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Flat Earth General / A dozen or more years of FET
« on: May 04, 2011, 07:09:37 PM »
I'm a new member here, but I do remember when this forum started and watched it from afar (lurk, lurk).  New here on the forum, but have been trying to explain FET to the REs for at least a dozen years.  Mostly it's been a lot of fun, because the majority of folks simple don't have a clue.  They believe the Earth is a globe not because they have any good evidence, but simply because "it is."  That's what they have always been told and taught, they've never questioned it.  Never even looked at the Earth, I suppose.

So of course they get a great bit of amusement when I bring up the FE.  The amusement turns to amazement when I can answer every one of their standard RE arguments.  There have been very few, if any, original arguments over the past 12-15 years.  Mostly the same tired old songs, sunrise-sunset, ship down, satellites, photos from space.  All very easy to explain, no need to go into conspiracy theories.  The fact is that most people simply accept what they have always been told, even if it flies in the face of everyday evidence.

Here, it's a bit different.  There are some really smart REs with good, strong arguments.  That's fun and thought provoking and I enjoy reading their posts and well thought out arguments.
But there is a large contingent of "Happy Newbies" who jump into to save the poor, misguided FEs and explain how wrong they all are.  They seem to be taken by some RE missionary zeal to save the poor savages while at the same time showing just how clever and original they are.  Cough!

EnglishGentleman put it better then anyone here:
We get noobs like you joining every week. They all think they're the first one in the six-year history of this forum to ask how the tides work, why there is a shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse, or why we haven't reached the speed of light yet. They all get indignant when we tell them to read the FAQ, or to lurk, and they all seem to think our purpose for existence is to cater to their childish wants. What these people all have in common is that they chose to come here, create an account, and start posting this crap.
This post should be a sticky.

The seem to be here to prove how clever they are, and how silly the FEs are.  Same, tired old arguments.  Don't they even read? Don't they wipe their feet at the door?  Were they all raised in a barn - the same barn?

So I, at least, am happy to see the few good REs here with reasonable arguments, patience and some original thoughts.  My (flat) hat is off to you, gentlemen!

Flat Earth Q&A / Another Bedford Level Field Trip
« on: April 21, 2011, 10:59:58 AM »
Hello to all!
 Well I'm off to the Bedford Level next month to scout and take photos.  Much like Daniel did here.

I'll also be armed with a long, long lens to do some photos and HD video.  Should be fun.

FYI, I've been studying this subject for 10 years or more with a few trips to the Library of Congress and sending friends to the British Library, collecting books and such.  But this will be my first trip to the canal (I live in the USA).  Looking at Daniel's thread I'm not sure what I'll get, but I'm keen to go.

On the East Coast of the US we have some 10 mile straight sections of canal that I also plan to visit.  No convenient bridges 5 miles apart, tho.  I've already done some of the sighting experiments across open bodies of water such as the San Francisco bay and from island to island in Hawaii.  I did see things that I should not have been able to see at that distance, so my curiosity is piqued.

I have to say that Google Earth has been a great help in my research.  When I first started it was very difficult to accurately find short distances across bodies of water when looking at maps.  Google Earth and its handy ruler make it so much easier.  Will Google Earth help me prove the Earth is flat?  Don't know, but  that would be pretty funny.

Sorry to drop right in here with big muddy feet and a trip already planned, but my research has been ongoing since for this forum began.  I'm psyched to be able to finally visit the canal after all these years.  I'm open to advice and requests.  Cheers!

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