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Flat Earth Debate / Here you go
« on: March 17, 2017, 10:13:27 AM »
You could use this domain name for something else I suppose, once you close down these forums.

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">

This is to provide a contrast to the evasiory responses I receive from the Flat Earth collective.

Any question, direct answer.

Have seen a number of websites trying to validate preposterous claims with confused illogicality but this one is next level.

I admire your guts in trying to validate a claim so evidently wrong that I wasn't aware it was up for discussion until today.

Flat Earth. Haha. Give me even one shred of evidence that supports that idea (and, even better, give me an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports it and outweighs all the actual evidence provided in support of the Earth being round, as is every other celestial body without exception)

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