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I once again believe that earth is not a globe. Before reading the rest of my post please watch this video.
I tend to agree with Darren Nesbitt that earth is a 4D infinite loop, this explains all Westerly and Easterly travels. However the video that i posted is wrong about traveling North or South. Let me explain. Traveling north or south will not return you to the same place, rather traveling north or south will move you to the other parts of infinite earth. This infinite earth is divided by pockets. Each world has their own Arctic and Antarctic. There is always harsh weather and ice in those areas. Both Arctic and Antarctic serve as barriers between worlds. This is exactly why traveling to the Northern and Southern extremities are prohibited by all governments of the world. Why? Cause there is more land North of the supposed North Pole and south of supposed South pole. In actuality of course neither North nor South poles exist. Amadeo Giannini is his book "Worlds Beyond the Poles" describes precisely this type of flat earth model. In this aspect earth serves as infinite continues cylinder. Earth is not shaped like cylinder but because we have hard time grasping the 4th dimension, we can only compare it with cylinder. If you watch the video I posted it explains just ignore the part about North and South, that part is wrong.

Traveling East or West will always bring you to the same place where you started not because Earth is a globe but because Earth is a 4D infinite loop, any movement North of the Arctic or South of Antarctic will result in traveling toward undiscovered parts of the Earth, (more land) Those other parts, other worlds, also work as 4D loop exactly like our world, therefore these other worlds are exactly the same size as our world, any other size would distort the infinite earth system. Each world as mentioned before have their own Arctic and Antarctic.  Some people and rightfully so call it the Pac Man effect, because of this 4D mechanism. I used to have a really hard time with grasping this and totally rejected this before but now I believe this is the truth and now I understand exactly what Worlds Beyond the Poles book talks about.

Historical facts show that When we travel far North or South we discover more land, This was proven by Admiral Byrd and others who went beyond the imaginary pole points to find more land. Some call it Agartha or Hyperborea, may be Atlantis is there too who knows, we don't have any maps of those lands because we are not allowed to explore them. The Free Masons and Illuminatti know about these lands and have made contact with residents there. They have all the maps, but they come up with fake theories like hollow Earth to confuse people, or show you the fake AE Map, making you think Earth is a disk.

Here I want to explain a little regarding prophecies and just get a general picture of what future earth will look like. When I say future earth I refer to the book of Revelation but also base my theory on Vedic teachings of Srimam Baghavatan, Fifth Canto. Vedas tell us that Earth is a disk 4 billion miles in diameter divided by seven islands and seven oceans. it also says that in the beginning Earth didn't have those divisions and the entire Bhumandala (circle of the earth) was solid land situated on shoreless ocean. When we look at Revelation of disciple John we see that new earth (one that God will establish after destroying this one) will have no more sea. To me this means that Earth will once again become solid land. However we must be very careful not to assume that this new earth will be a globe. We look at the size of New Jerusalem the capital of new earth and we can clearly see that this cannot exist on the globe. Briefly about New Jerusalem (City coming down from heaven in a form of a cube, city of gold the size of United States) Now if we refer to Vedas and combine them with Revelation chapter 21 then the picture becomes clear. New Earth will be a disk 4 billion miles in diameter with New Jerusalem in the center of the gigantic earth disk. Four rivers will flow in four directions into the ocean of Eden (infinite universal ocean) In the Edenic ocean there will be other large super continents, perhaps an infinite number. So these are just some of my thoughts regarding these prophecies and revelations.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Trump is a Russian agent
« on: July 13, 2020, 12:09:14 PM »
Russians put a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan? OK another fake news by CNN so let me debunk it for you. First of all what would Russia gain from killing American soldiers? Russia has enough problems why would they wanna start another conflict? It gains them nothing. There is no money in it, there is nothing in it. I bet you don't know this but Taliban hates Russia and Putin hates them.  Russia fought Taliban in the 80's, did you forget? Putin actually is actively fighting Islamic radicalism and terrorism. Look what he did in Syria, he basically wiped out ISIS and you wanna tell me he pays Taliban to kill Americans? Bull shit.

OK this is gonna be a bit hard to explain on the internet in one thread but I will try my best. The story of Adam and Eve and creation of earth, happened in another dimension. Let me explain what the original universe looked like. Earth was created as one super continent known as Pangea. This continent was not on the globe, rather it was positioned on the infinite ocean known as Ocean of Eden. This super continent was one among millions of other continents that were created on infinite ocean. Genesis clearly says that Ocean was made before Land, dry land appears later. So Adam and Eve were residents of Pangea, super landmass situated on the infinite flat ocean of Eden. This was the paradise.

So why are we on the globe now, what is the globe? The allegory of original sin and Adam and Eve losing paradise refers to being moved to another dimension, the dimension of current Earth globe. The Globe is removed from paradise and is located in its own dimension that we call Heleocentric universe. Adam and Even were not just driven out of the garden (Pangea), they were removed from Original universe into a separate reality all together. Garden of Eden was not in Iraq or anywhere on this planet. The original Universe and Pangea still exist because it was populated by other humans after Adam and Eve but this is a whole different topic.

