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I've recently gotten seriously into this type of music, and I thought I'd recommend some of the bands and albums I've heard.

Wardruna -- Shamanic Neo Folk band from Norway with an ambient and archaic touch. Heavily focused on the use of old traditional Norse instruments such as keyed fiddles, horns and Norse shamanic drums, as well as chants. Lyrics in Norwegian.

Tenhi -- Neo Folk band from Finland with acoustic guitars, flutes and other traditional instruments, accompanied by a rock drum rhythm. Lyrics in Finnish.

Vali -- Norwegian Neo Folk with acoustic guitars and other traditional instruments. Instrumental.

Nest -- Ambient Neo Folk from Finland with acoustic guitars, kantele, shamanic drums and occasional electric guitars. Lyrics in English.

Neun Welten -- Neo Folk band from Germany. Similar to Tenhi and Vali. Lyrics in German.

October Falls -- Finnish Neo Folk, as well as Black Metal on some albums. Similar to Vali.

And some Neo Folk albums released by Black Metal bands are:

Kveldssanger by Norwegian Folk Black Metal band Ulver. Similar to Vali. Lyrics in Norwegian.

Urminnes Havd (The Forest Sessions) by Swedish Viking Metal band Manegarm. Lyrics in Swedish.

Origin by Norwegian Black Metal band Borknagar. Perfectly blends Neo Folk music with Progressive Rock. Lyrics in English.

Visor om Slutet by Finnish Troll/Folk Metal band Finntroll. Lyrics in Swedish.

Feel free to suggest other bands if you happen to know any good Neo Folk, or other Folk related bands/music.

Arts & Entertainment / Lesaz
« on: June 01, 2010, 10:00:07 AM »
   Clouds drifted slowly across the purple sky as the sound of horns could be heard in the distant. In the desert of Madian, cyclopean towers to the west casts their shadow over the ground as the sun slowly descended. The sound of the horns got louder for a moment, and then turned silent as the sun slipped below the horizon.

   Neramor stood outside the gates of Mynrea, the city that is his home, which stands on top of the mountain Mynr. In his dreams he had seen the Gods of Lesaz, the void that surrounds the world, descend to the ancient circular formation of illuminating monoliths that exists far to the south, to observe some forms of light that in a variety of colors appeared from the central pillar and began to dance around inside of the formation, only to after a moment stop in mid air as glowing spheres that rose high up above the rune stones. A voice spoke to the Gods, and the Gods wept.

   Neramor has seen the rune stones many times in the past, but never had he observed any such strange phenomenon, except the usual soft light produced by the illuminating monoliths during the night. Neither did he know why the Gods in his dreams weeps when hearing the voice of the spheres, and neither was he able to understand the words they speak. Neramor had never thought much about the Gods until he began to experience these dreams, or visions. Neramor feels that they are more than just dreams, because the experience feels too real. And he could hear the voice more clearly for each time he experience the dream..

   ”Neyunh geaf p'gno zsahi ngam jhumn arhagf.”

   The words were a mystery to Neramor. This was no language that he had ever heard before. His good friend Sear, whom he had mentioned the dreams to, found them extremely fascinating. But Neramor wanted nothing more than to get rid of the dreams. Sear who is an antiquarian and a trader, had gotten his hands on a piece of an old scroll that speaks of  ”The Gods final gathering”. The scroll was written in an old language that Neramor did not understand, but Sear with his skill in foreign and ancient languages was able to translate the old text.
   ”When time and existence reaches the end, the Gods shall descend for the final gathering. As the speaker of Lesaz gives the final words. The existence of...” The last piece of the scroll was missing.

   Neramor had never believed in the ancient stories about the Gods. Neither did he want much to do with them. But Sear who were so fascinated by Neramor's dreams persuaded him to go with him to the southern land of Mankár, to the formation of the ancient monoliths. They traveled to a Mankárian city called Cenís. A city with walls and roads made entirely out of marble, not far from the ancient monoliths.

   The locals shun the place. An old man who overheard Sear talking about the rune stones urged them to stay away, claiming it is a cursed place. But his warnings were mostly ignored, for Sear had decided that he would study the runes, especially during the night when the stones illuminate. Neramor had chosen to follow Sear, because he thought that maybe if he learned something from studying the runes, maybe he could learn to understand his dreams, and maybe then his dreams would stop haunting him.

   The runes were written in an even older language than the one found in the old scroll, and even Sear with his linguistic skills could not decipher even half of it. Neramor looked at the central pillar, where the strange moving lights appears in his dreams. While the rune stones were flat and roughly rectangular to the shape, the central pillar were round with a square base and top. It lacked runes, but it were decorated with strange patterns and figures.

   The sun was about to descend as Neramor and Sear could hear the familiar sound of distant horns that went quiet as the sun disappeared below the horizon to the west. The monoliths slowly began to illuminate a gentle light, and the runes could be seen even clearer than during the day. Neramor started thinking about his dreams again, as he remembered the presence of the Gods and the strange glowing spheres of light that spoke the strange words. He walked over to Sear who was starring at one of the rune stones, as he suddenly fell to the ground, stiff as a statue. Neramor was horrified and tried to wake him up, but his body had turned to stone and the expression on his face was like something from a nightmare. The runes started glowing even brighter and the central pillar began to rise up from the ground and revealed something that resembled a door. Neramor was terrified and tried to run, but in the doorway appeared a bright light that consumed him, and Neramor felt how he was dragged towards the central pillar as he lost his consciousness.

   When Neramor opened his eyes, everything was dark and quiet. He had no idea of how long he had been asleep. He was surprised that he did not remember having the dream about the Gods and the strange voice. When he tried to stand up, he found that he was unable to move his body. And at the same moment, he felt the ground he was sitting on was shaking. Neramor tried to move again but could not. A faint light appeared from above, and Neramor could now see that he was sitting in what appeared to be a small round room with walls made out of stone. He saw how the walls sank down into the floor, but as the opening above him drew closer, he realized that he was inside the central pillar, and that the floor he was sitting on was being raised upwards through the pillar.

   As Neramor ascended through the central pillar, he witnessed the Gods of Lesaz. He saw how the moving lights in different colors appeared from the top of the pillar where he was sitting. He had never seen it so clearly. He saw how they danced around the pillar only to suddenly stop their movement, and he saw how they rose high up above the rune stones. Then he heard the voice speak the words...

   ”Neyunh geaf p'gno zsahi ngam jhumn arhagf.”

   The gods wept. And Neramor was again horrified. For this time he could not only hear the voice clearly. He could even understand the words it spoke.

   ”The existence of void and world will extinguish”

   What horrified him the most was not that he understood the words, or that he witnessed all of existence be consumed by darkness all around him, but that the voice he had heard so many times in his dreams,  and now just a moment ago, he recognized as his own.

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