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Flat Earth Q&A / Why is the sun always circular in shape?
« on: August 16, 2010, 05:47:00 PM »
If the sun is a spotlight, why does it always appear as a perfect circle in the sky? As it moves across the heavens should it not at some point appear more of an ellipse? Does the sun simply change its orientation to appear circular to the observer, even when the observers are three thousand miles apart?

Flat Earth Q&A / FET explanation for sunspot & solar flare activity
« on: June 11, 2010, 07:49:53 AM »
Sunspots are a phenomenon easily observed with a basic telescope and a sheet of paper.

I have personally done this to satisfy my own interests, recorded the results, and found sunspots to appear, grow or shrink in size, move, and dissapear over a period of time.

Solar flares - If the sun is a spotlight, how do you account for this flare activity? I won't refer to any of the hundreds satalite observations or disruptions of long-range communications. How about this...

The most powerful flare of the last 500 years was the first flare to be observed, and occurred in September 1859: it was reported by British astronomer Richard Carrington and left a trace in Greenland ice in the form of nitrates and beryllium-10, which allow its strength to be measured today (New Scientist, 2005).


Richard Christopher Carrington (26 May 1826 27 November 1875) was an English amateur astronomer whose 1859 astronomical observations first corroborated the existence of solar flares as well as their electrical influence upon the Earth and its aurorae; and whose 1863 records of sunspot observations demonstrated differential rotation in the Sun.

Seems like the sun is a spherical non-spotlight.

No, I'm not referring to the GPS satellite system.

I'm speaking of the submarine cable system, signifigantly older technology responsible for most forms of information transfer today. The map in the link below details the general layout of nearly every submarine communications cable in the world. It also offers info on the lengths of specific cables.

This information cannot be reconciled with Flat Earth Theory.

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