So yes we are now on the globe, earth is a globe but this is not the earth described in Genesis. This is why so many people seek flat earth, they are seeking this lost paradise of the flat infinite earth from which our ancestors were removed.

Flat Earth General / Two types of Universes
« on: January 05, 2020, 10:39:07 AM »
I have to say that I no longer believe that our earth is flat, however I do believe that there is a universe of flat earth out there. I cannot quote all the sources here but based on extensive research and personal meditation here what I discovered. The earth we are on is indeed a globe in heleocentric space, but this is only one type of Universe, there is also a parallel universe where there is no space but rather infinite ocean (ocean of Eden) in that ocean there are countless number of super large landmasses and continents each with its own polarity. The super continent of Pangea was never located in our reality or our earth, it is a continent of the infinite Edenic ocean that is not in our universe. This other flat infinite earth has no sun or moon, but rather heavenly light of God himself. These realities are vividly described in both Quaran and Bible. The city of New Jerusalem will have no sun it is a city the size of United States, it is a city located on New Pangea. (the continent of infinite paradise ocean) Our globe earth is not in the same dimension, this is where I was confused for years but now I understand completely.

Flat Earth General / Diamond business proves there is more land
« on: October 19, 2019, 09:03:46 AM »
I don't know where you guys live but go to New York once, walk around the diamond district in Manhattan, go down fifth and Madison avenues and look at all the Jewelry stores there. If you were to collect all the diamonds that NYC stores carry and stack them up high, you will make a hill that is roughly 2 stories high. That is just New York.  in Dubai there is even more diamonds.  If you go to other metropolitan centers like Tokyo, Paris, London, you will find so many diamond merchants you will surely ask yourself is this shit even rare? The answer is yes it is rare in our known earth. However because earth is infinite, it is extremely abundant elsewhere and they are hiding more land. Diamonds indeed can become your best friends if you realize that we are not on a globe and that these tyrants are hiding Land.

Flat Earth General / New complete model of infinite flat earth
« on: October 17, 2019, 01:02:00 PM »
For a very long time I believed that earth was an infinite ocean, featuring billions of continents spread far and wide across this infinite sea. I began to study Vedas and found a different cosmological view where Earth is presented as a disk inside a giant sphere. The disk is 4 billion miles in diameter featuring 7 concentric oceans and lands. I believe there is element of truth in Vedic teachings however I refuse to believe that there is a dome or that we are inside a big sphere. However I do think that we are on a giant disk (Bhumandala) and this disk stretches for millions of miles, the disk itself is floating on infinite ocean or as I call it "Universal Ocean"  Vedas refer to this ocean as Causal ocean. But the Vedic concept is somewhat different from mine. So after studying Vedas and relying on my own spiritual intuition, my new model is as follows; Earth is infinite in all directions. The section of earth on which we live is called "Bhumandala" or Earth disk, it is millions of miles wide featuring concentric oceans and lands same as Vedas describe. The entire earth disk is surrounded by Loka Loka mountains which are extremely high, these mountains serve as the border of our sun. Beyond this mountains there is no sun. Outside earth disk is universal ocean, no more sun, rather the area of infinite ocean is illuminated by pleasant light of God himself and so it is better than our sun. The universal ocean is filled with endless continents in all directions.

Flat Earth General / Vedic Earth and NASA T shirts
« on: July 25, 2019, 09:07:40 AM »
I posted about this before but I just want everyone to put all doubts and confusion aside and realize what the earth actually is. Earth is a giant disk 4 billion miles in diameter divided by seven ocean and seven tracks of land. The seven continents that we know of are just tiny little area in the salt water ocean known as Bharata Varsha, according to Vedic texts. Mount Meru is not at the north pole, but rather in the center of Jambudvipa the center island of the Earth disk (Bhumandala) The oceans and landmasses get wider and wider as you travel further away from the center. 4 billion miles in total. The habitable part of this Earth disk is roughly 300 million miles, the rest is darkness and very high mountains. Most of the Earth is paradise but because we are in Kaliyuga (age of isolation and unawareness) we cannot travel or see this greater earth. We are banished to a very small area and the greater earth is just outside Antarctica. Think of our known world as a prison cell. Imagine if you serve time in prison you are confined to a small cell lets say in New York or Chicago, yet outside your cell there is a whole continent of North America. Well this is basically where we are in comparison to the greater Earth disk that we can't access. This large earth disk is located inside a giant sphere, the disk basically cuts across it filling up the entire middle portion. There are also seven subterranean heavens below us and seven worlds above us. We are called Midgard because we are literally in the middle. Outside this universe there are other Spheres they also contain their own disks inside of them some are larger than ours. So this is a very short description of the Vedic universe and the greater Earth.

Now I'm sure you all have seen many people wearing NASA shirts, at least here in the States I have seen many.  Notice that before flat earth movement no one was wearing them. This is a direct result of flat earth spreading like wild fire. NASA is panicking so they decided to promote their gear and people who wear that have taken a clear stand to sell out to the globular lie and to the Devil. I spit on them.

