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Flat Earth General / why?
« on: September 10, 2016, 01:41:06 PM »
When nasa supposedley faked images of a round earth, why didnt they fake images of a flat one?
Cheers :)

Flat Earth Q&A / RE -------->FE
« on: May 16, 2012, 05:51:14 PM »
right first off i just wanna say hi to everyone :) re and fe alike :) ive been browsing this forum for quite a while now but never joined in.  i first found this site from a friend of a friend (he came here to point and laugh while our forum was down)

ive gone through different stages with the FES, first off i was a bit like my friend of a friend or as you say angry noob :) but i refrained from posting and 'lurked moar' :) then the more i read the more i started to wonder there might be something to this but always having that angry noob attitude in the back ground

but sadly to say in the last few weeks ive slowly realised that im a definite re and today i read the thread 'discourse of the zetetic method' where the knowledge asked a perfectly reasonable question and was shot down by a spelling error :( i mean that was the first reply he got

anyway i enjoy reading just about everyone's posts but what i wanted to know was - what made you become a fe? surely you weren't born this way or you could have fe parents that raised you this way (which i doubt) i mean you probably had the same re teachings as the next kid right? was it a sudden change or a gradual acceptance?

any way please feel free to reply/ignore/check spelling :)

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