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Flat Earth Q&A / Government Manipulation
« on: October 17, 2006, 03:10:43 AM »
It has come to my attention that your perception of the concept of a round-earth as a global government conspiracy is simply a cliché that appears to lack any logic or viable explanation whatsoever. Firstly, the word "governance" applies to a very broad spectrum and can be defined as the political direction and control exercised over members of a society. So when you claim it as a "government conspiracy" what section of what type of government(s) are you referring to exactly? People are removed and appointed from/to governments all the time, sometimes by force, sometimes by community preference. It COMPLETELY defies ALL logic for every single individual of every single government of the world, past or present, to keep this "conspiracy" a secret. Also, it's sad to say, but the world does not operate in a collaborative manner to ensure this "conspiracy" remains a secret. Global governments don't just "appear" disorganised to quash scepticism, this is ludicrous as governments don't ever remain the same, again defying logic.
Any "answers" you have for these flaws in your system are tailored to remove the doubt but severely lack any solid or even minor evidence. "NASA is part of the consipracy." How convenient! "NASA spent their money on developing advanced computers instead of space travel." How convenient! GPS systems mislead pilots and/or pilots are part of the conspiracy. How convenient! [btw... my father is a pilot so don't try and dump that s*** on me]. See what I mean? When someone provides false information, witholds or distorts relevant information, uses paralogisms on a mass basis - this is MANIPULATION, manipulation on your part. When enough simpletons succumb to manipulation, voila - we have groups like the Flat Earth Society. All respected theories that coincide with a round earth have substantial scientific backing and conform to the basic laws of physics (which, if you also claim to be a conspiracy, is just going to envelope you further into your growing pile of pretentious BS).

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