of a hollow Earth, light slows down and everything shrinks -- atoms, astronauts, spaceships, and measuring rods. Light travels in circular paths, producing some weird (but lawful) optical effects. Astronauts on the moon looked back on what they thought was a blue sphere in the distance. Actually it was the inside of the earth's shell, seen through sight lines that flared like the bell of a trumpet, producing the illusion of a sphere. The optical distortion is something like the wide angle view through a fish-eye lens”.

The German NASA astronaut & physicist - Werner Von Braun, speaks of this convex spherical illusion of our planet in the (inner) outer space of the concave Earth in one of his papers regarding optical illusions in space. He explains the process by which a “photograph of the Earth ball” ("Convex Earth") occurs, a potentially illusory perception of which our arbitrary physical senses have lead us to believe.


2.1 Phases of the Moon and Lunar/Solar Eclipses

The Following was harvested from:

The sketch below shows a horizontal section through the geocosmos. One has to be aware, that in reality the earth envelopes a spherical space which means that any radiation goes in all directions. You can easily do that in your mind by making the drawing rotate around its vertical axis.

[This image is synonymous with the shape of a Torus Field]

The drawing shows the moon in its different phases. If the light hits the moon from the back, the side facing the earth is dark and we have a new moon. If the light hits the moon from the side we half a half moon. At a full moon it is radiated by light from all sides which then return to the celestial sphere.

The moon will reflect any light received back to the earth on certain curved paths, which have been shown earlier. This makes it possible that all the phases of the moon including the crescent can be seen.

Exactly opposite the sun is a funnel like night canal without any light, since it can not be reached by any light beams. Since all the curves of light are equally curved, the cross section of that canal is round. When the moon passes through it then we have a total lunar eclipse. If the moon only touches the canal a little, then we have a partial eclipse. The moon will then show a dark (light less) disk, which, according to the Copernican theory is interpreted as the shadow of the earth.
Usually the moon bypasses the night canal, since it does not orbit in the same plane as the sun, thus preventing a lunar eclipse and having a full moon instead. For the same reason we seldom see a solar eclipse. If the new moon would always pass in the direction of the sun, then we would have a solar eclipse any time we have a new moon. However, most the time the moon bypasses the sun so far north or south, that it does not cover the sun.

More details can be found in the book by Johannes Lang: "The Geocosmic Theory" (Not yet available in English.)

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So...Im finding it tricky to discern if Tom Bishop is a real person or not... I see in RM that there is a thread where Pizza Planet, Thork and several others are claiming to be let me get it straight...on FES forum troll = someone who pretends to be a FE'er or a lurking RE?

P.S. I think all the vintage photographs of old dudes are not the real people they represent hey, its hard to
do people still take photos like that in this day and age. I'm not complaining...its classic and blends well with the forum style

The Lounge / Perceiving the Earth
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So I'm wondering just how many RE'ers have taken the liberty to actually entertain the perception of the earth as flat. And how many FE'ers actually believe the earth is flat but haven't yet managed to ground a continuous perception of it being flat, i.e. every time you walk outside do the stars actually feel 3000 miles high, do the sun and moon feel smaller than the size of the earth etc... or do you sometimes walk outside and feel like your standing on a globe.



It will apply as much here as it does there regarding what I have to share.
In short It highlights the nature of information overload and the implications of the topics that will be covered.
Some information is highly spiritual/immaterially oriented in conjecture i.e. not to be delved into by those with a rigid mind set as it can cause mental problems. 

As this thread is diverse in the topics pertinent to it, I will post the various subjects covered in the relevant discussion boards and they will be woven back here as a tapestry.

It is highly advocated that for the sanctity of ones psyche, they at least contend with this brief version of the disclaimer:

bear in mind this information contains sensible tho diverse notions that cannot be refuted (not all need to know so as to benefit form the implications of this phenomena use the heart as a guide) what is ignorance for one is not ignorance for another however...Each is to discern what is beneficial to their awareness for themselves....but deep down all that deny themselves of things out of fear of what it may mean for them in regards of change, is known by those of which allow that ignorance to hinder...

