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Flat Earth Debate / The only legitimate FET - A call to end debate
« on: May 20, 2010, 07:10:03 AM »
I've been on the forum only a short while, but I've learned some interesting things about the Flat Earth Society in that time. I have seen most of these FET'ers basically make either completely illogical arguments (evolution, ancient meaning of earth, etc) or else show blatant hypocrisy and double-standards (disbelieving scientific community data while asking others to believe their fanciful imaginations). As for the conspiracy possibility... even that is approached very sloppily and without showing hard facts and evidence (which is apparently the basis for the movement in the first place).

There really is only one legitimate and possibly noble FET position... and that is the ruggedly individualistic position of "I only believe what I can confirm myself by my limited means," which includes looking out the window and my daily experiences. Everyone is entitled to take this position... they may decide that TV, satellite imagery, scientific theories etc are fine for everyone else but for them, they will only believe what they can hold in their hands or see with their eyes. That can be considered a way of life, and a noble (if limited) one. There is nothing wrong with that, and that person will not be lying to themselves or others.

In addition, if they truly hold to that belief... their world really *IS* flat... on a small scale, the flat earth approximation is true (ignoring looking at the sea horizon with a telescope, using trig on tall structures etc). And due to the equivalence principle yes you can consider gravity itself to be simple a uniform acceleration field (although I dont know why someone with this kind of belief would care about gravity or physics).

This is actually exactly where the ancients were in their understanding of the world, and they were quite content with it... they had interesting mythologies to explain the things they could not understand, but this modern FET group, since they supposedly only believe that which they can actually see or touch, would be hypocrites if they started creating mythology. They, of course, are welcome to entertain some higher sciences but again it's hard to imagine what they want with higher sciences... any attempt to make hypothetical models is fine, but it will only apply to them because they choose to restrict themselves in their scientific approach and do not agree with or consider seriously the data that the RET'ers have... it would be like a blind man arguing with a sighted man about the difference between red and green... that is why the "debates" here end up becoming pointless, it's hardly a debate when one side does not accept the basis of how the other side has developed his science and models... it seems to end up with the FET'ers going back on their own ideology and starting to create a mythology to support their belief system, even though "myths" are against the basis of their belief system in the first place (i.e., rejecting that which they cannot confirm with their own eyes/hands).

Flat Earth General / Flat Earth Society - Misnomer?
« on: May 18, 2010, 03:16:46 PM »
It seems to me that the flat earth society forum is composed of a much greater number of round earth believers than flat earth believers, and the flat earth believers are noticeably more quiet succinct and vague in their responses if they respond at all. Am I just catching the FE'rs on a bad day?

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