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Suggestions & Concerns / Why exactly was I banned?
« on: September 03, 2010, 02:48:59 PM »
I was banned suddenly without warning somewhere around my latest post, which has been a while ago. I checked once every day to see if I was unbanned, but about a week later it still had not happened.

Anyway, due to busy school and me having a real life I decided I wouldn't bother looking for an admin to contact(Which apparently you have yet to include still in the ban msg). Now I checked if I could log in again, and see! It works!

Now, why was I banned?!

Flat Earth Q&A / How come the earth isn't a cylinder?
« on: July 07, 2010, 01:10:25 PM »
It's always been stated that FE has no idea what lies beyond the Ice Wall. How can you be sure the earth is flat then, and not simply a cylinder?

Seeing as the Earth isn't really concerned about how the rest of the universe works, it should be plausible that there's another kind of gravity making it possible for life to live beyond the Ice Wall.

Flat Earth General / Leaders of the conspiracy
« on: July 01, 2010, 09:07:26 AM »
How does the leaders of the conspiracy pass on leadership? It seems that the small amount of people in on it(About 40) would have a hard time continually passing on their leadership once they get old.

Suggestions & Concerns / I've been mysteriously banned
« on: June 19, 2010, 05:23:12 PM »
I don't know what's going on. I've been banned for no reason at all and all it tells me is the standard ban message. Please if anyone can fix this, would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Suggestions & Concerns / Mod abuse
« on: June 18, 2010, 02:49:29 AM »
I am concerned about the currrent trend from mods, where they'll obviously insult a person just before going off and telling all to get back on topic. A good example is this:

Your ignorance and crude nature are obviously indicative of either a severely stupid person attempting to feel smart or someone that is frustrated by the inability to grasp even the simplest mathematics behind my work to be able to attack them.  I suggest you finish high school and return.

This thread is off topic, return to the topic.

Please keep these ad hominem, insulting, derogatory and just plain off topic posts away if you're not man enough to recieve the response you're entitled to. I know many mods get power hungry, but this sort of behaviour is not acceptable to any degree.

Flat Earth General / Ninety Percent Pure Faith Globularists
« on: June 18, 2010, 12:30:50 AM »
Since about 90% of globularists are pure "faith" globularists, I'm happy to agree with you on that. What a great relief it is that I, an apostate against blind faith, only believe in things for which I do have evidence.

I am curious if this is the general thought from FE'ers, that the high majority of RE'ers are simply religiously following the round earth theory, without having seen or looked critically at other evidence?

I know some will obviously believe it out of pure faith as we live in a populated world with many weird people, but please do give evidence for such a huge claim.

Flat Earth Q&A / A FE'er please explain curvature
« on: June 01, 2010, 11:15:40 PM »
If the following images aren't curvature, what is?  ???

(Bonus question: Where's the birds, pongo?)

The Lounge / Ichi, explain something else.
« on: May 25, 2010, 03:28:40 PM »
Why was it primarily the black people who were enslaved?  ???

Flat Earth Q&A / A FE'er please explain Zetetisicm
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:06:00 AM »
I'm confused what exactly definies zetetisicm. All I've heard is RE'ers explain it, but FE'ers always say they're a zetetic without explaining what it is.

Suggestions & Concerns / Low content
« on: May 19, 2010, 05:48:16 AM »
Could someone tell me why this is low content? To me it seems like thevoiceofreason simply said he corrected the mistake he'd made.

I did not collect data on whether not a plant group died.
edited it

Do not make low-content posts in the upper forums. Consider this an official warning.

Flat Earth Q&A / A view from Everest
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:46:25 PM »
Your wiki says that a view from Mount Everest isn't curved, and cites a 360 degree panorama site with a view from Everest.

It most certainly does show a curvature, as I can not draw a straight line on the horizon. What exactly am I missing here?

Suggestions & Concerns / Slivers ban was uncalled for
« on: May 12, 2010, 09:35:09 AM »
Because I'm not sure if people still haven't been given the right to complain, I'll be starting this in the hopes that I can at least change his ban.

The thread in question is this one:

First of all, I don't know for how long the ban is. I suppose it's justified to give him one day or just a few hours to calm down. Anything more and it's much uncalled for and IMO not justifiable.