If you are such a person that is anxious about the idea of consciousness being the fundamental cause and factor in all things created (and please understand I am not implying a vengeful god that's going to come and get you) then for your own sake forego reading this material. It is not my intention to start debate here but simply to offer what I have to share with those who already accept it on some level. When looking into in greater scope the notions become far more grandiose.

I will urge all who come across this to take note that when something is known the knowledge of it cannot be undone, even if it is a concept that cannot be proven through the rigour of conventional science but which has thought provocative implications about how and what consciousness's roll is in the way that our existence is explored with regard to the purely mental processes of thought based scientific experiments.

If this is not your cup of tea then you probably shouldn't be reading it. Given the implications of the notions presented introduce thoughts that may be uncomfortable for some to consider, then it is only responsibly wise for myself to advocate that due to the fact that the notions that are extrapolated upon are irrefutable. Then it would be best that those who don't wish to have an unwanted irrefutable concept of consciousness based reality to become part of their mental inventory, then they best stick with focusing on how they prefer to assume reality is, for the same principles that are described work in both head spaces. Only one pays direct attention where as the other utilises them passively so as to function at its optimum; implying the latter is reductionist scientific methods.

Note: A line "______" like so denotes a suggested memory retention/rest point, to avoid Info Overload...always go with your own impulses however.



This was the best simplified answer harvested online that best reflects the reasoning and purpose that this anomaly of quantum physics has within the articulation of the Omniverse Cosmology.


"This is the fundamental question in quantum physics (and the most overlooked ).
it is the quintessential question of what came first the chicken or the egg ?

Here is why:

1. All measurements require a conscious observer.

2. To explain consciousness, science breaks it down to the interplay of smaller and smaller units ( neurons, molecules, atoms, quarks, photons, electrons, etc. )

3. the existence and state of these discrete elements is dependent on quantum theory which requires a conscious observer to collapse the equation.

4. the conscious observer or "consciousness" remains unexplained (i.e "the black box ".)

Since consciousness is unexplained by physical theory but remains present in our understanding of physical theory, it is the mother of all things ( even the unconscious since it cannot generate the "conscious" )
The measurement problem is resolved by unifying the observer and observed into a single system that is not compatible with traditional reductionist science ( breaking things down to understand them ).
The unification is achieved by understanding there is only a universal consciousness that we are a part of. ( GOD ).

The measurement problem cannot be resolved by quantum theory becauase it is a metaphysical issue ( and unrelated to the success of quantum theory as science in its own right ).
What it does reveal is the deep mystery surrounding our existence and purpose in this universe.

If you ask me, there is only the "consciousness"...... it is always there and never dies even if the universe dies..... since we create our universes........
There are some great books out there.....
Try "the end of science" by john horgan."

Authored by the user Fullbony on Yahoo answers.


As of 24/02/11 it has been announced by the International Science Grid that NASA has a mathematician Grigor Aslanyan, a doctoral student at the University of California at San Diego who is solving data that suggests the universe is a torus - see Grigor Aslanyan: Universal Torus.

It is believed the Torus' dimensions could be of 3 different types.

a. Infinite in 1 dimension and finite in 2.
b. the vice of a
c. finite in all 3

I feel that these arrangements of a Torus' 3 dimensions could be a hint that there are 3 different cosmic codes of creation.
i.e. Copernican (convex earth), Ancient/instinctual (flat earth) & Geocosm (concave earth - see the Concave Earth Hypothesis )

What if Quantum physics has more or less unveiled to some extent that our beliefs and perceptions of the world are what determine our reality. Would that mean they also determine which Torus code of the cosmos oneself is in?

Perhaps people are only capable of perceiving and therefore believing anything that is a possibility to begin with.

For sure everyone's fundamental perception of reality is more or less the same, but what is being addressed here is ones internal perception i.e. the Copernican world view instils a feeling of vastness associated with convex RE perception.
The stars really have no innate ability to evoke the assumption that they are inconceivable distances away. They look small/close however ones beliefs cause the internally felt perception to compute a sense of expansion, that they are really far away. Its like looking down on ants and pretending that they are people, as most children do at some point... So people take on board the unquestioned conviction that stars are far away, thus they feel expanded when they view them.