Flat Earth General / Vedic Mount Meru and infinite flat earth
« on: April 06, 2019, 10:08:09 AM »
I started a thread before about Vedic cosmology I'm sure many of you read it and if you didn't you can search it in forums. But here I want to make some modifications and explain it further. First of all I once again believe in infinite earth, to be precise an infinite ocean on which endless landmasses and continents are located. But careful study reveals that this infinite earth is not in our dimension. Many flat earthers and researchers claim that Mount Meru is located at the North Pole of our earth but let's take a look at what Mount Meru really is. Mount Meru is set to be located in the middle of the universe (not Earth) Its height is 642,000 miles and there is a golden paradise city located on top. What kind of universe is this? Clearly something this big and tall cannot be located in the Arctic or we would all see it! Clearly something this big and tall cannot be located on the globe.  And clearly something like this cannot exist in Heleocentric universe. So now we understand that Mount Meru is in another dimension and serves as the center of terrestrial universe. What is a terrestrial universe? It is an endless ocean on which endless landmasses are located, it is not in this dimension. If you read Vedas it gives descriptions of many lands, precisely seven lands and seven oceans but it is all symbolic. These lands are not in the same dimension, even thou depictions of Bhu Mandala shows it as one giant disk. Mount Meru and the salt water ocean that surrounds it is indeed an infinite earth plane. The earth we are on is just a tiny island.

Flat Earth General / Vedic flat earth is reality
« on: February 04, 2019, 11:34:26 AM »
Here I will post a link to what I consider the best video about Vedic cosmology that gives us best explanation and shows us an accurate map of the greater Earth.

Watch this video before reading my post. I was always interested in Vedas but this video have really unified my theories and changed some of my earlier views as well. I no longer believe that Earth is infinite however as you will see in the video, Earth is indeed very big, billions of miles in diameter. Earth is in infect a universe of its own, but no it is not infinite. Earth is a large disk, as I said billions of miles, the earth we are aware of (our seven continents) is just a tiny island in the huge ocean of salt water. Many flat earthers mistakenly believe that our North pole is the center of the universe and this is where Mount Meru is. This is totally wrong. Hermes aka Davin Madgy was completely wrong when he made videos about Hyperborea and Mount Meru. The center of our greater earth (Bhu Mandala) is way outside our little world. It is located on the center island. This is where Mount Meru is (the video I posted shows it) Mount Meru is more then just a regular mountain. It is an interdimensional axis that connects us with other universes and worlds. On top of Mount Meru is the heavenly city of the Gods. The most beautiful city in the universe, well its more then a city technically cause its 260,000 miles in diameter.  Anyways our greater earth (Bhu Mandala) consists of seven lands and seven oceans. The video I posted explains it well.  As the earth spreads outwards, the oceans and lands become larger. Each ocean has thousands of continents in them. This is the most accurate model that has ever been presented. This Vedic truth is not some fairy tale. You have references all over the world describing the same thing.

In the Quran it says that there are seven Earths and seven Heavens, exactly what Vedas say.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Year Zero Golden Age Quantum shift
« on: December 22, 2018, 11:09:00 AM »
Right now we all live in what is called old reality. The old Matrix. Here I will explain what is going to occur soon and what is to expect. We live in a Multiverse. There are other versions of yourself living parallel lives in different worlds all across this Multiverse. I call them parallel Matrix's. This is a very bad chaotic order of things because you are only allowed to focus on one reality, the one you are in now. While in parallel reality you might be living totally different life and experiencing very different earth, you are banished from knowing it and only allowed to experience one version of reality. Multiverse is quiet Satanic because it promotes limitations on what human being can feel and experience. But I don't want to go into the morals of it right now. Let me just explain how its going to change.

I'm sure you heard of Quantum shift or some great change. Some people promised it in 2012 but it didn't happen, as a matter of fact I think things got worse. I do not know exactly when this Golden age will come or when the shift will happen but my guess is soon. What exactly will take place on Earth? Basically Multiverse and parallel realities will be eliminated and combined into one awesome new Earth. You will be merged with all versions of yourself that are on positive side and the negative ones will be erased. So just imagine how much improvement you will acquire! This is what is known as year zero or golden age.

There will be a new reality on Earth and no more universe splitting into infinite number of realities. There will only be one you. Since you will be merged with other positive versions of yourself you will gain new memory and remember things you never knew before. Things from other timelines and other lives. Amazing right? There will be many changes on Earth when this occurs. Some of the lost continents such as Atlantis and Lemuria will rise again. What was lost in ancient times will once again restored to its glory. People that you knew from old earth will still be there but you will notice how much better they are and how much better everything is. Flat infinite Earth is a big part of this change too. However there will also be the Culling of the Herd and many people will be gone because they do not belong in this new reality and they did not merge.

Feel Free to comment No insults please.

