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Flat Earth Q&A / Reason for why the governments conspire!
« on: January 25, 2006, 05:27:36 PM »
The question has been asked many times by many people: "Why would every government in the world ignore everything they hate about each other to conspire together to make us all believe that the Earth is round, with no evidence of any possible gain on their part?". The answer is simple; Reptoids!

Reptoids are shape-shifting lizards that theoretically live beneath the Earth's crust and have infiltrated different levels of our society. They have only been heard of by a few people, and are detectable by fewer still. These Reptoids have shape-shifted into human form long ago, surfaced in various parts of the world and infiltrated governments while they were weak, or have taken the place of reputed scientists. From there, they could easily insitute the education of the youth. For hundreds of years people have been learning about the round Earth from Reptiods and took it as truth. When they teach it to others, it's not because they are part ofa government consiracy, but rather have been misled by shape-shifting lizards!

Why would the Reptoids want us to think the Earth was flat? Purely and simply because they DO live beneath the crust, and so long as people think that they can't travel farther than a few kilometers before having their drills melt from the mantle's heat, they won't search for the Reptoids' cities! If people found it, the conspiracy would be blown open and then the Reptoids would be defeated forever.

I suggest you go to to see more.

Flat Earth Q&A / Ban request
« on: January 10, 2006, 05:47:05 PM »
Could someone with some sort of power PLEASE just IP Ban the idiots who are posting insurance and porn? It's irritating and pointless. If I were looking for car insurance and porn on the internet, there are far better places to go than a forum about the world being flat.

Flat Earth Q&A / More plausible gravity theory
« on: January 10, 2006, 04:36:20 PM »
Well, since I've decided to aid 6string in his quest to help the Flat-Earthers develop better arguments and defend their beliefs in a logical way, I have decided to start posting better explanations for certain phenomena for which the current falt-earth explanation downright sucks. I'm sorry, but "atmospheric conditions" just doesn't cut it.

The first is gravity. Gravity as explained by current science is the attraction of small masses towards a large mass's center. Like people to a planet. This is why on a spherical Earth if you were to dig straight down, you would start going up after you hit the center. On a flat Earth, gravity could very well work in exactly the same way.

My theory is that the Earth actually sits on a much larger mass, possibly another disk, but very close to the center. I have made a diagram to demonstrate:

In this model, the red lines represent gravity. The force is still pulling towards the center of the disk, but the Earth is so close to the center on the surface, that the angle at which gravity pulls is practically non-existant.

Some of you might say "Well then why haven't we noticed the angle? I notice when I'm on a slight incline". The answer is evolution. Don't say evolution is just a theory, it's not. It happens, it's real, and it's still happening. The only part of it which is under debate is whether or not we come from apes. So, anyways, the purpose of evolution is to adapt to the environment. If it's hot our skin darkens, if it's cold, animals grow fur, if the entire world seems to be at a slight incline, our balance is adjusted to compensate.

Also, when the body is subjected to something constantly and it is out of the ordinary, the body normally tries to fix the problem. I remember hearin of an experiment where people were given special glasses which mirrored the image and made it seem as thoguh everything were upside-down. After a period of time, all of them adjusted and their brains automatically compensated and reversed the image.

The same occurs when there is a smell in the air for a long time. After an hour you won't smell it, but it's still there. You just "got used to it". The same goes for sound. Sometimes I like to set my watch to beep every second just to piss people off and after a while, you don't hear it anymore unless there's either a long, dead silence or you try to hear it.

"Getting used to" something really means that the body, mind, or both have adapted temporarily to the environment to help make you more comfortable. It's pretty much temporary evolution. The same thing happens with the angle of gravity. We've gotten used to it, and since the angle is always there, the adaptation has become permanent. We have, effectively, evolved to compensate what could be perceived as a slightly tilted Earth.

Flat Earth Q&A / Map of the world please!
« on: December 11, 2005, 06:27:49 PM »
I think I may be able to invalidate one of your main arguments, but to be sure that what I want to say is correct, I would like to see a fairly accurate map of what the world would look like if it were flat. So, map please!

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