The same goes for the horizon line, most people have the conviction that the earth is convex so they believe it curves beyond the horizon. Thus there is a sense of roundness to the earth extending beyond their threshold of perception i.e. their internally perceived orientation.

If you entertain alternate cosmos's/timelines and universes etc and Infinite combinations of all possibilities that are possible.
Then the same continuum of events exists in all three models of reality...

The conundrum is that when scientific "proof" of one version of reality is confirmed that it tends to warp peoples assumptions of reality in a biased manner.
The FE perception is the oldest perception of the world and has the highest residual imprint in the Akasha (the cosmic records: space is like a field of information of all that is possible and all that is experienced)... 
This is why in some places the scientific data doesn't fit the model because some areas have higher frequencies of residual consciousness and perception from the ancient past and so the reality codes warp when one enters these zones....

The Tamarack Mines mystery is a good example....although if you try hard enough to find an alternative answer you will. But the very fact that the plumb bobs lowered into the mine shafts behaved in a manner contrary to expectation lends to the idea that belief attunes reality. (expectation being key in narrowing  perception in on one set of reality codes) expectations are like beliefs, and beliefs have been proven to be more powerful than thoughts alone as they are combinations of feelings and logical or illogical thoughts.

Experiments have shown the human EMF is 500 times stronger around the heart than it is around the head.
The following paragraph is an excerpt from: The Heart, Mind and Spirit by Professor Mohamed Omar Salem The Heart, Mind and Spirit

The heart’s magnetic field:
 Research has also revealed that the heart communicates information to the brain and throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions. The heart generates the body’s  most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. The heart’s magnetic component is about 500 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body.
It was proposed that, this  heart field acts as a carrier wave for information that provides a global synchronizing signal for the entire body
(McCraty, Bradley & Tomasino, 2004)

Now take into account that the Korshens of Cyrus Teed's religion were avid believers of the concave earth hypothesis at the time of the Tamarak Mines mystery i.e. oddly enough plumb bobs hanging down two shafts diverged away from one another, instead of converging, which would be the expectation considering the earth's assumed convexity.
This mystery puzzled modern science then, almost as much as it still does now, with very few credible reasons for it in the convex model.
However this mystery supports the concave hypothesis and warps the reality codes when people visit there as a strong residuation of the Korshens beliefs intermingled with the resistant (resistance reinforces whatever it is in focus of) and baffled vibes of scientists whom investigated the phenomenon, some today still think its a hoax, until they get hold of the real papers proving it happened, for it is too bizarre and contrary to expectation.

The following Is a Chronologic Index of How to best integrate this Overtly Esoteric body of Information

Religion /Science an Overview

Esoteric (internal/metaphysical) Science / Exoteric (reductionist) Science

The Quantum Measurement Problen

The Ancient Greek Concept of "Nous" (source)

Edward Leedskalnin - Magnetic Current

Imploversial Physics

The Concave Earth Hypothesis
Tetra Dimensional Torus (TDT) FE Model

Glossary of Phrases & Acronyms (they are defined in the original thread):


Astral Plain (AP)
Baseline Physical Realm (BPR)
Celstial Soul (CS)
Convergence Point (CP)
Hierarchy of Realms (HoR)
Highest Astral Realms (HAR)
Imploversial Physics (IP)
Infinite Paradise Continuum (IPC)
Lower Astral Realms (LAR)
The Thrice-fold Macro-Quantum Factor (3-MQF)
objective zone (OZ)
Tangent of Unlimited Awareness (TUA)
Tangent of Limited Awareness (TLA)

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I am not strictly a FE believer, Omni Earther would be more appropriate. I study philosophy and theosophy and alternate models of theoretical physics both Geological, Macro & Quantum. In short you could say I am a perception seeker.

I will post in the philosophy section at another time, some of my ideas

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