Flat Earth General / Admiral Byrd's interview and the North Pole
« on: October 28, 2018, 01:46:26 PM »
I'm sure many of you saw this video but in case you didn't here it is, so that you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you listen to this interview, Admiral Byrd talks about Antarctica but in the beginning of the interview he mentions the North Pole. He states that North Pole is good for human life and becoming crowded with people. I'm surprised that no one is talking about this. The fake news and fake science tells us that there are no habitation on the North pole yet Admiral Byrd says, people live there and its crowded. When look at the globe, we see Arctic ocean and no civilization there what so ever, Admiral Byrd tells us this is not the case, he implied that people are moving there and that the are building up that region. I mean what the fuck? Did Mandela effect change our reality so much that we have no memory of this? Are we living in some alternate timeline? Or do the fake news and fake science lies to us to this level! Your thoughts, I need my conspiracy guys on this one, no Rab or his friends.

Flat Earth General / Infinite Sphere
« on: October 11, 2018, 12:08:28 PM »
I was browsing through the forum and someone said that John Davis believes in infinite sphere. It is an interesting concept this would constitute an  infinite planet. However I do not understand the concept of infinite sphere, how is it different from infinite plane? How can a sphere be infinite since infinite objects have no shape? Does it mean its a constant infinite curve?

Flat Earth General / UFO's come from infinite earth beyond Antarctica
« on: October 04, 2018, 01:35:43 PM »
The biggest lie that Helocentrists came up with is that there are aliens in space. All UFO sightings are attributed to extra terrestrials that come from distant planets. Then of course they have movies like Star Wars to brainwash you even further. Here I will tell what is a UFO and where it comes from. In the ancient days UFO was known as Vimana Shastra. Hitler knew this and sent expeditions to Northern India for research. UFO is an interdimensional vehicle desgined to travel to other dimensions, particularly to earth beyond Antarctica. On Globe Matrix, Antarctica is a continent at the bottom of the world. Airplanes and ships fly within the limits of the Matrix which is 3D. To go beyond Antarctica to infinite paradise you need 5D this is where UFO comes in. Once inside a UFO you can switch between 3D Globe Matrix and Infinite plane. Shall you choose 3D globe setting, you will navigate earth as it was a globe you will fly over Antarctica as mere continent at the bottom of the globe. Should you choose 5D infinite plane option, you will be able to navigate earth as such, thus approaching Antarctica will grant you access to the world beyond. When you operate in this mode, you will navigate earth as a disk, with infinite earth beyond the disk. This is important to grasp and understand. But most likely  roundies here didn't get it. LOL

Here I want to describe few known continents of the infinite earth, the earth outside our globe matrix. As I said before in my previous posts, the infinite earth consists of infinite ocean featuring untold number of super continents. I will try to very briefly describe some of the continents I personally channeled in my visions. Let me add that since infinite earth is obviously very spread out and large the inhabitants use portals (wormholes) to travel between these continents. This way the distances of million miles can be done in few seconds. So let me begin.

New Pangea: This is actually one of the smallest continents of infinite earth, it resembles the old pangea you all know about from science books, however its modified with some new features. All present continents North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica joined together to form large landmass. This is a very commercialized continent featuring many cities such as New Chicago New Los Angeles New Paris, New Moscow and many other cities we are familiar with here on globe matrix. However unlike our cities these cities are glorious they look clean and new nothing ever gets old or broken.

Atlantis: Huge super continent larger then New Pangea, featuring stunning Greco Roman architecture, incredible technology and culture and magnificent cities.

Lemuria: Large super continent with oriental theme known for very wise people, this is a place for meditation and relaxation as well as incredible cuisine and great ancient culture.

Asgard: Very large super continent with all Nordic population simullar to Sweden or Norway here. The continent is very beautiful and very technologically advanced.

Agartha: Mystical and awesome super continent with beautiful sky.

Jannah: One of the largest super continents with Middle Eastern theme and architecture. This is is also the wealthiest continent of infinite earth. Some buildings are made out of gold bricks. This is where all the diamonds and other precious stones are everywhere.

Eden: Another huge continent featuring some of the most beautiful nature ever imagined. The Flora and Fauna of this land is true paradise. This is where many people take trips to relax and bath in the luxuries of landscape.

Of course there are many other super landmasses but those are the once that I personally know off 

Flat Earth General / Infinite ocean and super continents
« on: September 04, 2018, 12:59:49 PM »
This topic and discussion is only for believers in infinite earth theory, so I will really appreciate if globe believers or Domers do not participate. Imagine if beyond Antarctica there is infinite ocean and throughout that ocean you have super continents, how large do you guys think some of these continents can be? Can some of them be 100 times bigger than earth? Is there a limit of continent sizes given that earth is infinite? Now again I'm just talking about the landmasses outside Antarctica. I do not believe in other earth like ponds like some people do, I just think these landmasses are spread around randomly, kind of like giant pangeas all over the place. Share your thoughts. If you are good in math I want an expert opinion and mostly I'm interested to know if earth is infinite how large can a single continent get? Your input is appreciated.