In the very same thread we see this kind of behavior from Ichi, it has since been edited by Jack to make it much much smaller(I think he originally used the biggest font size). Notice something missing? If not, read closely: He was not warned at all, even when a moderator found it neccesary to edit his post.
In light of this, I don't think banning Sliver should've happened, especially when you see the likes of Levee posting this:
gdissaray, your neurons must be full of believe that 1 billion trillion tons of water stay glued next to a spherical surface which flies through space at 107000 km/hr, means that you too can be accused of illegally carrying a brain inside your skull. Perhaps those three years you spent in first grade were not nearly enough to remove the crap from your mind...

These are personal attacks using swear words and at the same time flaming/harassing along with troublemaking(read site rules for the very definition of these)

You'll notice that Levee is continually using denigrating attacks. Notice something missing again? Probably, but I'll spell it out for you: He has not been warned by anyone either. The fact that his attacks are personal as well unlike Sliver who simply used profanity to put emphasis on the following word, makes Slivers ban even more questionable.

The Lounge / Should we make a list?
« on: May 07, 2010, 04:44:35 AM »
I'm concerned about the well being of the FE society, and it seems everday we're being exposed to something harmful.

No, not the moon. I'm talking about the credibility FE is losing because they allow some members to spurt out their nonsense and yet they face no disagreement from other FE'ers. Of course these serious FE'ers will argue that they don't agree with them(and the theory is possible when not proven wrong), but silence says a lot as well.

Currently on the bullshit meter, worst person first:

1. James
2. Parsifal
3. levee (Improved for the better recently)
4. Ichi

Maybe we could get to an agreement on who to just ignore?

Flat Earth Q&A / I suggest rewriting the FAQ
« on: May 05, 2010, 08:32:12 AM »
Alright, because it's being ignored by the rest of FES that I've called out for removing stuff, I'm making a thread to make sure it's not because you're just not seeing it.

Rewrite the FAQ

I feel it's outdated. While it was updated about a year ago, which shouldn't be that much, this theory is quickly coming up with new hypothesis' and ideas and thus have moved away from the FAQ.

Flat Earth General / FE'ers don't accept anything
« on: May 02, 2010, 11:47:31 AM »
My time on this board has shown me what is not considered valid evidence by the FE'ers.

1) Physical witnesses
    * NASA could be faking news stories or paying people to say they've 'been there'. In other words, they're in on it.
2) Eye witnesses
    * NASA could have the neccesary technology to manipulate your very own eyes.
3) Photos
    * NASA could have the neccesary technology to create anything in the form of a photo.
4) Videos
    * NASA could have the neccesary technology to create anything in the form of a video.
5) Methods requiring money
    * You can't expect anyone to build their own device or take a trip around the world, it would simply cost too much.
6) Equipment
    * NASA could have the neccesary technology to distort independent devices made by anyone.

What can be accepted then?

You can't rely on your senses, primarily sight(touch, smell, taste and hearing is not really relevant). You can't rely on other equipment either to prove it for you.

Disclaimer: NASA is used interchangeable with "the conspiracy"

Flat Earth Q&A / Bendy light
« on: May 02, 2010, 09:43:08 AM »
Once and for all, who the believes in bendy light?

Wilmore don't, John Davis don't, many others don't. Please for the love of god let us know if there are ANYONE left believing. It seems discussions are still going on, but no FE I've seen claims he even believe it.

Suggestions & Concerns / What's the deal with...
« on: April 28, 2010, 10:22:35 AM »
... locking someone COMPLETELY out of the site when banned?

I know I could just use proxies to get around it, but it seems pretty pointless to stop you from viewing anything at all. No forum I know of does this, and second of all you didn't even provide any details on how you might contact the mod, in case you wish to complain about your ban.

Flat Earth Q&A / How's the reviewing going for EA?
« on: April 20, 2010, 08:59:43 AM »
UPDATE:The theory of Electromagnetic Acceleration is currently being developed and reviewed by members. Once completed, Electromagnetic Acceleration will be used as an alternative  in explaining sunrises, sunsets and horizons for the general model only.

Your very own FAQ states that the bendy light hypothesis has not yet been tested, and it's been under review for pretty much one year, if not more. Yet it is still being used to explain a shitload of stuff.

How's the review process? How much has the hypothesis developed since a year?

The Lounge / Learn Your Motherf#@kiní Science
« on: April 19, 2010, 07:57:33 AM »
Because we already have a thread with ICP's shit song Miracles, why not support it with a basic textbook from the song?

