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The Lounge / Has anyone never seen snow firsthand?
« on: February 12, 2010, 03:21:55 PM »
I had a cousin whose wife had never seen snow until she was in her 30's.  This article made mention of historic snow in every state.  Anyone else never see/touch snow?

The Lounge / How far will we sink?.......
« on: February 04, 2010, 06:55:17 AM »
While I do believe we should be vigilant and not become numb to potential attacks in our schools; is this really necessary?

Imagine the precedent that would be set if one could sue for lack of common sense......

The lady should have stopped at the store and picked up a pair of socks and some bars of soap and started wailing away at the principal.....

I would have loved to hear the kid start his statement of with ..."I don't know what this bitch's deal was, but....."

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Validity of a square wheel
« on: December 07, 2009, 07:09:46 AM »
Starting a new topic from:

Mrs. Peach is correct. It's all about the form of the road.

If we significantly reworked the surface of our roads, turning them into a series of arcs, or "scallops", square wheels actually would be better for screeching to a halt in order to avoid a fatal accident.

Think of all the lives which could be saved when cars can stop on a dime instead of skidding 12 feet on the pavement when a child steps out into traffic.

From TB's latest attempt:

Try sticking a rock in a gear train and watch how that monster fail pans out.  What happens when something gets lodged in the track?

They could be built like a bike chain mounted along the center of an existing railroad track. Imagine an existing train track with a large bike chain mounted into the center. The train can still have round wheels, but in the center there can also be a rotating gears connected firmly to the structure of the train. When the train wants to create a sudden stop its breaks are applied to the gears. Once the gears down the center stop, the train stops.

The gear could be built with suspension, so that if a rock happens to be in the path, the gear can jump upwards.

For stress problems, again there are high tensile materials which are made on a mass scale.  If they're too expensive, well, that's why projects like this exist to expand production and reduce costs.

1)The same "suspension" that allows the gear to move up would let the gear deflect up when the breaks were applied and the train tried to stop, creating one horrendus sound and not stopping the train.  (Next time you come close to a stop sign slam the trans into park and listen)
2)Take your bike and press down on the chain.  Notice the deflection?  It would do the same thing under brake loads.
3) What happens when the chain stretches or contracts and the pitch no longer matches the gear.
4) A the chain would stretch and quickly break upon application of a brake load.
5) etc. etc.

Haven't had my coffee yet.  I await movement to S&AS.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Crashing the party.
« on: December 03, 2009, 04:48:18 AM »
This is mainly for those of you not from the US as I am interested in knowing if this has been attempted elsewhere and what the consequences were if it did, though I'd like other's views on what should be done with these two.

These two, hungry for attention, crash a White House state dinner, somehow make it through security, and end up face to face with the president and VP.  What would the reprecussions in your country be if two people showed up uninvited and managed to slip into a state dinner and meet your leader?

Though the facts are still not all in something seems fishy here as I cannot see why these two aren't in custody.  Either; A)They were invited and can show it, or B) They were not invited and are guilty of at least criminal trespassing and perhaps compromising national security.

It seems like they appear to be significantly shady and at least one of them needs attention constantly, as the attempt to get on "Real housewives of DC" shows, which I can't see how anyone watches a show about people who's only "significance"- and I use the term lightly- is that their spouse has money. 

Hopefully this will be one party they wish they hadn't crashed, so maybe for once actions of people will have consequence and not just generate further interest in their narcissistic exixtence.

Flat Earth Q&A / infinite plane?
« on: October 14, 2009, 07:56:16 AM »
so where do the plates shift to?  wouldn't they just fall off the edge of the earth?  If so why haven't the continents fallen off also.
The earth is an infinite plane. There is no way they can "fall off"

If it is an infinite plane how can you represent it with a map?

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