Here I will explain why Flat earth movement is becoming so vast and what is yet to come. Of course Rab in Oz will critique me with his Australian globe but no worries we shall overcome LOL Anyways if we go back to Genesis or any religious or ancient text its not hard to see that God created flat earth with a firmament. It was a very large earth according to Vedas the Earth disk was 4 billion miles in diameter. This was the original first earth. Everyone knew that earth was flat not because they were uneducated or stupid but because such was reality and it was the truth of that time. However later things changed and the Globe earth model became the norm. Here is why. Its not because anyone proved that earth was a ball its because earth entered dark ages and the entire Heleocentric model is a dimension of dark age or hell. Earth lost its golden age and got plunged into another dimension where it became a globe. So am I saying earth actually changed its shape and became a globe physically? The answer is Yes. You might say shit like that is impossible but only because you don't understand interdimensional reality and how reality really works. I understand this shit and I'm telling you this is what happened. This is new information folks don't fuck this up.

The Heleocentric model is pure hell. Let's take a look at it, shall we? Besides earth all other worlds in our solar system are lifeless and very hostile to life. They are either too hot or too cold and have no air to breathe. Mainstream science will tell you there are trillions of other planets but most of them have no life. There also are no aliens in space, can't you globe earthers understand this? No Aliens what so ever. We are on this globe alone in the dark. So what's next for us? Here are the great news; We are returning to golden age. Flat earth movement is a proof of that. Earth is changing once again and this time its changing from Globe to Infinite plane. Bran new terrestrial universe where all worlds are connected. No more light years between planets everything connected by land and water. One giant infinite plane folks. This is exactly what Quantum shift is. Earth is entering a new universe. No more Heleocentric hell but rather flat earth infinite heaven with life everywhere, after this transition occurs you will see Aliens except that they wont come from fake space.

So now we have established that we are living in the times of Reality Shift a quantum shift from Globe earth to Flat infinite earth. This is why the governments of this world can't shut down flat earth because they simply can't. This is beyond their control. Flat earth movement will grow more and more until it reaches its full peak when everyone on earth will admit that Earth is an infinite plane. This is coming and when this comes when the earth finally makes this beautiful transition the new golden age will arrive of peace wealth and eternal life. In the book of Revelation its referred to as New Earth, but I call it the Quantum event, the great change.

Flat Earth General / Early maps prove our world was changed
« on: August 04, 2018, 10:06:36 AM »
I mentioned this before and I will mention here again that one very old map made by Turkish geographer Piri Reis shows the coast of Antarctica completely free of ice. There are also other maps such as the one made by Monte Urbano that also shows Antarctica free of ice. So what exactly happened to Antarctica. We as flat earthers know that Antarctica is a massive continent (not ice wall) that surrounds the known world 360 degrees. Right now it is the coldest place on earth but just few centuries ago not millions of years ago, it was totally ice free. I will present to you an idea here and the idea is that Antarctica was artificially frozen sometime in the 15th century or may be later from preventing us to explore more land of our infinite earth. You right around 15th and 16th centuries, many European countries began heavy exploration and began to sail far. With discovery of Americas they were bound to explore the southern regions and beyond. They were bound to discover lands beyond Antarctica and realize once and for all that Earth is not a globe. So Antarctica was frozen to prevent us from going any further. Who froze it? Of course the once that control our Matrix did. They didn't want to us to discover true paradise. People talk about illuminatti or free masons, those are just puppets. We are not fighting guys like Trump or Putin cause they are not really in charge. There is a greater power with technology so advanced they can change the climate of an entire continent overnight. You don't have to believe me, this inside your little box.

See there is another thing too. Every ancient map and even some really old globes showed Hyperborea the small continent at the North pole. Mercator was one of the more famous ones who depicted this land on all his maps.  This land is now erased from all maps. It has literally vanished. Question is, did they destroy Hyperborea and sunk it under the ice that is now Arctic ocean or did they simply move it into another dimension? Residents of Hyperborea was set to be extremely advanced, may be they left and hid their land from the eyes of modern society. I don't know what happened to that landmass but I do know it existed and everyone knew about it just like they know about Africa or Asia. Someone really wants to keep us in the dark. Can it be the infamous Rab in OZ? Can he be the real wizard of OZ? The mystery deepens. LOL

Flat Earth General / The secret of coming reality shift
« on: July 21, 2018, 12:09:13 PM »
I will share something with you guys here I will most likely get severely insulted and ridiculed as with all my posts, so I'm posting this not for the haters but for those who have understanding and think outside the box.

I'm sure you all heard of CERN and many different conspiracy theories of what CERN tries to do such as bring back fallen angels or open portals to hell, change our reality and Mandela effect. But I will tell you right now that CERN is just a front, I do not know exactly what they do there however the real CERN is not in Switzerland but rather in Antarctica. The entire continent of Antarctica is off limits because they are doing something really really big there. Antarctica was never off limits before WW2. However after the Nazis went there and established their bases there, something really bazaar began to happen. These days its not just the Nazis there anymore, but its most developed nations. But most likely working under the supervision of the Nazis. Why do I believe that? You see after the WW2 The allies tried to take over and defeat the Nazis in Antarctica, operation high jump was one of such attempts, however the allies were defeated down there. After that we signed secret peace treaty and basically decided to work together with them, sealing off Antarctica to all commercial and private exploration and travel.