Technical Support / Search Function: Don't search quotes
« on: April 14, 2010, 01:27:42 PM »
When I search, for example, on "dick". I will get back all search results including the word "dick", but that is including the quotes people have in their post.

Please change this so only the true author will show up in search fields.

Also add the possibility to search for threads started by the same person.

Flat Earth Q&A / Curious about Lord Wilmore's sailing around the world
« on: April 09, 2010, 11:05:45 AM »
I was pretty sure that information like this would've known, but apparently there has actually been a FE'er who sailed around the world, and CAN confirm the RE maps inaccuracies.

Can we get some more information about this? Were there other FE'ers with him and who did the funding?

When did it even happen?

Flat Earth General / Consider this
« on: April 07, 2010, 12:20:25 PM »
I've been lurking and posting on this forum for quite some time, and I've always had a suspicion that something was going on. Something none of us seem to have accounted for, but could quite well explain a lot of things.

I've been hesitating to talk about my theory, but I feel I might as well do it to get responses and see what I can make of them. This is all very interesting. I will say before presenting it that this is in no way a conclusive theory and I am going to add in others factors when neccesary, and explain it in different ways to make sure about confusion. My ideas can be somewhat inconsistent but it will probably be because you wont understand them properly, and I may not answer due to maybe overlooking it.

It seems that all the theories and supposed evidence floating around these forums, can all in some way be refuted and picked apart. Word for word and take the literal meaning. Does it not confuse you that it is this way? If you KNOW an object to something exact and someone else KNOWS it to be exactly something else, then you can propose a different theory.

It seems this forum has somehow connected to our different reality, the reality in which our earth is round. Those who truly believes the earth to be flat, has simply come from another reality or is possible picking up from very far "internet connection-waves", that has appeared with the help of unknown technological equipment, which another alien life has deliberately produced to fuck with us. I am not yet sure if the reality FE's live in is a "different reality" or simply an almost identical earth far far away from us. This will explain why the different phenomenoms seen in the earths will sometimes be different(For example seeing a flat earth contrary to round earth from high altitudes). This is also why we can't come to an agreement: Because we're arguing based on OUR own reality/earth, and has seen facts from that earth.. while the other part has not.

Please keep in mind that my theory does not yet explain everything, but I openly welcome you to contribute to it.

Flat Earth General / Why disregard photos from NASA?
« on: March 21, 2010, 01:01:57 PM »
I'm curious. Seeing as some FE believers believe the earth appears round from outer space, while in reality it isn't. What's the point in calling all photos from NASA fake and photoshopped?

I mean, if you think that's how it would appear from outer space because of bendy light, fairies or whatever, then why would NASA fake them?

Flat Earth Q&A / Tests over theory
« on: March 10, 2010, 01:01:52 PM »
I'm curious about what tests the FE believers have made and which results they had?

I've only seen theories on how things work, but never have I seen actual ways of testing it and references to the results. Give me links or show evidence of your proposed test results. With the results, tell me how you got them(ie. the procedue).

Suggestions & Concerns / Please keep moderation posts out of threads
« on: March 07, 2010, 02:22:09 PM »
I don't understand why you find it neccesary to reply to threads where your response is only regarding moderation. No forums I've been to has done it to the extreme degree you are doing.

If there's something wrong with thread or a person in it, it should belong to a private message as any off topic can easily derail the original topics.

What most forums do, is only post about moderation publically if it's a general problem for everyone in the thread and as a warning to everyone, or if the topic is closed.

Flat Earth General / Question to FE's
« on: March 06, 2010, 01:10:31 PM »
In your everyday daily average lives, you may sit at a bar and randomly strike up a conversation with a hot chick. Hell, just any random conversation with a stranger. It's going great and you're discussing politics, soccer(The chick is really awesome) and all kinds of topics. The bar got a television turned on and it shows NASA sending up a new space shuttle, the chick cries out in astonishment: "Woah, it's amazing how they can do this! Must be amazing how they see earth, just like in the pictures we see! Don't you think?"

Now, what do you do?

a) Loudly proclaim your belief that the earth is flat
b) Embarrassingly explain your belief
c) Quietly says "yeah.." and change the subject

You don't have to pick an option, but you see where I'm going with this.

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