Antarctica is very important part of the world because it is a gateway to infinite 5D earth. In my other posts I explained how out world is a Matrix I called it "Globe Matrix"  Yes indeed the globe earth is the earth in 3D. In 4D earth looks like a disk, kind of like the Gleason map. And in 5D earth is infinite plane, more precise infinite ocean with super continents, beyond Antarctica.  Notice that 4D and 5D existence is outside the Matrix. Let me go on; So in Antarctica they are building a portal that will bridge 3D and 5D together and make connection with an infinite earth existing beyond. They are also going to change our reality forever. It will be like a gigantic Mandela effect. The reality we are living in will literally transform. This transformation will be sudden not gradual. It will still be the same countries and cities, but they will look very different, there will be different restaurants, businesses, places of interest, streets will look somewhat different too. Many things that you knew about will no longer exist and many new things will be introduced. There will be a lot of new stuff coming out, a lot of new technology and even music. The people that you knew will still be there however some people will no longer be in your new reality and you will not know what happened to them. Most people will not even remember the past reality, this shift will bring about new memories. Only the enlightened masters and the new rulers of earth will remember the past. Bible says "The old earth will not be remembered nor come to mind."

So that's it now go ahead and bash me like you do LOL

Flat Earth General / The Matrix Flat earth Round Earth explained
« on: July 09, 2018, 10:47:28 PM »
What I'm about to post here is my final conclusion about not only the shape of our world but also the nature of entire reality. I came to this conclusion after years and years of thinking and researching about flat earth and the globe. So lets start: Basically we live in a Matrix. No its not like the movie Matrix but the concept is somewhat the same. When David Icke was asked if the earth was flat, he perhaps gave the best explanation I ever heard. We live in enclosed system. We have seven continents sky above. That is it. No one can go to space, no one travels to other planets, you will never see any aliens cause there are simply none out there or you would have seen them by now. AE flat earth map and globe earth are same things. They both show the world which is very finite, very limited, very defined. Flat Earthers argue with Globe believers about the shape of this world, Look its useless argument. Earth is both round and flat. The Matrix can be viewed as globe or as Disk. It matters not. What does matter? What matters is that no one can leave. No one ever left. No one went beyond Antarctica nor to another planet in space. There is no 3 Dimensional exit out. But is there way out? Yes there is. Keep reading.

The only way to exit this Matrix world is interdimensionally. May be after death, May be in a UFO, I don't really know exactly how, but yes you can exit. What is outside the Matrix, outside this world? Outside the Matrix is paradise. It has many names, different religions call it differently. Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, Jannah, Garden of Eden, Asgard, New Earth, Infinite earth. Its all the same place, different names for the same place. True earth is outside the Matrix, its all I know. The earth you are in, is not true reality, Yes this world is physically real but its more of a prison or a cell. So again Globe earth or Flat Earth is the same reality. Flat earth map and Globe are the same. Confined space, with limited land and resources.

Flat Earth needs to get rid of ice wall idea cause there is none and the Dome cause there is none. Dome is just silly religious non sense and Ice wall was never documented by anyone. Let me tell you something about pictures of Antarctica. Most of them are fake. That's right most of the pictures they claim was taken in Antarctica was actually taken in the Arctic, places like Greenland and Northern Canada and Alaska. Let me now tell you what Antarctica really is. It is a gateway out of the Matrix an entrance to better earth. Infinite earth, perfect earth. The earth that existed before the flood, the earth of the Garden of Eden. To go there it takes certain qualifications, interdimensional understanding. Airplanes can't fly there, they will crash. You need a special aircraft to go beyond Antarctica. This is what happens should ever acquire the special aircraft (UFO) that is designed for Outer Antarctic travel. As you approach the coast of Antarctica, all you see is ice, no ice wall, just ice. For several thousand miles all you see is ice and snow and may be some mountains here and there. Then you enter total darkness, doesn't matter winter or summer you enter total darkness. This is true space. This is the void between worlds. You fly thru this darkness for quiet some time again few thousand miles perhaps, And then the darkness is slowly lifted as if the sun has come up. But there is no sun, for the world outside Antarctica has no sun but rather basked in the most glorious light. Now the darkness is completely lifted and you find yourself flying over large landmass, the most beautiful landscape you have ever seen, in a distance you see a glorious city Atlantis. That is correct Atlantis did not sink it moved beyond Antarctica. In my other posts I have vividly described how there is infinite ocean beyond Antarctica on which man many perhaps infinite number of continents are situated. What we know of as Antarctica simply serves as border between the Matrix garbage world we are in and paradise. That's it. No one is allowed there. No one can cross Antarctica with earthly techology. You need to invited and told how to come there. So please no more ice wall, edges or domes.

Flat Earth General / Earth is Multidimensional
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:59:35 PM »
I haven't been here in a while so let me share the latest results of my research. At this point I believe that earth is multidimensional. Let me explain; First of all let me point out that Heleocentric model is bull shit, its a cult of sun worship and has no basis in reality. There is no space as Astronomy teaches you, earth does not rotate or move. There is no separation between worlds (planets) Space travel is science fiction. The whole concept of Heleocentric universe is extremely nerdy this is why they came up with movies like Star Wars and Star Trek, they are actually trying to tell you its all fake, this model of the reality is fake.

So is the earth flat? Yes and No. Earth is everything and can take various shapes according to human collective thought. What is a Globe? Globe is not designed to show you the curvature of the earth or to depict earth to be round in shape. Globe is simply the map of our realm. The Globe shows the sizes of continents and distances very accurately but it is not representing a planet, it represents a realm. The surface of the earth has zero curvature. Globe simply shows the structure and the shape of the realm, we simply don't understand 4D reality so we interpret this as curvature. There is no curvature just a map of the realm. All Realms are 4D there are many other earth like realms in other dimensions, they are all the same size of our earth. They are not light years away in space. They are right here next to us. Our government has the technology to go and explore all these realms and they have established many colonies already.

What is a Gleason map? does that not work is it fake? No the Gleason map and the traditional flat earth map is also real and it represents earth in 5D. Earth can also be viewed as a flat disk, this is confirmed by Vedic knowledge as it refers to Earth disk as Bhu Mandala. Beyond the disk, beyond Antarctica there is infinite ocean of paradise. On which billions of continents rest. The Realm beyond Antarctica has no sun. It is illuminated by the rose color sky resembling the most spectacular evening dawn you've ever seen. This is the fifth dimension of the earth, this is what is known as paradise.

So in conclusion the earth is a multidimensional environment consisting of many globe like realms and infinite realm beyond Antarctica.

Flat Earth General / Mandela Effect and Flat Earth
« on: October 26, 2017, 02:22:32 PM »
I don't know if you guys ever looked into Mandela effect if not you really should. Mandela effect has to do with alternate realities, time travel and merging parallel dimensions. Before reading this post any further please do a bit of research on Mandela effect. Anyways flat earth is directly linked with this phenomenon. As I explained in my other posts, The globe earth is a Matrix. It is an imposed reality and only sustained by collective belief. The flat earth is the breaking down of matrix. it is a new reality. It is the breaking of Masonic chains and entering the golden age. How does this all relate to Mandela effect?

I believe that we are about to enter a mass consciousness shift. Those who are asleep and believe in globe matrix will wake up to flat earth. The memories of old round earth will be no more. People will not even remember the old globe. The bible calls it New Earth. It says that the old earth (globe) will not be remembered nor come to mind. This is very important because this is exactly what Mandela effect does. It changes historical events, reality and memories of the past. We have evidence of Mandela effect on a small scale today. But there will be an event of a huge Mandela effect when entire reality will change. This is when the reality of the globe will be forgotten.

Flat Earth General / Waking up from the globe matrix
« on: October 08, 2017, 12:16:07 PM »
I've been meaning to post this for a while to explain to people the nature of reality and how it relates to globe earth and flat earth. Since this is a very deep subject and I will try to make it as brief as possible. First of all reality as we know it is nothing more than a collective thought manifesting into material world. What most people agree to believe and accept becomes their reality. The powers that run this world (call them illuminatti or whatever) know this and therefore follow specific plan to create the kind of reality they want. The biggest matrix of them all is globe earth. They present you with the idea of a globe since you are very little. But its not just indoctrination its way more than that. They have to make sure that everyone or at least the vast majority of world population accepts the globe. When majority have absolute faith that earth is a globe, the reality becomes such. Earth actually does become a globe. Yes this is how powerful human thoughts and collective consciousness is. Once again I will stress this strongly that the reality itself is a result of collective belief system. Without thoughts there is no physical reality. In Genesis chapter one it says "In the beginning was the word and the word was God" Here world actually means thought and this thought was God itself, its what created physical world.

The Flat earth is an awakening. it is an alternate reality. it is literally creating a new world. It is what the bible in Revelation calls new earth. it is a shift from the old globe matrix into a new wold, a parallel dimension so to speak. Once you accept flat earth there literally is no going back, you are free of the matrix, just like in the movie when a guy took a blue pill. Flat earth opens a door to a new reality and makes you see things very differently. So what exactly does it all mean? It means that the earth is multidimensional. This means that earth is both flat and round, and it all depends on you to what frequency and what reality you choose to tune into.

Flat Earth General / Infinite earth and parallel infinite paradise
« on: March 07, 2017, 05:08:30 PM »
If you do search on youtube and type in "Blood over Intent" you will find many interesting videos about entrance to paradise at the North Pole. I do not agree with everything that the guy says but one thing is for sure: There is an inderdimensional portal at the center of our flat earth plain. The ancients called it Mt. Meru. This mountain at the center of the flat world is a gateway to paradise the adobe of the Gods, the land of perpetual twilight. Vikings called it Asgard and in the Orient it was referred to as Shambala. The Greeks called it Hyperborea and many other cultures knew about this and had different names for the same location. North pole much like Antarctica is a no fly zone, that is because the global map of the Arctic is wrong and the truth is hidden. Any traveler that goes due North and follow the compass will find a warm land with a magnetic mountain at the center. All compasses point to it. It is the way out of this Matrix, it is a way to eternal life and true paradise. Much like our flat earth this paradise is infinite and is located in another dimension, to get there is beyond the north pole, entering the MT. Meru portal. So basically we have infinite earth better yet infinite ocean beyond Antarctica with very large continents all over the place as it shows on the Japanese map found by Dr. Kabayashi and at the North pole you have entrance to yet another infinite land the land of the Gods or paradise. Thus you have two universes. One is infinite earth and another infinite paradise.

To confuse people, the conspirators came up with hollow earth theory that leads to subterranean paradise of the globe earth and then they came up with Multiverse or Many worlds theory, while in reality there are only two universes both terrestrial both flat. I actually realized what the globe is. You see the globe itself is a Matrix. It shows two closed poles making earth appear to be spherical. The Matrix prohibits people to travel beyond the poles. But outside of Matrix there are no poles and earth is infinite.

Flat Earth General / Oriental Map shows infinite earth beyond Antarctica
« on: August 27, 2016, 01:19:01 PM »

Check this video out and there is more information on the internet about this map. Look closely it shows at least 20 more continents beyond Antarctica. These are not islands, they are huge landmasses some of them bigger than Africa or North America. This basically means that there is an infinite ocean beyond Antarctica and in that ocean you have infinite amount of continents. This goes along to what Samuel Rowbotham wrote in his book "Earth not a Globe" when he says that flat earth can be compared with infinite ocean on which continents rest. IF you look at the tip of South Ameica and draw a staright line south you will see that one of these islands (continents) is pretty much directly south of S. America. This land was discovered by Admiral Byrd and this land he talks about in his interview describing it as the new frontier for young Americans to explore. This is serious stuff guys.

Flat Earth General / Magnetic North Pole and Flat Earth
« on: March 17, 2016, 02:27:02 PM »
So the scientists say there is no up and down in space and the fact that Europe is up north and Africa is south is purely political, they say if we flip the world map or the globe upside down, everything would be just as correct as now. There is no north or south in space and therefore what we define north and south is based on the prejudices of early European map makers. What a bunch of crap! No wonder Trump is winning. Just listen to what so called scientific communities claim. Now let's look at the truth. If there is no up and down in space, no south or north, the compass would never work anywhere on earth, the compass would never point toward the magnetic north. It's that simple, up and down, left and right are real directions, they are not relative like the science claims, they are reality, they are part of nature  and creation. You wanna know why the compass points North? Cause there is magnetic mountain at the center of the earth disk, called Mount Meru, all ancient cultures knew about this, this is where Satan took Christ and showed him all the kingdoms of the world. Only way that is possible is if the earth is flat and you have a huge mountain in its middle. The spinning globe is absolutely impossible, your skyscrapers would all fall down, your airplanes would explode as soon as they take off and your oceans would spill and flood the entire earth. The time to wake up is now folks.

Flat Earth General / Infinite earth inside the earth
« on: September 03, 2015, 03:47:43 PM »
I'm now leaning toward a theory that I personally invented based on different research that I have collected. I think the earth that we are living on is indeed a globe, however the inner earth is a flat infinite plane. This has to do with a 5D reality of earth that's difficult to image yet think of this way; Think of Dr. Who's phone booth how small it looked from the outside but how spacious it was on the inside. I believe earth is multi dimensional and pretty much has the same effect. Many explorers including Admiral Byrd described worlds beyond both north and south poles. Most associate those lands beyond poles with hollow earth theory. But I believe that the polar entrances do not lead to hollow earth but rather to infinite inner earth. The inner earth is flat and infinite and represents a terrestrial universe of its own.

Flat Earth General / No up or down in space really?
« on: March 19, 2015, 11:09:23 AM »
U guys ever seen some of these images from NASA, or even in some space movies where a ship is shown to fly under the earth, or under any given spherical planet. So clearly there is up and down in space. To human perception there is always gonna be up or down even in open space. So now that we established this simple truth how is it possible for a ship in space to land in Antarctica which is located at the bottom of the globe? Does the ship have to turn on its belly in order to land at earth's south pole?

Flat Earth General / Earth is a galaxy
« on: February 14, 2015, 03:11:17 PM »
According to astronomers, our milky way galaxy is in a form of a disk some 12,000 light years in diameter. But the truth there is no outer space and earth is infect a giant disk, the size of what they say is a galaxy. Our little world is a small disk, but beyond Antarctica, earth expands and totals the size of 12,000 light years in diameter.

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